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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives May 27 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - May 27, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTim*** I Twenty Thousand ftycn I S-i! Mu* Standard •*» J hvery W o6k of tho Year. 4. VOL. XXXIX. AI KT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY «*%%%% S iav da rd Advertising Is Not Lowest in Price, ; Bat Is Highest in Value. my A Good TftDS- ss i I Push it Along! .J) RINGLING BROS,’ CIRCUS. I he W orld’s Greatest Shows to Ex-hlblt in I his City June ||, Mingling lints.' v«• xhi s greatest shows, * inch are bemud all question tin* largest c -rnbin <i circus, ttirnagerie aud t j|)poilu nut* ever of gun / al, svi ll .exhibitor Albert Le# lur two perform* I abc** only, M.didav, June lh. This great event will in* signalized by Hie | moat magnific iii prut Upon tim atieHn iii lli|Bt,,7. # J will there he mors elephant! WAIT FOR QUALITY TUE GREATEST IN AMI CHARACTER. Is What the Enormous Forepaugh* Sells Grouters Aggregation Groves Itself to Be. To Consolidate two such stupendous and expensive exhibitions as the great Adam I orepangh and .Sells Bros’! atmas involved risk and required "‘ion ever een J J1'’?**d ,* bier prise of a mast*! kind, Ubon the »tie»*ta of lins city. Not only • "l,v*,ig been done, the principals' s, mote m ”'** OMitneiitnous are both s tv a-1 .    .    I    I'iHIIU Ul.o.lni. - A rn    “ I he Our Overall Is n ytniil thing, bot at.... . 50c IO ounce a pair they are the best tiling you ever san ’ and push themselves along and A /AW of every other Overall in the market. They are made of Denim, of which every yard weighs full hat k not jointed, and warranted not to rip. i he Our Apron Overall strap, at...... u itll elaslii 35c Is a Self-Pusher. An I,lidless Variety of about- . 2oo dozen Working Shirts Of hvrellent Worth, at Startlingly Low Prices. Follow the Push to Yours Always, p» n deus of performing wild beasts sud inure beauti in lip capsrisuned highbred I lot s#*s exhibited tnt* upon till* . public thoroughfares, hut there will I also tie shown a gorgeous golden reproduction ol Moscow*# Kremlin tow* I el, vv it Ii its eliiRieof ms eel toned silver nebs; a gieat golden calliope, WI til its si*‘am- tv fought melodies; ten grand , military tinuds and two miles ol Hie J largest and most beautiful cages aud golden i harlots than have ever been seen in this city. All this will be but j preliminary to the most extensive exhibition eyer seen nruler canvass. A I sinking innovation introduc' d by the I management this year is a grand apec-tade, reproducing with historic detail the gorgeous mi 11'wry and glassie “Fee* i t v ai id Olympus" a veritable replica of the most hi illant and dazzling of all Hie ancient spectacles. Plus stupendous display requires the services of over a tho ii sa ad people, ami is given upon a scale never before attempted. I here is no charge for this feature, which is separate and distinct from th# superb Ihree-nng circus arni loyal j Bornan hippodrome that are c Ii arad el-I istic» of nos urn ipiaieri exhibition. Another notable feature is the entire absence of disreputable characters on I Burgling day. iii** in tnagerjrent of . J his great abow Will not peimit gambling of any character in or m ar their grounds, and all who aileuti ttieir per-I or malices are assured of protection (rom sharp* is, ami courteous treatment from the attaches of tile show. ItEMINPXH (AI(l)K W. t. TOOD. I AWYRK ne KUK IN TUR NKW OPEKA J J it'iuse ISOM. Alhert la*K, XI tun. MF (SRV A. MORGAN, \ ITI IffN EV AT I.AW COP NT V ATTOK J V no OSM In r >uliusit'i vti Hlock, iiioH'i-»4|, A Uteri I .ca. Mum. BUU. A CHURCH. I *K.AI. I si A IK. I. A VV. INS! UAM K. I V 14.ans ,""1 I'otieclaitis House-, lur Male anti lo ut Offl*J* iii Oin-i.i iliiM-k, Albert In. Mine    kmS H. S. I AH NSWOHT M. AT lr HINK \ Alt AW I KA<*TU KH IN ALI. I be court s, Cit rein) attention Kite" to coin biercUI aud fritter oirQeot lima. ilBfli e m Wrslire rn Hill Ion Co . Ib's k. Hie-UIS I Moi 2. Allied Ins. Vi oui.    rn IM UOCrOR NISSEN ( 1 EA DU A TE    KROM NOKWAV.    