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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Mar 25 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - March 25, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTim< Want Ads Win ii the Standard's Wan I Column. Stffiinrn VOL. XXXIX. 111' P* I IM !<>*?«* ('AHI »***. w. I. TODD. AWVKK. OrflCK IN MIK NKW GIERA I tuHisff ti|<N*K, Albert Loa, Minn. MfcNHV A. MORGAN, A TTGRNKV AT I.AW. COUNTY ATTOK-o. im'v Ofno* In i*iili»r»ua*on Block, Hiimd-w«ijr, Albert Ut. Mum Bult A CHURCH, I IKA!, KMT ATK, LAW. INsCKANrR, I A Lotto* and Oilier!Ion* Hoiim** lur H»i HOU K-nl. lime* lit Oiler* Blunk, Albert I.#*, •rn* Minn Dry Goods & Notions ALBE HT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY McKINLEYISM As announced the Opening at the New Dry Goods Store occurred March 5th and was a success in R. ». FARNSWORTH. A TI ORN KY AT LAW KR A,OTI ( KH IN ALL d V tile nonrtn, CHrrlui H't.-mion tor en to coin ttt-rctol Aud other collection*. Office lo W»-«i*i- tt Barlow Co Leu. Minn Block. Boom* I Mini 2. Albert IU it* DOCTOR NISS LR / I BADUA TK K lf »VI NOL WAV \ I mer Llott Drnz Store, l.f-M, Minn, OKPH’R HioadHtty. Albert J M TOOD. IM. 0 I >IIVHI<’IAN ANO HI KOKON. ORRICK I ll) rear of Bruit*' Drug Slore, ho*ii|ta) OO rontilwii *tr»*et, Albert Im**, -    every    respect. V isitors found the goods .all perfectly NEW, FRESH and NI \ LISH. Our trade opens up vary good in........ W c MERRILL. KNTIH’I OKKH KIS NKW i*k, loom* 3 I VS HTH I J o|M-r* 'M (toil. and I Aith it Lei* VI inn. Black Dress Goods, Silks, Wash Goods, Wools and Fabrics. Capes from $ I .OO up. Black MARCH 2.“, 189(1. “THE MOLDER ORATOR. NO. 13 lakes Possession of Freeborn County Republicans, And They Become Willing .Subjects of the Hypnotic Apostle of Protection. No Scratches Mar the Slate and Dulcet Harmony Prevails. I.ists of the Delegates and Proceedings of the Convention. \ UCH I TK! r A V drawn Mill cuMnct of work d in ll H. A. KAINE. ANI* HI ILIIKH PLASM * token for nil ria*.-*-* cit» sud country. Albert l«eH, ivy I Figured .Mohair Skirts arriving a I most daily and going fast at the price we are ching them. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. / tmvori.N cahc soma ho Lint Elan. \ J lur mentlng* ut Odd Follow*' (UU n-ri dr**t sud third Wpdncmlt) evening* of carf] "    .    ..... J l> ‘LALK. V (J. MALVOKMKN, Illerk I K. Saturday, March 28, w •It V C. Ii. COL KMAN- Manufacturer aud Dealer in our shall make a special reduction in price of all our Nov-Dress Goods in Black and Colors. Call and examine stock anti he convinced.    Yours    Truly, J. Lath. W. Smiths Building. Albert Lea. J. & Co. And All Kinds of Building Material. C. D. EDWARDS’ Yard at the old stand amu Milwaukee dbpot. A. J. SIADHEM, Agent, We ***ed Kit* of looney for other Peoid# during tnt, Had will try **rv burd in KW, rn I Ll- —w Grub fe Stump Puller Enterprise Iron Works. Machine Shop and Foundry, ALBERT LEA, MINN. grow grubs on. Better hitch onto them with one of C. D. Edwards' Grub and Stump Pullers and pull them off the face of the earth. The republican convention .Saturday wa* one of the largest and most enthusiastic ever held in the county, IIC delegates Muff present and evmry town except Newry being represented, dearly all the old-time im liars of tile party w ore to be seen, and those from the outside towns especially were almost the same men who for a dozen vears or more have regulai dy come to the county seat to ratify the slate thai lias been carefully prepared for the occasion or to Help join in the ratifying cheers. Chairman Gillrup, of the county committee, called the aseniblage to order, and introduced senator Kuatvoid as temporary chairman, who commenced business withufew remarkstoentbuse ‘be faithful, when Abe Newell, the Oakland veteran, was elected tempo-fary secretary, and the following committees were appointed; _ Qed .MUUS (Jeu ‘toy, A. O Bikken, Louis an moos, ii Drommerujtufo-ri, A Buchanan. Revolution-—C. I. Luce, Get*. P. Lattice Jno. Berne rwm, Tho*. Lightly aud Alex. Paterson. While tbs committees were out several of the leaders and orators were summoned for speeches. The chairman introduced lion. J no. I.. Gibbs as the next governor of Minnesota and the gentleman was received with applause. He made a good speech, denouncing democratic blunders and misrule, predicting sweeping republican victories and tile return of prosperity, lauded McKinley and presented strong arguments for the election of United States Don’t Hiss Anything'. -Stocks are now at their hest, and shows the frnd^:r^    **** foreign and domestic' fields this rich harvest to please all eves and satisfy every want. Not only are the assortments passed, but the prices are adjusted to figures that suit every purse.    