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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives May 16 1894, Page 12

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - May 16, 1894, Albert Lea, MinnesotaI ",: '*$ \*&tr SSL - « •** inn ,'f ri’1-' lltii ll' ill f I f; STRANGE CASE. | an Enemy was Foiled. m, Ina cr    it n tom PTI I ''ill I* ni I cannot describe Hon tim! i \lull'll iii my I had to rut* And I>**at ; »v wpti‘ son1, to ovoivonio j it! filling that had taken I lo ft * I ii 11 ion, I had a i my back an«! around my i nu ludo**'ribabu* ’gone’ i inch. Physician* Raid It i-U. from which, accord-il «-■ ti I-‘fusion, thorn I* no :i'M* upon it poison, tho* ( • ln*l»flo»iftprotfroR* until Im! point ami tho sufferer dies. t, I had Ucon doctoring j alf *t* artily, tint with no pnr- « hen I !»aw an ndvi-rtisi'inent 1.11 it Nor' ino, pf, >. mod ti j ■in U-insf It. Muttelous im It i f« w days had pasted ts'foro , rn i-py" ftH'iln Ii id loft mr, not l oon rvon tlio slightest i it- ri'turn. I now fori us I dill and have gained ton si! tbough I had run down I o. In ha vo u-od Hr. tivo Nervine on my fecoinen-, • iftM ij as sal isfaoiorv In their ,|Minos K till', I,a KUO, O. i ural iv e Nervine I*- ^ohl hy itll a positive BUar intee, or sent P Milt s Modi. :il ('n,, Elkhart, pl of prlei . $1 por bottle, six p..*sjh pr< paid 11 U fret; from 25 CENTS Proves the efficacy of CUTICURA Since a cake of CUTICUKA Soap costing 25 cents is sutli- (CicMit to test the virtues of these great curarives there is now no reason why thousands should go through life Tort u red Disfigured humiliated by skin, scalp and bitted diseases which are speedily and permanently cured by the Cuticura ROM! dies at a trifling cost. Cuticura Works Wonders and its cures are the most remarkable performed by any blood and skin remedy of modern times. Hold thrmighontthe world. Pottur Dura ami * 'n br. C’ok!'., Holi> I’Toprictor*. Bouton. " All About tlio HW in, Scalp and Hair," free. ('•iinpli'xioii, hand* And hair preserved, purl riod and ta AU tilled by Cutten re Soap. Pain Is the cry of a suffering nerve. Cuticura Anti-Pain Plaster is the first and only pain-killing plaster. I T"J\vou want a job of Plumbing done £ in your house, go to Church. I you want a job of Heating, steam or hot water, in your home go to Church. II will tlo either or both, and give you lirst-class job; as he employs none but the befit workmen. A complete stock o ll ran s and Iron Goods on hand, Boiler anc Engine Trimmings, Radiators Valves ant so cast, 8inks 18x36 $1.50; all kinds o Sewer Pipe from 3 to 24 inches, for which lie will not he undersold; fine Prick, lint Clay, St. Louis make; agent for the Northwestern Pressed Brick Co’s Brick you can see samples at shoji, four shades Pumps and Cylinders. Tubular well men will do well to cal and see about Pipe. Price way down. I'".    >1.    <    Iiiiim'Ii.    Agent. Nothing in This World Is so (heap as a newspaper, whether it be measured by the cost of its production or by its value to the consumer. We are tal/ung about an American, metropolitan, daily paper of the first class like THE CHICAGO RECORD. It’s so (heap and so good you can't afford in this day of progress to be without it. There arc other papers possibly as good, but none better, and none just like it. It prints all the real news of the world—the news you care for—every day, and prints ii in the shortest possible space. You can read THE CHICAGO RECORD and do a day's work too. Ii is an independent paper and gives all political news free from the taint of party hias. In a word—it’s a complete, condensed, clean, honest family newspaper, and it has the largest morning circulation in Chicago or the west 125,000 to 140,000 a day. Prof. J. T. Hatfield of the Northwestern University says: “THE CHICAGO RECORD comes as near being the ideal daily journal as n