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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives May 16 1878, Page 2

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - May 16, 1878, Albert Lea, Minnesota|wlwr« (Smutty Standard ALBEHT MSA, MINN., MAY 16~1878 tV. WILLI VMS! «. F. \t<VBlN3<>Xv Editors. Rfpablirah fonsfirsslonal Convention. The Republicans of the First Congrea-si«nal District of Minnesota ore requested to send delegates to a District Convention, to be held at Albert Loa, on Wednesday, the loth day of July, 1878, for the purpose of placing in nomination a candidate for the National House of Representatives, to be chosen at the next general election, and forYhe transaction of ai»y other business that may properly come before the Convention. The basis of representation is one dele gate for each organixed county in the District, and one for every two hundred votes and major fraction thereof cast for Gov. PilJsbury at the last election—being as follows : Blue Earth.........IO Nobles............... 3 Cottonwood ........ 3 Olmsted..............IO Dodge ............... 6    Pipestone   .. I Fillmore............ll    Steele ............... f> Faribault............ 7    Bock...............  2 Freeborn ,....10    Murray    .  ......  2 Houston.,..,......... 8    Waseca.............. 4 Jackson.............. 4    Winona    ..........IO Mower.............. 8    Watonwan...........4 Marlin .........  3 W. HOLT, Chairman. Owatonna. May 1.1878 Don’t bet on peace in Europe. Pat. Child isn’t Diinnell this time- going to support The K asson Republican favors Gen. Edgerton for congress. A call has been issued for a State Temperance Convention at Le Sueur, June 14th. Norman Buck, of Winona, has been confirmed a? United Slates district attorney of Idaho. At the late municipal elections in North Carolina the Republicans carried a number of towns Reports from numerous points in the northwest indicate a very general damage to fruits and garden stuff by the severe frost of Sunday night. who committed sui-a few days since, Gen. Hinckley y cide in Milwaukee was a greenback enthusiast. The coro Her held no inquest on his body. IF. C. Stowe has commenced the publication ot the handsomest county paper in the state which he calla the Wykoff Dollar Weekly. An effort is being made to have the Ramsey county grand jury investigate the charges of bribery in connection with the passage by the legislature of ithe Merrill school hill law. Let us ihave the bottom facts Mr. Dunnell has procured the pas-. sage in the house of a just bill which provides that notice of contest under s the pre-emption, homestead and timber • culture laws must be printed in newspapers in the county where such con- • test lies The P resident has signed the Pacific railroad funding bill, compelling the I Ilion, tho Central, and the Kansas Pacific roads to contribute 25 per cent of their net earnings towards paying the government second mortgage bonds, notwithstanding the implacable^ have •asserted that he would not sign the hill for fear of offending Jay Gould. The state pays the contractor for the school books ordered. The county pays the state out of the funds in the hands of the county treasurer, belonging to the districts that order; the districts that order books depend upon the clerk’s sale of hooks for money to take the place of that kept hack by the county treasurer. That is the way of it under the present new law. According to the Manorville Express, there are 955 mortgages held by residents of Dodge county, the amount due thereon being something over half a million dollars. As mortgages are listed under the new tax law, it sug-gests that it wow Id seem that in order to prevent double taxation, the amount due on each mortgage should he subtracted from the valuation of the latd upon which the mortgage is given That is the only correct principle for the taxation of mortgages. A Little Matter cf History. On Monday evening wheu the poll# were closed in the first ward. the board Ti proceeded to count the ^allots and make their returns according to law. Along with the other results, it was found that the vote on license stood 70 against and 47 for. The number of votes agreed with the lists, kept by the clerks in every respect. The returns were certified to, the box sealed up, but the lid was not closely screwed down. In this condition it was left at the polling place while the judges and clerks went to supper. In due time the hoard proceeded to the court