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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 18 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - November 18, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTimes ♦hhiw • <% s $ Twenty Thousand Eyes ? % See the Standard | Every Week of tile Year. %vv*vvv*vr%%vvvvA.<*^%*%.v%/vM>'V**L v%v*%%%% UUU! VOL. XXXIX. Standard Advertising * Is Not Lowest in Price, But Is Highest in Value.ALBERT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 18, 1896. NO. 47 IS U ?*• I TV ESS** CAKD?'. W. fc. TOOD. A WYER. OFFICE IN THE NEW OPEKA -J house Mock, Albert Lea, VImu. A. U. MAYLAND. A WYER. ROOM 2, FAIR STOKE BUILD--J intr, Albert Lea, Mfitli,    24U FL S. FARNSWORTH. A TTORN KY AT LAW. PRACTICES IN ALL J.!. Hie courts, Oarefui aiteutiou given to com mercial aint oilier collect tons. & Barlow Co., Block. Rooms l*;t, Minn Office in Wedue I aud 2. Albert 30—04. EDW. A. CHURCH. (Successor to Buei & Church.) I T KA L RST ATE, LAW, INSURANCE. LY Loans and C<HIeCtiOnS. Houses lur Sale and Kent. Office m Opera Block, Albert Lea, Minn    Hint; J. M. TODD, m. D. OHYS1CIAN AM) SURGEON. OFFICE I In rear of Briggs’ Drug Store; hospital on Fountain street. Albert Loa. VV. C. MERRILL. Dentist, office in new opera house block, rooms 3 aud 4, Albert Lea Minn. D. K. STACY. T ICENSEI) AUCTIONEER F A R M IC It S ’ 1-J sates a specialty. Pr.cento suit Hie times. Sal is taction guaranteed or im pay. Consult me about dates before advertising; Albert tea, Al mn.    43ni3 H. A. PAINE, A BCHITECT AND BUILDER. PLANS drawn aud contracts taken tor all classes of work in city aud country. Albert Lea, Min ii.    lr.yi DOCTOR NlSS&r*. / ’ RADU ATE FROM NORWAY. OFFICE VT over Lion Drug Store, Broadway, Albert Lea, Mina. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. / THINCOPIN CAMP NO 8.35 HOLDS REGU-vy iar meetings at Odd Fellows' Hall every first aud third Wednesday evenings of each month.    J.    D ( LAUK. V. C. I K. HALVORSEN, Clerk. Doctor Wilcox, PHYSICIAN and sr RC KON, albert I Lea. Minn. Having Ubly regained his health and equipped himself with lirst class driving Verses and carriages, is now better prepared, and will more promptly answ*r calls to tile country than ever. The doctor does not only keep on hand a first-class supply of surgical iii-strtmtents, etc , but keeps and dispenses his own medicines, a large supply of which he carries with film when going into the country. Address. Du. H. II. WILCOX, Corner Clark anil Washington Streets, 36lf    Albert    Lea.    Minn. Iii Palis, And press them so they look like new. Special Rates for Family Washing. rite- New . . Al tot Lea Steaia Laundry. S G. Thompson, Proprietor. 43yl C.    L.COLEMAN. Manufacturer and Dealer in Limier, rn Stogies —And All Kinds of— Building Material. Yard at the oH stand neai Milwaukee depot. A. J, STADHEIM, Agent Lake Shore Green House. S. F. SIMONSON, Manager. Call and see our handsome SL A' At reasonable prices. 45vt2    Put Flowers and House Plants in great variety. Wedding and Funeral Decorations prepared on short notice. And many did not, hut Every Lady is  *1 literestrd in-- Jail and Winter Millinery. And she knows that none i3 nicer or in better taste than that always to be found at the OLD KELi-ABLE STOKE. Special offerings in One Dollar 11 abc Tiiey are Pretty and Just IVlrs. J. Stage. Old R,@lie,t>l© Store. Don’t Stop Tobacco Suddenly, to doso Ie injurious to the nervous 8j stem. Baco-Curo is the only cure that cures while you use tobacco. It is sold with a written Kiiarantee that three boxes will cure any case, no matter how bad. Baco-Curo is vegetable aud harmless; it has cured thousands, It will cure you. Atalldruiry1sts,#1.00per box, 3 boxes 12.50. Write for testimonials and booklet. Eureka Chemical A Mfg. Co., Lacrosse, Wis., and Boston, Mass. Baco-Curo Is sold by the Briggs Drug Co. Albert Lea, Mluu. UNDERWEAR DOLLAR WHEAT. HENRY A. MORGAN, \ TTORN EY AX LAW. COUNTY ATTOlt-1Y nev. Office in Gulbiaiuisou Block, Broadway. Albert Lea, Minn. MORRIS MILLS MERINO, Known the whole world over for die very best Underwear, owing to its strength in wear, softness of comfort and warmth, we have put on sale for Similar Underwear of inferior quality are sold everywhere for Si.25 a garment. We have secured * two cases, 72 dozen of them, and our price, 69e Will Make Us Talked About! About Fur Coats! Don’t you know we are the King Hee when it comes to a Fur Coat that is Right, Reliable and Good. Will you profit by having a shinney coat of unknown make, or foreign sounding name? OURS are warranted in the strictest sense implied in the word “G (JAR AE TEET You are safe and run no risk to buy of...... YOURS ALWAYS, World’s Crop Is Short, Demand Will Increase and Price