OKKICK I J over bion Drug Wore, Kr.uuiwav, Alb ert ma. Mum. J    M root), M. 0 lyHYSHIAN    AM) Hp RH Kl IN.    OFFICE I In reef el Br luge’Drug mete; hospital on Fountain street, A 11.ere I aha. m. C. MERRILL. DP.N1 IHT. ORKICE IN NKW open* house block, room* I alit) I Albert Lea MIU". M. A. PAINE. \ UCH IT FCT    ANO BP I LOIR.    PLA NM I A Ur isii Aiel one tracts Ulm for All ctas.es of work In cli) aud country. Albert Lea, Bion.    I    Gy    I MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. / ill I NCORIN CAMP NO UM HOI.HS HKOU-V J lar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every Brst iud third Wednesday evenings of each moo lh.    .1    I*,    pi,ARK. V. C* I It lIALVORHKg, Clerk (J. L. COLEMAN. Manufacturer anti Dealer in Dry Goods and Notions. Dress Goods, Silts, Wash Goods, Wools and Fabrics. Iii AH Styles and Up-to-Unto. Everything New. Fresh and Stylish. A Complete Line of........ MT WAISTS, CAPES, Dress Skirts, Etc. No Job Lots. No Old Goods of Any Kind. W ill be pleased to have you examine our stock. Goo. H. Emmons & Co. J. W. Smith s Building, Albert Lea. WI SJI —And All Kinds of— Building Material. Yard at the old stand neai Milwaukee depot. A. J. STADHEIM Agent. We saved Iola of money fur other People #1 tiring    and will try agahi vert haul In IHOO. at lh*”"-^^ Enterprise Iron Works. Machine Shop and Foundry, Al BERT LEA, MINN. Calion iim lur urn thing iii our hue, vreat or "mall. We guarantee -iHtlw-t action — iiii^i J. W. VENESS, Prop. C. D. EDWARDS’ Grub & Stump Puller Why Some Editors Don’t (io to I    Church. Jack Min Republic: The Rev. X. JI. Foot, pastor of tin lending church iii St. James, says: •'In all toy experience as a preacher I have »eidoni lived lo a place where the newspaper men vtere church goer* I Pave known a areal Many of them—royal good fellow* too, but on Buuday they would rallier Trad (heir exchanges ihan go to church.” The Itev. l oot is right. A great many people think if un easy matter to prepare ten or fifteen columns of manuscript each week, but should some of our readers try it in their offices with Ave or six workmen behind you, some of them constantly consulting you in regard to Wuk and from four to six men un hour transacting business, talking politic*, religion or gossip, we do not think you would prepare much matter for your paper and certainly would not do it very intelligently. You wutdd ve-y glad Sunday .should come so you could take your beloved exchanges, retire to your private room w here none enter and spend the day visiting with the boys, clipping and commenting on their words of wisdom and wit. There may be pleasanter tilings to do on .Sunday, but we have thus tar failed to find it, and there in that solitude come the best thoughts of the week. We know of but few papers that do not exeit as much influence over its readers as do the average preachers and many of them are much more outspoken in the cause <d right, justice, morality and religion than the average preacher and ten times the hearers, so do not get the idea that editors are w icked and depraved because they are not at church. [’he preacher has the week to prepare tor Ins .Sunday work and the editor has Sunday to prepare tor his weeks work. cions enough bot to mislead those I whose patronage they solicit; wheie-I fore. the whole great aggregation will , welcoming in Albert Lea on Jnlv • ,k3 to the invariable rule everywhere, and as even railroad contract for transportation will alone conclusive!