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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives May 16 1878, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - May 16, 1878, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTHE FREEBORN COUNTY STANDARD. PUBLISHED UTESX THURSDAY BY TV^illiams & Robinson. Terms: For Year, in Advance, $2. RATES OF ADVERTISING:... I w. *) w. 4 w. 3 rn. 6 m. I y.1 Inch I OO I 50 O 50 4 50 f» OO IO OO2 inch I 75 0 rn 50 0 O 50 6 OO 8 50 13 503 inch 9 »- 50 3 50 5 OO 4 OO 9 OO 16 504 inch 3 •251 4 50 5 50 IO OO IG OO 20 OO5 inch 4 00 5 30 0 25 ll OO IS OO 25 OO1 / a col. 4 50 5 25 ~ OO Ii OO1 OO OO 30 OOK col. (I 50 H 50 0 OO 22 OO 30 OO 50 OOI col. IO OO 13 atOO 30 OI, 50 IX) IK) OOLAWYERS & LAND AGENTS. J. H. Parker, ATTO I CIN EY AT LAW ( And Judge of Probate*) Court House, Albert Lea, Minn. A WIMIA5HTAII. VOLUME 18. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, MAY IC, 1878. TTT: cm NUMBER 2U. L. C. Siacy,    A.    M.    Ty uke. STACY a TYRER, Attorneys at Lour, Notaries Public, Real Estate ac t Collecting Agents* I CONVEYANCING C. ;.!i kinds accurately done, acknowledgments taken, oaths a dart ut© tared. Ac. Taxes paid, Titles investigated, Lands bought and told. Particular attention pail to collection. Ct mer Clark and Newton St*.. Albert Lea. HERMAN BLACKMER, LAWYER, LAND FOR SALE! ALBERT LEA, ----- MLNX. *JOHN ANDERSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, AND NOTARY' PUBLIC. Office over Wed:® k Spicer’s Drug Store, ALBERT LE A, MINN. HOIST ZEST. _A_33IE3 THE POOH MAN’S FRIEND, Mankato Brick. i We propose to keep on hand during the present season, a supply of the MAN KATO BRICK. ----- womans doing?. JPIJte * AXU CRIMINALS. The stockholders of the Sagamore Mills Fall River, Mass., voted to put the con-WOLCOTT & BOND. I cern into bankruptcy, after considering the Albert Lea, March a, IST**.    statement of irregninrities of the late treafur- —    --- -------------------- ;    er, George T. Ilathway. The statement aho** nnri-rrv    attn    the a--?-of the corporation to be $655,471; dUUTS AHD OHUAOr.    J    hook liabilities, $016,4351 deficiency in ac. nubt, owing to appropriation,, of cash by I. .1. PAUL; GO AXD SEE HIM POH CLOTHING I Boot* lurer fc> &} Shoes « Ret airing .Tone to order. Leather for ale. AU at the i.-\v©©t.    au*L warranted to give perfect s rh Mn <9 i< n. fwikp on m*t -i Ie of Bresffiwiv. ALBERT LEA, -    -    ri    _    MINN full W. B. RUMSEY, ATTORNEY AT LAW. ALLERT LEA, -    _    -    _    MINN. Specie attention given to collection. Short time notes an i mortgages purchased. S5tf AUG. PETERSON, KEEPS A COMPLETE SET OF Abstract Books. Will pay Taxes examine Tules, give correct Abstracts,ani alt* I to all Rinds of conveyancing. Also AdoHey to Loan ou Real estate security. - Office with the Clerk of Court, in Court House, Albert Lea, Miun. Pi S.-“Insurance Agent for the oil 1794, Being the insurance Company of North America.    3t REAL ESTATE AGENCY. V»rc have for sale, land? and farms In every town in this county. TERMS to suit cverybe ly. LOV I’RICES, long thue, an I a low rato of 5 utei est. IP you desire to buy a farm, call on u«. IF you havo a farm or lands to sell, tall on us. OUR facili-k-s for buying and selling land*, exam in ii g and fjjgrftectiug titles, are unequaled, r ; we have A LSTR A CIS, TU VNSFKRS, ant UL AIS of every piece of land in this county. HATS AINU CAPS, thrones*    &** THOMPSON & TILTON Have in 4U>tk, a.a1 will keen on hand line of custom mu ie BOOTS & SHOES LEATHER, FINDINGS. AC. LAD IF-’ AN I Mi IN TS' El f U (MEIS A -*PL' r • li v, g*> .ii frfrfrn* \ j> AN J LED, AND Ahi. M GKK WAB B A NT TSO. Hathaway, ?G0,97W; notes outstanding notap-pr •: intr on th© books, $!38,'OO, end more to tome. I he indebted ne 8» shown by tho books Is    to which mud be added $138,‘•OO of bogus paper. The United States grand jury of Nev, York, has indicted Alex. Hart*-n, tx-cashler of tho F;-kill National bank, tried and acquitted j before Judge Benedict Bom-- time ago, on the j charge of embezzling fun da of the bank. The indictments were for faire entries to th© treas I ( urer of the currency, aud for perjury. Luther J j ll. Redfield, president of th© Tarry tours Na- i tlonal hank, for perjury, and for making false • report* to the comptroller, and an indictment j j for murder was found against Michael Ti lier j the We-1 Po.iut soldier who killed his room ,    .    