Certain to Be High. Writing to the St. Paul Dispatch under date of Nov. 14 concerning the prospects for better prices, Fred A. Johnson says: If the farmers of the northwest will hold what wheat they have,’ the prospects are more than even that they will realize a dollar a bushel for it ere May 1,1897. The world’s crop is short. There will be a greater demand for bread stuffs within the next six months than for any like period .during the past three years. These reasons, regardless of any bull or; bear movement in Chicago, Liverpool, or any where else mean? a higher price for wheat. The departments^ state under the j to the care and feeding of the cow. Ile personal.instruction of secretary Rich- began by relating experiments with a ard Olney, has been collecting statis- number of different cattle and the im-tics in reference to the world’s visible portant deductions therefrom. Ile took supply of wheat. Had these invest!- up the matter of feed and distributed RIGHT FEED FOR COWS. Prof. Haecker Names the Proper Con- j stituents and Quantity of Daily Allowance to Secure the Best Re- | turns at Least Cost. j Prof. T. L. Ilaecker of the state dairy I school was to have addressed two meet- i ings of farmers in this county Monday but ow ing to diphtheria the meeting at Glenville was postponed until next I Monday. The meeting in this city was , held in the council chamber, and while it was supposed to have. been for the benefit ot the patrons of Albert Leal creamery, but fetv of them were present, although there was a pretty good attendance. Prof. Ilaecker s talk was an informal one but .was highly instructive. He j gave I acts of fresh and striking inter-1 est to everydairyman present relating I D We Have Goods to Sell! And We Propose to Sell them Now. \\ hi Ie ethers were resting on their oars watching the clouds passing by, we were having an immense lot of General Merchandise picked up by our buyers, and now we oiler in the various departments BARGAINS never to be met with ~ again. gations, and their results, been known a month ago fortunes would have been made in legitimate purchases of wheat. A few practical and perfectly posted grain and flour men were wise enough to see what was coming more than six weeks ago. This report is under date of “St. printed sheets among those present showing the value of different foods and their relations to each other. The tables are valuable but need to be accompanied with careful explanations to be generally understood. « Prof. Haecker maintained that for an ordinary 1,000-1b. cow* the right quai- Two Carloads of New York Slate Apples •JUST Stylish. Millinery. 'YI J E are receiving praises enough from <11s-V \ interested iiersons who know, to make us feel secure of our place as the leader in furnishing 1896 styles iii ..... Ladies’ Headwear. We wish. now to emphasize the fact that we are IVrfeet Delineators of style and ii takes less money to get style and perfection in Headwear here th&u at any other caterers to millinery modes. Untrimmed and trimmed hats of every correct style. and trimmings of all descriptions. Yon ought to see our Infant’s CLOAKS and CAPS. Large and Lovely Assortment just received. Miss Carrie Narveson. Here is Something New and Nice! Very Latest and Best Styles of CHINAWARE"1 Pieces to Suit. For the Library. Dining Boom, or Table. Handsome Designs. Just Arrived. J. B Lloyd. President. Jno. R. Larson. (’ashier. LAKE MILLS Exchange l^aixk Lake Mills, Winnebago Co., Iowa. You ought to see them. CLAMPS, Porcelain Dishes.  _ NEW YORK APPLES $1.75 a Barrel. Maimer & Henry. I eteraburgh, Sept. 26.” It will be seen j ity and quantity of food each day is *25 t erefore that the department officials pounds of dry matter, 2 pounds prober knew what they were doing when tein, 13 pounds carbo-hydrates and C ! ley enteicd a denial two weeks before j pounds of fat. A cheap, healthy feed I th® late. election j that the jump in comprising these'elements would con-, wheat was. the result of a bull raid by si st of 15 pounds fodder corn, IO pounds ’ Western speculators. The rise is bran, 4 pounds barley and 2 pounds I strictly a legitimate one. Failure of oats. Oil meal or roots may be also I irs! Capital, $?5,000 Exchange Bought and Sold, Farm Loans, Ileal Estate, Collections, Abstracts, Taxes Fald, Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Safe Deposit Bolos for Rent. Call or write for Information. ional ALBERT LEA, MINN. Capital, -    930,0041 Harping, ....    10,000 General Banking. Farm Loans Negotiated. Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Foreign Exchange Bought and Sold Safe Deposit Vault. HARRI JONER, -    -    President. 