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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives May 27 1896, Page 4

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - May 27, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesota£ St au (la uh A LU KH r LEA MINN. wednesday may a:. \m. BY H. <*. DAY, (UBI,VLK H. DAY, Awk- 'Im#, •UiiBrmrrrujf si so a yeah in ady anck Kntiiid *t th* Fottoioi in Albert Ut m *•© Bd alum* IS Alt matter. “IJuilness waits on good crops," tin1 commercial repottssay,and then when we have good crops they say low prices are caused by overproduction. Oar Alexander Is having a big time of it this week with his coronation show, and czar Heed as usual is carrying a high hand in Washington. If anybody thinks the rnillenium is coming when McKinley is nominated or even elected, they are cautioned not to try to hold their breath until it comes. The methodist general conference at Cleveland has decided to maintain tile prohibition against dancing, games of chance, theater-going, circuses and horse-races. And still they wit do it. The Farm, {Stock A. Horne truly says that many a troubled business man in town and city is now sighing for the “Independence of farm life," and envying the,content and happiness of the farmer. The lower house of congress have voted to keep out foreigneis who cannot read and write. Good scheme to promote education across the water, and it would help to apply the same test to voters in this country. South Dakota papers are bragging that the creameries of that entire state have shipped $40,OW worth of butter during the last two months. That is about the value of the product of Freeborn county for two weeks. Tile London Times, which in its way is a good deal of a “thunderer," says Spam cannot whip the Cubans, and may as well give up the job. Now let FncleSam keep his hands off and let Spain itself realize that it has found out the way how not to do it. and Cub* will be free. At the request of state auditor Dunn, a convincing opinion has been rendered by attorney general Childs holding that the law imposing a tax of one cent a ton on iron ores mined by Hie Rockefeller combine and other mine owners in the north part of the state, in lieu of all taxes on their lands, is unconstitutional. The lands will thus be placed on the assessor’s lists and a large amount of revenue will be recovered by the state of which it bas heretofore been deprived. Score another for Bob. Dunn. ‘The Chicago papers contain reports of Hie financial bankruptcy of archbishop Ireland, of st. Baul, mention of w inch has been suppressed by the twin city papers. He is involved to the extent of a million and a half dollars, and many friends who made investments through him are said to be ruined also. No dishonesty is imputed to the eminent and beloved archbishop; be is simply a victim of the relentless, infamous and cruel conspiracy of the gold lords to contract the currency arid thereby more easily monopolize its use, enabling them to confiscate Hie property of the country and subject all business and industrial interests to their domination. We are sorry for archbishop Ireland and for all like him who are thus plundered of the accumulations of a life-time. Vt by, Of Course. Whatever dollars we have In tins country must be good dollars, a' good in the bands of tile poor as in (be h suds of the rich, equal dollars; equal Inherent merit, equal in pun-hasing power, whether they Im- paper dollars or gold dollar-, or silver dollars, or treasury notes, each eon vert I inc into lite other and each exchangeable for the other bi-can se each Is based upon equal value aud has nett I nd It security not good bf Wre i <q i,tv alone, tint good because the whole world recognizes inherent and Inextinguishable value. So said McKinley in Iii- late Chicago speech. And these are tile sober words id an alleged stat es rn att who undertook to explain to the audience of ail tin* American people his position on the greatest issue of modern times. And lie at the time ti candidate for the pr* sidencv. It recalls tin* introduction of the vacuoqs orator; “At fie* beginning and before I commence J must ask and in asking i must also request, that if people iii tile hack part of the meet in’ desire to know What is going Oil in the front part of tim meet in’, they should take seats in the front pait of the Ineetiu’ where they can hear better what i1^ said than they could if they remained in tire back parlor the meetin*. Because, what is said by your speaker this evening cannot be heard so plainly in the back pal to! the ineetiu* as it could be if people occupied seats iii the flout part ut the meetin.’ Therefore, to conclude my b-ginning, and to convince j on of rn v pl ai n and honest sen 11-uieiits on tiii.s moriii-qtous issue on this occasion, J der! ii ce and declare that in order for the people in the hack part of the meetm’ to hear and know what is going on in the front part of Hie meet!ti' they should vacate their seats in Hie back {art of the ineetiu' and fc.ke seats in the front part of the meetin.’ The people Ii ive moved fur ward “to the fnod seals in Hie rn* et! ti’ " and are calmly waiting for the “speaker” M.*-Jvitiiey to aa| something. Council Proceedings. The city council bel I a lengthy and j somewhat exciting s> satori I ii I.a evening, all members I mug present, The light columnt> < reported that | they bad sold lifter ii id theuld gasolene j lamps to Morristown, two to (Laud ! Meadow and six to Alden. The eomwStiee were instructed to! fix the location rd an electric light oil | Fountain street, tin motion of Ald. Krebs the clerk j J was instructed to make out a list tor i the assessor of every voter in the city, and that every voter lie compelled to j tile a list ol personal property for assessment. Ald. (Julbrandson called attention to the lad that the legal time had elapsed for putting a new walk iii front ut the building in w hich Mrs. stage a millinery store is located, The street committee reported that three new stone crossings had been ordered. Ald. Hrundin strongly objected to putting any new crossings in ibis year, and also claimed that although he was a member of the street committee lie was never consulted on any thing. The paik committee reported that the grass iii the city park was being cut. The council next gave a hearing to the committee of farmers who claim their land is overflowed by the high water In Fountain lake, and w ho desire the new dam lowered or torn aw av. (’apt. E. K. Pickett was their spokesman. lie claimed that lake to he higher titan at any previous time; that lands worth $80,000 were practically ruined; that the benefits of the luke did not compensate for tins; that it would be better to tear out the dam and convert Un* bed of the lake into farm land or lots, and made an extended argument, contending earnestly lur the lowering of the stage of w ater. Ole Styve also spoke on Hic subject and demanded of the council that they reimburse him for the damages done to his farm. Dr. Black mer thought that if the dam was cut down about eighteen inches that it would help things considerably Ald. Gulbrandson moved that a com mittee of live including Hie president of the council and tho city attorney be appointed to investigate the matter and that no action be taken until the council was consulted. The mayor advised both sides to meet each other half w ay and secure a peaceable adjustment. Ald. Krebs made a strong argument against tampering with the dam in any way. He bad seen the lake higher iii June than it is right now and claimed that the lake is none too high. He took up sons** of Mr. Pickett’s arguments and refuted them, and spoke of the beauty of the lake and what Albert Lea would he without it, and intimated that the request was more of a threat than a petition. Ole Knutson also spoke and claimed that the back water was so high that the farmers could not turn out their cows. Ile also claimed that the lake was not a thing of beauty. ll. 1). Brown thought it was to tin interest of both the city and council to let it down a little. 'J he motion of Ald. Uulbrandson prevailed and aldermen Brundin, Morin and Skinner were added to the committee. Ald. Gulbrandson was appointed. but succeeded in being excused. The matter of the lease of the city pasture lur live years to A. M. Gilbert was brought up, and as Mr. Gilbert Is an alderman the lease was decided illegal. Ald. Gulbrandson moved to change the name on Hie lease to J. \V. Gilbert. Ald. Brundin strongly objected to a live-year lease and moved to amend by making it one year. The amendment was lost, Brundin, Morin and Skinner voting for it. Ald. Krebs moved that the lease be so drawn that the city could cancel it at tile end of any one year. The amendment and original motion