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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - November 25, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTim ■* Twenty Thousand Eyes I See the Staxhaun ? Every Week of the Year. IlCwi J Ir I EV: VOL. XXXIX. ALBEKT LEA, MINN, WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 20.1896. # Standard Advertising | Is Not Lowest in Price, | But Is Highest in Value. v^^W%UWU»%%UWviWU%vw%%#i NO. 8 Shoe Store ii fin's firtfjl Am MORRIS MILLS MERINO, Known the whole world over for the very best Underwear, owing to its strength in wear, softness of comfort and warmth, we have put on sale for Are Your Feet c7br When Out Skating? A Time of Thanksgiving! Similar Underwear of inferior quality are sold everywhere for Si.25 ^ two cases, 72 dozen of them, and our price, garment. We have secured 69c Will Make Us Talked About! Talk About Fur Coats! Don’t you know we are the King Bee when it comes to a Fur Coat that is Right, Reliable and Good. Will you profit by having a skinney coat of unknown make, or foreign sounding namer OURS are warranted in the strictest sense implied in tile word UG UAR AIS/ FEE.” You are safe and run no risk to buy of.......... YOURS j^I-aW^YS, 4ZCC44 HUSIJN ESS CA EDS. W. E. TODD. Lawyer, office: in the new opera house biocK, Albert Lea, Mlun. IN AUSTRIA’S CAPITOL. r AWYER J-J lug, Albert Lea, Miuu. A. U. MAYLAND. ROOM 2, FAIR STORE BUILD- 24 ti HENRY A. MORGAN, A TTORNEY AT LAW. COUNTY’ ATTOR--aTjl uev. Office In Gulbraudson Block, Broadway. AlbertLea, Minn. R. S. FARNSWORTH. A TTORNEY AT LAW. PRACTICES IN ALL ii the courts. Careful attention niveu to commercial and other collections. Office In Wedge & Barlow Co., Block. Rooms I aud 2. Albert Lea, Mtnu.    39—94. EDW. A. CHURCH. (Successor to Bud & Church.) Real estate, l a w, insurance. Loans and Collections. Houses for Sale aud Rent. Office in Opera Block, Albert Lea, Minn_  8m6 J. M. TODD, M. D. 'PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE L In rear of Briggs’ Drug Store; hospital on Fountain street, Albert Lea. CARL M. SIMONSON. Dentist, gra du a i e cincinnati Dental College. Office, front rooms, second floor. ov*jr Barlow’s urug store. Albert Lea, Minnesota.    47 W. C. MERRILL, Magnificent Buildings and Other Improvements—Scenes En Route and Interesting Views in Vienna—Entertaining Letter from Dr. Nissen. Editor of the Standard: I have for some time thought of writing you but have postponed it, knowing that your columns have been taken up by campaign matters. When this reaches you, however,election will perial palaces. We went through the present emperor’s, which is the oldest and greatest, lie has spent and is spending millions on refuting it and it was really worth seeing. The decorations of the rooms were as costly as they could be, and especially were the I many and immense paintings on Hie I walls beautiful, mostly representing battlefields and scenes from the late | French-German war. Precious pieces in gold and silver were seen every- Nothing will make them more so than a pair of our Flexible, Hand-Sewed Cork Sole Shoes. % Ladies’ High Grade Button or Lace, Hand Welt Cork Sole Shoes, new round or diamond toe. Just the thing for street wear and skating, Everybody ought to be thankful for something, e\en ii it s only because things are no worse. After all perhaps, our greatest blessings are the things most common—air, sunshine, water and occasionally a little ofThe good old turkey. for loir Fnrtler Blessings: We have lots of this great American beast Bird, plump, tender and juice. Cloak Dept. Men’s Calf, Hand-Sewed Cork Sole, Flite Toe, Lace Shoes, Invisible I Men’s Imported Enamel Shoes, Hand-Sewed, fjlnjilp flpiiifn 'llte 1 oe’    v    Invisible    Cork    Sole,    Peach    Toe,    I    uUlu    A    I    111    ,U. $5,00 $5.00 K-    .    .    where, aud as an example I will only be o\ er and you may have space for _    .    ,,    .    .    ,    ,    , ,,____ J    J    v    j    mention a bible in the imperial chapel Dentist, office in new opera house block, rooms 3 aud 4, Albert Lea Minu, D. K. STACY. r ICENSED AUCTIONEER—F ARMERS’ sales a specially. Prices to suit the times. Satisfaction guaranteed or no pay. Consult me about dates before advertising. Albert Lea, Minn.    43m3 H. A. PAINE, Architect and builder, plans drawn and contracts taken for all classes of work in city and country. Albert Lea, Minn.    15yl DOCTOR NISSEN. fA raduate from norway, office ' JC over Lion Drug Store, Broadway, Alb ert Lea, Mina. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. f THINCOFIN CAMP NO 835 HOLDS REDDAN lar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first and third Wednesday evenings of each month.    J.    