e are for some time likely to find on these mortal shores. ” Sold by newsdealers everywhere, and subscriptions received by all postmasters. Address IHE CHICAGO RECORD, ISI Madison-st. t2, , Minneapolis & St. Louis Bv. passengers fromD DES MOINES,    HUMBOLDT    (Dakota City), PERRY,    LIVERMORE, OGDEN,    LU    VERNE, DAYTON,    BRITT, FT. DODGE, ALBERT LEA, And adjacent territory, If you ar0 going to-, ry points in-, 11 1 - " ' .....i    „ MINNESOTA ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, DULUTH, WEST SUPERIOR, CHICAGO, NORTH DAKOTA, MONTANA, WASHINGTON, Or the North West and Pacific Coast, ST. LOUIS, KANSAS CITY, Etc., Fop LOWEST RATE8 and BEST ACCOMMODATIONS, enquire of any agent ot M. &, St. L. By. or write to A. B. CUTTS, IV. H. TRUESDALE,    Actin#    Oen'l    Ticket    *    Pass. Agent, Receiver.    MINNEAPOLIS.. LATEST NOTES OE NEWS, From the Country T©wn***The Chief Happenings Chronicled by the Standard’s Corps of Alert Correspondents. HARTLAND. Mr. I.**♦* rikI T. O. Thompson have repAlrtwl their dwelling house* lf nil rn* Broadway would follow their example It would greatly Improve the looks of tItHt street, I Arn ti rev Is on the road for the McCormick Ila’vest lug company, with headquarters at Albert lira. Ile will work nuder Hie direction of general attent Krebs Kalif! for an A remoter windmill wire lately Untied at this station for parties west of Cree bom. Hails Christopher*!*!! has moved his lamllv on the Bee rte farm, north of town. Kltlel Johnson works the land, Hails merely occupying the house. We understand he will still continue to buy cattle and hogs for Nolan fk Kalium. Wm. Buhl Ison the road selling espying ink and paper. Alvin Fuller passed through town Monday of last week, fin his way from Waseca to Freeborn Ile reports business rather dull on the ti. ti N Western. Nets OI MNI’A little daughter Is finite sick Miss Mary Is a bright little girl, and we hope she may soon be restored to sound health. Fetor Slinger and 8 Samuelsr.n took a trip to Albert 1<*A May nth Druggist Manson keeps one of the cleanest and neatest stores In tilts part of the state, and what he doesn’t know about drugs Is hardly worth learning. Cern planting Is progressing finely, and many will finish this week A number finished last week. Crops continue to look good except wheat which was sown In March, Is very thin. The recent frosts and hail do not appear to have Injured fruit buds. A large share of the flour manufactured here Is marketed In Iowa. Mrs. Bussell Is gaining some strength every day. aud we hope she may soon recover. Miss It F. Challis has returned lo her home. Thomas Furlong, brother of Hon J. J. Furlong, was laid to real In the Catholic cemetery at Austin, May \ Rev. Father HuHlvaa officiating and recited High Mast. 12ft teams were Iii Hie procession Ile was a brother to Mrs M Sheehan of Balli and Mrs. J. McBride of Bose Creek. Ile was well known throughout Southern Minnesota, and highly respected by all win knew him and will he sadly missed by a large circle of rats ll yen and friends. We extend our sympathy to the relatives lu their hour fit sor row Cen MeCnlley’s team ran away Just the other side of Andrew Peterson’s place, and badly smashed the buggy. Mr. MoColley was thrown Into a slough and drugged some distance, tinnily dropping the lines. His left arm was badly bruised, hut no bones were broken. N. Alette and another man driving past bellied him gatli er up the wreck, got another wagon and started for borne. A deific ti vc neck-yoke caused the runaway. Fortunately the team received uo Injury. Nolan &. Kalium shipped hogs Monday of last week. Hinedal Bros., concert was well attended and Interesting. Street commissioner Hanson was out with his force last week, repairing Hie roads Iii his terr! tory. Mortensen & Mayland shipped cattle and hogs Wednesday of last week. Bev. P. ti. Belshelm