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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives May 16 1878, Page 3

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - May 16, 1878, Albert Lea, Minnesota^reborn County jstamlarrt ALBERT LEA, MINX., MAY 16, 1S78 IiOOAL. OH Settlers Association. Anno ii meeting of the Old Settlers As§ociatio*.i of Freeb vn county, dune lith. A pic-nic meeting on pic-nic grounds north of Fountain lake. Address bv Alf P. Swineford. No failure this time. Wheat commands 90 cents to-day. CHEAP —If you want a "nod sewing machine, cheap, now is the time to get it. Enquire at Standard Office. Religious. —Rev. Mr. For be* will preach at the court house next Sunday, morning and evening. —Rev, J. V. Atchison, of Clinton. Iowa, will preach at the Baptist church on Sunday morning, and at the Presbyterian church in the evening. —The evening meetings at the Presbyterian church will commence hereafter at 8 o’clock, and this will probal} be the regular hour throughout the summer months. —The Celebrated M a tell Ie? l’luj Tobacco at Parkinson's.    may9 —Pocket cutlery of all kinds.cheap, at the City News Room.    nia}9 — White lace window curtains, white ball and bullion fringe at Hazelton’s, may 9 —Magic ruffles, dress protectors, Dr. W arners corsets, good kid gloves cheap, at Hazelton’s.    may9 —For jettine dressing, bronze dressing. cleansing fluid for white shoes.and for all kinds of findings go to the Boston Boot and Shoe Store. ma} 16 Live chickens wanted at McMil’en’s market, for which the highest price will be paid. Also veal calves and fat sheep.    tf Closing out sale of general merchandise Hoffmann Si Mitchell offer their entire stock of dry goods, notions, boots and shoes at cost.    • Say, Minter, stop in at Honest and see his stock of clothing. Abt Raymond Bros Si Prentice guar antee go ids and priers, and deliver to any part of town free of charge. Mere Mention. —What shall the license be ? —Gov. Armstrong is re painting hi8 house in an elegant manner. — Matt Miles has rigged up the nobbiest ice cream saloon in the city. —The Episcopal festival last evening was a big success and a pleasant affair. —St rawberry short-cake is a regular item on the bills of fare of Albert Lea hotels. —Special election to vote upon the cattle law next Tuesday. See notice elsewhere. —The Central Antelation of Minne sota Baptist Churches meets here on May 23tb and 29ih. —R G. Ransom is erecting an ice cream parlor 14x20 feet on the south side of his restaurant. —Tile gravel train on the Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway will make headquarters at Jordan fora few weeks —The receipts of Cole’s circus at St Louis were over §26,000 in six days “ The best show on earth ”—so say the St. Louis papers. —A big excursion from Iowa headed by Gov. Gear, will go through to Minneapolis next next month Bunker is laying for them. —Tile Chatfield Democrat proposes an excursion to Albert Lea upon the occasion of the opening of Hall’s Opera House, July 1st. Come on. —Northwood asks only §10.00 for a license. If our city dads will put the license low the Burlington road will put on a special to Northwood. —The telegraphic account of the great McCormick victory, elsewhere published, is of interest to all who contemplate purchasing a harvester. Bead it. — A drove of 750 from near Rochester, this city on Sunday grazing grounds iii Winnebago county. Iowa. —C. M. Hewitt aims to have Doth ing but the best, consequently he thinks he fias the bestcalfin the county. The calf is 6 months old and weighs 570 pounds —The pay train on the M Si St. L Railway made its appearance on Friday A Railroad to the Southwest* A railroad lorn Albert Lea to jhe southwest in the direction of Fort Dodge is the one thine needed.lo complete our railway connections and make this city one of the important railroad centers of the northwest. The necessity of this road is not felt alone at Albert Lea. Forest City, the thriving county seat of Winnebago county.Iowa. is earnestly striving to secure it, and Fort Dodge has long wanted a direct railroad connection with Minneapolis and St Paul, which can now be more quickly, directly and cheaply obtained* via Albert Lea than over any other toute Such a road is now graded from Fort Dodge to Benson Grove in Winnebago county, about thirty miles south, west of Albert Lea. Last week a par ty of gentlemen from Forest City visited Minneapolis to interview Gen. Washburn and attempted to enlist him in carrying the enterprise to completion We happened to meet those gentlemen upon their retnrn trip, and from them we learned that Gen Washburn received them very courteously and listened with interest to their appeal. He thought that if local aid to the amount of 860,000 could be raised between this THE CHILD IS BORN! Organization of the Cfi# Government—Election of dig Officers. city inaugural .Message af Ike •Mayor. Tuesday, May 14, 1878. The first meeting of the city c uncil was held at the court house on Tuesday. May Nth, at 4 p. m. Present—His honor, Mayor Hall, Ald. Sergeant, Smith, Johnson, Erickson,Porter and Anderson K. C. Stacy, Esq , administered the oatli of office. CLEUK PEO TEM. Ald. Smith was elected city clerk pro tem. president pro tem. The council then proceeded to ballot for a president pro tem, with the following result : W. P. Sergeant........................... J. W. Smith ............................ Ellen I Erickson.......................... A. E. Johnson................ ...3 ..I ..I ...I There being no choice the couticilpro-ceeded to take another ballot, whereupon W. P. Sergeant received 5 votes, and was declared elected BONDA. It was then voted that each of the city justices file a bond in the sum of §1,000, and the treasurer a bond in the sum of $5,000, with j r,    ,    ,    I    -     *     ,w«    sureties, such bonds to City and lo rest Oy. including the Int- be approved by the president of the coun head of cattle, passed through last, bound for ter point, there would be no difficulty in securing money to complete the road. The gentlemen informed us that of this amount Forest City stood ready to raise §50,000, leaving the small sum of SIO,-OOO to raise between Albert Lea and Forest City, which, it seems to us, ought not to be difficult to secure. Gen. Washburn bas promised to come to All*ert Lea with an engineer and go over the proposed route to Forest City just as soon as he can spare the time. It is likely that this will be done in a very short time, and when finished Gen Washburn will probably make a definite proposition in regard to the matter VV ith increasing cold weather come* those dreadful Coughs and Colds.which are so easily and effectually cured with Dr. Marshall s Lung Syrup. It is always warranted to give satisfaction. Price only 25 cents. Sold by Wed^e Si Spicer. cit. CIRCUS LICENSE. On motion, the sum of $25 was fixed as a license fee for Cole s circus. On motion, ihe council adjourned to meet at W P. Sergeant’s office on Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock. Adjourned meeting at Sergeant's office. May loth, 18#8. Present, President Sergeant, J. W. Smith. Ellend Erickson, A JE. Johnson, J. A Anderson aud E. D. Porter. Minutes of the proceeding meeting read and approved. The council then proceeded to elect officers for the ensuing year, with the following result: CITY CLERK — INFORMAL BALLOT. J. W ood....................................... 2 F. 8. Lincoln...................................... I). X. Gates........................  j Aug. Peterson ...............  j 1st. FORMAL BALLOT Wood Lincoln .. Peterson Gates..... ----- lag! I he road is doing a very fair tlh suJ)P^e(^* ^ *ie business, clearing, we are told. about §700 per week. — Eleven hundred bummers more or less stay at the Hall House every Sunday. Chicago wholesale houses now scud ail mail for their Miuntfsota travelers to Albert Lea —A gentleman residing at Willmar, j in this 8tate, whose name has escaped us, is desirous of establishing a foundry and machine shop in this city if he can I secure some local aid. —Albert Lea s soiled doves flitted to more congenial dimes on Friday last.) They went to Winona instead of Man- s sato Somebody burned the nest up oil Sunday night. Good riddance — A cow belonging to David Gibson, j who lives near Itasca, was run over and killed bv a train on Friday last. The rf ii way company ;s ie ricing its line as rapidly as possible, which will soon put ■ a stop to this kind of accidents. —Gov. Armstrong has bought of Mr. M orin a one-half interest in the \ block just south of the former’s resi deuce, and the same is being fenced up Some day a fine business block will occupy the corner opposite the court house. Boston Boot and Shoe Store has on hand a large stock of line goods, and is able to supply our citizens with anything they wish in this line. niaylG Modern Greeks and Turks. Dr. Anastases D. Za raphonithes.the educated Greek, lectured at the Presbyterian church Tuesday evening on the manners, customs aud religions of the modern Greeks and Turks Misses Nora Abbot, Hattie Btckenbach, Mary-Wood and Lora Le veils, and Masters W. 0. J. Gahl, Patrick Carey, AY i 11 ie Todd, David Todd. Arthur Abbott, and W A. Norris were dressed in the costumes of the Turks arid Greeks to illustrate the lecture. The lecturer per formed the marriage ceremony atter the manner ol the Greeks between Patrick Carey and Nora Abbott Talk about your war with England. Russia says the only way England can whip her is. if the people of Albert Lea 1 U‘‘M1 and vicinity Holiest Abe —The high quotations of wheat at Minneapolis and St. Paul are simply the result of a contest between the two cities for the little wheat that is taken there by farmers. The shipment of one day’s purchase in southern Minnesota to either city would knock its fancy price flatter than a last year’s “bun-net.” Lincoln . I Gates .... Peterson Lincoln . Peterson Gates .... 2d. BALLOT. 3d. ballot. 4tb. ballot. I I O .....3 .....I ....3 ...J Lincoln ............................„    ( Peterson ............................. Gates.................................. 5th. ballot. Lincoln ............................... Pierson .............................. Lincoln was declared elected. ..I BALLOT N othing like Dr. Marshall s Lung Syrup. It cures the worst eases of Coughs or Colds promptly arid effectually. Try it Price only 25 cents per bottle. Fold by W edge A Spicer. —C. M. Hewitt left for Chicago on Monday of last week for dry goods. In one week from that day his goods reached him. city attorney—IX FUR mal John Anderson .... J. ll Parker ................... T. II. Armstrong «................... J.*hn Andet son was declare I elect 4 I . I 4 CITY BatcLel i# ISSE- r KOR —INFORMAL BALLOT F ranee........ Gates ......... I 2d. BALLOT*; Gates ......... | France........ .3 It is surprising to what degree sickness influences one’s temper and disposition Sickness, however, means. derangement of the blood, and blood disorders nothing known Dr. Bull’s Blood Mixture. Gate? tor ail equals buy their clothing of —Colored bordered linen handkerchiefs, victoria lawns, nainsooks and al! kinds of white dry goods at Hazelton^.    