D. CLAkK. V.C. J. K. HALVORSEN, CUrk. Doctor Wilcox, PHYSICIAN AND BURGEON, ALBERT l>ea, Minn. Having fully regained his health ana equipped himself with first-class driving horses and carriages, is now better prepared, and will more promptly answer calls lo Hie country than ever. The doctor does not only keep on hand a first-class supply of surgical instruments, etc , but keeps ami dispenses his own medicines, a large supply of w hich he carries with bim when going into the country. Address. I)H. H. H. WILCOX, Corner Clark and Washington .Streets, 36tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. WHO Does Your* Lanudity WORK? We ifse only neutral soaps that will not injure the finest fabrics, nor shrink your woolens. Im Word and Hic Wagon will Call, ‘•The New Albert Lea Steam Laundry.” . , . S. G. Thompson, Proprietor. 43yl E. L. Jacobus, Jr. [Successor to D. W. Hayes.] dealer in Wood, Coal, Lime, Cement, etc* Arrant for ,V0RV cement. Ascill IU! Platter and Star Finish. Office and Yard, West College Street. Telephone 186. these lines. I left Kristiania in the first days of September just before Nansen made his triumphant entry in the capital. I would have liked very wash to have witnessed this great event also, but business before pleasure, and I left by rail through Sweden and Denmark bound for Hamburg. Denmark especi ally is a beautiful and fertile country, but as I passed along the well-kept fields I thought of the Danes in Freeborn county that they have just as good land and more of it; the farms are as a rule smaller. All the houses are built of brick and white-washed, so they show oft very well among the green trees. Coming to the fine hafbor of Kiel, I found great preparations made to receive the Russian emperor on his way to Copenhagen. I did not see his imperial highness, but passed close by his yacht, the ’‘Polar Star,” a beautiful craft in black and gold. The “Hohen zollern,” emperor Williams’ yacht, was alongside, also beautiful and elegant in shape and trimmed in white and gold. I did not stop long enough to see the exposition in Kiel but went right through to Hamburg, a city of about CIX),OOO, where I spent two weeks at the new hospital. It is located in Eppen dorf, a suburb of Hamburg, and is the finest institution of its kind I have seen. It was built two years ago in a beautiful park and consists of about 80 smaller and larger buildings, of which over 60 are for the sick. They are built of brick, and contain from 8 to 60 beds each acceding to the size, all nicely fitted out. Altogether, there are beds for 1,800 patients. Another feature about it w as the permanent bath,where some patients spend all their time in the water, day and night. This continual submersion is of great benefit in some special surgical cases, and I know of patients who have been in the water as long as a year and a half. They look very comfortable in the elegant white tubs, resting on a rubber pillow and mattress. Over the top was a wooden cover on which was spread a white sheet, so it looked almost as if the patient w as resting in bed. With an ingenious hoisting apparatus the patient could easily be handled, and whenever necessary lifted out on a lounge alongside. Hamburg is one of the great commercial centers of the world and its enormous harbor with thousands of ships is indeed a sight. From here I left for Berlin where I met my wife. I had originally intended to spend the rest of my time abroad here, but finding out that the facilities for study were better in Vienna I concluded to go there. Berlin with its two million inhabitants is a great city; there are many fine public buildings,* asphalted, clean streets, nice monuments and great public parks. Among the latter being the immense “Thiergarten” in the very center of the city; “Unter der Linden” is the principal street, and it is a fine sight in the evening when the numerous electric lights are burning and the store windows are illuminated. At one end of the street are three of the im- on the cover of which were diamonds whose value ran up in millions. We also paid a visit to the palace in Char-lottenburg, where emperor Frederick spenthis last days. In its beautiful garden is the mausoleum, where the present emperor’s grandfather and grandmother are buried with their parents. On the top of the sarcophagus their bodns rest beautifully cut in marble; outside the door the archangel Gabriel keeps watch with a finning sword and the surroundings are very solemn. There are any number or museums, picture galleries, etc., in Berlin, but as we did not stay more than eight days, we could not see all of them. On our way to Vienna we stopped over in Dresden to see the famous picture gallery second to none except those in Baris and Florence. There were thousands of famous paintings from centuries back up to the present time. The gem of the collection is the Lixtinian Madonna painted by Rafael in 1515 and bought in 1753 for $60,000. It represents Madonna with Christ in her arms, above the clouds surrounded by angels and adored by saints, ll is beautiful, as many of you will know from pictures of the painting, (lf modern paintings Minkacsy’s “Christ on the Cross”.is a work that will impress everybody highly. Going through the fine landscapes in Saxonian Swiss we finally arrived in the Austrian capital, a city somewhat smaller than Berlin, but w ith still more beautiful public buildings and costly monuments. It was a great surprise to us both in Berlin and Vienna to find no electric street cars but only horse cars in all possible shapes. In Berlin