Is the name of the new pastor who succeeds Bev. A. C. Anderson, and he will commence to preach here about July 1st. Before that time this place will be tilled by others from United Lutheran churches. Bev. Belshelm comes very highly recommended aud will, no doubt, give very good satisfaction. M. P. Bosetli took a trip to Albert l<ea Wed uesday, of last week, returning the same day. The Hartland string band will have a dance In Hue’s hall the evening of May nth. Mrs. O. ll. Bronson stopped at the American House last Thursday. lairs Grov made a flying visit to Hartland May loth. The new lumber office Is completed and It Is a dandy Next iii order are the lumber sheds, aud they will be completed iii the near future. Andrew Iairberg, Oar! Hanumans, and Alex (iustavsou have ordered uew bicycles; Hie two first named have received theirs aud the other will soon arrive. Now, boys, start a cycling club and challenge the whole state for a race. F. K Phipps has potatoes and corn high enough to hoe. T. HamueIsouN trade with A. Christensen for the building of the latter on east Broadway failed to materialize and we understand he has bought the pout office block of Peter Slinger and occupies room* in the same building up stairs. August Peterson and family have removed to New Hlchland. We are biformed that the railroad company will extend their west side track across Main street and north far enough to deliver the lumber to the west side lumber yard This will necessitate a platform on the west side of the tepot nearly to the uew railroad track, for the convenience of those who deliver and receive freight. While Mary Conley, Julia Kundsou aud Dora Wold were taking a ride In T. Baud sou’s road cart the horse suddenly ran away. The girls were all thrown out. but neither the children or horse were seriously Injured. The horse ran down the back street towards the railroad, but was soon caught by Ute crowd. lver J. Horlle cultivated ten acres of cern May loth. Next! Grass Is growing rapidly and teed In the pastures is two weeks earlier than last year. Pionkkk. FREEBORN. The repeated heavy rains of last week have put farm work ai least a week behind what It would otherwise have been, and made the highways almost impassable. It Is now apparent, that the wheat sown before the March freeze up was badly damaged. Home have re-seeded and those who have not are expecting a very thtii crop. The famllar face of John Schafer is again seen on our streets; he Is at work for Mrs. Howard. Our sick ones are generally Improving. Mrs. Althouse Is inucli better, can walk sonic and rides out frequently. Miss Josie Johnson Is all well of her rheumatism and commenced her school on Monday last. Miss Blanche Drake commenced her school iii Hie Ayers district on the same day. lying in the streets and ditches or painting the town crimson, Iii spite of our rapid transit buttermaker* our creamery Is last coming to the front In Hie amount of Its business. I»ust week over w.ooo pounds of milk were taken in, and (lie quantity Is ti Ally Increasing. Mrs, Julia Kmstnusson bas about lift young chickens already hatched ami expects soon to have as many more. Mr. Riddle from Iowa Is our new buttermaker ami he has had seven years exnperlence We pay him feu per month, so he ought to be iii si class t'liarley leonard Is at present running the engine for him. fillmore a Lattin ar*1 getting a large trade Iii general merchandise, Stevens AI'N Kin have struck an obstruction in their tulmlar well at Hanson's and will have lo pull up ami commence over again Ret, Croft filled (he place of Rev. Parr at Hie M K. church on Munday. Ile preached an earnest practical sermon. We sadly announce the dee th of Mrs. Dr. Barck, which occurred on Munday last. This sad event though for some lime pas! mil UMX* peeled by her family and friends, Is none the less sorrowful now It