house with the box to meet the boards from the other wards, consolidate the returns, make a final canvass and declare the result. A motion was made and carried that the returns on city officers from all the wards he accepted as returned by the several boards. It was then moved and carried that the ballots on the license question be recounted, whereupon it was found that there were 75 instead of 70 votes against license in the first ward box. The fraud was so palpable that Mr. Gates, of the second ward, at once objected to count ing the extra five votes.and there being no objections—nobody being willing to stand as pod-father for their children of suspicious parentage—they were thrown out. There are three things noticeable about this matter. First, the increase was all against license; second, they were found in the ballot box from the strongest temperance ward in the city ; third, the increase was just sufficient to overcome the majority for license with one to spare for contingencies. It is not the purpose of this article to make any accusations in regard to this matter. We simply intend to put the facts upon record ; and to declare our unqualified condemnation of such an outrageous attempt—if such it was —to defeat the will of the people expressed iu its mo t solemn and binding form—no matter by whom committed or in what interest. The man or men who will tamper with a ballot box on the question of license, will commit the same crime to defeat ao obnoxious candidate or elect a political favorite. It is the first instance of the kind in the history of Freeborn county, aud if the guilty person or persons can be detected, the punishment which the law pro vides should follow with such swiftness and severity as would forever prevent its repetition, and serve as a notice to all would-be imitators that the city of Albert Lea will not lay the foundation of its municipality in Boss Twecdism. State News* —Duluth is said to toe reviving. —Barnum’s show is pointing Minne-80 ta ward. —('Hatfield has subscribed $1,500 for a foundry. —\\ ashington county has a fourlegged chicken. —Pat. Child is opening a large farm in Jackson county —hillmorc county has 37 grist mills with 146 run of stone —The city council of Faribault re fuses to grant licenses. —The Soldiers’ Orph ans’ Home at Winona has been closed. —Owatonna has reduced saloon licenses from $300 to $150. —Chinch bugs are reported in large quantities in Waba&haw county. —Minneapolis claims a genuine case of leprosy. Now, what, St. Paul ? —The Chat6c!d Democrat praises the Walters k Steinmetz troop very highly. —It is said that Capt Bogardus, the great wing shootist, will be atour our stat? fair. —Kasson wheat buyers claim to have taken in 12,000 bushels of wheat to one day last week. —IOO teams and 500 men are making dirt fly on the railroad from Rochester to Zumhrota. —Mankato claims that the largest flouring mill in the State is now going up io that city. Guess not. —Col. Mansfield’s new hotel at Austin is to have three cisterns, having a capacity of 150 barrels each. —Strait's flouring mill at Shakopee was hurried on Thursday night of last week. Loss, $35.000; insurance, $15,-000. —The case of Judge Page vs. Lafayette French is dragging its slow length along at Austio before J. M. Green man. referee. —It is said that Judge Brown, of Shokopee. will be an independent candidate for congress in the second district. Doubtful. —The State Millers’ Association of Minneapolis say the Minneapolis mills will need all the wheat that is naturally* tributary to that city. —The Houston County Journal man pastes his paper a hi St Paul Pioneer Press Ile pays the extra expense by “leading” legal notices. The mayor of Austin notifies the saloon keepers in that city that their licenses expire May 20th, after which they must shut up shop. —The Faribault county Sunday School Convention will meet this year at Blue Earth City, commencing Slav 22d and lasting two days. ilOBf the Ll wet. —Wykoff talks of having a Masonic Lodge. —Rushford want* $500 for liquor licenses. —Preston wants to celebrate the “ Glorious Fourth,” —The Waseca papers speak in praise of Marble's’entertainment. —Spring Valley is growing rapidly —hut Albert Lea is growing rapidlicr —Saturday, May lith, 14,000 bushels of wheat were marketed at Spring Valley. —Spring Valley has a female dentist, and every man in town will*soon have a new set of teeth. —Winnebago City is wrestling with the-bible.in-the-puhlic-sehools question Unfortunate