* trove. It woald beH silly waste or tune to question the splendid sn fTiXfJJr °f l,hlM ***nuin*' amusement a .» n' o* emphatically asserter! inst its free parade alone represents a larger outlay than the total cost of other shows. That it owns more elephant* wild beasts, noble horses and performing animals, uses bigger tent" more cor", hires more talent, presents mot# signal acts, spends more money and entertains more people. That it has the greatest performers in every hranrh of equestrian, arenic, gymnastic, aerial aud comic art; splendor of pageant! v, costumes and paraphernalia without parallel; the most elegant and decorous or. performances; the finest hippodrome; lady clowns, lady ringmasters; rarest living wonders, nowhere else to tie seen. That it exercises tile utmost care fur the safety and comfort of patrons; whose protection against rascality of every kind is “ll this it is no wonder that ttie biggest tents ever made ate everywhere ailed with delighted tens »f thousands. f'no cass cot Nr\ bargains. I wo lliit shows Combine. One Price Admission to All United Snows The l.nrgt-*) lleitngerle |t| the VV ort it The Oui) I Hi ng cirrus The Double Mi reef I'araile The HIckcnI tin# Klehent show liver Oi-gn iii «<*<!. f arm of 140 Acres, (food House and Bam, Forty Acres Fenced and tinder Wow for $1,000. I have fur sale in ( ass county, this slate, a farm of 140acres, part timber, but mostly plow and pasture land non#j tidier of snit on earth, good story-anu-tialf house, large double barn on mala road, good water, splendid for either grain or stock-raising; settlers near by, at only SI,OOO; part on time. I he improvements alone are worth the price, and the land is cheap at go an acre.    * Reasons for selling: Misfortune of owner. Cause for the low price: Sooner the Better. L\ /) in Freeborn county is now too valuable to grow grubs on. Better hitch onto them with one of C. D. Edwards’ Grub and Stump Pullers and pull them off the face of the earth. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. THE FARMERS’ INDEPENDENT LUMBER VARO. Best quality of Lumber, Lath, Shin gles,Sash, Doors, Building Paper, and Builders’Supplies always on hand and sold at Lowest Market Rates. Yan! on Broadway, South of Court House. C. G. JOHNSRUD, - Manager. Productive land is the secret of straightening the wrinkles out of your pocket-book and keeping them out. If you haven’t got the land and are out of a job, then get hold of a plug horse and go to pulling for someone else. There is lots of money in the business. Send for my new descriptive Catalogue, if you are too busy to come and see them where they are made, at Albert Lea, Minn. LAND RB4VEX AXD VIVION COMPANY ST. TAUL, MINN. FOR SALE ON CROP PAY MENT PLAN. C. D. Edwards. The Lutheran Theoioigcal Seminary, Northwood Index; i ll# trustees of Luther academy at Albeit JLt’ii have played a ii ump card in the mailer of securing tor their city the location of the theological seminary formerly situated ai Robbinsdale Mum. They have offered to the synod to turn over to that body, for use as a theological seminary, the grounds and buildings now owned by the academy a property easily worth fifteen thousand dollars. Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Baul and one or two other citita have been working to secure the prize hut it is generally thought thai lim Albert Lea proposition, which is of very recent date and vastly more generous than any thus far made, will he looked upon with special favor. The I synod trustees and council before which the matter w ill come up met at Minneapolis yesterday, Rev. T. A. Tor-gerson and J. B. Thompson being the members from Worth county, lf the offer is accepted, it is the intention to erect a school building only for the use of the academy and to discontinue the hoarding arrangements, letting the students seek accommodations among the people of the town. Kine 01 years ago there was a time a orth wood had a reasonably good chance to