has come. She will be greatly missed In society where she was always an active worker for good, bv her hosts of friends and by her art!toted family far more than words can express. OCCASIONAL. Oortl planting Is Hie business of the day. Alvin Fuller Is home on a visit. W. K,Coon sells wind mills and pumps cheap er Ilian any other dealer In Freeborn county. It will pay you lo give him a call. Ia>ts of Insurance agents around this spring. G. II. immure has returned home from school Iii Albert la*a. It Howard has some good wood fur sale. D .Spencer made a Hying trip to Wells last week. A small party was held at A. I) Scovlll's the other night, and a good time is reported. Our Hood Templar lodge has to members ll any other town can show a lodge with larger membership, let us know about It. K Y. /. CLARK’S <1 RON K Not much corn has been planted yet, on ac count of the constant rain. Harney Murtaugh has lieee quite sick of late, but last we heard, he was getting better Nils Christenson, our assistant buttermaker, bas sold his horse ami bogey, and purchased a bicycle, which he Is now training himself to ride. Mark Anderson, the cari«*nter, commenced work Monday, and Is now constructing a barn for laiwls Hanson, a prosperous farmer of Hath. Martin Jenson Is bls ass«>eiate. Considerable bunding will be done throughout these parts during the coming summer, and we believe the carpenters will have a busy season Kmar A. Herrings tad has been III for some time, but is uow under improvement. We notice that N M. Christianson, a young mali working In the village, has taken up the profession of a barber. Charges aro very reasonable. Misses Alma and lama Nelson Hundayed at home. May 13th. Miss Martha Janson, Albert Lea, made ber friends at this place, a pleasant call, Munday. Mrs. P. Peterson's mother came up from Iowa for a visit with relatives .lens Jenson lias moved onto tin* farm which he purchased of P. I’ Kiel. aud T. J Hello Is located at the place vacated by the former. Miss Challas, the teacher who succeeded Miss Johnson, arrived aud took charge of (lie school Monday. Misses cbrlsteuaChrlsletiseii and Laura Lar ■en visited relatives aud friends Sunday, May IS. (al.KVNICK A Lender* Mince ID first Introduction Electric Hitters has gxlned rapidly IU popular favor, until now It. is clearly In lh** toad among pure medical tonics and altersMfes cont Hitting not bing which permits its use as a beverage or Intoxicant, ti is recognized as the best, and purest medicine for all ailments of stomach, liver or kidneys, ll will curs sick headache. Indigestion, constipation, and drive malaria from the system Satisfaction guaranteed with each bottle or the money will Is- refunded. Price only Doc. per bottle. Mold by The Briggs Drug Co, .. • »• I*, a our Tongue Coaled, your throat dry, your eyes dull and Inflamed, and do you feel mean genet ally when you gel up lit the morning? Your liver anti kill ne vs are not doing their duty. Why don’t you take Carks’ Mur** Cure? lf It does not make you (eel belter it costs you nothing It cures Bright's Disease Dtobetls and all Kidney complaints. Duly guaranteed cur*' Hold by C, K, Towny. It liy Don't N on Use Parks' Tea for headache, constipation and "Ibal tired feeling ” ll purities the blood, beautifies the complexion, acts upon the slug glsh liver ami moves the bowels every day I Inly .herbs ami plaids, safe, stir*' and pleasant For sale by C. I*. Tow ne. • • # ♦* It i pan* Tabbies euro tho blues. GORDONSVILLE. Corn planting is nearly coin pleiad Pasture Is good for ibis time of year, crops look well, and the prospects for good. George Kicked, of Tlndal, M. I, Is buying several carloads of cattle here Win. Buchan-itou Is also buy lug cattle; be shipped a couple of cars of fat steers to Chicago last week. John Buchanan has two flue buggies tor sale. Tents Oabrtel.son is building a tine