town. —The Burlington road has settled ifs last right-of-way case in Worth county—all satisfactorily. —Rev. Mr. Forbes has been preach, ing to the people of New Richland and they waot him to come often. —The Wells Advocate says M. J Myers, a large real estate owner around \\ ells, will put 640 acres in crops mis year. —By June or July the Southern Minnesota Railway will he extended to the St. Paul and Sioux City road, forty miles west of Fairmount. —W. O Nanseawen, agent of the C. k N W. R. R at Wuseca, Wig , was married on tha 9th to Miss Belle McIntosh, of that place. —The northern bound train ran off the track at New Richland, on Monday of last week. By some accident the switch was left open. —D J Cameron, of La Crosse, has bought fourteen hundred acres of land of the S M R ll Co.. in the town of Seeley, Faribault county. —The Wells Advocate announces that Hon. M. 8. Wilkinson, of Mankato, has purchased a farm near Wells, intending to engage in the stock business. —A doctor at Spring Valley cut off a man’s corn, and the victim was so well pleased with the job that he Las invited the M. D. to cut off the remainder of his foot. —The Knight Templars of Faribault talk of establishing a camp on Lake Elysian, near Waterville, for a week or two in June. Object, drill and recreation. —The Wells Advocate intimates that the editor of the Hokah Blade is not chaste. That will be a good subject to investigate at Charley Slocum’s editorial convention. —The Waseca Herald says the Con tinental hotel in that place has been thoroughly overhauled, and is now second to none Evidently the Herald BUY THE BEST. THE It r Is now admitted to he the MOST PERFECT family sewing machine In the market. It is the only machine having a SELF-THREADING SHUTTLE ll There being NO HOLES to thread, but ready for work as soon as the bobbin is placed in it. 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Val A part of Democratic capital is to make the aggregate appropriations as small as possible, so as to parade their economy at the next election. They have cut dowu the number of clerks, so that pensioners have to wait weary months before their claims can be ex-amioed. Patentees have also to wait, although the patent office, instead of ousting the government a cent, is a source of profit from the tax paid by inventors, but money has to be appropriated which swells the aggregate; land claimants cannot secure their possessions because there are not enough clerks to get out their papers. The Democrats in the hou>e are all torn up, so to speak, over their resolution to investigate florida and Louisiana, The Republicans want it amend cd so as to include states which were hull-dozed into voting for Tilden, aud by filibustering have so far prevented its passage without such amendment. A caucus of Democratic members on Tuesday evening voted to prevent the transaction ol other business by the house until this resolution is disposed of. The damage inflicted upon the country^ by this revolutionary action canaut toe estimated, and it will result, without doubt, in depriving the Democratic party of its majority in the house when the next congress meets, if the Republican party throughout the country cordially approves the reforms which President Hayes is attempting to enforce. IHE New \ork Times very justly observes:    Any    intelligent    observer canoot mingle with the people nowadays, without perceiving how dull is their interest in commonplace partisanship, and how urgent their demao I for attention to the very questions which the politicians who manage the machine obstinately ignore. Talk of the bloodr-shirt as au issue, and you are laughed at. Suggest that the constitutional amendments are good things to fight for, and you are told to wait until something endangers them. Dilate on the efficacy of extracts from southern newspapers, and you are asked if you assume that voters are idiots. The plain truth is that the people are to a large extent alienated from the polio ciane whose conceptions of management blends the war-whoop with a turn of a crank, and who are so incapable of comprehending the drift of things that they propose to formulate a platform that shall omit everything about which the great mass of farmers, business men and workingmen are thinking and talking These classes have toeeo accustomed to consider the Republican party a party of principle and intelligence, and they are fast losing respect for leaders who evade the great topics of the time and limit the party’s mission to a perpetual thrashing of old straw. Never was the time more propitious for a policy worthy of the party’s history, and justifying its pretentions as the party of order, of constitutional liberty, of public faith, of sound finance, and of conservatism generally as opposed to the wild abd dangerous scheme* that are urged with so rnueh pertinacity and, withal, so much success. —The people of Red Wing want a .    , railroad up to (he Cannon river, and .    I***"    Uken    h:lsh    “    ,he    Alb*'» thence to Mankato. Wh n they get it they'll find it is the worst thing that ever struck their lively burg—the largest primary wheat market in the Northwest. — Monroe Sheire, of St. Paul, a prominent Odd Fellow and member of the Order of United Workmen, has mysteriously disappeared His friends are unable to account for his absence, hut time will probably bring to light the cause Gone to join Spencer. Silk Handkerchiefs, Ties, kc , Honest Abe’? in great variety MRS. H. B. BURHANS, Agent for first-ela* LIANOS i ORGANS. Dcaliug with Manufacturer* she can sate purchasers front 20 to 30 per cent She can be seen at the Hall House. Albert Lea. every Wednesday and Saturday. 3/1 YOUNG MEN. Ap|>lii*ikf rSltor mf ikka gaper fmr balr ■rakrrakl* »t discount la ihr ttovlkr* Great Hrn-aniilr 4 allege, hrakak, (awa, aa ike Mitral nniael. Rrak-krewtov Em ran a, Hr. Mrier», Oner* tar*. na* Tmrkrr* tkaraaak. Iv Site*. Dan'! fall la *4drraa Traf. .Millar Krnknk, lawn. _ unrolle hi vim. ok kkxtixi; a CABINET OR PARLOR ORGAN Hr Barr to aend for oar LATEST Caval/*,** nod Ciaci i.auh with new mr leu, »orccb rater* and much information. Hent terr. MAHON 4 HAMLIN OMGAX CO., Bolton, New York or Chicago. “the cooperative” , NEWSPAPERS. It ha* been a»«-rtr-d that flyhalf of all money paid byN#-w York advertiser* for advertising out.id* of that city (foes to the Co-orr.aatitf Nrw.nnu. If this statement im true there im no oceanaut for surprise that prominent jm«em which are nr ill char* in* w»r price* f..r advertising feel railed upon to abu** a rival with which they find them**!*** unable to maintain a competition. Vol partiralar* about the Ca-operalire Newspaper*. teether with catalogue* and advertising rate* mailed free .m application to REAU* 4 FOSTER, Gen! Agt* Aurate*]* Xxw*r*rrn I'm lox, lo Spruce St., N. Y. ll I YIIED fARPS, with name JO c. Agent* outfit, loc, L JOXE.H 4 Oo., Nara*®, N Y. ORGANS    o^    *«.i. Sr.Vafr.X TI A    retail price IAH) only jMJA. Great bargain,. BEATTY. Washington. ara*, rf rd in au Cardon. OK fancy card.. Snowflake, Damask, •tyle*. with name,lo cent*.. Ram N'aenau, H. Y. DAY to Agent* canvassing f r the p'ire- Oi •Ur fWl*r. Tern.-aud outfit free. Ad-• drew p. O. TI CK EBY, Augusta, Maine. 9 I) * ted card*, Snowflake, Damask, 4<* , rn. 2 U U alike, with name, I Oct*. J, .Winker 4 Co X area u, X. Y. I OUNG MEN « I na-'nth. Small vt.ary while leat rung. rtituatv-ns furnished. Addrew at once, K. VALENTIM-:. Manager. Jane*nile, Wit, MIM A. WILLEM, 4 Co.,S<h -lack Centre. X.Y. W HB *■>» card*, Snowflake, bilk, 4c. Name ta GOLD, IO cetit*. St LIVE chicken* and veal calve* wanted at TUNELT. S mea* market. Bring them along in any quantity. By an amendment to the game law. passed by the late legislature do person is permitted to enter at any time 4* into any growing or starding grain, or any enclosed laod not his own, with sporting implements about his person, nor permit his dog or dogs to enter into such growing or standing grain, or into such enclosed land without the permis-aion of the owner or occupant,” under penalty of a fine of $10. Hereafter when a sportsman desires to go through a farmer’* field for the purpose of hunting, he rnuat first get permission, or be liable to a fine. Promises that Will be Fnifilled. It bas become almost impossible for mankind in general, and showmen in particular, to faithfully adhere to the extravagant promises which are so often made to gain public confidence ; but W. W. Cole, that prince of amusement managers, has shattered this belief into a thousand atoms, by produeing all advertised features of his greatest of all great shows, and those who attend the exhibition of the great New Tork and New Orleans circus, at Albert Lea, on Saturday. June 1st, the day set for the introduction here, will certainly see the marvels of this mundane sphere And here it may not be improper to note the avalanche of peculiar attractions. Prominent among the noted features being the