g Ladies' New Spring Jackets. Capes and Separate Skirts. ! New Spring Dress Goods and Silks. The A. C\ HANKIN, Lea and hold temperancemeetingat irmnr.h.M W,IVanu’ Wlli in A,b®rt except Saturday JIe wm sneik g»f fhlTEE hal1 every eveninff next week, ussr.sasMs. will likely excite much interest. Cut, lined, finished and ! made to fit like custom work, at prices almost below cost of raw terial. cream of the season’s nattiest novelties. ma- PROTEST FROH LAKE MILLS. ('*11 on u« fur anubing lo oar line, yr*-*! or small. We guarantee val I * -lac! uh — in J. W. VENESS, Prop. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. Sooner the Better. THE FARMERS’ INDEPENDENT LUMBER VARO. Dent quality of Lumber, J.ath, Shin J AND in Freeborn county ^ is now too valuable to Prof. Olseh and senator Knatvold made brief speeches favoring Mr. Gibbs’ candidacy. Henry Thurston deplored the fact that senator Davis’ own state should desert turn for McKinley. (Jeu. P. Lattin.W. N, Crane. Dr. Head, lion. Eilend Erickson, Abe Newell, L. J. IngbriUon aud others spoke, and all tended stronger and stronger towards McKinley. The report of the committee on ere- ’reductive    land is the    secret    of    straightening I    ai? the    wrinkles    out    of    your    pocket-book    and J Luce then reported for the committee keeping them out. If you haven’t got the land and are out of a job, then get hold of a plug horse and go to pulling for someone else. There is lots of money in the business. Send for my new descriptive Catalogue, if you are too busy to come and see them where they are made, at Albert Lea, Minn They Object to Being Advertised as Ruined Victims of Prohibition-"layor and Council Certify to Benefits and Progress Resulting from Closing the Saloons. To Un Standard: Immediately before city election last year a circular was spread among the voters of Albert Lea pleading for them to vote for saloons. Lake Mills was used as a scarecrow by the saloon ad ulators by popular vote. C.S. Edwards. I n    1    .lb® P®«Pl® what a poor Prof. Olsen ami senator KnatvoM I P ,? M11 is was, taxes being high w or.se Eles,Sash, Doors, Building Paper, and ladders' .Supplies al ways on hand and *old at Lowest Market Rates. Van] on Broadway, South of Court House. C. G. JOHNSRUD. - Manager. Albert Lea College, FOB TOBIS LADIES. A BOARDING SCHOOL WITH ALL THS XX Comforts and Beautiful Surroundings of Home Life. None but Pirmt-Ctamm in. tructorm iSmptoyrd. C. D. Edwards. Binna! nnn Ii.'I on credentials, the resolutions embodying a ringing endorsement of McKinley; endorsing Prof. L. S. Swenson for delegate from the first district to the national convention, and Jno. L. Gibbs for governor. E. Jobnaiud opposed endorsing McKinley, and editor Luce defended the resolutions, stating that he was an ardent Peed man, but as the people seemed to desire McKinley he was in favor of the endorsement. V. Gul-brandson spoke in the same strain and the resolutions were unanimously adopted by a rising vote. On motion the chair appointed the following nominating committees: For the Rushford convention; V. Gul-brandson, J. E. Barron, C. O. Esse, Henry Harm and E. K. Flaskerud. For the Minneapolis convention: V. Gillrup, J. A. Hazle, I. E. Sorlie, Nelson Earl and E. Johnsrud. The committees reported the following nominations: Delegates to Rushford: T. V. K oat void. C. L. Luce, V. Gillrup, TV K. Todd. I, 8. Studies embrace a Complete College Course, or Catalogue aud other Information address, Aer. it. H Abbott, ii. ii , President, or ii. (SI. Parker, bec. of Executive Committee. Albert Lea, Minn. MORIN find and Tile I oris Meats of All Kinds at Hard Times