may    9 — Dried, and canned fruits cheap at Parkinson’s.    mat    9 Shell Rock Items. To (he Editors of the Standard: Hoping to be able to interest the ninny readers of the Standard in this vicinity -with a few items each week. I come before them, take off my hat and make my bow. The Methodists are building a church •east of the public square, which is much needed, and when finished will add greatly the appearance of our little town. Our new school house is completed and ■will speak for itself ©{ the energy and ability of the community. It was much needed also, and is an ornament to our town Another troop of lightning rod men in town to day. They don’t look like the '•JkjBoefc down and drag out ’’ kind, but seem to be gentlecjce. They are the only oaues wha could rod Rathmell—they did it. C at —3 pounds good Japan tea for §1.00 Parkinson’s.    mayO —Ladies’ white and fancy colored ruchings and neck ties just received at Hazelton's.    may!) —Pickles by the quart or gallon at Parkinson’s ma\9 — A btrg-e assortment of edgiest, *1** white toilet Hazelton’s. Hamburg quilts at rn ay 9 —Best fine cut tobacco mouth) at Hazelton's. (rn the rn ay 9 —More goods for the money at the City NeRoo** tbaua say place in tow*.    '    rn    ay 9 J LibT received st Rte Exchange Warehouse a fait and fresh supply of the following brands of flour and feed, which will hereafter constantly be kept on hand, arid sold or given in exchange for wheat, at these very low prices: High Toned Patent Process, §1.80 per sack ; The Queen of Minnesota, 81.40 per sack ; Strait Grade, good quality. §1 25 per sack We will give one sack of the Queen of Minnesota and 25 lbs of bran in exchange for I£ bushels of wheat. This flour we guarantee every sack to be good Bran, $$ per tm ; shorts. §12 per ton. gold ai the Exchange Warehouse by Sergeant & Skinny#. —It is claimed by some that the five i extra vole# m the Cm ward ballot box got in aeeidewtally. It is to be hoped for the credit of Albert [*ea that this explanation will prove to he . true. Stuffing ballot boxes atour first election would be a poor send-off for a city. — If we did not know that a society at Chatfield called ‘’Helping the Hand,” is composed of young ladies connected with the Methodist church there, we would think that it was an institution devoted to disseminati ng the science of “draw poker.” —The Norristown Herald says: Mark Twain told a newspaper reporter that he was going abroad in order to find a quiet place to write, where he would not be disturbed once a day. It is singular that it never occurred to him to remain at home and secure a desk in a store Blat doesn’t advertise. —Too much beer at the brewery on Sunday resulted in a free fight. An Irishman, from Northwood, was on his muscle, and expressed his ability to whip any Norwegian that ever stood in two shoes in Freeborn county. There’ll be a fine wake at Northwood 6ome day if that fellow don’t stay at home—or keep sober when he comes to Albert Lea —Tile W aseca Radical gives the case of a farmer of that county who lost a clear §100 through not having certain information which that paper would have furnished him for §2 There are a good many people in this eountv who are just this penny wise and pound foolish. They are u too poor” to take their county paper, but they are not too poor to lose §20. §50 or §100 as the result of not keeping posted. —Mr. Ogden, of Cedar Rapids,whom we mentioned last week as being here for the purpose of securing a representation of Albert Lea in his forthcoming pampt.let devoted to the summer resorts of Minnesota, had good success About four pages will Le devoted to this city, which will contain a short descriptive article writ’cn by Mr. D. G. Parker, with engravings from photographs of the Hall House, the Winslow House, kits (me of Fountain Lake taken from near Cod Hsieh’s summer residence. The views wifi be taken by Mr. J A. Fuller, af this city. The engraving and printing will be done by Culver, Page k Hoyw, af (%kago. Fire. A building in the south part of tho city owned by Freeman Briggs, of Hayward, was burned down early Monday morning. It had been occupied bv two members of the deist monde who vacated it a day or two before the fire It was insured in the Farmers Insurance Company,of Minneapolis for §3( 0. which will cover the loss. Absolutely free from Morphia and other dangerous agents Dr. Bull’s Baby Syrup is valued most highly as a remedy for the disorders of babyhood. Price only 25 cents a bottle. was declared electtd. STREET COM MISSON Ell--IS) OSM AL BILLOT. France  .................................... FORMAL BALLOT. F ranee  .............................. Joseph France WM unanimously elected street commissioner. It was moved and carried that a mince of two he appointe i com- iowan u non two Mayor Hall and notify bim that the :(,un-cil was ready 'organized and ready to receive any coroumn . anon he bad to make. Ald.. Smith and Anderson were ap pointed such committee, aud itr.oJuced the Mayor who waa received with af pl*use whereupon he delivered th*' following IX AVG URAL AD!*R1«S : To the pen.'(men of the <■# >/ council: T<*-d»y for the fir*! lime lo the bistort of J** it ie an ormaii-d city. To us hm bet I ate* th • b< u »r aud apili u- snip. * it'.