two giants, Capt. and Mrs. Bates, the largest people on the face of the earth, and whose combined weight is something over half a ton, literally making them mountains of living flesh and bone. But these marvels, although great, form no tithe of the show in its entirety, as it embraces novelties from every clime, skilled equestrians, daring gymnasts,funny clowus, educated animals, and comical ponies. In reality everything that is grand and glorious, while the street parade is “a royal procession, I assure you,” including as it does some oft the most dazzling, beautiful aud bewildering effects, making it a veritable chain of gilded glory, over two miles in length. CONOR ESHMAN FOSTER, of Ohio, declares that he has every reason to believe that the confessions of McLio and Dennis were obtained by disreputable means, to-wit, bribery, He hears that $7,000 in cash was paid dowu, and that more is to be paid hereafter. If you want to dress your children, boys, and men in style, bring them to the largest Clothing, Hats, Caps, Furnishing Goods Emporium in Minnesota at Honest Abe’s, the Poor mau’s friend. Trunks and Valises are gold so low at Honeat Abe’s that everybody, whether he doe* or does not need one, will purchase them anyhow. C. C. Co MEE, of Livingston, Tenn., has recently become insane, and is now confined in the Alabama insane aslyuui He lived in Waseca county, Minn.t several years, was auditor of that county, and grand master of the Odd Fellows of this State* Signs. People who still adhere to the look- at-your-tongue-and-feel-of-your-pulse doctor sometimes express not a little curiosity in regard to Dr. R. V.Pierce’s original method of distinguishing ah forms of chronic disease without personal consultation. Some even suppose that he accomplishes this through clairvoyance, or some other species of professional jugglery. All this is utterly false. He claims to determine disease by the rational methods of science only. Says Comley, in his Biographical Encyclopedia of New York State, speaking of this distinguished physician: ‘He perceived that in each of the natural sciences the investigator proceeds according to a system of signs. The geologist in hie cabinet accurately determines and describes the cleft of rock, which he has never seen, from the minute specimen on his table. And the chemist in his laboratory notes the constituents of the sun with the same precision that he analyzes a crystal of rock salt. The analogous system developed by Dr. Pierce in Medical Science is worthy of his genius, and has made his name justly celebrated.” . For a full explanation of this ingenious system of dis-gnosis, see the People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser, sent, post-paid to any address on receipt of one dollar and fifty cents. Address tho author R. V. Pierce, M. D., Buffalo, N. Y. ^s^^ssassasss lh —Call and sec the splendid assortment of ladies’ slippers at the Boston Boot and Shoe Store.    tu«yl6 Lea hotels. —Col. Thompson has already received IOO of his cows, and a larjr* number of calves that he will raise. tVe hope these cows will average better then the first hit purchased by the Colonel for his dairy farms, some of which, it is said. proved to be bulls —Pat Child comments after this faehion upon the result c»f the license contest in Waseca:    At the March election, this year, the saloon element of the township turned out to a man yet they cast but 175 votes. 63 less than were cast jesterdaj in the village alone. The vote of the township was 407, being ten rotes more than were cast at the village election yesrerdav Who would think, when looking over the beautiful farms of Woodville township. that there was but IO voters in th# town outside of \\ ax.'ca village ? Hartland Items. To the Editors 0/ the St andor ti : I commenced taking the Standakd soon after Noah left the ark. and although I can’t write like Macaulay we ar* assured our editors can. so we will, (on the strength of that assertion), note doan a few item* in the interest of our town: The Minneapolis and St. Louis railroad reached our town the 27th of October, 1877, and that is naturally the birthday of our village. It contains now about three hundred inhabitants and over fifty build ings of all classes. Among the business houses ar# the following:    Four grain warehouses, run by lire men who general-1 y pay about four cents per bushel more for wheat than Albert Lea buyers ; four stores of general merchandise, two botels. (Ane depot and freight house, two drug stores, two blacksmith shops, one harness shop, one boot and shoe store, one hardware store, one livery stable, one lumber office, two carpenter shops, a postoffice, and two balls over other business houses. The Congregational and Methodist societies bare meetings here every alternate Sabbath at the Good Templar!’ hall. W# ha*e the best farming land in the world, and what is to hinder our village from at taining a population of forty thousand at no distant period ? We hare a city marshal. and he is a nucleus around which other city officers will grow, and when we get a full supply we must get incorporated. Constant Braden. NEW GOODS! Est % ai mYotire*.   I N PROD HTE COURT.- I late of Minnesota. county of Freeborn. Special Term, April I3ihf 1878. In the matter of the estate ut Hogan Peterson, deceased. Mn reading and filing the petition of Chris- J ten Peterson, setting forth among other things that Ole Henry has heea nppointed administrator of said estate, and bas duly 1 qualified as such, and that during the lifetime of Hogan Peterson, deceased, he. the said Hogan Peterson, was seii* d in fee simple of the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter, of section number seven 0), township number one hundred and 1 three (103), range number twenty (20>, I west of the 5th principal meridian ; that on the 29th .lay of May, 1876, said Hoj-an ! I etsrson sold said land to said petitioner. I and executed and delivered to him a bond whereby he agreed upon the perform^. ; of the conditions therein specified to ese-, cute and deliver a deed of said premises I to said petitioner; that said petitioner I during the lifetime of said U >gan Peterson’ I paid a part of the purchase price of said premises, and is now ready and willing to pay ail that remains unpaid thereof, and • praying for a decree that upon the payment of the balance remaining nnpaid on said land the administrator make and de-lir**r a good and sufficient warranty deed according to the terms of »aid bond It i-therefore ordered thai all persons interested in said estate appear before the Judge of this Court on Friday, the 31*1 day id I May, a. i». I8»8, at ten o’clock in the forenoon. at the Probate Office in Albert Lea in said county, then and there lo show cause (if any there be) why said petition should not be granted, and the deerev therein prayed for be made. And it is further ordered that a copy of this order shall f' be published for four successive weeks prior to said day of hearing, the last of which publications shall beat least fourteen days before said day of hearing, in the Freeborn County Standard, a weekly newspaper, printed and published at Albert Lea, in said county And it is further ordered that a copy of this order be served upon the administrator of said estate. and personally served tm a1! per*.ms in!*re*fed in said estate, residing in said county, at least fourteen days before said day . f hearing, and upon all othar persona interested, according t,> law. By the Court, J. H PARKER, Judge of Probate    I of Freeborn county. Minnesota. ■ Dated at Albert Lea. in said county, the J 12ib day of April, a. ii 1878.    ]fit5 (JtTGAGE -SALE.—Default ha* be-ti road** ii I th*-fmy meat of the *um of three hundred I 11 8* 't *il*r*. which to claimed Ut br l ie at the d*t« of thie notice uje n a certain m< July    and delivered by W. I., ©artieater an i V. M. Carpenter, hi* wife, So Harlan Hr t W1*, dfct*'ttM! fourth day of March, A. D.    1 ftM duly rdv-d in th#4 oft!tv- of th*-    ut I*e-*i*. IO and f r th* County >f Frees-,rn and Mate of Minnesota, on the JIM lay at March. A It ! ‘Coat 9 o chick, a. m. in few 4 J of Mortgage* .,q pajre .>d. JVaid M »rt*aife wa*, on th* lith day .f 1 April, A. D. I VTA. duly a»*i^ti**d ani transferred try , th* -aid Harlan W.Ua^*- t* B B. Lmotni rn a* guardian -if the ruin r h*-;n* of D. VV. Chvpenter.deceaxed and said a«»t£nment wa* duly recorded in the oflue ,f the    ..f    Deed- af >r*-vd. on the lith day vt April, A. D. 1ST% id Book o . 01 *4 rtgage*, on pa*e SU. Said m..rt*at- i* . ©'•Odin .md that if default he made in any vt the j pr< vision* therein contained. it aha I lie lawful for *a»d m rt*a<?ee, hi* A**stfn>*, or attorney • *0 declare the whole am uni ti* r* f r . Le dc” ani pursuant u- *aid c-md.r. n«, th*- wh lr am. ant *- ur^d by »aid mort cairene in ain mg un ;«?d.t—w.t: 1 th- lam •.