house. Thomas Bol iou bas a bouse up aud partly Inclosed Aug. Built has erected a large bam, aud A. Johnson is aho building one. Harry Greengo has painted bls house aud ll looks alce, Botolf Odelln aud Miss Maggie Abbott were married last Wednesday The Ice cream social at J. II. Beighlev s last Friday eve was a success. Mrs. Spooner bas returned to her home at Bear lake, after a pleasant visit here with friends Several of our citizens have the Mississippi fever and will go south this full. The third quarterly meeting of tho M. K. church will be held at the Gordonsville church, .Saturday and Sunday, May loth and go. A minister from St. Paul will preach. 0. Grim had a lively runaway last Friday. Harness and wagon badly demoralized, aud one horse considerably hurt; no person was Injured. Grant Marshall is getting to he quite a horse jockey. He trades from once to twice a week lately and makes money every time. LONDON. All small grain Is coming up beautifully and Indications point towards a good crop. Corn planting is the order of the day, considerable corn being planted, about one third more than last year The O. B. L. 8. met last Saturday evening and completed their reorganization. The officers elected are as follows: President, L. C. Laue; vice president, Lulu Gtshwiller; secretary and librarian. Ida Crisman; treasurer, Ida Lane; Chorister and organist. Bilith Lang. Next meeting will be beld Saturday evening. May *5. Miss Maralt Jenson, who Is now at Albert Lea, Hundayed at home the 13th. Miss Ida Crisman was taken 111 with the la grippe last week, and was compelled to close school for a week. At this writing we learn that she Is better and will resume her duties soon. East London creamery Is reported to be In a flourishing condition. The receipts last Satiir day was 5,000 pounds, a gain of $2,000. Theological student, Thoen of Kensett, Iowa, delivered an Interesting sermon at the Davis f: A cs > New Health Food has made its appearance. It is not only a health food,but a healthy food— a health food that makes other food healthy. Its name is GOTTOLENE It takes the place of ho^'s lard, which is a notoriously unhealthy fooil. A vegetable oil product —delicate, digestible, and economical—one trial gives Cot-ioi.i nk a permanent home in every kitchen, whence it increases the health and enjoyment of every member o f the family, d ry it for yourself. At all grocers. Sold Iii three and Iv* pound pall* I L I t ti b Y ‘: L h y {.t i. I .. ti ll. L c v f j G L V Raj D I c Mannfkclurx'd only by IM K. FAIRBANK 6. CO., CHICAGO. 3 I j j ,*7 h Q A 'j n 'n 'I HUHINKHH CJARDH. W. N. CRANE. \ TTOKNKY AT LAW, ALBERT LEA, J.X. Minnesota.    n 0. ED. DWYER. / TOUN8ELOB AT LAW M GILFILLAN KJ Block, HI Paul. W. E. TODD, I A VV YF.B. OFFICE OVER RAN MOM BROM I J store. Albert I.ea, Mlim. EDWIN A. CHURCH. \ TTOKNKY AT LAW. GRADUATE OF i\ the Ann Arbor Ltw Mc hoot, Will prince iii all courts not of record Ileal Estate bonulU and sold on commission. Collection-, given prompt attention. Judge Winlock s Ute office over Wedge A Barlow’s drug store, Albert l^a, Minn DR H. H. WILCOX, IJBYRHTAN AND SURGEON, ALBERT I    I-en, MI un    Dr. Wilcox keeps aud discuses his own medicines    ____ DOCTOR NISSEN. ( \ BA DL ATK KROM NORWAY. OFFICE V I over Big Boston cloth mg store, Albert Lea, Minn. ________ J. M TODD, M. D. DHYHICIAN AND BURGEON. OFFICE L over dovland Mercantile Co’s; residence ii ii it tty house. Fountain street, Albert Lea. W. C. MERRILL. DENTIST. OFFICE OVER Wedge a Barlow’s drug store. Albert Lea. Mluu. H. A. PAINE, A KCHITECT AND BUILDER PLANS J\ drawn and contracts taken for all classes of work In city aud country Albert Lea, MI nit.    15yl G. A. R. I JOBSON POST NO. ft, G. A. K., MEETH THE V second and fourth Saturday of each month, at 7:'M p. in., at I. O. O. F. hall. Visiting com rades ordlally Invited.    