* r Dilit J af inaugurating and jju’tinsr in . , oration the dwell with j Van nr© ring sud pr porous changes Standard Nates. —Who stuffed the ballot box? —A break in Hall’s dam last week was quickly repaired. —The mayor bas no vote in the council except in case of a ti*. —The arrivals at the Hall House for the week ending last night number 113. — Heffmann k Mitchell have something of interest to the public in another column. —Cole’s circus will show on the Armstrong lots east of Theo. Tyrer’s residence. —Parkinson has a new sign and is sell-ing goods ’way down to get money to pay for it. —W. P. Sergeant is putting up a small building on Broadway for H. O. Brager’s jewelry store. —Patronize home industry and buy your cigars of T, J. Wnnek, manufacturer, on Clark street. —The show of house plants in Mrs. Andrew Palmer’s window is one of the attractions of Albert Lea. —It is not improbable that a large steam grist mill will soon be added to the manufactories of our city. —Other railroads in addition to those we now have are* snuffing the air in the direction of Albert Lea. — Under the charter the city council cannot fix the price of liquor licenseslower than $100 or higher than §500. —Judge Stacy haj a theory regarding the burning of the Briggs bouse which he will explain upon application. —The officers to be elected by the city council are clerk, city attorney, assessor, chief of police and street commissioner. — Fifty cars of ice shipped from Stillwater to St. Louis went over the M. k St. L. and B., C. R. k N. Railway* this week. —Hall's Opera House begins to show what it will look like when finished. It will seat 500, and will be an ornament to the city. —It is said the M. k St. L. R’y Co., has in contemplation the building of a branch from Waterville to Mankato and thence up the Blue Earth valley. —Cole’s circus u*es 300 feet of bill boards ll feet high in thin city, which were put up by the proprietors of the Standard printing shop —An enlargement of the Standabd is one of the things which cannot be put off much longer. It is also liable to appear in a new dress soon --Mrs. Golden will raffle a quilt at Mrs. Houlehan’s new hotel on Friday evening, after which there will be an opportunity to •* thread the dizzy mazes,” Ae, — A party went across Fountain Lake on Monday evening to the pie nic grounds and danced by moonlight on the platform to the seductive accompaniment of a couple of violins. — When the Lanesboro Journal wants to praise any locality it says it is “even pret- ( tier than Albert Lea,” which leads us to suspect that the Journal is not a Sunday school paper. — Local correspondents must confine th**ir communications to local news. (lur I space is too limited to admit personalities | or references to matters which all our readers do not un lerstand. —The B.. C. R. k N sol M. k St. L. Railways talk of moving their main track ' to the east side of the Winslow Hcu*e, so ] as to avoid keeping a long string of freight cars Branding on the track in front of the I house. — The canvassers for W arner A Foote’s ! i map of Freeborn county are meeting with great succe«s lf every man who needs one of these maps—and who does not?— will subscribe it will be published without < delay. — For those who witnessed the alternate indications of hop© and fear chasing each other over Ole Knadaon'a face about the | close of the count on the license question in the third ward. a panorama of th "pans exposition would have little attraction. — Additions to our subscription list are of daily occurrence, and still there is room. If every subsciiber the Staxdabd has would make it hi* religious dutv to get us another our li*t would soon be doable what it is. wouldn’t it? Try it and see —One of the most striking evidences of the improved financial condition of the country is the large amount of money that is being paid in on school lands. Many parties in this county are paying up on their land rather than pay seven per cent, interest. — The i age impeachment trial com- j ployed for a few weeks out mences at St Paul n*it Wednesday. Gov. Arni‘»tr^ng will attend as a member of the court, an.: J A. Lovely, Esq., as one of tho counsel for Ju Jge Page. We venture tie prediction that that the articles will not be sustained by a two-thirds vote. PerMuk —Hon H G. Emmons was in the city on Monday —Dr. Ballard took the trnin for the south on Monday. —A. H Gibson, of Mason City, is spending a few days in the city. —Judge Gregory, of St. Cloud, is traveling agent for the M & St. L Railway. —Station agent Harper flitted to St. Paul and back the fore part of the week. —Mrs. Dr. Burnham, of Itasca, started for Wyoming Territory last Monday. —Alack Fleck came over yesterday to see how fast Albert Lea is getting away with Austin — Mr. O. Mildness, a Scandinavian lawyer froui Chicago, is io the city with a view of locating here. —Mr Loomis, freight conductor on the B , C. Ii. Si N., has removed with hi* family to his new bouse. —Mr. W. B. Summers, operator at the Minneapolis depot, has rented one of the Buel cottages on College street. — Rev. O. M. Williams, of Austin, delivered an effective temperance lee lure on the street here last Sunday. —Prof J. Y. Atchison will lecture at the Presbyterian church, on Mon day and Tuesday next, on the Roman Catacombs. —General Ticket Agent Ives, of the B., C. R Si S, sampled Winslow House hash on Monday evening and pronounced it correct. — Rev. Mr. Lang, a Scandinavian missionary, preached here on Sunday He will make periodical visits here about one month apart. —O A Brownell, a short.horn man from Mason City, came up on Monday to buy one of Dr. Ballard's bulls Unfortunately the Doctor|Was absent. — Messrs. Wa. Morin and J. L Gibbs have been drawn as petit jurors n the United States District Court. which meets at Winona June 3 J —The W aseca Radical makes us blush by remarking:    The Albert Lea Standard has changed hands—Mr Parker haring sold to W. W. Williams ! an able and experienced newspaper man | —Charley Sivals, the genial advance : agent of Cole’s circa*, made us a pleasant call oo Tuesday Charley neither j drinks nor swears,‘and is in every respect a model circus man —W D. Fox, proprietor of the famous Fox