rn    * t    ’ I male alew nim. tuft since. A horrible murder occurred at Bangor, Mc., on the lith inst., which will result in the They nr*' ;il*?o Arditi f HELL til I’FNIiil). r 'LYONS MET ALIC itll of tim* irs old, Ii' v, while in birch In ti dc In- a*, cr>ous. John R. Scribner, 96 J thit-u miles north of thai i' atli L d his wife audibl e h.! Ll n of hts house w .th a ktiiing a xjirI three yearn c!d Her airily; done ob sh att r. tire, .rn I Wtr/tbii t j accor ring to contract.    » d I GIVE Til EM A CALL. Broadway, two door! north of the Web! or House, Albert Lea,Mica. I he ct c r he struck the Up the ha bv aud t) her husband. a*.ar by, where SELLS CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST. J. A. ANDERSON BANKERS. CORNER CLARK AND NEWTON ST? ALBERT LEA, MINN. B j THE FREEBORN COUNTY BM O. F, NELSON, Dealer in READY AI ADF AND C TUM-lf YDE Boots c£r Shoes, *    done    fo    hr    :«r.    sri    fa': Broa I way, I t do »r iiurth <*1 Ell.i: I a pail befur- parch a* in 2 elseuhei U» jail. r two J low O p He ■ at# kill h A od guar. ms. oi uai VU r of i, Hip d w ... , w hi! NICE LINE OF DRY GOODS ARRIVING. AND MORE ON TUE WAT. £=5”See our LADIES' CASSIMERES, ALL COLORS. 1 THOS, H. ARMSTRONG, Banker. ALBERT LEA, - • - MINN. II. D. BROWN. I>. R. P UTHE*. DRAY LINES. - A. II. SOL HSR, CITY EXPRESS St 0R4Y ll Deal a m II VHI* aa» < »Fi UmL. Abo Season I W .1. Labial mr a stray d on ©ter V»»T A u, 1 wa H. D. BROWN & CO.’S Order? Pf r>n %) at iemied to at on©*- a at ptoct w I • bi tflrc SI Ai I cf TYHEE. Albert Lea, Minn. April 25.187* JEWELERS. GEO. A. SMITH. j Att urn DEALER ES WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, PLATED-WARE, Ac.. One door north of Post Office, Broadway, A LB I; a I L IL I. MI V V. FRESH STOCK OF GROCERIES! JUS! RECEIVED. X=»TJ lO-IE Roasted Rio Coffee. GERMAN MUSTARD By the PINT, QUART OR GALLON. \BABBIT' & NOBLE, x^ruA.^'jvdiuiNr, WOO]} IO I? SALE. Af r anat* Im*! follow td the field •at with a razor, almost sc- J pc. He was arrested and j aa© formerly a dmnka.d, { .is not las ted I.quor. Ile j £, threatening j dc. c is narratt <1 I ni . UU inc. ; ©r©ou county, ired ©ne e\c-dlve. Lately out: the bank j r, n* ar Point Flcoaatit, vs from the home ol kiSt ll a1.ntf down th© f ulla j It found it to eon-1, » hi<:h ; i ure4 to Ie I. Th© theory la that butut: by a d .avoided fed in the skiff, whit h j 0* J to the Hank vt a j • th© nndt i nrisb wa*. by hid© it; thai there ai th© ravages of tun© aud ti...a lh© l-Aifi.b1 I 1 i tvck aud rn11 the Mss* >ms A ma dr. and ch:-drcl nance of cri it y»ar« ago hr mer in Jt ottely di.-ap; cr agal . aret DOU..g golf* ll. ICaipcnny A Co.’s woolen mill at Lewiaburif,Conn..was totallydestrovcd by iir© on the 7th Inwt. Ixias, about *43,UUU: in- .r-ante, about $26,000. Tile supicme e .urt ofRliod® Island to-.a enjoined th© Union Sa vin if? bank of proi i-deuce from further business transaction*? until otherwise ordered by this court. A dispatch from Constant! nop Ic, gay*: 0*-o, Todlebeu is about to retire to the lim s of Tcholaklja, leaving a smaH force at San Stxfano. The RnRi*ians offer to fall buck be-hind ai-lraight iiwedrawn between b degatgh and Adrianople, if the British fleet w ill w ithdraw at the time. The coal miner* of St. Clair and Madison counties, iilM opposite St. Louis, Mo, have published an appeal a-king for provi-fcion* to keep their famili a from f-Larihi^. I hey **ay they have bren working fur from one cent to lt£ teiiti p*-r bushel, at which they ( annot mike more than $4 to $5 a week, a 8um totally imnlficlcot to -upjiort them. There is some Laais for the r* : .-ted Fenian movement. At Syracuse, N. Y., probably 250 men arc *.uu 2- d . *, ■ ’aim ; nei tion with a general rao.