A. MCNEIL, Commander MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. /^HINCOPIN CAMP NO 835 HOLDH KKGU-O lar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first and third Wednesday evenings of each month.    J.    D.    CLARK. V.C. J. It HALVORSEN, Clerk. Our creamery association has again changed j ,Scqlooi house, last Munday, to a well lilied house, buttermaker*. O shades of our departed grand mothers! How they come and go. We have no rapid transit, elevated railroad, hut wec.an neat Chicago blind on rapid transit butter-makers Charley Basburu, who works for John Burdie, got a bad hurt in his leg one day last week by walking oft the stairway in a somualmllstic condition. N.C. Rasmussen aud wife traded quite extensively in Hartland one day last week, doiug business with the popular merchant Oluf Lee. John B. Burdie received and planted iou grape vines last week, bought of an Illinois vineyard company. Mtephen Fuller also received and planted a like amount. M. J. Fuller Is selling oft many Of hits willows for feuce posts and firewood. A urnnd Kamnsson shot att Immense jackrabbit last week, weighing nearly 15 pounds it Is reported that Hartland Is to have three licensed saloons In the near future, lf that Is so we may expect a return of the •'good old times” In that village when. drunken men were Tho Central Union Sabbath school of London Is lit a good condition and we hope that all interested In the good work will take hold and Oelp keep it so. Mark Cook spent Sunday with his parents at Albert Lea. Fd. Geesey of Shell Rock, was the guest of B C. Nielson Munday last. The Scandia Reading Circle have added a set of Dickens and Elliots complete works to their library. RKI’OKTKK. Guaranteed Cured. We authorize our advertised druggist to sell Dr King s New Discovery for Consumption, Goughs and Colds, upon this condition it you are afflicted with a cough, cold or any lung. throat or chest trouble, and will uso this remedy as directed, giving It a fatr trial, aud experience no benefit, you may return the bottle and have your money refunded. We could not make tills offer did we not know that Dr King’s New Discovery could be relied on. It never disappoints. Trial bottles tree at The Briggs Drug Co’s store. .Large size 50c. and $1.00. Special Millinery Sale. Brings its duties and makes its own demands. I Int clays just now begin to demand 11;;Itt• *t wearing apparel. For this demand ur have made .suitable provision. Ofr^ritaT Cords and Craps: VK At 6 cents per yard, worth twice ilia I price, are both cool ami sty, lish. | Ladies* arid SUrprp^r Un^rV/^ar. (I Great Variety, Wonderful V alues. Sue our 15 cent, 2 for 25c Wrappers; worth 20tents t at Ii. O CU -t *T3 <T> en a Ja ra -1 O < ra 2 -* ra ra rn < ra O CU -* -a ra rn* en o CL US ra ra FT Shirt Waists. We have secured the exciu-ixe sale <>f ** I III*. I ROJAN." The neat!‘st, In-st nit ii^ and best made Shirt Waist in the outhi t, bin \ «<>a no more than you aw asked to j»t\ ha the ordinary makes. IRY THEM. THE ALBERT LEA N|ER(ANTILE (0. Good Goods. Hot tom Prices. “rn Ml” SIR SIHI. Fitting Feet In a matter of pleasure for tin* I .ait ira who pullout?** us. No nuclei how tender the toes, we’ll bouffe tin iii porn* fortahly. We have the biggest assortment «>l W ill I* i 1»ti SIioon in the city. The qualities an* high, the prices low, one price to every hotly. Jensen & Owen Dr. Edison’s Obesity Bands and Pills. No Purging! No Dieting! Folks (JET THIN I will hold a special sale of millinery goods commencing February I, when I will offer Children’s Hoods, former price 50 cts. at 25c., and more expensive hoods in proportions. Ail trimmed goods at one-fourth off. My entire line of embroidery silk will lie dosed out at cost. Ladies are invited to call early and secure the benefit of these rare offers. Miss Caroline Narvesoo. Gillrup & Gilbert, DEALERS IN- n„* ii Farm Lands a