Prices for Cash Only! Big Benefit for Poor and Rich. V. Gulbrandson, —- . -I . -■ — Swenson, K A. Bliss, L. J. Ingbrltson, J. K. Barron, .J. W. Olsen. Ole I. Opdahl, C. O. Esse, Hans Ste nm (1, {■.DJP*1 Skinner. H. A. Hanson, Henry Harm K. K. rlaskerud. Delegates to Minneapolis: Jno. 1. Gibbs, Ole Henry, Oluf Lee. J. A Hazle, J F. Lightly, II. II, Wilcox. Eilend Erickson. John A. Lovely, L ii Emmons, Abe Newell, M. Haivor-ten, A. G. Bruudln, H. Drom-merlmiisen, Geo. I’. Lattln. B. N. Anderson A. O. Bakkeu aud Ii. B. Skinner. The Bruiidin Bros. propose to meet the needs and harmonize | ceF4oL l. s. Swenson reports were unanimously ae- piices with the size of everybody’s pocketbooks. The\r|and delivered'an eloquent eulogy of I .... x _    n    •    t    .    f    .    J    the    reniihlican nou*?    ...    nf ALBERT LEA, MINN. Pressed Brick, Common Brick, And All Sizes of........ Farm Drain Tile. HTFarmers are especially requested to call and inspect the works. W. A. MORIN, Proprietor. First National Bant have cut everything. Look at these prices: Beef, boiling pieces, Beef, roasts, Beef, shoulder steaks, Beef, round steaks, Beef, sirloin steaks, Veal, Pork ac o’ Mutton at Mild sugar-cured Ham, Picnic Hams, sugar-cured, Breakfast-Bacon, only 3 to 4 cents, 6, 7 and S cents, 4 lbs for 25 cents. y/> lbs for 25 cents. 10 cents per lb. like low prices. 9 cents. -    6cents. 8 cents. Extensive Quantities of Meats of all kinds Constantly on “We Are The People. Hand ? ? betail Markets: ALBERT LEA, MINN. Capital, Mui'pluw, *50,IMM 10,000 General Banking. Farm Loans egotiated. Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Foreign Exchange Bought and Sold Safe Deposit Vault. HARRY JONES. -    . President. G. GULBRANDSON, - vice President. AUGUST PAULSON. -    .    . oMllter ALFRED CHRISTOPH EUSON, Asst. Cashier. DIRECTORS. Gulbrandson, Tho#. W.Wilson, E. H.Ricb, Clam SPaulson, Fllndt, V. Gulbraudson, P. M, Joice, Harry Jones. Brundin Bros. Broadway and Clark Street. MAJESTIC Capitle,! Albert Lea Hardware the republican party, telling ar glorious victories in the past and predicting more and better to come. Ile thanked the convention for endorsing him as a delegate to St. Louis and promised if elected to do all in his power to aid in the nomination of McKinley. After adjourning, the local republican league met and elected the following delegates to the state legue, which meets in St. Paul Wednesday: C. S. Edwards, Emil Nelson and It. s. Farnsworth. The convention was entirely harmonious, there being hardly a dissent to the proceedings, and while the turn of the tide to McKinley was quite a surprise, it was accepted ny the Heed followers and the very few Davis men with good nature, and all finally joined in the stampede with well-balanced agility and unlimbered enthusiasm. Company. Of All Us. Important to G. A. R. Hen. At the meeting of the Western Pas senger Association, held this week in St. Louis, the B., C. R. & Nr. Co. gave notice that it would make the rates and limitations requested by Hie na tional commander for Hie national encampment G. A. It., to be held in St. ■’aul Sept. 1st to 5th. Under these arrangements tickets outside of a two-hundred and fifty mile limit will be sold at rate of one cent per mile, good until Sept.loth,with the understanding that an extension until Sept. BOtli may be secured by depositing the ticket with the joint agent in St. Paul. This announcement will be very gratifying to the members of the order and indicates clearly that the policy of the “Cedar Rapids Route” is to be on all occasions as liberal as any of its competitors. The Cheapest Rates. Railroad fare is an important item of expense. Tile agents of the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad are always in position to give the lowest rates obtainable. They take pleasure In giving information.    7t20 and no public improvements Uke water works, street lights, etc. This was done in order to show that a town without saloons will never amount to anything, it furthermore stat* i that * SH* ltS b0nded Bl®,OOO would be a good deal oil should it lose the saloons. Albert Lea is soon to vote on the saloon question again, and as the saloon element may use the same arguments again, we find it our duty to protest against such gross misrepresentation us Hie above. * • Th:.r«a8,0” f llat taxes may seem high is not the hick of saloons but the fact yal nation of property in Lake .nv' ^n.