secure the location of the academy here. It might be well to watch developments now, with an eye open to possible contingencies. Bienly of good unimproved Northern i acme railroad land imar bv to bi* nail on IO yenta; tune at 93 an ane. Hut it s a bargain all tile same. Here's Another—Homestead quar- ££ ac,res* 20 acres broken, good house, fairly good barn,good well with »rtly fenced, considerable hard-\vor*« ember, for Shoo, easy payments. --iTflWP-rn raenic railroad lands it! the same locality for sale at 92 .V) to SJW)an acre; will be worth 910 in very few years. in, f    **. <;* Lay, Albert Lea, Winn. — The Pops Are Coming. oh the Pops, they are a-popping. Anti. you bet, there’ll he i/o stopping IHI you hear of HomethlnK dropptiiK Kike a thousaiuJ ton* of brick. H?lfiCt!0 ^ the humming ,, J, *r v"h'C", by I tie I runt rn intr Of their cohort* they are coming And are coming double quick. From the country they are swarming anH'lu F I pi" "“'lr nujks Hre fonding; And their hosts will soon be storming v ...    Froud."alls of Mammon * might. -iou em, flout It. you can scout it, amhthere, don’t you doubt lf, Aud they won t be long about It. when they once begiu n. Ii* the rising of the masses, A . .. Mn|b'i;le with the classer And die plutocratic asses netter get In from th.* wet; And the men who live by pi,,"der I hey bad better stand from under. 2! “ore * going to be some thunder flawed, when once the ranks or.- met. ' i i* tile conflict of aces, It has been foretold «»> sages Arid 00 poet’s, prophet s pages ti i.tST ll*°U!,i*hd years or more. ■‘A* coming; we are near it. I be taint rumbling don t vou hear ii * '•ltd your armor; no not fear ii Bs the last and tin al war. ghosts Of roll from slumber Ann .n o ®tre,lFdi and number tf! } MBit* the who eurnher iv»„,    1! w,!.h suclcBt forms of w rong u hen old ev ils shalt be rigtited And above the lands benighted -freedom’s beacons shall i>« lighted And the earth Is tilled with song. o, the pops are up and coming t!,elr volc«!* humming; L I'l a.r fllt‘ CO,10K*» drumming, As they Hue up tor the fray »'‘ti can s«« their banners streaming V ou can see the forefront gleaming In the dawn-light on them beaming Trout the new and grander day. J■ A. H'lynton, Lincoln, Neb, Nothing Succeeds Like Success! It IS pion) conclusive of the people's utmost confidence in nm I,iii. Ntjiiaie cijuifahle wav of doing business and n mtv unbounded appreciation of our policy to persister you than any one else. ; of tfeeii ! en!Iv do bettci Carpets and Draperies. I o further emphasize the fact that we have the BEST STOCK, make tile LOWEST BRICES, you are asked to call and see the goods. We think it will require no argument to convince you. Waists. W aists. The Banner Waist is the most perfect fitting waist on the market; strictly first-class in all respects’ Only 50c and up. Ladies and Misses’ Spring Capes. 'i of] from regular prices. Call at once while the assortment is complete. Corsets. SO dozen Nelson Summer Corsets made to sell for 75c. Special, 50c each. Fans, Fans. Great sale of New Fans, the most handsome line of commencement and party fans ever shown in the citv. Hammocks. We are prepared to do the Hammock business. A first class hammock for $1.00. —-    4— Parasols And Umbrellas. ()f the finest productions from the leading Parasol makers. Handsome colorings and designs. SEEDING FLAX For Sale by Nelson Bros. Albert Lea Friday, July IO Wall Papers. If you are going tp paper, call and see the new____ J lu* latest in Wall Papers. Also a full line of. . . . Gilts, Glimmers, Ingrains and White Blanks, At prices ranging from 10 cents a roll upwards. l Few Remnants that Must Go at Any Price. BRIGGS DRUG CO. People’s Party County Convention. CHANGE OF DATE. Notice is hereby given that a mass convention of the people’s party wi; lie held at the court house. Albert Lea Minn., Thursday, May 2Hih, 1896 at I o clock p. rn., to elect IU delegates to the first district convention ac Dodge Center June 4th, and to attend to any other necessary business that univ come before it. By order of People’s Party County Committee.    