'J. GULBRANDSON, - VIce President. AUGUST PAULSON, -    -    - Cashier. ALFRED CHRISTOPHERSON, Asst. Cashier. DIRECTORS: G Uuibr&odson, Thos.W.Wilson, E. II. Rich, H. O. Dankness. August Paulson, Claus H. Flindt, V. Gul brand son, p. M. Joice, Harry Jones. The ALBERT LEA National Bank (Iii limnldson Bros. Are Still Selling Household Sewing Machines -A /■ ^ rd- A- -I J ALBERT LEA. MINN. Capital, $50,000. HHRANSACTS A GENERAL BANKING I Business; Foreign Exchange Bought aud Sold; Interest Allowed on Deposits; Foreign Steamship Tickets; Fire and Life Insurance; Collections. H D BROWN, President. DRP HIBBS, Vice Pres. C B KELLAR, Cashier Directors:—W. K. Todd, C. W. Ransom Jno. G. Godley, S. S. Strauss, T. V Knatvold, W. A. Morin, J. VV. Smith. D. R. PHIbbs, H. D. Brown. Luther Academy A EM EMIT LEA, JU JAW. ^■For Botli Sexes.-^«ft Three Courses: Academic, Commercial Rates Low.    Musical. For further information address, L. S. SWENSON, Principal To Buy liiy^v Santa Claus Goods Early and avoid the rush. The FAIR STORE Boasts of its Bargains for Christmas buyers. Our I lo! I day Goods are all in. We have a beautiful — selection of____ Albums, Toilet Cases, Cellvloid Novelties, Dolls, Books, Toys, Fine Chinaware, etc. Choice Groceries, Fresh Fruits, & Candies Free Tamc'li Daily.    Constantly    on    hand. Squiei* & Strayer. si OB -• -I Hellie Hardware Co. AKE AGENTS FOK P. P. Stew arts’ STOVES and RANGES. THE BEST IN THE MARKET.    Also    Dealers    in........ General Hardware. Tin Work and Repairing Done on Short Notice at Low Prices. HeUie Hardware Co. crop and increased demand for flour from all quarters of the globe, will make the farmers of the United States, who are fortunate enough to have a granary full of wheat, happy and wealthy. —♦»......................... McKinley’s Narrow Margin. As the final returns of the election are received it is demonstrated how very scant the majorities are in some of the states that decided it. It is the most remarkable outcome ever known in a presidential election, and j stifles the confidence of Bryan’s supporters that he would win. nereis a list of seven states whose electoral votes gave McKinley a majority: ||    ElfeU/ral California..................9 Delaware...................3 Indiana.....................15 North Dakota..............3 Oregon..................... 4 West Virginia..............e Kentucky...................12 used. Protein is the vital element and j foods should be selected accordingly. I A great mistake is made in feeding too much heat-producfng foods or carbo-1 hydrates. Prof. Haecker left in the evening for I Abilene, Kansas, where he lectures on j dairying under the auspices of the Rock Island railroad company. He in- \ tends to hold other meetings in this county in January.  --- ntST BE FULL-FLEDGED CITIZENS. Cloak and Fur Department. Ladies’ Tailor-Made Outer Garments, in all the latest styles of make-up and materials, at Prices Below First Cost OF PRODUCTION. A Ale Kink y’$ maturity. 2,(MMI 1.300 22.000 1.200 2,400 12.300 200 42.000 Thus it is seen if Bryan had received about 21,000 more votes distributed proportionately in these seven states he would have been elected. Besides, Kentucky is so close that it is not yet certain which has carried it. Wyoming at last accounts gives one elector to Bryan and two to McKinley; Delaware one to Bryan,and South Dakota four to Bryan. Leaving out Kentucky and South Dakota, one vote in Wyoming and one in Delaware and McKinley has 259 electoral votes, or 35 more than the required number to elect, and Bryan has 174. The latest reports state that Kentucky’s votes, on the face of the returns are divided; but each side is claiming the state. Thus it is seen as it now stands McKinley’s electoral majority over Bryan is 85. Cleveland’s over Harrison in 1892 was 132. But owing to his tremendous majorities in New England aud the large eastern states McKinley’s majority on the popular vote is nearly a million, and it settles the question that whatever may have been the reasons or pressure that influenced voters, he was the choice of an overwhelming majority of the entire people. -------- America’s Worst Product. Henri Labouchere, member of the British parliament, eminent political economist and editor of Truth, a noted London newspaper, has the following to say concerning the shoddy nobility of America w ho are now engaged in celebrating their success in the recent election: “America’s worst product is its dollar-ocracy, whose members have literally nothing to recommend them. The odds are that either they or their parents acquired huge fortunes by the most questionable means. As a rule they are ignorant and vulgar, building big houses in order to dazzle by ostentatious entertainments, and buying pictures, for which they only care because they have been acquired at high prices; selling their souls to any one who will enable them to hobnob with royalties and their daughters to any one who will confer a title upon them, despising their own country and institutions and regarding themselves as in every respect superior to others on account of their dollars, lf the United States is not to become a mere plutocratic and oligarchic power these worthies, who have increased and are increasing, must greatly diminish.” Farm at a Bargain. For sale at a bargain, the southeast quarter, 160 acres, of section 22, town 101, range 23, in Mansfield, Freeborn county, Minn. For terms of sale and other particulars inquire at the Standard office.    