House at Portage city, spent a couple of days bere this week. Mayor 11*1 tf Letters Remaining uncalled for in the post office at Albert Lek, Freeborn county, Minn., May 13,1878 : GUNTLEMEN*8 LIST. Anderson John    Ames George Anderson Andrew    Anderson Niels Durmingbnm J L Hreinaw C M Egbert Edw Frost Albert Hatter) L J Hayne* C F Kendrick H D Hughes H II Hutchins W L Lilloren J L Mallory A T Moen P £ Nelson Anton Paulson August Rasmuson C Seymour H Sletaoen N S Funberg L Torgerson Ole LIST. Gunder Miss M McGuire Mrs Cap JC Olson Miss J Rogen Miss Alice Trowbridge Mrs M 2 Ward Mrs Bacon A O Burgermieeter F Dahlen A E Friend Albert Hazen J M Hall Electa Hayes John Hister Patrick Huse A Johnson L S May M M Marking Even Noster H P Neste KEA Bros Peterson Aldo Rice A G Sletmoen J N Skaalen J N Sawyer G M Wochilt Charley LADIES’ Crowe Mrs H 3 Knudson Miss L Olstad Mrs B M P Pled son Miss J L Stewart Miss F Yalenaas Mist J O Wark Mrs S T JYewt Advertisementh . ~ Dr. E. W. McCord, BEYLER IN Drugs, Medicines, and- CHEMICALS! I KEEP ON HWD A LkROP LINE OF PURE DRUGS A CHEMICALS, ES PECIALLY FOK PRESCRIPTIONS. also patent medicines IN ENDLESS QUANTITIES. CaB and see me. one door north of Postoffice. Old stand of G. W. Bark, M. D . ALBERT LEA, -    -    - - - MlNNi maylfitf Albert Lea Marble Yard. FOREIGN LIST. Karlaen Johanne    P. ter«on ALJ© 2 Jenson Oscar    Fassager Anna N Knudadatter R M Vaag Julia G G. JOHNSRUD, P. M —toi- A Remarkable Result, It makes no difference how many physicians, or how much medicine you have tried, it is now bo established fa*t that German Syrup is tbs only re ai cdr which has given complete satisfaction in severe cases of lung diseases It b true there art yet thousands of parsons who are predisposed to Throat and Long Affections, Consumption, Hemorrhage. Asthma, Severe Colds settled an the breast, Pneumonia, Whooping Cough, Ac, who have no personal knowledge of Hoahee’s German Syrop To such we would say that 50,000 • dozen were sold las; year without one complain!. Consumptives try just one bottle. Regular size 75 cents Sold by all druggists in America_ MARRIEro. LA NG BONN ALLIE—At the court house May IO. 1878, by A. W. White, Esq . James Lang and Mary J Bonnallie! , all of London. I ERICKSON—JOHNSON — At the court house. May loth, 1878. by A W. White. E*q-. • *le Erickaoa and Anna Johnson! all of Albert Lea. M. BISSINGER, Dealer la FOREIGN and AMERICAN a R B IL.-ES Monuma?rn tm* Table-topM, Shdrea, Muntlen Ag. Briolet arsoite f irnjabed to order. Corner CLARX and WASHINGTON STREET4*. ALBERT LEA, .... WINN. ■lafSSal BERKSHIRES. Ready for Delivery • UBERT LEI PRODUCE MHT. Orrics or The St akimbo, > Ai.sebt Lea. May 16. 1878. f The receipts of wheat for the pest week have been 12,481 bushels. We note a decline of three cents, at which point the market i« weak. Mil Waukee quotes whs at quiet at §1 10J/S-$114} W HE VT, per bushel..., CORN, per bushel...... OATS, per bushel . BARLEY', per bushel.. BEANS, per bushel .... FLOE It. per cwt ........ ' Cl 'RN MEAL. per cwt.... > FEED, per cwt ..... HAY’, per ton    ..... Hall gave him a glimpse of Albert I*‘a’s j    per    e«rd,    dry.........5 flu fan beautiful scenery with which he was delighted. —The Chatfield Democrat observes : W. W. \\ illiams late of the Stillwater Lumberman has purchased the Albert BUTTER, per lb .... CHEESF, per lh_............. EGGS, per dosen .......... HIDES, per lh, green.... HIDES, per lh. dry....... SHEE!* PELTS............. IIAMS, per lh, country....... Lest STANDARD, and will give the good j IIAMS, per lh, sugar cured. Albert drl*-p tisi- I n::. city government. on this occasion upon the fl^tt condition of .mr beautiful r:*v ; on th rn any of m have wttneaeed 'rom % w 11 pmir-7 to* townsite, from that to a    *ud    now from a billage to a city. Oar duty, K wever, ie profciwetive —not rctros|>cctive. I i»on you defH-n.is the enactment of .»nr local law—the organ ration of the system by whj h me are to be govern *d, and upon you devolves the City Elect iou. The first municipal cled ion under the city charter took place    on Monday last. and was very quiet. There was no serious •    .    •    ^ ... J M , ,    ,. , uu-cr,ous    prtieperty in order t    ave a    few    d    I!irs.    b t    t'.*r opposition to any of the    candidates norni-    all money be well and wieely    em    ended    in    o»*nn&- nated at the citizens’ caucuses laM week    UP,it improvement*. Pretty nod Young lo every feature but the hair, which had grown white from fever    This lady at 35 writes us :    “I    have    used Parker’s Hair BaLam six months and ru« r* than pleased with ii. It has restore : ti natural brown color of my hair sud _* ven it a silky softness, nicer than ever before There is no dandruff. no falling hair, and it leaves the scalp so clean and nice aud cool that I am ever so much pleased, and I feel and look like mvself ar*ain ” Diam. except Mr. Town, for city justice, who was opposed by Capt. A. W. White. The vote was very light, many who opposed the adoption of the charter remaining away from the polls. I he lesult was as follows :M ATOR. F. Hall—1st ward..................... ......124—2d I ......137—3d 4 ......115376 TREASURER. ll. A. Ilaneon- —1st ward.............. ......123 -2d “ ............. .....133 -3d “ ............. .....113369 JUSTICES.Stacy. Town. White.1 st ward......... .........108 94 452d “ ........ ..........107 88 563d “ .......... .......... 73 50 70 288 232 161tiful, freih and vigorous hair it pro duces, together with its property of restoring the hair to its natural youthful color, leaving the head entirely free from Dandruff, clean and healthy, sur- Buy a bottle from yonr druggist, Wedge & Spicer, and lest its merits FIRST WARD- w. P. Sergeant ....... -ALDERMEN'. ...120 E. D. Dwyer............................. ........ HI ....... 31SECOND WARD—ALDI.IIM EN.E. Erickson ............................. .......129A. E. Johnson .......................... ....... 95G. A. Patrick.......................... ....... 37THIRD WARD—ALDERMEN. J. A. Anderson........................ .......106E. D. Porter............................. .......IllWm. Fcnholt............................. ....... 5LICENSE. For. Against.1st ward...........................47 702d “ ..........................70 623d “ ...........................62 45— —— —.179 177The city council for the ensuing year will therefore be composed of the following named gentlemen :    W.    P.    Sergeant, J. W. Smith, A. E. Sohnson/Ellend Erickson, J. A. Anderson, and E. D Porter. Messrs. Sergeant, Erickson, and Anderson held for two years ; tbs others for one year each. The majority of them are good business men, who will undoubtedly guard well the interests of the city and wisely administer its affairs. —Save your money by buying your notions at the City News Room. mayO It ba* bvt-u said of Bi.’ .bat if I wore elected the #tree*s wou d Ik* *pruiku<i with r<*ifwater and r:l-vtr-mo.inted hitching po*t* prov.ded ; or, in otLt*r word*, then* are a few of ,mr cuueoh who bare an idea in regard to my extravagance and t suppose the two or three votes oast against me Grises no Icier than it nluncAa were cast in th* interest of eeonomv. Admittirp F i r    please?. it to be true that I am extravagant, "i aspire ycm    “    * that my admiration for Albert I^»a has made me st, and even those opposed to me admit that the money I have spent ba* been spent for the good of our city—that although I may have expended too much for my own good it ha* been to advance Elbert Lea. Now, we *hould appreciate the virtue of economy. A* the legislature iu ii* wisdom has provided that we must work for nothing unle*soffl<-ial honor constitute* a sufficient reward, I therefore feel it to be my duty to urge upon yon that in fixing the salaries of the officers to be elected you approximate them a* near our own as possible; not that I would have them work for nothing, but I would have them earn their money. Upon them devolves largely the administration of the laws. iK-t us not have too much legislation nor a multiplicity of laws, but let u* require the strict enforcement of what ordinances are passed. Your early attention is called to the road work required to make our city accessible to the country trade aud business. The total lack of protection against fire also demands immediate consideration. With these remarks and recommendations I deliver the infant city to you. I admonish you to nourish it tenderly, to be mindful of its youth and inexperience, and to inculcate those precepts of prudence and economy necessary to insure a healthful, lasting prosperity. On motion it was ordered that the mayor’s address be placed on record and published in the city papers. The Mayor then announced the following appointments:    Day Police—E. D. Patrick ; Night Police—D. K. Stacy and T. L. Torgerson. The vote on confirmation stood on Patrick, aye* 4, noes 2 ; on Stacy, aves 4, noes I ; on Torgerson, ayes 6. It wa9 moved and carried that the clerk be instructed to insert advertisements in the papers for sealed bids to do the city printing Mayor Hall and Ald., Sergeant were appointed a committee to divide money with the town of Albert Lea, and will meet the board of supervisors for that purpose at the court house, on Wednesday. President Sergeant then announced the standing committees as follows £ Finance.—Ald. Smith and Anderson. Ordinances.—Ald. Smith, Anderson and Johnson. Streets and Sidewalks.-- Ald Johnson and Perter. Printing.— Ald. Erickson and Smith. The bonds of th® attorney, assessor and clerk, were fixed at $500 The committee on stationery was authorized to procure books and stationery for the justices and clerks. On motion, adjourned to meet Friday evening, May 17th.    ,*    * Cheap Coal. Mr McNiel, an extensive coal miner near Oskaloosa, Iowa, was here last week looking the ground over for the sale of the product of his mine here e understand he has completed ar-rcngements by which he can deliver coal at this point by the car load at §3 75 per ton. The one thing that Albert Lea wants to make her a manufacturing place of some importance is cheap fuel, and this matter seems to be upon the point of solution. For instance, with coal at §3 75 per ton, a steam grist mill ought to be a paying investment here. No belie r wheat is raised in the not th west than that produced around Albert Lea and our shipping facilities could not be better. Flour and Feed For Sale or Exchange. H. Howell, at the Farmers’ Warehouse will hereafter keep on hand a full and complete stock of Flour of the choicest brands as also an ample stock of Feed, any and all of which will be sold at the lowest cash price, or exchangeable at all times for wheat, on as favorable terms as may be offered anywhere. Give him a call and see. may9tf —The best Hazelton’s. tea in the country at maj 9 —Albums.juvenile and miscellaneous books at low prices at the City News Room.    *    may? people ot that city the liveliest paper they ever had. —Fred Tuttle, a little (brre-eyed tramp whom the Standard office em- of charity, J f skipped the town on Friday last, leaving behind an unpaid board bill He travelled northward, and probably I* in Minneapolis —Mr. Lovely will go to St, Fan! Nunday morning chuck full of impeach ment trial If there isn t a shaking among the dry bones when he takes the floor in that case, then we miss our guess. \\ e ain t much of a Page man to speak of, but we would like to sec * I ush and John win that case. Any- I thing to bring Albert Lea out ahead — except putting too many votes in the ballot box I —The Waseca Leader kindly says: The last number of the Freeborn Coun- j ty Standard, published at Albert Lea, | contains the valedictory of Mr. D G. Parker, who retires from the arena of journalism after thirteen years of constant labor as editor of that paper. Mr. VV . W i Ilia ms, late of the Stillwater Lumberman, assumes the management of the Standard, and we can assure the people of Freeborn county they will never regret his advent among them. —Wanted at the Hall House a good smart girl who understands cooking. mayl6t2 Mr. Chas. Dunbar, of Faribault county, was on a visit to his aged father in Itasca, yesterday,and lookt he occasion to examine Botsford's herd of Berkshire a, and although he said he was over stocked with the ordinary run of hogs, couldn't resist the temptation to invest a ten-dollar bill in a thoroughbred. We risk nothing in saying that he now owns the nicest pig in Faribault county. Tile McCormick V let orlon s. Special Dispatch to the St. Loaia Globe Democrat. Highland, 111, May 4th, 1878.— There was a grand field exhibition of self-binders here to-day, in both green rye and wheat, the McCormick, Marsh, and Osborne participating. The McCormick won a decided victory over its competitors, being the favorite for cutting, binding and especially for clean work ! Five McCormicks were sold on the field!    may 16 —The largest stock, the best goods, the lowest prices, the best assortment of hoots and shoes in Southern Minnesota at the Boston Bool and Shoe Store may 16 Settle A econ its. Having sold our entire interest in the Stakdaed we must call upon all in arrears to settle up. “•J®    PaIKXE    a BOTSFORD. -$ OO <3 ... 40 fa. ... 30 fy • na... 45 <3 50-.1 50 (a ..2 60 6S OOtj OO (h .1 OO <L .A OO fa I IO...4 oo (La OO..5 flu fa 6 50..3 50 oh4 507 4 15... 15 fa. 188 ta* .. ) im, iii— $6 64 Oft.. bu fa. 75.. 08 fa) IOL ... (en .. 06 fan • a*.. 05 (3) 08-3 OO fat 6u..3 UU (rn 3 05.. 30 (k 40- 06 fa . .. Oft fa .. Oft fa *••I 5MOU LULUS, per lb L \RD, per lh................. BEEF. per cwt. on foot.... PORK, per cwt. dressed. l*<>TATOES, per bushel.. TALLOW, per lh............. TURKEYS, per lb........... THICKENS, p©r lb ....... Lumber •Market. FIRST COMMON ...... $19    OO SECOND COMMON ..................... 18    OO THIRD COMMON........................ 13    OO FIRST FENCING. 6-inch............. 20    OO SECOND FENCING. 6-inch.........  19    OO STOCK BOARDS, Dressed......... 28    OO lath................................   3    no FLOORING..................-......$2»We    37    SS BATTENS......................... 28(«    35    DO FINISHING LUMBER, Clear- 35(.i    45    OO SIDING............................... 20<i    28    OO SHINGLES ---------     4    50 CULLS..................................... I    50 Local allottees. ■OTICr. IS HEREBY GIVEN that    pra- ;> •*»]* will he received for city printing by the city clerk within cue week from date of tbs* nature. J. W. SMITH. May IS, ICTS.    Clerk    pro    tem. Special Town Meeting. The citizens of the town of Albert Lea, in the county of Freeborn, and Slate of Minnesota, who are qualified lo vole at general elections are hereby notified that a special town meeting for said town will be held at the court house hall in said town, ob Tuesday, the 21st day of May next, between the hours of nine o’clock in the forenoon and five o'clock in the afternoon •f the same day, for the following purpose:    To determine whether horses, cat tle, mules and asses shall be permitted to run at large in said town in the day time bet ween the first day of April and the fifteenth day of October in each year. And to do any other business proper to be done at said meeting when convened. Given under my hand this 9th day May, a. d. 1878. ISAAC L. PREUS. Town Clerk of To all Whom it Xxi Cooter*. Notice is hereby given that my sons Emesa Wyant and Lorence Wyant have left my house and board without any cause or prevocation. I, therefore hereby warn all persons not to trust them, as I will not be responsible for any debt contracted by them after this date. Dated at Oakland, Freeborn county, Minnesota, this 4th day of May, A. D , 1878.    II    CK    BT    WYANT    18t4 —For groceries cueap, call at Park, inton’s.    ma)9 DISSOLUTION OF COMRTilRSNIP. The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of France k Patrick is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will hereafter be conducted under the firm name of Patrick k Van Vechten. All accounts of the old firm will be settled by France & Patrick. As Mr France is going away it becomes necessary that all old accounts be settled within the next SO days. JOSEPH FRANCE, O. A. PATRIC*. A LBF.HT Lea, Minn., March 14, 1878. The new firm wauld respectfully solicit the patronage of a1! eld and as many new customers as find it to their interest to grant them their patronage. Utf PATRICK A VANVECHTEN. Money Co JL.oetn, STACY* k TYRER, are pleased to announce that they have a large sum of money to loan at much tower rads of interest than they have beret ofare been able to give HMCY TR UAM, On Eta) estate security. Approved Nett and Mortgages bought. Apply to A. H. STREET Office over Drug Store,south of Poet Offie«. My spring pig* ar* now r**dj for delivery. P**. tie* who have encaged pigs are req nested to make their ae lect ion at one*.    I.    b*JT8jrOiiD. Albert Lea, Minn. Fer Sale ar ta Exchange fur Other Property. Uh scree og land in ittepben* county, Texas A good wheat or grazing farm. Enquire of   _w.    h.    