< rx:* : t a1 or j frontier. Some money has been rata < I men armed with pistol©. Th* v hay j await orders from O'Neil. The better of Irish citizens,however, jj.ve u© -un tothe movement. The Phi lad <*1 phi i Pe mi S3 PTJ • tiin, which hs-* b* #*n closed for a n 1 allow of thorough renovation wa I bx the pub. ic on tut .nil .mf. Seca’ B.i)ard. ..lid W**llu©€ were pr;= ut I met and < ©curled to th- platf >. rn lo ; tion committee. Cohn cl A. K. 3! :t I a short ad Ire-©, concluding' bv ii I Senator idame as toil    iii«amc hi A curreapoodt w riting from Tokiour sends the following: of < kina    with ii rn *st dreadful rejiorts regions. In one tow n a me for ti,© tale of bucrnia fiv“h tmsinc-fi in con id baliti; c Jt until th© ! cal ms’ durin e ke<per to lie arr©-ted and b-A duputrh from Pern an i protests urn reaching th Lassie* from all arr a n :*» m.• n?a lit I qiiiiit and am-hanged Halt, ih!I. Corn, heavy* 0- * ;•:», .GS,'JOU btiMhel*; uugraded Sh’^SOc; Ste a: a I |4!*m5V, Mo 2, '.1*1(51 Gr; roan.I y.-Ik.w 50^1;    ; | wh.*« western She. Oat-, receipt*, 126,000 tmshels; ar.txe<l we.fem    wb.fe    RS..£..*58c. Barley (trill f ; i'KO* l8io.\H-Pvrk, fl OO^JMn. Beer.' ijaiet j an ! tin handed; weetern lox.* clear uddc'J. ** Sc ( baru, jifitoAatsaru 7.4.; j I A Lirthj trinalr IHttcuaitr* /br Otcn .V* i, [St. Louis Evening Post.] I Mr-?. ( uariotte Smith has some peculiar I '• iewmahout woumi mjuu ©©peciaii/ about I women in j luruali sui. loan Et gnu it rf Po$t J reporter who met ber this morning at I Ba rn nm's hotel, she said: | “Ile fact is the general public which, I takes little trouble to investigate such things I practically, knows nothing about the* dim culti©A that women have to encounter in j branching out into any profession on their J ©wa account. Especially is this the case as I regards journalism. Al any of these obstacles are raised up by won*.-althorn-‘-Ives. J There is a class of women, fur instance, that [ inju I lno1 man to th® t i n e very much in tin a direction.that affect literature in a ‘U Ut an tibx, who * ivnte insipid j#oems aud at thotim® want to lie tine iod.ci s. VV oman~ me#-. succ#-ss in this way. She mustwort systematically. AL*. ny of theseu arese< tai mg gentlein run-lgn Prod aes Market. GUAIN—VV hest, <'«l:foruS white wheat, av ©rn ll© 2d i Ila 74; do dub ll© 5.^1^ 3d; r»*d w©*t___ *©r:n»J, No 2 to I, Ute $£13* M; rad nentrrn winter ! journalism this dot No. 2 to I, Ila 2d^lla 41 Coni, new western mix©-! SSS 6*1 «/.'<<6e a! J o. I do, 2Ti» ’.idiif.ZT* 9d Oat*, ADj(,r-iea::, 3* 2 1 Barley, A iu-ri>-ao. to g-L PlUJV ISlONii—Miw jx^rk,    Beef, prime mea a 79# Lard, An.rri an, Al    Chee-.-, fii,e Arneri- can. •£*. Ba con, U»n»< olear, 26* 9d; ahon ©lear. nooKiMO rou ara bands, k society and devote attention to In the nrofes enter- mony. w omen u business just as a ii l*hev dress for it, w Iii voce it . it is th© zn 1 into it, and tnn lull 'HH* bl! him COA f.if I SSIGX AL is no ay.    »•    ny,    a j seventeen years of ic© married anc* twice ©nominating match * rn a young who had Wk/l Sh* Senate. May 7th.—The Itou©e bid f. bkhling further re;in*m©rt of legal tend* was given a second reading bt a vote of KG 25 Mr. Howe,from the commitu © on for©! re la* inns, r©:«ortvd a -ul'^tHute for the sen. joint re»-»Iu*:on on t hine©© immigration. Wire p ri of th© r*-tr.tinder of the dnv v n d:.-wu©.ion ..f the peasiou app: on -the liny latin Hoi F„ rrmi F* May 7—After sor e ck ’ out amendments, the District of Columbia government bill was passed. Mr. Wood moved to iro into committee of the whole on the tariff bill, and aft* r several vot©8 oeing t .ken th© motion wa? rinded by a bare majority. Mr. hank-; took the fluor •gainst the bill at ©onriderabl© Ii.,,.,..... the conclusion of hit remarks the < ©amu Lit© r "C. Tie bill relating to distribution of th re\.©ed »taful©8 wa© pu-^ed. Mr. Butl©r ir traducer! a bill to oro\-d- bir © t .r ct 4^4    *    •*    Mf    I    JS    HP    .I    Iii aion, and Hie buu-e adjoarmsl. of the pitaciiL «a»y UK ' i*?ge taal; Liiey do ox Blick. •* i here is a field lo LUK HO j aaa pi] rn re of ag over a b ii ai join inar- room- ivhsmjust a* well ha for rn* to work iu the aa inc men. Ahey must be ti 1 oroi tnrrj nigh rn ann 1 an er as pie ofyearn of preparatory work c jDiiuml an ■Jt tie •©latent for it. Jou.a ai ism, 1 tvo, is ver v dif-fereat from magazine 1 writhe I it, and re* rj tnresa j>eca!iar trainingoz id peen liar gilts* AXrrmri: ne ivn LICK to won. cl is that too many < if th©m bf worn®identified with the j isms a md axe c amedr ■ j al IUI ! away by ti ^ unfortima I pe<nTimr\ j not*proc ing til©ms* r, to p DEMATO. Slav 8*.