{ fift-en hundred twenty-av- and ».! J1*' SWSO-41) d» liar*, ta hereby declared t>- be due and tile said sum 10 claimed to be due at the .late > f til* n d.ee ; and n<* act* a **r {r*<«eevLngat la * •r •therwi**- hav.n* heat instituted to recover the deb* secured by Mud mort trace, or any J*rt thereof:    X    w    fhcref    r*.    notice    > Im hereby given, that by virtue ,.f    * pr.wer .<f -air c Vitald*4 in aaid im flgaife. ar. J pur-• uantt* th*statute la »u,-h * ase mad-and { r s ided the naid rn. rt*»sce will Ire foreclosed, and tire preno Ire* learn tied in and covered by **»l mortgage I Ut: T?»e rn- Itta we*t quarter id recti.-n mincer tLree, (J) townoci- hundred and two P/J) n.,rth »f range number nineteen ti w» d. in Lr— b- n : C unty. and State of Minn-*, ta. with the herdtta-■MMS and apport-nanre*. mill br -4d ar public auction, to the bigha* bi.id r, f r each, to pa' raid debt. al t liitere*!. and the tate*, if adv, on -aid peen.ire*, and revealy-fire dollar* att* rn. v’*    - an stipulated in and by aa. I n. .rtCT*c», in cane f » *re» »• tart, and the disbursement* *. ,j bv law which tale will I** made by t:«- .sheriff of raid Frnt ’ born County, at the front d >,r of th* court house in the village of Albert lea. in raid County ai d i tvtate, rn* oat unlay th* Im day . f June AI*.' I-Ti at Is •’dock a. rn.. >f that day, •«? -ct t< r-d-n. j-, lion at any time within ta* j -ar from the day ..f •ai- a* provided try law. Dated. April J Mb, A. D. ” K. B. LA NGD *V, Kmsttxrr of M —rI —e E. O. 4 R. B. WHEELER,    f Attorneys. a Ut J. iiPl. • / mm<J rn J.O !*• <<th 525 W S3 I—I a I rn rn B*. Sm • * SP JI H < r- co co o o o d iQ O E-« fd O 8 O S3 ■ ■Hi PH ce 8 0 A 0 cs 0 k *3 0 H c 0 Ut Sn b a B th o Lh eh rJ th ti o W—• o £ o ^5 rn •rn * I w r Ak •rn Ti Ll ci vS lh -*-> o LO th es • »“I f-B CH lo th o f-B AT O. M. HEWITT’! I THE LARGEST STOCK ! THE BEST GOODS!! TBSI LOWEST PRICES ! TSO .    *'*    #    a    »* Best Assortment! AT THS Boston ONB Price ■OOT MD SNOE STORE I ALBERT LEA,    r    MINN HOFFMANN ft MITCHELL Offer their entire stock of J*. Sergeant. DRY GOODS, HATS ft CAPS, CROCKERY, GROCERIES, BOOTS ft SHOES TOBACCO, ll , P. and READY-MADE CLOTHING, AT OO ST Good Japan Tea 25 cents per pound. 5| pounds of Coffee for $1. 17 pounds of Dried Apples for $1. 13 pounds of 8ugar $1. Prints from 4 to 51 cents per yard. Bleached Muslin 6 cents per yard. Calf Boots $2 60 per pair. Calf Shoes $1 per pair. EVERYTHING —IN— PROPORTION From a Paper of Pins to a Suit of Clothes, may 16 Dealer in all kinds of Well Seasoned MINNEAPOLIS LUMBER. SHINGLES, LATH, SASH, DOORS. AND BUILDING MATERIAL. Yard on Broadway. north of Hall's Livery Stable. Branch I vrds: HARTLAND, WOODSIDE, E. A. WICKS J. MOHSIN, Agt A FINE FABM FOR 8ALE. Two Hundred and Forty Aeres, toiee miles from Albert Lea; about 50 acres under the plow, and a large quantity of timber. COMFORTABLE HOUSE and stable, and a good well of water. This is a chance to get a first-class tract of land che tp. Inquire at THE STANDARD OFFICE, 18(25    Albert    Lac,    Minn PARTIES WANTING LUMBER WILL DO WELL TO CALL AT THE MOST CONVENIENT OF MY YARDS, AS MY FOILITIES FOR HANDLING LUMBER ARE UNSURPASSED. I AM ALWAYS MEMMO TO 0IVE OOOOAINO. C. ANDERSON WILL SELL furniture! AT OOST Until the 15th of March. M0"*Now is the time to buy.-qgg CHEAPER THAN EVER BEFORE. —~C5lv« Bks rn. Call Before P*rrh**i*c- Cor. Washington ft n*rv pts. Albert Le* TX PROF.ATI. rot RT. Stat* . f M;ane- ta.* nu-»y vt Fr*-h« rn. Uprctal I*nu. In tho* r- atter of the au»rd:»h*L:p of Edwin L. Lalk 8<*4t V. Lull, Clarence Lull, Fraud* B Lu ii TA :!!:am H pill, and Ada M. Lull, min* r heir* mg Aira n B Lull. »ie«-eared. th* r-ad.n* aud Min* the petit!' ii **f Hilham J. Stewart, guardian cf raid minora l»v l*-i{raud Ai. Lull hi* Mu>ru*-y Jn fad, to ■ teeming I ani nif • 4berthing, that the raid warda arr aeized «f certain rea? eatage in Free!-rn rvwinfv and in Faribault ewnly, Minn., and that it i.« nm * ai" 1 . and f>>r the in ter eat at mid wardi that a1! >vf the I ram* ah* ald be reld. and ^ravine f*>r he* nae to re ll j th- «arae: and it nppearingU' th- o urt.fr rn , j-etiti. n. that U ta ne*—rary, and b r the brvt inter-' •*' * w»nla, ilia! h.-enre he irraiit.-.! lo said j mia rd a . to aril Maid real ratal* :    Hi- r l-re I and dire, teol that the nett of kin to raid ward*, and all I    iatere*ted to raid eat ate, a} or ?