47tf No Voting Hereafter on First Papers. The amendment to the constitution restricting the right of suffrage to those who are citizens of the state six months and of the United States for at least three months prior to the election at which they wish to cast their ballots was carried by a large majority at the last election. This will exclude ail who have not taken out their -‘second papers,” and makes the declaration of their Intention to become citizens as absolutely of no consequence in matters relative to voting. This may disfranchise thousands of voters in the state and no doubt many in Albert Lea and Freeborn county. If papers are not taken out at once, it will lie illegal to vote at the spring election. It will be well for all persons of foreign birth to make appplica-tion at once for the papers entitling I them to all the rights of full citizen-1 ship, else the matter may slip their i minds and they will be prohibited from I voting. ---- The Companion Calendar. It is said that the expense of making I the Companion Art Calendar for 1897 was so great that had it been published i in the usual quantity it could not be j sold for less than one dollar. Four ; beautiful female figures are reproduced ! on four folding pages. Each figure is j lithographed in twelve colors, being a ; true reproduction of the original watercolor painting, which was selected be- | cause of its excellence of design and ; charm of color and tone. The size of j each of the four folding pages is IO1* I by 6 inches. It is by far the best piece I of color work the Companion has ever I offered. Both as a calendar and as a gem of the lithographer’s art, it is so I attractive that it becomes a valuable addition to the mantle or centre-table of any room. It is given free to all new subscribers sending $1.75 to the Companion for the year 1897, who re- j ceive also the paper free from the time the subscription is received till Janu-1 ary I, 1897. Celebrating in 1897 its seventy-first I birthday, the Companion offers its j readers many exceptionally brilliant j features. Fully two hundred of the I most famous men .and women of both continents have contributed to the next j year’s volume of the paper. For free illustrated prospectus address. The I Youth’s Companion, 205 Columbus I Avenue, Boston, Mass. Give “Honest Effort * a Chance. St. Deter Free Press: W. I*. St. John, treasurer of the democratic national committee, takes a sensible view of the situation by cordially accepting the result and advising a cessation of hostilities until an honest effort to carry out the republican idea of bimetallism has proven a failure. — - Don’t Stop It; Let It Grow. Duluth Tribune: The country is now ripe for a full development of the people’s products, and the manner in which the revival has begun, there are many reasons to believe it will not only continue, but grow greater with every day. OWN UP \ WILLIE \ TELL ML WHERE YOt/vE HIDDEN MAMA’S mam -—........A Rub or Two Every day with Fiashskin will keep everything in the house bright as a dollar. Fiashskin is an especially prepared polishing cloth, half yard square, which will polish everything made of wood, metal or glass. Will not scratch or injure anything. Is effective old or new, soiled or deified. F K. I C E, Two for 25c. We Still Sell High Grade Crackers At the H. G. Sod H. G. O. (trackers H ame old prices. Even on the advancing market of Flour, Lard, etc. Per lh.......-    -3C, H. G. Assorted Cookies, per lb 4c per lh... .3c ; H. G. Lemon Creams, per lb..4c 4C I G. Ginger Snaps per lb We an* With and For Hie People. Nelson Bro’s Dept. Store. IT IS HO SURPRISE To Hie Politic to learn of the many carloads of Fin Prim That we are receiving. It happens so often that all are used to it. Home Furniture Company. TVs Economy To I$uy Good Groceries. So ’twill pay you to trade with us. We see to the quality of our goods first, then to the price; but we never overlook the many opportunities afforded the cash buyer to secure bargains. You should get our prices before you buy. YOURS, D. Hurd & Sons. West Broadway,

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