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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 11 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - November 11, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesota Tim e €    ^    7s> Twenty Thousand    Eves    ? *    '    ,    ‘J ?    See the    Standard    * * Every "Week of the Year. VOL.ALBERT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER ll, 189G. is Aot Lowest in Price, • But Is Highest in Vaine. NO. 46 Anxious for Good Returns. K5S2aB^2gffl£££raS3& ym&ssm ":"r*    ^giwiwBi The FARMER, The POLITICIAN, The OFFICE-SEEKER, The MERCHANT, and S. STRAUSS All are anxious for Good Returns. But tile Most and Best Returns are gained by those buying their Clothing of H. HTHAUSS. Special Sale of Underwear ID taring November. With a Bona Fide Saving of 33Fs per cent, against All Competition. Off* on UNDERWEAR. Only Hic Bent, and the JL5e*«it Only, has made Strauss a Household Word for Reliability. Our Object has never been towards Cheapness, only TUE BEST, and that at Prices Ala ic tile nk and Unequaled by legitimate Competition. Yours Tor Good Returns, B TJNIIVKSH CAKDK VV. E. TODD, I A WYER. OFFICE IN THE NEW OPERA la house Mock, Albert Lea, Mum. DEFEATED LEADERS. L A. U. MAYLAND. AW’YER. ROOM 2, FAIR STORE BUILD-tng, Albert Lea, Miun.    24tt HENRY A. MORGAN, A ITO UN KY AT LAW. COUNTY ATTOR-jljL nev. Office in Gulbraadson Block, Broadway Albert Lea, Minn. R. S. FARNSWORTH. A1 the courts. Careful attention given to commercial and other collect ions. Office in Wedge & Barlow Co., Block. Rooms I and 2. Albert Lea. Miun.    39-544. EDW. A. CHURCH. (Successor to Duel & Church.) T V KAL UST A IE. L A W, INSURANCK, JlAi Loans and Collections. Houses tor Sale aud Bent, Olilce in Opera Block, Albert Lea, Miun     8m6 J. M. TODD, M. D. ^PHYSICIAN AND BURGEON. OFFICE I; in lear of Brags’ IVug Store; hospital on Fountain stiver, Albert Lea. W. C. MERRILL. Dentist, office in new opera house block, rooms 3 r.,.aud4 Albert Lea Miuu, LLP D. K. STACY. ICENSED AUCTIONEER—F A R M I'. Ii S» J saies a specialty. Trices to suit the times, tusfactlou guaranteed or no pay. Consult me •out dates before advertising. AlDert Lea, inn    43m3 H. A. PAINE, \ RC HI TRGT AND BUILDER. PLANS jL drawn and contracts taken for all classes work in city and country. Albert Lea, Inn.    I5yl DOCTOR NISSEN. Graduate from norway, office over Lion Drug Store, Broadway, Alb ert Lea, Minn. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. /NH1NCOPIN CAMP NO 835 HOLDS KEGU-VJ lar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first and third Wednesday evenings of each month.    J.    I). CLARK. V. 0. J. K. HALVORSEN, Clerk. P Doctor Wilcox, HYSICI AN AND SU IHI KON, ALBERT health aud equipped himself with first-class driving horses aud carriages, Is now better prepared, and will inure promptly answer calls lo the country than ever. i he doctor does not only keel) on hand a first-class supply of surgical instruments, etc , hut keeps aud dispenses his own medicines, a large supply of which he carries with him when going into the country. Address. DK. Ii. H. WILCOX, Corner Clark and Washington streets, 36tf    Albert    Lea.    Minn. Old Pails, And im ss them so they look like new. Special Rates for Family Washing. Tire New . . Ate! Lea Steam Lannfiry. S. (J. Thompson, Proprietor. 43yl Fred. Dudey, ^ Tile Fei YELLOW FRONT FEED STORE, Albert Lea, Winn. Don’t Stan Tobacco Suddenly, to do so is injurious to the nervous system. Baco-Curo is the only cure that cures while you use tobacco. It Is sold with a written guarantee that three boxes will cure any case, no matter how bad. Baco-Curo is vegetable and harmless; it bas cured thousands, it will cure you. At all druggists, $1.00 per box,3boxee$2.ij&, Write for testimonials aud booklet. Eureka Chemical <k Mig. Co., Lacrosse, Wig., and Boston, Mass. Baco-Curo M Fold by the Briggs Drug Co. Albert Lea, Mina. What They Think of the Result-- Their Continued Faith in Bimetallism and Propose to Continue the Contest for Its Restoration-Complete Confidence Expressed in Success in the Next Contest. While the Standard does not intend to indulge very much in political discussion for some time to c ine, or to contribute to any agitation that will interfere with the return of confidence and the restoration of prosperity, many of our readers who do not take daily papers are desirous of knowing the views of defeated leaders as to the election, the causes of its outcome and their intentions as to the future. We herefore present the declarations of several of tne most notable men who have championed the principles that were involved in tho late contest, and A ho share in the defeat that for the time being has staid then Micce^s. nON. WILLIAM J. BRYAN. Conscious that millions of loyal learts are saddened by the temporary lefeat, I beg to offer a word of hope md encouragement. No cause ever had supporters more brave, earliest and devotee! than those who have espoused the cause of bimetallism. They have fought from conviction arid have ought with all the zeal which conviction inspirt s. Events will prove whether they are right or wrong. Having done their duty as they saw it they have nothing to regret. l’he republican candidate has been heralded as Hie advance agent of prosperity. If bis policies bring real prosperity to the American people those who opposed him will share in that prosperity. If, on the other hand, his policies prove