were adopted, Ald. Gilbert voting no. Md. Drumlin called attention to the need of another pump at the waterworks station and advocated putting in a million and half gallon pump. He Showed the need of it. but as the council evidently didn’t look at it that way the matter was passed. The mayor brought up the matter of filling in lots adjoining Spring lake and holding water back. Chairman Gillrup of the board of health also spoke on the subject, and the street committee were instructed to look into the matter. I he violation of the water and sprinkling ordinances was discussed and the police were instructed to make an example of the iirst offender caught, Henry A. House asked for a sidewalk grade on some juts on west William street and was referred to the street committee, A petition from the methodist church for use of water from the city hydrant and the privilege of using the street during building operations, brought out considerable opposition but the request was finally granted, Brundin, Morin and Gilbert voting no. Ald. Brundin on bebait of the Danish lutheran church asked for free use of city water June I for drinking purposes, winch was granted. I he mayor was requested to notify the trustees of the universalist church to give a bond of $5,000 to indemnify the city in case of accident while using the street. A id. I ir u nd in reported that I be claims committee bad settled with \V. G. bamberlain lur is45 for Ins claim against the city on account of the Spring lake drain. It was decided to make everybody using streets tor building purpose to give a bond ot $5,000. I be bonds of F. M. Church and Aug. issier as plumbers were approved. D. M. Dominick was given the privilege at certain rates of using city water fur stone work during tlm coming season. A petition (or a sidew ilk un the east and south sui** of court bouse square was on motion referred to the street Com in;Hee. A petition for a cross walk from Hie Dr. Wilcox corner ti) Stanch’n comer was unanimously denied. I he next topic for a long and somewhat useless discussion was the mayor’s appointment of Chi is, Christenson as special po.ice for flv“e weeks without the consent i f the council. Ald. Krebs contended and was supported by the city attorney that it was illegal, but it was finally decided to pav the officer $5!i ob fu| bis services, Gulbrandson and Gilbert voting no. The mayor then appointed Chris, Christenson as a regular policeman and the appoint merit w as ceniiiim d, Ald. Gulbrandson voting no. I he following bills were allowed and the council adjourned Halvorsen ft Lie***, printing.. I) W. Il ly*-,, coal......... K ll I. lid; .un, >q»eda1 police I H •‘grams ................ Street labor.................... Str**d labor.................. j •• L W«*lilliul**r, supplies j Laborlowering »**w i .un . I <* J’ I hon, ex11 a work Sprint WHAT THEY SAY. Interesting Observations bv Various I‘cop e Purposely Overheard by n Loitering .Standard Listener. A. Ballow, .lr , Lincroft I Im* town board lately bought a I John Th inn rt in New ILehiand, and i also a scraper, I bey both give good I sat isfnei Ion, and I consider tho $140) expended iii th se implements one OI i the best investments the boa id lins J ever mad**. Huns Meno ud. Freeborn Din creamery is doing first rate, and its patrons J seem to all be well satisited with the I way it is managed. We expect to get about ll cents tor April, which I think is more than most creameries w ill pay. Latter is quite low at present, but even at prices now paid, there is more profit in dairy mg than nuder the old system. Hon, II. G, Emmons, Nunda It is now 40years in June since I settled here, and must say I have done fairly well, and am content with the result; but ii I was twenty-five years younger I would, as an investment, go into central Minnesota and get more land, as the price asked is mo low that there can be no doubt but a laige percentage can be made, as lands are bound to increase in value as time rolls on. Heal I;state Transfers. ft I.en ll and I, Ass'n to Maggie K Botsf.ud, lot.** a and I. Wk S, ( oUegc add to Allan I •*ea  ..................... ; IbllilHtl 8 Wilson toe ll steam,**, Int Iii (ilk 2, Hartland........................ 2:00 2 .kl .1:00 I;.W 4:00. 4:3C. Freeborn County Sunday School Convention. Program of Sunday school convention to be beld at Freeborn June (Uh aud 7th: SAT I UMAN XIII It SOON. opening **\>*mo*s. How to awaken enthusiasm ami Interest 111 lite Sunday sellout ..... Key    Davis 5umtay school niusie Mrs. T. W. Curdle lions** lo house visitation.  ........... .............  Mrs    ILI I’ut I ret I Importance of temper,inee Instruction ........................Mrs.    Mary Aldricli Business meeting. J* ATI IIDA A KYI SINO, 7:00. Song service. : M. Young people’s meeting. Address bv ... ..............................Clint I.. Lucie SUNDAY MOHN INO. I) IO Prayer and conference service. 10:iO. 'I tie Sunday school and th* church. Address by................. t    w, Punkin* IO W. .Sunday school lesson liislauctlon......... ............................ ll. I) Brown el VPAY AF * MtXOoV. Devotional exercises. How lo appl* the nest methods of teaching to the Sunday wltooi I VV Olton The teacher's Influence Iii him! outside tim class room.......... Mrs.    I)    ll P. ll I hie* Conditions for success Bet. YV. Fisk** A talk to the children..........A. ti. Hall Preparation of the toucher......... ...... ......................... Mrs    Dr. Watson SUNDAY KY KNISH' Young People’s prayer and conference meeting. Prayer service. Symposium. Our watchword—The chil dren for Christi* service. I KA I luvihrsf ad to (I A Hcfingstad, aw', I SI*1*! SPC iii B iti!........................... II ( In* town j H VV ucott and elf** to,I o Oonundsou. s* ad grader of KID of h»Ai. too ll, Mansfield........ ll I) Iii" .VU to Ii N Brown, part leis (I, 7 and a. alk I a I ca my .............  „ Ellen Fitzgerald to F I, Hanson s’ ., sr'4 tnvVt, sec 22, Bath..............I.......... Abnet Vedder to F I, Itcy nolds, lots JA awd 16, blk HY. Ii It Add to A Lea  ........ H Hover son n* A N’arvejon, in* fr '4 or rn % see 5, Freeman..................... H ii ti vc non to a lloverson, nwU nwG, sec 4, Freeman    ....... B novel son to Kd s itavcrsos, aw1, ne' , and ne*, ow5,, Freeman  ...... (loniPleus laird to .Julia K Hanson, lot j, tilk fit, VII of Freeborn.......... ti M She* hail to Maty Sheehan, w1, aw see I*; Bath.............................. .las McKee to P Hun ii lug, e lift a of se** JWM* 32, Alden.......................... John Chmelik to Frank Kusy, iiw»« nu1. sec ft. London......................, John (Tiiueilk to John Chmelik. w 'V rn ami w acres off th# w aide of! tim se'4 of the n*G of the neG sec ft, London,... (Lute, Hayden 2ft < 0 to J H Coirf, ii sBi ft s oft It blk so. Geneva village............... John Chmelik to Barbara Chmelik, w neb* and w ll acres w,.*t aide s*'4 ne*. se** ft, Guidon........................ P McDonald to J W McDonald, liji ow', see id, I Idle va.......................... .) IV McDonald to P McDonald, s'eG se*i and seof ne!4 and in '4 or nrl4 see *2;, Geneva .................................. ©lave Nelson toOleaua A Rosenberg, DW L se*4 sec .'to. Hayward................... H A House to Jeannette A lions*, nu ii blk IC, Albert Lea ............... It ll Kmtnons to It H Kmnmus, • aw* see 24, Mansfield........... Nels Lund to ( li ts Clark, lots I ami 2 ink IT. Mortn’a add to A Lea...... N 8 Hankins to a .I Cole, lot *. blk I ) Halls add to A Left....................... A J Cole lo N 8 nankins, lot s. blk to. Hairs add to A Lea............. ........ 2 .no. 2:30. 3:00. 1:30. 4 Od. 4:30. 0:30. 7:30. a :(jo. 000 I ion 0040 I 162 410 tono ir«JU 2200 300 Ison anno 700 300 no OOO IftdO 400 1 40 1280 400 &fto MO 4(0 400 OOO I 200 200 40 150 Popular Want Column b iVv Ct lit' put HiIe limit IHMeTtiofi. Nothing <•** IS on Fifteen Coals. Hiiiiii, IjHJbNLK- INHIKKTBOOK CONTA I N I N (I I money Owner call at Win. Bowman's lust door west of City hotel, prow properly arm pay lur ad.    *22wi no BKN I I.    22 w 2 f lint it c.v r FL KNISH KH BOOMS. N. T. DA VI KH. Apply lo loir >K BKN I I YI IIBO I* I) I SBM OI loo aer** with buildings, lo Alden township. KB (VK Ll NHEM A N, Twin Lakes, Minn. 4% AKTKI). \ \ r AN I Kl > ALL WHO NKI I) A coon »Y time-piece to have a St amia no dollar watch. TITA NTE!)— HAO t’ARPKls lo WHA VK AT > Y 12*-j cents a yard. hic MARY HOWARD, Freeborn, Minn. I IftO The Cheapest Kates. Railroad farts is an important item of expense. The agents of Die Minneapolis & St. I,ouig railroad are always in position to give the lowest rates obtainable. They take pleasure in giving I    ,    _ information.    