*f..re the j Juda* of thi* c*>t*rt,.m Fn.lay. t»:- cbt dav ,.f ll., A. I». IiCm, m It* ./clo ock a. j*., at th# c<>art bouw in Albert I**a m -aid ox,univ, then and there to »b w eau**, 'if any there aha!! be why lieenre ah nld n<>t tw ifranted bor the-al# of Maid real e*tate. ac*-rd-intr to the prayer vt raid jwtiti. n. And it :» furfh-er ordered that a copy ..f th,, rd. r .hall ?w pub-; nBbfd lorfiicir #ncfp#!»ivf    prior to iMiid ‘far of bearm*, the la*t of which ioaUi.-ati„n« .ball be at >a*t f>>«rteen day* toefore the raid dav of hear-in«. iu The Freeborn C..»inty Standard "a weeklv , newapaper pnnteol at Albert Lea in caid re ratify By the Court, JAMEX H, PARKER, ’ Fro bate J ndpe. ^    . .. t,f Freabom e.>nnty. Minnesota. Dated at Albert Lea, the 161 b day of April, A r> ISTA.    'If>tA SHERIFFS SALE—By Virtue of an execution, issued out of the District Court , for the Tenth Jmlieial District, in and for j the county of Mower.andState of Minnesota, upon a judgment issued and docketed in said court, on the 5tb day of December, , A. D. 1876, and filed and docked in this ! county on the same day, in a certain ! action wherein B. J. Van ValkeaWrgh was plaintiff, and Siloam Williams, William Honnallie.Jehn W. Manning.Daniel J. Butts, and Dairy L. Niles defendants, in favor of sat'*! plaintiff, and against said defendants, for the sum of three hundred fifty-two dollars and seventy cent"*. ($352 7«») I have on the 8th day of April’ A. D. 1878. levied upon all the right, title. \ and interest of the said defendants Daniel J. Butts and William Bonnaltie to the fol- i lowing described lands and real relate to-wit :    The northeast quarter of section number eleven (ligand the southwest quarter of section number twenty-six (26) * all in township number one hundred an I one (101), north of range number nineteen (ll); west. of the 5th principal meridian, j lying and being in Freeborn county, Min- ! nesota, and will sell the same, or so much I thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution and costs, at the front door of the court house in the village of Albert Lea, in Freeborn county, and State aforesaid, on Saturday, the 25th day of May, A. D. 1878, at IO o'clock a, m., of that day. Dated Albert Lea, April 8, 1878. T. J SHEEHAN, •Sheriff, Freeborn Co., Minn. Crandall ft French. Attorneys for Plaintiff.    ]5t7 W. W. Kimball, PIA HNT os AND ORGANS I! 205, 207 & 209 State St Corner Adams. CHICAGO, ILL. w. W. KIMBALL'S PIANOS. HALLET, DAVIS 4 CO’S PIANOS. SMITH’S AMERICAN ORGANS. GREAT UNION PIANOS. KIMBALL ORGANS. [Finst Publication May % 187H.J Order to .Show Cause. TX PROBATE COURT,—State of Minne*ot*,r*>nn-* ty of Freeborn, special term. in the matter of the rente of John Colby, deceased. On reading and filing the I'Otitton of Isaac ltot.U rd, administrator, retting forth the amount of personal ratate ' that has come to hit* hand*, and the disposition tlierre.f; the amount of debt* outntJlding agamid wid deceased, and a description of all the real estate of which aaid deceased died seized, and the > condition and value of the respective portions j thereof ; and praying that license be to him granted to .ell all of raid real estate, subject to the widow's right therein, and subjeet to incumbrance* thereon,for the purpose of paying off incumbrance* thereon, and it appearing by aaid petition that there is not sufficient personal estate in the hand* of said administrator to pay .aid debts, and that it is necessary in order to pay the same, to aeil all of raid real estate; it is therefore ordered that sll p^r- 1 sons interested in said estate appear before the Judge of this Oourt, on Monday, the 24th dav of June, a. d. 187ti, at IO o’clock a. J*., at the Probate Office in Albert Lea in raid county, then and there ! to show cause (if ane there be) why license should not be granted to said administrator to sell said 1 real estate according to the prayer of said petition. And it is further ordered that a copy of this order shall Ire published for four successive weeks prior to said day of hearing, the last of which publics- 1 tions .hall be at least fourteen days before said day of hearing, in the Free?»orn County Standard a weekly newspaper printer! and published st Al-beft Lea in said county, and personally served on si]persons interested in said estate,' residing in raid county, at least fourteen days before said day i of hearing, and upon all other persons interested lh. ,* W J m*y?t> vt Freeborn coml* J?5235*. [ALBERT LEA, MINN. on Parries wishing to buy accommodate*!. Catalogue free on application. time can b? A. IE Street, Local Agent,
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