an injury to the people generally, those of his supporters who do not belong to the office-holding class, or to the privileged classes, will suffer in common with those who opposed him. The j friends of bimetallism have not been I vanquished; they have simply been oveieome. They believe that tne gold siandaid. >s a conspiracy of the money changers against the welfare of the human race, and until convinced of their error they will cm Urine the warfare against ii. The contest has been waged this year under great embarrassments and against great odds. For the first time during this generation, publicattention has been centered upon the money question as the paramount issue, and this has been done in spite of all attempts upon th<j part of our opponents to prevent it. The republican convention held out the delusive hope of international bimetallism, while republican leaders labored secretly for gold monometallism; gold standard demo-crals have publicly advocated the election of the Indianopolis ticket, while they labored selectly for the election of the republican ticket. The trusts and corporations have tried to excite a fear of lawlessness while they have been defying the law, and American financiers have boasted that they were the custodians of national honor while they were secretly battering away the nation’s financial independence. But in spite of the efforts of the administration and its supporters; iii spite of the threats of the money loaners at home and abroad; in spite of the coercion practiced by corporations and employers; in spite of trusts and syndicates, in spite of an enormous republican campaign fund; and in spite of the influence of a hostile daily press, bimetallism has almost triumphed in its first great fight. The loss of a few states, and that, too, bv a very small plurality, has defeated bimetallism for the present, but bimetallism emerged from the contest stronger than ii was a few months ago. I desire to commend the work of Hie three national committees which have joined in the management of this campaign. Co-operation between the members of distinct political organizations is always difficult, bvt it bas been less so this year than usual. Interest in a con) mon cause of great importance has reduced friction to a minimum. I hereby express my personal gratitude to the individual members, as well as the executive officers, of the national committee of the democratic, populist and silver parties for their efficient, untiring and unselfish labors. They have laid the foundation for future success and will be remembered as pioneers when victory is ut last secured. No personal or political friend need grieve because of my defeat. My am- 4--THE BIG FOUR-4 Ila Bn) Benim Blere. We Have Goods to Sell! And We Propose to Sell them Now. \Vlnie ethers were resting on their oars watching the clouds passing by, we were having an immense lot of general Merchandise picked up by our buyers, and now we oiler in the various departments BARGAIN'S never to be met with again Two Carlins of Hew York Slate Apples —“^sTTJST I Int half a million dollar stock Cloak and Fur I bition bas been to secure immediate j legislation rather than enjoy the honors of office, therefore defeat brings to • ne no feeling of personal loss. Speaker the wife who has shared my labors, as well as for myself, I desire to say that we have been amply repaid for all that we have done. In the love of millions of our fellow’ citizens, so kindly expressed, in knowledge gained by personal contact with the people, and in broadened sympathies we find full compensation for whatever efforts we have put forth. Our hearts have been touched by the devotion of our friends and our lives shall prove our appreciation of the affection w hich we prize os the richest reward w hich this campaign has brought. Iii the face ot an enemy rejoicing in his victory, let the roll be called for engagement and urge all friends of bimetallism to renew their allegiance to Hie cause. If we are right, as I believe we are. w’e shall yet triumph. Until convinced of this error, let each advocate of bimetallism continue the work. Let all silver clubs retain their organization, hold regular meetings and circulate literature. Our opponents have succeeded in this campaign and must now put their theories to the test. Jnsteadoi talking mysteriously about “sound money” and “an honest dollar,” tfiey must now elaborate and defend a financial system. Every step taken by them should be publicly considered by the silver clubs. Our cause has prospered most w here the money question has been longest discussed among the people. During Hie next four years it will be studied all over this nation even more than it has been studied in the past. The year 1900 is not far away. Before that year ai rives, those who have called themselves gold standard democrats will become bimetallists and he with us or they w ill become republicans and thus open enemies. Before that year arrives trusts will have convinced still more people that a trust is a menace to private welfare and to public safety; before that year arrives the evils of a gold standard will be even more evident than they are now, and the people then ready to demand an American financial policy for the American people will join witli us in the immediate restoration of Hie free and unlimited coinage of both gold and silver at the present ratio of IC to I without waiting for the aid cr consent of any other nation. GOV. A LTO