7t2o    Children    Cry    for    Pitchers    Castorin \ F Bi mim to A ll Homer, lot ft, blk Morin’s Add to V Lea .. K B Crane to Jus Ktinfar, w ' s* 1, see Hay ward............................... Ellen Fltxgerald tot; Peterson, sw\ iii1. see 2’, Balli..................... A ll Squter to Claudia Hauler, lids 86 and .*7. blk 2. R It add to A Lea ........ Henry A House to Jeannette a House, lot I blk 16 A Lea............................ M irv F House to Jeannette A House, int I I*1 k lo A Lea......................... Mary F House lo Jeannette A iiotise, i«*t II blk 16 A Gut........................ Bridget Melton ald lo J w McDonald,“neG ii** * 4 sec 7, Geneva................. \\ I • Carvol! to YV W (’argelI, pi , se’, ami e '*, in'1, ami blk 1,2. 7 and s. village of Moscow , all In see 2*2. Moscow...... Julia K Hanson to H H Brown, lot V," blk til, VII of Freeborn...................... District Court. District court hasbeen In session since Tuesday hearing civil cases aud over a week more will be consumed before adjournment. I lie court bas granted second nailers to Hans I*. Hanson, I Irik (7 J iuson John Johnson .las Hagerty. Henrik N Issei), Hsus Ii an ami! John Ingvaldson, Johan F. Westrum. The grand Jury before they were discharged brought in Indictments against (leo. Brooks, VY iii Bai lies ami John Smith fur grand larceny In the second degree. They were trralgned and John Anderson appointed to defend them. N C. Johnson was also Indicted for selling liquor w it hon! a license, and Ed. Conner for perjury. All plead not guilty. In the suit of It. A. Morgan vs Win. Hornick for attorney ’9 fees, the jury brought In a verdict for tin* defendant. In the case of (trio Baker vs. FL E Case on a contract a verdict of Ifift ft.* in favor of the plain IIH was returned N T Davies vs, A E Hansom for releasing an executlou a verdict for lite defendant was returned. VY ANTKH •• ll I*’. 1,1*. W7 ANTED-A PPH ENTICE GIBB, AT MISH Clausen's dressmaking establishment, Over Bosenerans' harness shop.    vtf UT AN TED GOOD GIRL FOR HOC.SB work, regardless ol price, (all at Hansom Bros, store.    ■> UT ANTED GIRL FOK GENERAL Hot I BK work, at Presbyterian parsonage A -Pert !,ea. YI” AM ED A GIM IDG I HL OB WOMAN Al VY LM Due’s iv st an ran I, west Clark street. FOR NAIiN-niM KLLAiKOI m. ipoit sale -old newspapers all you I1 want, ut cill ap lutes at the M winun of-Hee, DOR HALE 1    2011 A (.DOH PHAETON. ( HAS JOUGKNHKN. Of Course You Scold When your dinner is late; any man docs. Hut did you know that that old kitchen clock of yours wont regulate tilings any longer? A Clock I hat Lies Makes lots of needless watching, Th© most wearisome tiling in life is waiting. Mornl: liny ti Now Clock OF- _A_t Thompson’s. Mott’s All Solid Working Shoos, $1.25 Bicyclo Shoos, (See the ICIk Ladies’ Tan Ox, - *1.50 lo $2.75 Skin Soles.I YI (‘ll s SLOG $2.75 to S5.00 (A Nice One.) Fine Tail Shoos, (See lite New ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW JLt oe. I Thompson’s. /our wife wants a home. I a crlli i nu: iii Jewelry. stop paanc rent. Buy a farm. po It SALE GERMAN MILLET SKF H Alto Early Ohm Need Potatoes, pun* I. A. Y AN HEI, Bl bl, 'lf    Albert    lain    Pub    to    til    Oft, HONKY 111 LOAN, Money on beal estate security, at a low rateof interest. Time, one to Bv* years. ItbarWl    NAEVE    ft    SDTH. PERNOT A I,. TD Will IM IT MAV COM FHN NOTICE I Is hereby given that I will bul ti** u-pon-i. ole for any fields CHOI meted by my wife or share In any of lier earnings.    G B JOSLYN May 121 Ii, I anti    Rftwi IG ME NOTICE—I HEREBY GIVE AHD I grant unto my son. KinelKMd Wtildow. agwt 17 years, ins time hereafter,consenting thai he may make ami collect for wages or on conn acts am! that I will make no claim for his earnings nor be responsible for Ills debts or liatdllttes May 7, I *:* >.    CARL    wa I.HOW. 20vv3|> Miell U >ek, Freeborn county, Minn The ALBERT LEA National Bank ALBERT LEA. MINN. -    •    Will    tell You VERY CHOICE FARMING LANDS IN CENTRAL WjlNNESOTA IN RED RIVER VALLEY Capital, $50,000. Af *s*2.r>0 lo SI jut Arn*. VI SI lo prr Arri1. r~ mmmm rn 3 Cl U) SD CO o 20 Cl JO SD O CD —s PKCJFICATIONS Narrow Trend. Saddle, 11l:tit. Crank, 6/ inches. Pedals, Rubber, (choice of rat-trap). Seat post, hollow, T pattern. Finish, black. Usual parts nickeled. Weights, from 22 to 24 lbs. M. tv \V. tires. We also have a few with l)un-lop Clincher tires at same price, nHhougb the usual charge is $5.00 extra for this style of tires. Vlortj£iiK«* Forcrlssar** Nnh>. DEFAULT