^ie circular it is stated that “Lake Mills pays taxation at the rate of 7 cents on the dollar. In other words, they pay the full value of their property in taxes every fifteen years making it practically a slow system of confiscation. ’ The fact is assessment of Lake Mills property is just one-tenth of its actual value, so that 7 cts. on the dollar would be just seven-tenths of a cent on the dollar of the actual value. .Slow confiscation indeed! The following statement from the county auditor shows this plainly "I do hereby certify that the reason the levy for taxes in Lake Mills so high is that the assessed valuation of real estate in said town is not up to the average valuation, and when valuation is low the levy will be high. For instance: The actual value of a certain property is $4,500 it is valued at 8450 a property worth 81.00D is valued at 81(A), and so in each case.” J. I-a ALSON, <’0. Auditor. As long as Lake Mills had saloons it was a miserable place; now it is a respectable town, with a steady growth and large business. It bas a public school aud school house that would be considered a honor to a town twice the size of Lake Mills. A splendid system of electric lights exists and substantial waterworks are now about completed Mnce ive got rid of the saloons drunk-eness has decreased and good order and morality greatly increased. We will not go into details in regard to money squandered, tile sins, misery and crimes caused by the saloons, hut we do not exaggerate when we say: I ne saloons are schools of ungodliness and all kinds of immorality, yea, a door co Heil. tor the sake of truth and temperance the undersigned citizens of Lake Mills protest against using our town as an advertisement for saloons, as was done *    ^    saloons advocates of Albert Lea.    Respectfully, t I * *    „ liEV- A■ J- Lee. f. J, Denison, Mayor. N. O. ISTYVE, F. M. .Joice, <>. S. OLSEN, F. JI. Southwick, N. A. Smith, City Council. Iowa, March ll, 1890. Still Figuring on the Profits. To the standard Relative to correspondence of your last week's number, signed T.-P to winch you say it raises only the pecuniary phase of the license question which is of second consideration:" .Now, honestly, don't it seem that the pecuniary phase is quite important? Doyen think the preachers, for instance would work so hard to close the saloons if they did not hope Hie money now spent in saloons would afterwards flow into the church treasury. Would the reverend gentlemen ii ho now talk saloon and license more than scripture or salvation care to have all the sinners from the saloon crowd into the churches unless such sinners became paying members? RutT.-I’.’s article wasaimed towards keeping taxation low for the oner yet sober laboring man, wbo now Ands it hard enough to support his family, the church and pay taxes. 8uppose such a man who now pays 810 taxes under license, next year, by scrimping and saving he has 820, out of which he intends to pay SIO for taxes, 85.00 for church dues, SI BO for Standard subscription and 83.50 for shoes for his children; but lie is informed bis taxes will consume the whole 820. Do you think to such a man the pecuniary phase of the license question is of second consideration, when he never spent a cent in the saloons, but now cannot pay for the church, the newspaper, his children to go barefooted, or else have his1 home sold for taxes? Such man will remember the false prophets who raised his taxes by voting license another year.    