ELD. Gov. John P. Altgeld has given out a statement addressed to the democrats of Illinois in which he sa} s: Although defeated, I desire to thank you for tile loyal support 3011 have given me and I congratulate you on the heroic light you have just made. Consider that only six months ago our great party lay prostrate; it had been betrayed into the hands of stockjobbers and monopolists by president Cleveland, it had been robbed of everything democratic except the name, it stood for no great principle, it was loaded with political deadheads yet it cut loose from the domination of trusts and syndicates; it repudiated the men who betrayed it and again proclaimed democratic principles and espoused the cause of the toiling humanity. It was confronted by everything that money could buy— that boodle coulu debauch or that fear of starvation could coerce. It was confronted by a combination of forces such as had never been united befire and could probably never be united again, and worse still, the time was too bhort to educate the public. While wre are defeated, our party is j more vigorous and in better condition generally than it has been for a third of a century. We have dug the grave of the British gold standard. One more campaign of education will forever bury the palsied form of that curse which has blighted prosperity and the happiness of mankind. We may assume that the coming administration will be controlled by the men who have been so prominent in securing this election. I believe that at the next general election the people will reverse the verdict Nov. 3. The return of prosperity will not come as promised. It was the great common people of America, and not the rich, saved our institutions in 1881 and it will devolve on tile great common people of this country to save free government in 1900. SENATOR TELLER. On his return home to Denver from the east senator Henry M. Teller in an interview said: I don’t think the republican party Ribbons, Linens, H’nflLercMefs and Notions. Watch Our Ad. Next Week. GAGE, HAYDEN & CO. will do anything for silver during the coming four years. Tile declaration of the bt. Louis platform amounts to nothing with a limitation put upon it. Besides that, the men who dictated Hie bt. Louis platform are opposed to bimetallism, internationally or otherwise. McKinley, it seems to me, has shown by his speeches that he would be the advocate and supporter of the gold standard on the ground that it is a better standard than bimetallism. During th- four years to come I expect to see the republican party abandon all pretense to a desire to secure international bimetallism, and the contest will hereafter be made between the gold standard supporters and the organized hosts of bimetallism. I think that four years from now people will be sufficiently educated to understand the danger of Hie gold standard, and the party that stands for bimetallism in 1900 by the United States alone will be successful. There is no reason why we should be discouraged. Our candidate was all we could desire, and performed his I art to perfection. We must not look backward but forward. The silver forces have a magnificent organization and now, for the first time, the fight is transferred from the silver states to the whole country. HON. JOHN LIND. From advices received at headquarters it would appear that Mr. McKinley has probably carried the state by over 50,CKX) plurality and that Clough’s vote exceeds the vote returned to me by 1,500 to 2,000. I am satisfied that serious irregularities have occurred in some of the nothern counties anil also in the city of St. Paul, but I have not the means nor can I take Hie time from my business to carry on the contest I have no regrets over the result, or over the maugement of our campaign. We had neither organization nor money. Our work has been volunteer work from beginning to end. It has not proven productive of results, so far as success at Hie polls is concerned, but the phenomenal vote cast for me demonstrates that the people of our state are determined to destroy the IIUl-Merriam-Doraii machine. The abuse and slander heaped upon me I have born with patience and I have the satisfaction of having carried my own ward, city and county by majorites that were never before given to a candidate iii our section. I havn’t words to express my gratitude to the officers of Hie committees who conducted our compaign for their zealous and efficient w’ork. I trust that they will take defeat as philosophically as I do, and not tire in tlieic zeal and devotion to the cause of good government until corruption and misrule are swept from the politics of Hie state. My gratitude to the people of the state who, uninfluenced by appeals to religious and nationality prejudices, have stood by 11s in this contest, I can only convey by expressing the hope that the same spirit of unity of purpose and unselfish devotion to principle will continue to actuate their political action in the future as it has in this campaign. HON. C. A. TOWNE. Congressman Towns issued an address as follows: I wish it to be distinctly understood that I ain not crushed by my defeat, as lias been rumored. Tile slanders connected witii the way I have met the result of the election have been of a j piece with those which characterized ; its progress. When I took the stand many months ago in behalf of the welfare of the people, as I understood it,; arid against the trusts and gold standard powers, I then underwent all the * bitterness of self renunciation. I was prepared for personal failure. I was I not consulting my own selfish interests. Had I done so I should have been compliant to the will of the reigning powers of the republican party. 