—Th^ hi I w rvfiri'tn.nl r f    ,    ...    J... c . • i.iti.jii* ai i/i segiu-.cnucr it# '■ii :ae dmtn J uh- 5b I I it he it out ane f: Lf P afBif a f ft ar stri House ft was a: a< rnotn. I the 8o at the si wit Po* Han?© pr the N©z I'* rces f to Indian T©rri: •ndmerit* to the [aal at tion, the a . M> 7 S.—A Cf pointed with Cl T ^ b b* t lo TIB th C'smlfe-I Bim* pro! i j WSI n fi ance. A f arn s tinder > each territori t hffi t n WH. A mo riding for th© idiam» from I. try, was rejee xiii were agree' I* a    I    fn i rr\tA *    j    VMI IJca Qiniitiee OI x. of >Vw Y urn mille© n re-1 That women arc- a:ccv5«field has alreadv b# ■O' ft fff'ftare Mw. 3!argar*-t Bi the best editorial VT r iteraTin * I, Air©. Kerr, who isliterary editor of tiDetric, new* edtto r vt tiTuese are sufiicien t : xroofof women for ti-in nm'*-Robbins, v, ho is anor**-uen:»civfc4 under omen must bo care! i of ulac- n. who is one of ccn- :d to her lath© that coy. twei*ty-r eighteen, affable ai not mo of ag in of LAT; a •ad©d. ss vs • Port© m ti t.sriff UU A mf reb c Mi cled ai I.eav< ( .IMI A ITI KA O: Betoil rn ut ak. rep rte that ton nr t» t Ll th. IN.', .rd© Kriuk CJ-•rout and gut from the I .ft I) T., on the Fort Mc IL no kill's agt treat if Y. —Th on TH RE IS S I kl) .© somali d-*d b •Iii. Fe t r ti , r rri*e I t Krcpt ays 1 P* *I« arr v* I b* v ID ALBERT LU MINRES0T ' A. H. M' MILLEN HAS REMOVED TUE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET f i MALLERY BROS. CITY M* rn. I> I*’ NI A GENEIl \I. BANKIN' BUSINESS TRANSACTED. H. D. BROWN & CO. BANKERS. 5Er£EEK3IE: r'; YKSb -    • 'j-    *’r'' wRppr wft'c * I-t Na'. Rink, ©u-tin. 1st Nat. r...:ik, 8t. Paul. ■W N *t. bauk, Chisago. 4th Nat. Bank,N,-w York 3itf HARD A'ID SOFT COAL. WOOD, ICE. tJbc. HAEh. HORSE rup: ret* >r. F. Hi Albert Lea MEAT MfRKET8. GILBERTSON GILBERTSON TTH EfsS ►Ithe eight bour tun ut Wit© joined !-r-bfa?e co©.imere ©i then went iou IU!' aw gr -at deal cf wayp acc* »icp M r. Thurman’ ©id ta Th G*iO?l amel bill wr woman i ladies. daugUte (I rjar*. n ****** 13 a til i fail. The - i In -.UC sib Lu-ii ice#. Atter Intu rn.© t! a* d od aumed I r. W ( UU starved. ani On Ea#t side Broadway, first door 8outh of THE l'EOPLE’S sroBE- XX. O. ITITiAG-BIl, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, AND OKA LEU IN WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, ALBERT LEA, MINK. IST Watch In pairing a Specialty. PHYSICIANS AND DENTISTS. IL ll. DODGE, M. D. PHYSICIAN Al SURGEON. Office and Residence up stair;, over the Post Office. ALBERT LEA. TI IXJ?* DR. A, H. STREET, DENTIST! Office over Gar ir.cr’s Drugstore, Albert Lea.Minn DR. DE M. CRANDALL, U23KTTIST. Office over Wedge & YYulfsberg’s &tore, Broadway, Albert Lea. MILLINERY. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOK DOING DUSIN KSS. HE PROPOSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION THAN EVER BEFORE. 63“Cash pail for Hides, Tallow, Ae., Ae. TruY" him;. LUMBER YARD. Mf MBS. JOHN STAGE DECEIVED A CHOICE STOCK OF SPRING GOODS And ha? not only enlarge I her facilities for Millinery Work! l it a Me I to b©r establishment a Department for. DRESS-MAKING. A first cloBS Dress-Maker having J>ee« employed for this purpose. HIGHEST PRICE FAID IN CASH FOE HU Id AN HAIR. As I have steppe ! the ere lit busine-s, I can fell at the LOWEST possible figures, and do not have to rut on an EXTRA price for ba I debts. J. A. ANDERSON. C. I . COLEMAN S LUMBER 7KT JEU ZED) eJEsSj AT ALBERT LEA AND ALDEN. Every defeription of PINE LUMBER, INCLUDING FENCING. FLOORING, DIMENSIONS, BOARDS, CLEAR LUMBER, SIDING, SHINGLES, LATH, DOORS, FASH. SHEETING PAPER, PICKETS, AC. Constantly on hand, and for sale at the Lowest Market Price. TIMBES FOR FRAMES, AC. FILLED TO ORDER ON SHORT NOTICE. —AT TUE— OI "I?'"ST M EAT MA R K ET. ^OK E’5 STOSS. but a", a cit .u*.;r luck. t T ’ 4 I ne cr< j ©nut«-(*e bureau of ai-" i*lti it at I tew that the r.