One: For Many. In answer to the above the corres-r6fe,r"d to tile commot I J f, the ,niiyor a,ld council of Rake Mills, published in this issue of the standard, It may be added that if the abolition of the drink evil, with ail its attendant enormous expenses its crimes and human miseries is desirable and a benefit to the community, it cannot otherwise than he a blessing both pecuniarily and otherwise to every individual and to everv family that is a member of it. New Spring Styles in Carpets and Draperies. New Kid Cloves for Easter. Beauty, fit, strength, style and durability are all combined in our productions. By far the largest assortment; by least 20 per cent the lowest prices. We carry in stock a large assortment of Ingrains, Three Plys, I apestry,Brussels, Body Brussels, Moquettes and \ elvet Carpets. Mens Furnishings. I Men’s fancy silk or satin neckwear in tecks, four-in-hands, 01 club string ties. bowl Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Headquarters for Garden and Field Seeds of all kinds. Put Em on Your Boys WHAT? for Rheumatism. Mere’s Your Cure Lanesboro Journal, John Turner of Amherst, who bas long been a great sufferer from rlieu-macism, is improving, ive are glad to hear under a treatment recommended by J. G. Moore of Harmony. Air I'urner bait not for a long time been able to rest ut night on account of the intense pain until he applied the rem-«iy suggested by Mr. id, which ”j the way is very simple and inexpensive and consists of wearing a copper insole on one of his feet and one made of zinc on the other. These insoles can be secured at any tin shop just the shape ot the foot and so cheaply that one suffering trom rheumatic troubles can well afford to try them. Our Boys’ Spring Suits at 85c and up. Till! s department of our business will be ii BRAINS and MOXEY will made Popular, do it. Always the Right Place. To get job printing, books. lets, circulars, commercial an'd^ Lake Mills. 0. S. Postal Guide, 1896, Just Issued. Very few of our business men know that the Post OfNce department at iv ashington issues in January of each year, a complete postal guide contain-lOOOpagea, an(j complete lists of lost Offices in the I'. S., arranged alphabetically, alt rules and regulations, money order offices and rulings of the department on postal matters, time of arrival and departure of foreign mails and much valuable information for the public on postal matters. The book is exceedingly valuable to those using the mails, rt is the guide for every postmaster in the ASSE* , luv,Lations aud caids, ladies steel plate calling cards-ei erything from a mammoth poster to a office8    ’13 at lhe 308 W. Broadway. 11 Join & Co. —I fact No. 1—The Standard is the oldest and largest job printing house in southern Minnesota. J aet No. ‘J—The Standard does work quickly, handsomely, and at lowest living prices. Remember our new quarters: Over Maimer a Henry’n store, nearly opposite the new opera house. The Standard News Printing House and Job country and is sold to business men by the pub Usher, Geo. F. Lasher, 117 N. 10th St I hiladelphia, Pa., in cloth cover, 82.5( r .60 or paper cover, 82.00. Can be ordered through our postmaster aud every business man should secure a copy I he Superb Service Of the enterprising Minneapolis A: 8t. Louis road enables you to reach Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Kansas City and all western points with ease. speed and comfort.    7120 Hinneapolis Cycle Show. I his promises to be the biggest and most interesting event of the kind ever held in the northwest, and one which is likely to interest the wheelmen and wheelwomen everywhere. The Show will include exhibits by all the leading manufacturers; a demonstration of the running of horseless carriages; a Six-day race by the fastest lady riders in the country; trick riding, costume displays, band concerts 1 parades, electric displays and oilier j brilliant features. Excursion rates on all railroads one and one third fare for the round trip Hie show begins April 0 and will continue through Hie week. ll Is Very Convenient. lf you are going to St. Paul or Minneapolis tor a day s business, use eithei of the following trains, leaving Albert ii at o:18 u. in. or <5 a. in,, and return* jug at 9:15 p. m. or 10:55 p. m. You lose no time in traveling.    7t2o H Everything I N G ES On tho kind of Hardware you Imy. Hell ie, Stigen & Co. are sole agents in Albert Lea tor f lie famous Sterling Hinge, A nit ot which in shown above. This hinge is twice as strong as  ordinary hinge double its Buy no other. any si zi A re I km rig closed out tit cost, \ ours for Squat KctTVthinu' in I) PGiKltf ami army a re. Stigen o & c o.

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