11 took my political life in my hand with full knowledge of the contingencies, and prepared for either Fortune. Thenceforward it w as the people’s light more than mine. The defeat is also more the people’s defeat than mine. I could have saved myself by betraying them. I chose rather to risk myself in the hope of serving them. I should do I the same thing again. I do not deny I feeling a deep personal regret as to my j small lot in the general fall, but it is j as nothing as compared with that I feel for the temporary repulse of the j cause and the consequent loss and suffering that must be borne by Hie people. But justice only sleeps. God is not dead. By and by, whether partly through any further aid of mine or not, for that is unimportant, the cause will triumph, and then I shall know the infinite happiness of having contributed in some small degree in my day and generation to the coming of the light. I desire to thank all my friends here and elsewhere for the splendid support they have given me and the valiant service that they have done for humanity. I am especially glad to have received from the city I have tried to serve the magnificent indorsement of more than 2,000 majority. It gives the lie to the claim so persistently made that I have been misrepresenting the sentiment of my home, and it shows that the intelligence and real citizenship of St. Louis county are overwhelmingly for bimetallism. I gladly accept the unbought support of this great community, while leaving to Judge Morris the enforced pronouncement of the unfortunate men on the Vermillion iron range, over whom the Minnesota iron company claims and exercises a more than feudal lordship. As to the cause itself for which we have fought so valorously, we shall not despair of it. We believe that events will justify our contention that no permanent prosperity is possible under tile gold standard. When that demonstration is made w’e shall come forw ard again and reinforced by the unanswerable argument of experience, we shall restore the money of the constitution and the reign of the people. Our noble leader, Mr. Bryan, is young, vigorous and undismayed. In 1900 I expect him to lead us to victory in the greatest popular uprising the American ballot lias ever evidenced. Meantime we believe in the rule of the majority and will submit with good grace to the laws and policies that the successful party may inaugurate. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Dr. Preston Tuesday Nov. 17. Diseases treated, operations performed and spectacles fitted. iMurder as Related to Salvation. It is a strange and startling thing that the promise of salvation should in any way seem to encourage the crime of murder. Yet what is one to think on reading the replies of the woman Jennie Lsggetf, when she was questioned by Capt. Joyce, as narrated by the St. Louis Bon Dispatch iii connection with a recent criminal affair in that city ? ‘"Don’t you know," inked rapt. Joyce, “that the min is dead and that you have committed murder?" “I don’t care,” she replied, "lf be is dead let him stay dead" "Are you not sorry for what you have done?" ‘‘Y**s, I m sorry for hun because he died in his sins.” "Are you not afraid you’ll be hanged?" "Uh. no; I ain’t sorry for myself. Even if I do hang I won t have to die In my sins. i’ve go* time for repentance.” Nothing can be plainer than that tliis w retched creature, believing that at least her Simi would be saved, plunged the knife into her companion. Her regret that he had died in his sins indicates that she has l>een a reasoner for others as well as herself; but the belief that lie would be punished eternally does not appear to have staved her hand for an instant. This belief that repentance, however late, is certain to save the soul, has, no doubt, influenced many other offenders who have not gone so far as to commit murder. In the face of death only do these people recognize their wrong’ doing. Uan such a repentance be genuine? Is it anything resembling repentance? Is it not merely a device to escape punishment, bringing with it nothing of regret, and deceiving the one who practices it? It would almost seem that if this murderess had feared instant punishment for her crime it would not have been committed, for she would have hesitated to accompany her victim to the eternal torment to which she supposes he has gone. It is common for those who commit murder to assure themselves of heaven when they are on the scaffold, but not many have given evidence of having early weighed the chances of their salvation as murderers.   - Always the Right Place. To get job printing, books, pamphlets, circulars, commercial and creamery printing, wedding invitations and cards, ladies steel plate calling cards— everything from a mammoth poster to a delicate art folder, is at the Standard office. Fact No. I—The Standard is the oldest and largest job printing house in southern Minnesota. 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Olson & Thune. merchant tailors Skillful and Reliable Work Guaranteed. $    % # # Repairing of All Kinds of Furs a Specialty. Ladies’ Cloaks Made to Order, Albert Lea, Stylishly and at Moderate Priers. Over Cash Grocery Store,

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