IL    C.    Nelson 1 C. (L JOHNSRUD. Sec. Chairman. The lirst date named, bv an oversight having been fixed on memorial day is changed as above.    Com’, - ...... Farm Land for Sale. 300 acres farm land for sale at very low price and on easy terms. Every foot tillable. This the best bargain in land j et offered. T. V. Knatvold. It Is Very Convenient. If you are going to st. Paul or Minneapolis for a days business, use either of the following trains, leaving Albert Lea at 5:18 a. rn. or 6 ; ii., and returning at {blup. 111. or 10:5o p. m. You lose no time in traveling.    7t2u Hie Minneapolis Penny Press. It is published on the cooperative plan, and is the only daily paper in tile r ft*I. 'Vll‘c s advocathig the tree coinage ten of si!ver, and defending the rights of when the people. Pull telegraphic repLrto mod and markets. It will he clubbed with the STANDARD at 93.00 per year for both papers. -• # * Cows and Pigs at Auction. Having bought a herd of Guernseys I will sell my native cows, 12 iii nun'-ber, at auction on my farm southwest <*t the city, on section ut, t>n Saturday * nile b, I p. rn. Will also sell a lot of anduld d H,rks,lire P’S3’ young 20 w 4    'v.    W.    Parker. NOW! see| THG BIGI 4-PAW V Huge Arenic Marvel. T he Master Aggregation Supremely Attractive. Incredibly Amazing. Prodigiously Perfect. Its J Olm.) JI? ti Wonders, 2 Enormous Menageries, 2 Stupendous Circuses, 2 Colossal Hippodromes, 2 Titanic Free Parades. Triumph of Instruct!.. Perfection of Amusem##*, Home of Healthful Fun, Metropolis of Nature, Mighty Moral Magnet. A show that is a show, come and our line assortment of...... set 4 Great Pings, 2 Stages. IOO Acts and Pag ants. Hundreds of Champions, Daridg Ll I y Aerialists, The New Woman Clowns Permanent < Consolidation Of The Only Holiday Giants. Farmers lake Notice. The Farmer’s Mutual Live Stock union, will hold its annual meeting at the court house in Albert Lea Monday June 1st, at I o’clock p.m. to elect a board of directors and to do any other business that may come before the meeting.    clark ll. Dills Nee. ~ *•* For Ocean Steamship rickets V ia the Beaver Line from Montreal-Ouebec ri . AM-mo, ’ "J- iVla any stearo8hrp line crossing tho AtlanUe, at lowest rates for first cabin sec oal l<HsnlvHto k'a^u ’ b0ttl 'MllWHr‘1 anil' pre. Waukee a H I Vn^’i ’    Chicago, mu. .tress r K W ,    £y.: at All”-n Lea. ..r ad- Adarns SU Sdcag^ 1^°'    A««“b    '- 2 Big Herds of Elephants, IOO Cages and Chariots, Most Imperial Itaccs Most Amazing Feats Most Sujierb Display*, Always arui Everywhere Presented Exactly nu Advertised, Republican National Convention at •St. Louis June 16. I BROTHERS 2 Great Daily Exhibitions 2 and s p. M. I 'cine Ear’y. 15 VI a iii iii at h lVttter|.!'(iut Tents, Mea ti ii ic Capacity 15.000. SS 5 I ii if oriii cit I'nIici'n. mn he ret! Keserverl Coupon Seats on Sale at It. E. Boss’ I’ost Office >«*ns Room. Admission 50c. If You Want to See Men s and Boys Clothing, Hats and Furnishings. One Visit Wears a Season Ticket. ", IV. johnson & co. I IM- ^<|iiUi-<* l^niinijP C'loi lilorM. Baby Carriages of baby carriages just have all kinds of fiji kinds of babies. it at Our line arrived. We baby cabs for Commencing with a cheap nm $4. another at $6, a good one |8, and those at $io, $12,    & $1$ are as tine as any manufactured. Mattings, Chenille Also a full line of all kinds of. LbroIbrjb. Oil Cloth ami Straw Draperies anil Lace Curtains. Children or. under I)yr s. -at, A Ibert Lea Friday, July IO RAIN UK SHINE. furniture. Don t buy before you jret our prices Johnson, Petersen A Clausen

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