they were building electric lines but here in Vienna they do not seem to think of any such thing; even the streets here are only lighted by gas, as the gas work has a monopoly that does not run out for some years yet. The center of Vienna where the main business is going on wras up to 30 years ago surrounded by trenches and fortifications, which, however, were destroyed and leveled as being worthless for the defense of the city. The fifty million dollars obtained from the sale of the grounds were spent in beautifying the city in different ways. Thus two elegant opera houses were built, both of which are greater and finer than the opera in Berlin. The larger seats 3,600 and in some performances up to 300 artists assist. The two Ilofmuseums are elegant buildings, containing im-Imense collections of art and natural history. We also went through the imperial stables, which contain his majesty’s 400 blooded horses and saw his carriages, some of which from the last century wrere extremely beautiful. A visit to the imperial burial place w’as very interesting. This is the “Kaisergruft” underneath the Kapu-ziner church; this church is very old, small and less good looking than most of the other churches in Vienna. Deep under the floor i3 the gloomy looking vault,where 124 coffins are placed; here rest ll emperors, 15 empresses, 30 arch- Men’s Calfskin Lace Shoes, Invisible Cork Sole, New Round Toe, Apples by the barrel, bushel or peck. Our prices lower than the lowest. Lemons, Figs, Bananas, Malaga Grapes, London Layer Raisins, etc. $3.00 • • glVlD£ Vegetables Celery, Sweet Potatoes, Pump-j kins, Squashes, Carrots, Parsnips, Beets, Rutabagas, etc., at lowest ! prices. Men’s Calfskin Lace Shoes, Invisible Cork Razor Toe, ole, $3.00 We Got the 3est Repair Shop in the GAGE. HAYDEN & City. CO. finn Oysters For Thanksgiving. Full standards 30 cents per quart. Cranberries, finest Cape Cod berries, 10 cents per quart. IOC Mixed Nuts, per lb... Mixed Candy, per lb.... 10c Thanks^ivm? Offerings. Prices never were so low on high-grade goods. Fit, Finish and Style unrivalled ami unapproached. Com* anti jet our prices. dikes, etc. Here we saw the coffin of Maria Louisa, Napoleon’s wife, and also that of their son. Beside emperor Maximilian of Mexico is the resting place of tile present emperor’s only son, archdike Rudolf, who received such an untimely end a few years ago. Among the metal coffins are many beautiful works of art, especially the gigantic sarcopliugus, w hich Mal la Theresa had made for herself and husband; others are plain and simple. A curious old Spanish custom is, that the body is buried in three different places; the entrails are deposited in urns in the St. Stefan’s church, the heart in the Augustiner church and the balance of the body in the Kapuzlnergruft. Pope Pius \ I visited this tomb in 1782, and Napoleon also descended into the burial place of the mighty house of Ilabsburg, where a few’ years later his second wife and only son were put to rest. Emerging I rom this gloomy place my wife proposed that we climb the 400 feet high steeple of the St. Stefan dome, but I objected and we confined ourselves to see the interior of this beautiful church, the largest in Vienna. One of the bells in the belfrey is said to be the largest in the world and is cast of Turkish cannon. The first Sunday we attended mess at the imperial chapel in the palace, heard a very good sermon from the venerable old priest and afterwards enjoyed fine music and singing from the best talent in the city. Vienna is a center for music and it is to be heard everywhere. I have now been here six weeks, and also on Sundays made excursions into the surrounding country,which is very picturesque; but I have not time to write any more. I spend IO hours every day at Vienna’s main hospital and am beginning to long for a little pure Minnesota air. This hospital is about 200 years old, therefore rather ancient looking and anything but a fine building, but it has 2,500 beds and its polyclinics have an enormous number of outdoor patients. Many of the professors and surgeons here have a w’orld-wide reputation, so it is but natural that doctors from all parts of the world come here for further study. The chief contingent are Russian physicians and next in number come the American, of whom I have met several. I will stay here a few weeks longer and expect to sail for America with my family about the middle of December. When you get this letter, Mr. Editor, election will be over, and I hope Mr. Bryan our next president. With kind regards to yourself and friends, I remain, Yours Truly, Henrik Nissen. Vienna, Austria, Oct. 31,1896. THRIVING THORSBY. SOTH Relishes. Queen Olives, Ileinze’s Mixed A Paradise Young City In Alabama --History of a Model Community —Finest Climate on the Continent --Rare Inducements to Secure Fine Homes in the Gardenland of America. Thorsby, Oct. 25.