* rag©* if , lo be wry di©a©trou; to wb at ■Mwi VI a; >d ’utrod • of ©Xee©«iv» A hill intro to ooticea o d. Com .'n Ut*- ti DIIXXB aud grow" ap self-support t to gain their domestic ciuti U lm to perft .. has a rhter o* 8 W QIU Eve her AWAT 0 Without very pi : A let a w. ;o the gj. me 3113 * auou; J Keciae. raj then .Le VV al iu tier. (>n i vr ' 0* Kason. D A C THE OLD AND Favorits Stand ! ? Dry Good SI out rn i * th J were cUi/.fiid u GR*QUERIES, ll AND CAPS, CR* r»T S’D lf I GLA' WAKI: JKL RY, Y VNR Eli One door north of Palmer's Flore, where may be found a full and complete stock of All Kinds of Moats ! I Which wiB be wold a? ('HEAP na tho CHEAPEST. FIRST-CLASS Country CT0E& The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited. EVERY CLASS OF MEAT FISH, and POULTRY’ in it^ seas-on. J. G. BRUNDIN, Proprietor. Cash paid for Hides and Tallow, Ac., GIVE FHEAX A CALL. < — LAWYERS & LAND AGENTS. J. H. PARKER, ATTORNKY AT LAW. (And Ju Ige cf Probate-) Office in the opiner of Broadway and College streets, near tho Co irt House, Albei t Le t, Minn. -Lua,a fire broke oat in the woolen I in lr * t. betweun Perry bk>ck and ! Vs %\vrv, and -n a very ft W m.uuUe of, o ii a.«Llog of fire at ires, was , f Hamas, and in lese than an hour ; la* to iui-grouQtl. Our ti nm en and eked tau Ce1 ti? to agre the bri*'k I block© each tido of the burning row, and by i aimoot •uinirhnoian rtf aria, they were «u©-ccs&ful. The I »-er3 are J. Leutliold, building J and cl'-tiiing, 4,0 ^4; m'Ored for STOOL H*>!t- ; . man. building, bmiaehrid goods, ailverw-are and coin, $' ,uta*: ineurtd for $ IO *0. Wilson Brow, general merchandise, foes SNOOD: in-©•lrid for $2,250. A. E. Anderson, general i mere hand!*©, J** OD’); insured for $5,000. Mar-j t nbrock, bufidinc, $3,000, no insurance, j W'elch, bniidlag, 11,OJO; Insured for $J,0J Henry George, farness maker, loss $ffiv *0; no 1 insurance. John White, $500; fully insured. ‘ J. Leu Ahold saved a greater part of bi* cloth-; ing-.ock. Wilton Bro©, saved but a small I amount of their shick. aud A. E. Aiidcrsou I none. extent, and although a ©■. the crop has l»et*a cut off y vd average will rn ike the yi Ihfre-f urihs of an a era; crop la mor * ahundat and corn, tobacco and othc well. A fifth of the tobacc ne©ii #• t on!. While to’ * alif, efforu wiU he dire I) a g I >d crcj> rather tt.an a ’ trace of cotton is nrich s last year. The bill introduce! in the Ii *u© Mr. Schleicher, authorizes the sic;et) the treasury to I-©-:© In sum.*, rot ct e an aggregate of $4*>.Di>»,$)D, coupons or tcred perpetual bonds, r- de ©mal Ie or purchase in op**n market, interest j*« ©emi-aunuallv in coin of the present ut D alum lr. I rvf    ii anet assists m washing IL© ai.©: mg. to sciuKiL I Pat is as i: st AS TO W'oMAJ SCI'I'EAi nrst, ;u©y    taao a proctic IU* I.Ti -    • I . ..    , Di an im several v©;.rs, aer crops are doing •CO crop ba* already T' afi^ir iw r    •*' ted toward making « one. i ae aver than that of ‘ut fnto er»m-and Mara Tong aud heate d dlaeus-1 a rn: .ai*.ii in an umkrgni-Mn White, of Penury!- urst» \N lien til - eomraltte roke, *r- • moat •cummended aud pa;©ed. Air, toot. dn-^d a Mf! regulating salaries I AI sa Ar cs ais ‘ r;tI attun.t Vo. The iiouse ■ trig the c *'    5*    Smith said that abe nearly senate. May 13th#—Mr. Johnson in her fn.m g>iiig va U*o st traduced a bill for the adoption of the Moffett j months I© fore Au punch STstem In the District of Columbia. At ta* expiration of the morning amar the post-* ffi e appropriation bill w..s taken up. 7 I Mc**, May 13.—Mr. Liphan off red a soint revolution authArigingthe President to increa-e the ar ay by the c-n.stmeBt of volunteers during the rec* # of Congreas. lf such action should be r©quir«d for the defense of with r. YI - r *?*©r a# u nn^Atirtn rtf y.r a gelled in I disc she ask* d me lay adv;, it and said that it was foolish Queen of the Rostrum. We I d she half agreed to fir* % ire WOS ' ?r th< hmti- i by -v of J by value mard I--.-kb iA ness with me. My Idea va? to form a woman’s pf luting and engraving co re oar v. Well, we j acted with the undemanding that ----   rotter    as    a question v, t„...    