It    TMSXX. It Freeborn County Rank i* gat .Vat ires. ^.HERIFF 3 SALE--*, virtu, of .a e*. execution, issued out of the District C**r1 for the Fifth Judicial District, in and I ut the county of Steele, and State of Minnesota, upon adjudgment issued and docketed in said court on vise lith day of December. A. D 1871, and a transcript of said judgment was docketed in Freeborn coun r .Minnesota, on the 16th day of January, a! D. 18#2. in a certain action wherein Aetna Manufacturing Company wa* plaintiff, an » Ole Nenana was defendant, in ftvor cf said plaintiff, and against said defendant, for the sum of two hundred ami thirty-one dollar* and ninety cents <§231 ?*). f h*»#l on the M day of April. A. D. 1878, lev,*.i upon nil the right, title, and iatere't <#* the said defendant, tRe Nerts**, to rAe fol lawing described land and real estate to-wrf:    The    northwest    quarter    of    the north west quarter of section number twenty* three (23) in township number one hundred and foer (HH), north of range aum* ber twenty two (22) west, of the fifth principal acridian, lying and being in Freeborn county. Minnesota, aud will sell tK-same, or so much thereof as may be nee essary to satisfy said execution and eastern the front door of the court house, in the village ->f Albert Lea. Freeborn countv, and State aforesaid, on i^attirdav. the 25th day of May. A D. 1878. at JO o’clock a st. of that day Date#! Albert Lea. March 5th A. D. 1878    T.    J    SHEEHAN, Sheriff. Freeborn Co., Mina. A. C. Hickman. Attorney for Plaintiff.    l$*7 N PROBATE COURT, Special TeriH State of Minnesota. County of Free-born. In the Blatter of the estate of Js.ko Manor, deceased, (ha rending am! ftlin f the petition of Daniel C. Hall. Adminisfra'-tor of said estate, setting forth the amount of personal estate that bas come to his hands, and the disposition thereof; tie a moan! of debts outstanding against said j deceased, and a description of nil the real estate of which said deceased diet! seized -ami the condition ami value of the respective portion* thereof; ami praying »h*» license be to bim granted to sell all ihe' ' interest said decedent had at the lune of bn death in and lo the north half of the south-east quarter of section 16, township 102. range 23, the same being part of the real estate aforesaid And it appearing, by said petition, that there is not -urcient personal estate in the hands of said administrator to pay said dehrs, and that it Is necessary in order to pay the same, to »vlj all of said real estate It is therefor* ordered, that all persons interested in sa id estate, appear before the Judge of this Court, on Munday, the 27th day of Mav. a t>. 1878. at lOo cl# ck a. m.. at the office of the Judge of Probate in Albert Lea in said county, then and there to show cause (if any there be) why licence should not be granted to said mlminisrrafor to sell said real estate according to the prayer of s*id pet it ion. And it is further ordered that a copy of this order shall be published for fonr successive weeks prior to said day of heating. last of which publications shall be at least fourteen days before the said day of hearing, in the Freeborn County Standard, a weekly newspaper printed at* Albert Lea, in said county, and personally served ou all persons interested in said estate, residing in said Freeborn county, fourteen days before said day of hearing, and ud-on all other persons interested, according to law Dated at Albert Lea, the Huh day of April, a. i». 1878. J ll. PARKER. Probate Judge, J5i5    ut Freeborn county, Bill. IN PROBATE COURT, Special Term, a April it), 1878—State af Minnesota, County of Freeborn. In the n atter of the •alate oi Knudt Olson Morheim. deceased. t»n reading and filing the petition of An-drew Severson, representing among other things, thai he is a creditor of Knudt I Olson Morheim deceased, and thai the j amount of his claim is §211 39. That said Knudt Olson Morheim departed this life on ; the 2(8b day of April A D. 1876. That he died possessed of personal property of i the value of §1.429 04, and that he ielt I deb*» unpaid That on the 16ih day of June, 18#6, Thosten K. Morheim was duly ; appointed administrator of the estate of I| said Knudt Olson Morbein, by said Probate ('our!, and duly qualified as such. Th it by order of said court dated June Id, 1876, said administrator was allowed twelve months from and after the date thereof, and no longer, to dispose of said e«t»L* and pay the debts of said deceased. Thai do notice to creditors to present and prove their claims against the said decease ! ha* been given, and that said petitioner hr, had no opportunity to prove bis clem against said estate, and praying that limo be allowed the creditors of said estate i< present and prove their claims, and thai said Thosten K. Morheim he required to show cause why he has not administer* I said estnie, ani wrhy he should not be re moved. Ordered that said petition bm beard before the Judge of our Probue Court, at the office of the Judg? of sari court, in Albert Lea, in said Freeborn county, on Friday the 24th day of May d. 1878, at IO o’clock a. m. Ordered ■ tber, that a copy of this notice be personally on Thosten K. Morheim days before said hearing, an I th? of said hearing be given to all other persons interested in said estate, by publish ing this order for three weeks successively before said day of hearing, ia the Freeburn County Bra*DAB», % weekly newspaper primed in said county. By the Court. J. H PARKER. Judge of Prelate nerve uriee’ notice
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