ha* be.!) made IU payment of twetity-one (Fit Oh) dollars of futere-i, wtiiub whs *lue on the Pith <ley of .Vlnroh. A. D. lKUd, upon a certain mortgage executed by William (George (*Hrdner mortgagor, to ehriatUin Larson, mortgagee, .laie.i upon Die irth day of March, A. I* ISM, aud duly flied for record In the albee of the register of deeds, in and for Freeborn •Ona!)', state of Min Ursula, on the Lith (lay of March, A. JU IKM. at I:JU o’clock p. rn , and duly recorded in said register of deeds’ office, In book ll of mortgages, on page G*. And by reason of (he default aforesaid, (he whole amount of principal and inieresl secured by said mortgage lo-wit: Trie sum of (bree hundred aud twenty-three sud 33-Ha) dollars ,ISH.14) has l*e-come and is hereby declared line a nil payable aero! ding to the term* and conditions of Maid mort gage, and nu Action or proceeding-at law has laten Instituted to recover said debtor any part thereof notice Is hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale contained lu said mortgage, which has become operative, by reason of tg,. default aforesaid Hint pursuant to the statute in such case made aud provided, said mortgage will be foreclosed by the sale of the premises therein described, att Hated in sai.l county ol Freeborn, alate ol Minnesota, town:    Lot one (I) lu section eleven (ti) and the southwest quarter isw*4) of the miuthweet quarter of section two (2,, all In township one hun du d and one HUI > north, of range twenty-two {ti) west, and con Wining Oft)-eight aud sri im, ft* lu-iuiv acres of land more or less, by the sherif] ut said county of Freeborn, at the west front do .r ut tho court house, in the city of Albert Lea, Freeborn county. Minnesota, on Friday of the third day of July, A. I* 18*98. at Ii* o’clock Iii the forenoon of - u ! day. Mi pay said debt and Interest, and an at-tnrney tee of iwenty-five dollars |KO.U«], stipulated In said mortgage to be paid in care of foreclosure thereof, besides the Costa aud exfienNcs allowed by law. Hated May 27th, A. I) 1N06. ...    ,    ( IU;HT!AN LAUHON. AV. fc. TODD,    Mortgagee. Attorney for Mortgagee. We have bought of Lindsay Bros. of Milwaukee their entire stock of the above high grade ’95 pattern wheels. We have reserved only 15 for Albert Lea trade and will close them out at only.............. $43.50 cr $46.00 on time GO I ft ii ift .(IKJ 'I’his wheel must not he confounded with cheap grades of the “Duke” variety, as it is a strictly high grade ’95 pattern. Come early, as after these are gone they cannot he duplicated at any price. IFLern.erri.'loer: We are general agents for this state and Iowa (except Minneapolis and St. Paul) for....... % TefeSrarp Line and will give you the benefit of agents’ discounts. ............7.1.ftli ......1**7    JO ............ 7    43 ............ IS    fto ok« dI nill. f‘l .78 A po- five pun rant#* to cur# or money rotund-d » i be found w I h e ach f I Ob box or bot lh* of Niwur s I amil V Cure (if fa all lies ii: umbo ujri-d -iilei ibis date. hold by Briggs Drug Co. I »r. fyiinnesota Bicycle Company Yellow Front Repair Shop, AV EST CLARK STK EET. Mortgage Muir. I LEVAULT having been mad# Ju the pay ment and I' condition of a certain mortgage duly executed and dell verod by J**u* U. Oisori and Christine OI sow, his wife, mortgagors, to O. Wag aer and Charlet A. Wagner, mortgagees, ixia ring tate June I7ih lsii.1 which said mortgage, with a power of cal** (herein contained, wa- i eeorded in (ne nftlce of the register of deeds iii aud tor Freeborn county and Slate of Minnesota, June lath, JKyfi, at 4::^i o'clock P bi , iii Book 15 of Mortgage*) on page ll?: Md whereas, tliere is claimtsl to be due and mil,aid on said mortgage at the Hale OI this notice the -mn ..I one bundled ninety-three dollar* aud sev-nty one cents, tieing the instalments of principal and intel cst due at the date rn this notice, and whereas, no action Or proceeding at law has been instituted to recover the debt secured by raid mortgage or any pail thereof. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given, that by virtue of raid power of aalo, aim pursuant (ii the J statute IU such ease made aud provided, Ute kaid mortgage will tie foreclosed, and tile premises I therein mentioned and described sulisianilally a- I follows: Commencing at a point on tip. north side of Johnson street in the ullage of Hartland, Htntc 01 Minnesota, said point being ic Lent multi ami '.