r ’.west ated a preamble and re^dntio n dt- ! h however, wan taken seriously ill and could .ting the app >intment of a «*e lee I committee »investigate the e'cction fraud* in Florida od Louisiana, Tne reception of the reaolu- J. F. REWY, AGENT, Albert I,ea. J. G. JOHNSON, AGENT, Alden, Minn. A FINE FARM FOR SALE I#0 Hundred and lofty Acre?', three mile from Albert Lea; about Cadres under the plow, and a large Quantity of timber. COMFORTABLE ll UG SE and F ta bit) and a kooJ well of water. Tbi* is .* vhanco to get a first-class trae of land eh eap.    I n q u i re at STANDARD OFFICE, Albert Lea, Minn. Mrs. WARREN* IS HOME FROM CHICAGO WITH ALL SORTS OF • GREAT BARGAINS. Goring out ray entire stock of good* in store for the next 90 da):?, consisting af 1000 pr Boots & Shoes 700 Hats &; Caps 300 Suits of Clothing DRY GOODS. UNDE KW ARE. NOTIONS, CA RPETS, G LOV ES, K NI \ KS AND FORKS, Ac- These goods wore bought at 70 cents on the doH^r, »nd wiU be sold LESS THAN WHOLE-oALK I RICES* D. E. DWYER. 4 St‘>2 A l a. la ©i n Gt*uUt‘Ui:iU. MEAT MARKET. WILLIAM TUNELL Again calls attention to his FINE MEAT MARKET, Mb ere can be found at all times, choice cuts of Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sau, &c. Also FISH, POULTRY, and WILD GAME in their season. BROADWAY, opposite the Postoffice. ALBERT LEA, -    -    -    - MINN. PEK SON IL AND POLITICAL. dias Morgan, one of the oldest and best known ; Nanis-ti ip owners in New Y*ork,ie dead. I*-*' I .......i............—.....—- Minister Bayard Taylor presented his cr* dciiiiala to the Snpcrvr at Berlin on the 7lh lust. Murray Ilcffmabn, a well known com | plier of law bock#, eilfagl at bb* home in Flushing Village, N. Y\, on the Sth inst , aged SI j years.    ..    . Theres* erLsto be Ut tiedoubt that Flan. I John ii. Hinckley of MUw auke tex assistant attorney of th© United States,who has Incn miss- ivTiy docs every traveler feel that kl Arab is a gentleman, or that a Turk is a gentleman? Because both the Turk and the Arab manifest jierfect s 'lf posse^-ion, have an air ol command (Kvuid cl arrogance, are tranquil amid ri*>t, and c un-poaed amid {tittie ult j aid tlisturlaauee. These (jualiries seem to u© to ©jrin^ from ! For some time,committed suicide by drown-habits of command, aud iro rn j,,^ ing to the lake near St. Francis seminary, at rent sense of superiority, and tile obscr- j 8°u*-b B,de of hay. lie left several ration will apply wit!* equal lore * to hdton?addled tff-WHfFrefitT>arieta of that Englishmen, and th* r.•'© an t nd ou’t. lie ! th1i ?*i»t.- ui which show coiadu-ivJ> did not want to be anybody el e, because I hl'*intdnt tosuitiile. AlUfi »rts to recover his he does not recognize any sujaerlor, eav$ honjr l av© thu?far been of no avail. Th© fm-» f the titular or disciplinary sirt. YViur vulgar person, or even y -ir person who, nithwut being vulgar is not a gentleman, is conscious of his inferiority, and periodically labors to conceal it, and the mediate cause of his rash act is attributed to mentrt I abcaraUon, brouirht on by domestic troubles. Mr. Bin ©kiev’© Dmily consist cfi of a wife, from whom he wa© separated, I value, al the rate of 4 jx*r cml. y;r a© nu ti, their proceeds to bo appli-d to the purjxwa of I erecting public l*ui: lings for u©e of tLe icov-ernment. The bill approx»riates for public buildings at Atlanta, Ga., $100,000; Chicago, $151,600; Cincinnati, $3B5$,0O3; Evansv He, $-k),UU0;Grand Rapids. Midi.. $50,000* Little Rock $450,<XK); Memphis, |lu0J»W; Nashville, | $250,000; bt. Lou*:©, $ LOO),OiA); state, w^r .i rid j navy departments buHdin", Washington, $5- ! I OOOJXXL The bill also makes proyis'oua for ) ; ail exteciion of the library of Congrc.-s, aud : an appropriation of $4U0,0U0 for the bu Ming [ I for the bureau of en^ravinj and p.intiuy. A aptcini Constantinople telegram j states that in coc©tqucace of U.c p* rtmj tory demands of General Todelbcn for the surrt-n- . der of fortreftsei accompanied by a threat to! occupy Constantinople, the cabinet council -have decided to evacuate all their fortresses ' bhumla llr?t,then V*mat,!a*!’