—(Special). Today marked an epoch in immigration from the northwest into Alabama, and illus- trated fully the progress that thrifty road is making preparations to build a people, who have forsaken bleak win- nice depot just in front of the hotel securing suitable location for themselves and their families. I his colony has four traveling agents I Pickles, Pickled Onions, Chow-through the northwest, and they are Chow, Pepper Sauce, Catsup conOdent that several hundred families Sallad Dressing, etc. will move down here during the com- ing winter.    j    ~-=^~.....—■ A homesetkers’ excursion from the northwest arrived here on October 22 with a party of about twenty-five prospectors. The Louisville and Nashville rail- are In Thanksgiving. They Prices and Values NOWHERE equaled. Bargains for your benefit in all the Departments of our store. ters and undesirable climates and have taken up their homes in the south, are making. Hardly one year ago a handful of immigrants from Iowa and Minnesota landed here in what was then nothing but a forest, and today there is a thriving village of upwards of 200 souls with a thrift about it that would have set pace with the magic city during her booming days. The occasion of today was the opening of a new’ public school building, built in modern style, two stories in height, with a capacity for the accommodation of upw ards of 300 children. The occasion was appropriately observed, and was one of which these thriving people should feel proud. The attendance was good and those who w’ere visitors praised it highly. Not only have they built a fine public school building, but new buildings are being put up as fast as men can work, and a special feature about this is the modern manner in which they are constructed. There are no shacks or half thrown together temporary concerns, but th£y are well constructed. The new hotel is three stories in height and the stores are all put up with full plate glass fronts. In fact everything has the appearance of a modern village. These people are all Scandinavians, and the most of them are farmers. They were attracted here through the efforts of P. Sid Jones, immigration agent of the Louisville and Nashville railroad, by the glorious climate, rich soil and its especial adaptation to the fruit raising industry and other profitable farming resources. the Concordia Land and Improvement association, a club, w’as formed and a large tract of land purchased here, which has been cut up into small farms and now everywhere in sight can be seen farming, as it is rarely ever seen. Thousands of grape vines have been planted, and experts say that California is in no wise better adapted to fruit raising than this section of Alabama, it being about 800 feet above the level of the sea. Then other homeseekers from northern states are coming in every day and I he following is the programme of the exercises of the opening of the public school: Organ Volo, “Home, Sweet Home.” (Valentine)—Mrs. J. F. Peterson. Scripture reading and prayer-Rev. Jota E. I lied berg. Psalm, I David—Choir. Welcome address—J. Bice. Introductory remarks-Rev. John E. Hedberg Solo, “Strangers’ Story’’—Miss Norah Nelson. I Recitation, ‘The New School House”—Miss Dora Thorson. Recitation. “Scorpion.'*—Ml«* Ada Hedberg. ! Baritone solo, “Warrior Bold’’—8. A. Thor- ' son. Recitation, “Which Shall It Bef**—Min Mary Hedberg, Guitar solo. “Sebastopol”—John R. Nelson. Psalm CX IAT, (David)-Cholr. Recitation. “Four Hundred Years Ago.”— Miss Della Wambetn. Recitation, “I Remember, I Remember — Miss M. Tornqunst. Duet, “In the Starlight“-Mr. and Mrs J. F. I Peterson. Organ solo, “Listen to the .Mocking Bird’’— Mrs. J. F. Peterson. Adaress. “Education*’—Prof. II. W. Reding, “Jesus, Lover or My Soul ’—Choir. Doxology—Audience. The town has had no “boom” and wants none. Its growth has been steady and continuous from the start, through good times and hard, and its j advantages are such that this development is certain to continue. In truth, we know of no climate or location that offers the a ttractions for the home-seeker from the north like this. It is the right place for a man or family to secure acres and build a home, even if for only the winter months, and now is the time to do it. It only requires a moderate investment; any man of small means can obtain a lot or small farm—all he needs in that country. Excursion rates will be offered to those wishing to visit the place, and those desiring to do so can arrange to spend the winter there. For all particulars inquire of Gillrup Sc, Gilbert, Albert Lea. Call on us. We shall be pleased to tell you all about it. Farm at a Bargain. For sale at a bargain, the southeast quarter, 160 acres, of section 22, town 101, range 23, in Mansfield, Freeborn county, Minn. For terms of sale and other particulars inquire at the Standard office.    .    47tf Nelson Bro's Dept. Store. IT IS NO SURPRISE To tile 1’ulbic to learn of the many carloads of TE lit FII That we are receiving. It happens so often that all are used to it. I J Home Furniture Company. Here is Something New and Nice! Very Latest and Best Styles of CHINAWARE In to Pieces Suit. For the Library. Dining Boom, or I able. Handsome Designs. Just Arrived. CLAMPS, Porcelain Dishes.r-NEW YORK APPLES, $1.75 a Barrel. Apples for Xmas Trade Jonathans, Wine-Saps and Ben Davis. Maimer & Henry.

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