Specialty. Abstracts of Lands and City property furnished on short notice. Fire Insurance in the most reliable Foreign and Home Companies. Mortgages. Deeds, Contracts, Leases, etc., drawn promptly and at reasonable rates. Office at Freeborn County Bank, west side Broadway, near Court House. Albert Lea, Minn. FAT I    rn    ■    I    sthIh Auditor's    (Jerk of I    I    ■    ■    Michigan lo*t 33    ti*. Lansing, Mich .Get 12,1893 I have taken one enurne of Dr. Edison's Kcmcdlt**, consisting of a few boule", cacti of Billn sud Fruit Salt. and dropped Ii* weight from •/Toto 237 pounds, and am gradually losing Him. Yours 1 rutv. JOHNCOCK Messrs LORINO IL Co. Sirs:    Inclosed ti net B O order for $*;, for which send me .I bottles of Obesity Bills and 2 of Obesity Emit Matts I have taken I bottle of the Mallsand bol the FHN and have reduced my weight 23 pounds. Mend as soon as possible ami oblige. I saw Ho* advertisement In Hie Delineator Yours truly, MHS, I. MACK, 40 Ford St , Ogdensburg, N V State ok Illinois. Soldiers’ and Orphans, Home ll K Mitchell, Clerk Springfield, Ills., Jan. Iii. IKM. A year ago I bought one of your I )b* sit v Lands and wore It with good effect and a great deal of comfort, reducing my abdominal circumference finches. Now I want another Band made as per dimensions enclosed. I am willing you should publish my opinion of your Laud Ii K. MITCHELL 514 East Capita! Ave., Hprlnglleld, Ills. Measurement for Land Is the largest part of the abdomen; measure snug at figures I, 2,3. The Lands cost $2..r>o each, for anv length up to Inches, but for one larger than inches add IO cents for each additional Inch, IMUS $1.60 a bottle, or three bottles for $f OO, enough for one treatment Mend all mail, express or C. O. I), orders to us, aud we w ill forward goods promptly to any locality In this country. Orders for C. O I), goods must be accompanied by $i deposit to guarantee express charges. The Obesit y Fruit Is $1 do per bottle. Our name aud stores are a guarantee of fair resin iii si bilify. Home concerns call themselves a Medical (lo. to conceal their identity. Our goods are standard. Call and see us. Send Tor Special Electric licit Circular Sealed in Blain Wrapper. Loring & Co., The ALBERT LEA National Bank ALBERT LEA, MINN. Capital, $50,000. cpu A RH A (JTt* A (JEN ERAL I I BANKING Business; Foreign Exchange Bought ami Sold; Interest Allowed on Deposits; Foreign Steamship Tickets; Fire and Life Insurance; Collections. H D BROWN, {‘resident. DRP HIBBS. Vice Pres. C B KELLAR, Cashier. In ino ions ll G, Koontz, C, VV. Ransom. J no. G. Godley, M H. Strauss, T. V. Knalvold, VV. A. Morin, J. VV. Smith, J). K. B Hlbbs, H I). Brown, IIN Mtate Mt. far-Cut this out and keep ll and send for our new full pat?e (8 column) article on obesity. C. L. COLEMAN. Manufacturer anet Dealer in .BSI —And All Kinds of— Building Material. Yard at the old stand neat Milwaukee depot. A. J. STADHEIM, Agent, JOHNSON'S MAGNETIC OIL! Instant Killer of Pain. Internal and External. t’uree RHEUMATISM. NEURALGIA, Lame Lack. HpralnH, Bruise*, Swellings, Htiff Jolnta, COLIC and iOKAMra instantly. Cholera Mor-|bus, Croup,Diptlieria, More Throat,    _    HEADACHE,    an    lf    by    magic. THE HORSE BRAND, themost Powerful nnd Penetrating Liniment for Muu or Board, la existence. I .urge $l «iio (Soc., Doc. b1zo'J5c. JOHNSON’S ORIENTAL SOAP. Medicated and Toilet, The Great Skin Cure and face Beautifier. Ladies will And it tho u*o*t delicate aud Eighty perfumed Toilet Soap on lire market, Itta absolutely pur*. Makes t! e skin Bott and velvety and restores the lost complexion; Is a luxury for tire Bath for Infants. it aluyn Itching, cleanses tim scalp and promote!) the growth of butr. Trice 25c. For sale by THE BRIGG8 DRUG CO- Albert Lea, M inn % I. MONSEN, Agt., Albert Lea, Mi bd

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