.y, Ba tov na. Th* dceiaion waft taken rather suddenly, upon the 1 report of Osman Pasha that the Turki©U army was not in condition bi relist the occupation of Coditautinople. The Towel corawspcmUtait I at Constantinople «ays, as usual, the palac© , wa# smitten with terror, and ready to red*; * anything if the I us«ians would go a war from I Constantinople. Gen. Tod el ben p©remptnrilv ‘ nr<ed evacuation, but adroitly offered to fail I bark ;f the fortrcftses were surr©Hder»d. The i bait was swallowed aud the Hu-Hona have 1 promised, so my Informant assures me, to rt - tion was opposed bv Yfessrs Conger, Garfield and others udc n tho around that it wa# not properly a privileged quisiioc. The chair decided ta rec* iv© the r©#ohition. from which dec:-: »ii Mr. Codger took an appeal. The appeal was tabled by nearly a s':let party vole. OHi r porn s of order were robed,which the sn -aker or* rrub-d. Mr. Hale asked I© ive to oil**r ©n anaendiuent. to in* Iud® Miseissirpi a-sd Oregon in the investigation; but Mr. Pot’er ref;.©cd to allow it. After this matter wa.© Jispo*ed uX the KepubLc.ins IU!buttered to prevent the adoption of the reft riutinn, and the uOQM iuijourued without disposing of it. I he Fir^t Step not keep the engagement. Migs Dickinson was indignant at ray disappointing Per. Perhaps had I kept the ap;iomtmerit it woald have turned her cart er. She stated to me that the lecture held was net paying aa well ag she th ought it should. I think she did wren.: to leave the platform. She was too far advanced in eg© and had none of the aids of Bum, w hich are such great tripe on the stage, that Mi©.© M.vrv Anderson for instance has.” The reporter instanced Charlotte Cushman and dana acheck Od etamplee of his-ti iou ic triumph withoui Lhu a-i ut adventitious charms. “Oh! yec: but then there- is only one Cbar-! loUe Cushman to a eentnry. Well, returning to the subject of women. is the beaning which i* difficult. I    » ce5' ,    , .    .    tom    degree    of    physical.    It    is    only    by    steady i by this the taxing a habit ol doing au(j and four children, w ho are now at Knoxville, attempt only expose* tile fact more alar- i T*"n    ,    .,    j    tire P. Adriatic and Dedrajt-h .nd quit ’ inolv to vi«-w    f'1    :    H$iisa corpn.nrt*t* on Mlblic lnmift Erz. ro.int as soon aw the thro.* fortresses are j O /,    *    ,    *    •»    • I I ♦    /    FYaciulctl. I tic tv fie uh tidii will    at    oiire. This ar rf of *y tiiT) ir nfit rql.a i liBU* do iJctl to recommend th*    of    I    ....    .    .    . Mich.": "  ..............-..........  '----------There bio be do wriU«u «nr,n.Um aud a>! domineered by circumstances instead of quietly settling down to a level with th©m This ny no means implies that a gentle passage of the so-culled five per c-*nt. bill intrtxluced this    .    .    . ,n    .    a ri ti. were to be settled by verbal agree aleut, session by Reprise ii tati'FS Sapp, of Iowa. The    J bill provides for piyrneut by the g©neral gov-    Tffi    -1*    ~ emmeiit to the Statoa of Ohio, Indiana, Illi- Senate, or the fencing field, no matt r ! on iltnUona of milltory land wttrant* fioneln what he has been through, be is com*,os- j «^i«#atiu|c the same atone dollar ted twenty-ed and quiet ever more, lie never Stag- I ve ce°h8 per acre; payment to be made in e'era: he never makes unnec ©©,irv    [    treasury certificates running twenty years gies or explanaTions. Ile takes thing© as ant* hearing interest at Hie rate cl 3.65 p» r he finds them. Now and then, no doubt, I cent- Pcr annum. Several million dollars are bis idiocy lier.: ©aas    geums will feud mr. exceptional favor to tile mannar ol a gen tleman. ware of this that she expressed herself < surprised that Byronfc manner in conversation w as not as quiet as she would lipve expected from a person of his mind. The observation was at once seitDh and snob-I rived at thee**Ui|e. ^    . bish. There is no out and out receipt far j It is rumored fTiat the Enins Rifle a gentleman; but lie is never mistakable , company, of Mechanics Falls, is filling large to those who know about the color of a ; orders for the Russian,, on the steamer flower or the scent ct the leaf.    Cambria, involved. A report again*! th# bill will be presell lid on behalf of a minority of the com-Lady Wessington w.s s> ti na-1 ™hl*e* *- MIKI ELL AWMOUS.