**1 I eel east trotu the northw est corner ut block number two *2), according to .ne plat of the same i eeorded iii the orth e of th register of deeds w Ullin and for the douuly .if Freeborn and Stale of Minnesota, thence oast fifty (fib) feet, thence north one hundred twenty , 120) (feel, thence we-i idly ftii) lect, theuoe south one hundred twenty fLJU) feel lo the place of beginning, together with all the here aliamenta and appurtenances thereunto la longing will be BO bl by the sheriff of Freeborn comity aforesaid, at public auction, to the highest bidder at the west front door of the court house in the city of A inert Lea, in said Freeborn county, on Hatur-dc.y, the Jllth day of June, lMsi, at IU o'clock a rn. 10 saii-fy the amount, principal and interest limn owing on said mortgage,Md nineteen 42 IDU Din 43) dollars insurance paid by the mortgagees at the date of this notice, on default of payment by said mortgagors, bb stipulated in said mortgage, together with all costs anil disbursements of foreclosure and sale, including lilly (*;sn dollars attorney's fees stipulated iii said mortgage to he paid in case of foreclosure thereof. Dated May I, IHM. C. WAGNER, CHABUKS A. WAGNER, O. W. AV aum KH,    Mortgagees, Attorney for Mortgagees, May 6 June IU. New Richland, lf mn. Order for neuritic on <’luiiu«. OTATK OF MINNESOTA County of Freeborn Lr -s. in Probate Court, Special Term May tub, I HIW. Iii the matter of the estate of Ohristeua L Aar-•tod, deceased, Letters of testamentary’on the estate of Christ (inn L Aarstad, deceased, lateof the county of Freeborn and state of Minnesota, being granted to Christian L. Aarstad. It is ordered, that six mouths tie and theseme is hereby allowed from aud after the date of this order, in which all persons having claims or demands against the saiil deceased are required to file the same in the probate court of said county, for examination and allowance, or be forever Parred. It Is further ordered, that the 7th day ofDeoem-bar.lHUB, at IU o’clock ii. iii., at a special term of suid probate court, to be held at the probate office In the court house in the city of Albert Lea in said county, be and the same hereby is appointed us the time and place when aud where the said probate court will examine and adjust said claims and de mauds. And it Is further ordered, that notice of such hearing lie given to ail creditors and persons interested til said estate by forthwith publishing this order once Im each week for three successive weeks in the Freeborn County Htandard, a weekly newspaper printed and published in said County. Dated at Albert Lea, this 6th day of May. IKM. By the Court. ll*. 8.1    HEMAX    BLACKMER. May 13 27    Judge of Probe to, Nu iii moi)*. OTATB OF Minnesota County of Freeborn-— ii ss. District CHUI t, Tenth Judicial District Frank J. Terry,    Plaintiff, vs. Hate Terry,    Defendant. The Htaie of Minnesota, to the above named Defendant:    , You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint of plaintiff in the above entitled action which complaint has been hied iii the office of (lie clerk id said District Court Of the Oily of Albert Lea, County of Freeborn ami State of Minnesota, aud to serve a copy of your answer to Hie said complaint on the subscriber at his office in the City of Albert Lea, County of Freeborn, within thirty days after the service of this sum mons upon you exclusive of the day Of such service, and if you fail to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this ne lion will apply to Hie Court for the rellet demanded in said complaint. Dated Apl ii 20tli, 181*6. JOHN ANDERSON, Plaintiff's Attorney, Apr 22-May 27.pd    Albert Eon. Mian* rpKANHAG'I’H A GKN KRAL HANKING I Ho-lness. Foreign Kxchailgf* Bought Hill! wold; I Ider* «i Allowed on Deposits; Foreign Hi “.kinship Tickets; Fire and Life Insurance; I kit lections, H D BROWN, President. DBP HIBBS. Vice Pres. C B KELLAR, Cashier IM k vc rom:    AV K Todd, (’. av Ransom duo. G. Godley, H. 8,.Strauss, T. V Knatvold. YV. A. Morn*, J. AV. Smith, I). K. PHIbbs, ll. D. Brown. Ti TERMS TO ACTUAL SETTLERS : Yens’ lime One-Ten th (.‘ash; Bala Installment CJu J tit iiics id s,i int* Sara Lees    Lauadry   Does All Kinds of— — Washing Cheap. Rood Work Guaranteed, see these Priies. Shins, linen................................ jp,. Nhirt-. flannel ........................ 