* Almost all of the horses which will run at Lexington, Ky.. during the races jiaye ar uuftettb-d; No. 2 J un#*, ft-'V P liO^VI SION H—Dull mu! nominal; rn ©us p«)rk, $8 50. Lard, prime st*am,$6.75. Chicago Prod ne© Market QUAIN—Wheat, weaker, especially option#; No. I Chicago, SI 09'4$* I OM; So. 2 Chicago Lay* * I 'rj ov©h; 1.091$ May; 1.07 June; l.Otiq Jnly; No. 3 ’ Chicago, I Q1@I.0S: injected HOC. Cora, fairly ac- I tive and a ahade higher at 39c ra«h; 387, Q, :V3c May; June; rejected 36V,e. Oats, quhtt and ' weak ai 6)40 cash, 26 s(((26vic May aud June. Uye, (hill and l*»wer at 5dc. Barley, dull aud privt•# a shade lower at PROVISIONS— Pork steady and in fair demand at $8.50 cash, 8 62'$ June, §8.70 July t.^rd, hi fair demand at low rates; $6.85 cash; ©".*r7l5<fe*>.90 June; 6.95<t£6 97t$ Jnly. Bulk meats, steady aud no-. changed. New York I*ro<lnce Market. GRAIN—Wheat, in fair demand and heavy; receipts, 241,ors) bushels; No 2 Chicago $1 20; No. I Mitwau'iett $1.22; No. I spring 1.2»?» r,t.2ft: No. 3 red w uter I 24(41.26; No. 2do 1.30; No. I amber 1.28<&1 80; No. 2 northwesUru May I 211;; Jme 11,19^1^120. Bye, steady at 7‘A-'7*21 ^e. Barky, llotige, cf Boston: It mean light. {Suppose you arc sent out of the count fog-room or store to transact bnri-ne«s of nay kinil, ev^n the delivery ©flutters or tile jmjfment ol a bill, the temptation to loiter on the way it you meet a friend, or to $onstune time by gazing at ©hop windows, uh attid in? avoidca as a wrong act. If you resist the first ten*p-tilion in this direction, you will find the habit fctrrngthening daily of speed and certainty in your movements, so that your employer*, or tho*e immediately over you, begin to -it, “Sui h an one tak s less time to do his out-of-door work than any other we send out.” And trie converse of this is also true; for the clerk who w?i©tes his time when out of sight of his employer has taken the first step in dishonesty, and is educating his conscience in the way of moral obliquity. Mr. Edmund Yates I lls this amusing story of Lord Ravensworth, the man who defend* d George IV. against Thackeray. He wls a man ut no little personal vanity. One cold day in winter, some years back, having wrapped himself in a lur coat, he wi ut to call un some neighbors in North-uiniierland. He was ushered into the drawing-room, and left, as he thought, alowe. No sooner was the door closed than he mounted on a chair in front of the mirror over the fire lace, and, after surveying hiimedf with intense satisfaction, gave vent to the ejaculation, ‘‘Well, a man iu fur is a noble animal A Miss Bijou Heron assumed the role of Adrienne in k*A Celebrated Case” a few evenings ago, at the Union Square Theater Mi©s Jewett being in seclusion, aud immeasurably surpassed expectation by a performance which marks a new era in her career, Miss Heron was received with positive enthusiasm by a house utterly surprised and delighted. all is an arduous pursuit requiring in ceti- ZXDVBSO KFFOBTS that they can make themselves able tu cope with men. I think that although America is more progressive than England, in tho latter country more real advance has bion made toward finding and {seating p:aition* for women. When they decide r.n and choose a calling, then a wumaa must devote herself entirely to it— ut always a1 her thoughts lo run on dress and matrimony, bat entirely banish them from her thoughts.’’ No Horc Guest inn** For Him. » The Rev. Pr. Hitch©, of Edinburgh, although a very clever man, bas met Im match. When examining a student as to the classes he had Uttenued, h« said: “Aud you attend the dagoes for mathematic©;” “Y'es.” “How nfkny sides has a circle?’’ “Two,” sal I the Blk lent. ‘What are t’ley What a laugh in the cia**© th* student’s answer produced when ho said : “An Inside ami an outside.” But this was nothing compared with what followed. The doctor having said to tliis student: “And you atte id the philosophy ciaoa also?” “Yes.” “Well, you would hear lectures on various supjects. Did you ever I ear one on canst and effect* ’ “Y'es. ’ 4 Does an effect ever go before a caus© ?” “Yes.” “Give me an in-lance. ’ “A man wheeling a barrow. ’ The doctor then sat down, aaa jao posed no more questions.
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