710. ('oliars .............    2V%<* Collars, i*c r dor en..................   .    •_*■*■ (’tiffs, iter pair......................... Rocks  .................................... EVERYTHING LIKE THESE. 'ivy IIM*    I sill! Ill I I* ft . SAM. LEE, Proprietor. West Claik Hired.    -    - Albert l.e.-». afd; I*.it,uh i* it) Iud Ll j 1 i,i I Anim.ti at 6 per not inn*re*!. Yr.uh I'.iintern on Kxj Acres, from $40.00 to $128.00. I ’i opoiiion. WHY Viiy ,u.‘r iM*rV ;,s rtMl in ON,‘: ^ LAK, AAl.cn, bv pay-, 'tig*' only $2.50 in ten years, \«.ti (.in ©Avn I ti<)o<I Farming Lind r These lam) timbered, as you may prefer. S< j adapted lo all erain anti re*it (tot).' ae 11* IS 1*1)1 AA I lie to in cvel of lolling, prairie »*r 1 ii Ii and prodiu iiv«*, vs tit map* and publications, W m ll. PHIPPS, I .and ( '(»miid i .vs ii uh i IL G. I).. C. VY. MOTT. IC migration Agt , N. p. |< St. Paul, Minn. K Go to the New Harness Shop for Fine Driving Harness. siiibI** nnd Doiibk*. Ijirgrst and I., si stock in tho dry. Brices file Gov*-I. Also headquarters for Dusters A: Idip Rohes. Louis Kroessin. 'I’Im* !iarn(‘NN 3Iitn. NtTTTQ TJATJVT? mnybc r intKlnnnio ut n*n, L HAO I ilTLXV )>. RowelDkCo'*) Newspapcjf .Advertising Bureau< loHpnice HI L w here advertising soft tracts may Us made for it IM AEtV TOUIL, Knatrold 4 Brown, -A.lloert Lea., TiYTinn. Money to Loan on Heal Estate at I. cav est Hates. Interest on Time Deposits. Foreign Exchange Dought amt Sold. Steamship Tickets to and from All Foreign Forts. Special attention paid to Collections Fire, Life aud Accident Insurance, ly, did sales Holiuitor, will furnLii informal .on; accompany prospective buyers wishing to examine Northern Pacific lands, and receive applications for their purchase. Apply lo him pei.son-ally, or Ivy letter, at Albert Lea, Minn. A GREETING! w E are pleated to announce that. w»* have this year added considers!>1 v to our stock in Furniture, (’arpent. Mattings, Window .Shades, etc. Our trade has increased from year to year ho that v*e feel injustice to the public ami our ti tends that we are called un to carry h complete and as good a quality of goods bs eau tie purchased. Our aim is to do a square amt fair business, amt to do to others a* we would that they should do unto HS. YVe think we nan safe tv sav that it you are iii need of goods iii our hue it will pay yon to cull oil us, (jet our prices and examine our goods. Ami wa believe after so doing you w ill purchase nowhere else; at jeasi that has been the experience of others. Shall be glad lo greet you one aud all. Home Furniture Co. IL II. k NAT vol J), Pro;!. Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty. We carry a large stock of Coffin* and Caskets Gillrup & Gilbert, DKA I.KBH IN Spot Cash Hi Ast Any Lady Who hall bought millinery In AM>.*rt Leu any 11 no* (luring iho |*H*a Twrm v Yearn where "lie has toluol the tho >1 llftla Mild bonnets, or been tuilei) best In getting trimming done, ami Hourly Farm Lands a Specialty. Abstracts o' Lands aud City property furnished oil short notice. Fire Insurance in the most reliable Foreign and Home Companies. Mortgages, Deeds, Contracts, Leases etc., drawn promptly and at reasonable rates. .Affine at Freeborn County Hank, west side broadway, near Court House. Albert Lea, AI inn. Drags, I>IJSC? II ARROWS, Riding and Walking Cullivators, I Moves, Hsikes, lCte. Second-Hand First-Class Bicycles Some guns are less than half price ol last year. Very good, -    -    - - i Every Woman or Miss AV 111 nay “ai Mrs. 8lag**’a. lo tie «mro!” Ho it ai way a baa been him! will cont lam* to I**- Our Spring Dcsips La iii dinted Steel, 87.00. Spring and Lumber Wagons. Latest Styles-. Reliable Goods. Prices and Terms Reasonable. w $4. Iircbs, Albert I ..-ii. Housewives Remember That the ICE put by the Albert Lea Ice Co. was taken from the PUREST part of Fountain Lake. Orders for the season taken by CHAS. JORGENSEN or S. S. MALLERY Ar** porter!Iv lovely an.! hew lots are con tlnuully arriving. Miss Julia Honsie, Our trimmer. Is an ar tist in lier work amt give* universal Oft! isf act Inn. Call aud she will explain the must recent Inventions in siyles of hats amt trimmings. Mrs. J. Stage. OII , rf--.*—•-    „,Tftanym Gmuide Ware Cornein THE EA I lf Big Invoice of — Gold and White — Semi Porcelain Ware Jo** in. PRICES WAY DOWN. A. II. HQUIEU.

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