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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Mar 18 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - March 18, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTime Want Ads Win n the Standard’s Want Column. VOL. XXXIX. Early Spring Ads In the Standard Eioduce Hig Profits. A LH KUT I/KA, MINN., WEDNESDAY MARCH IIIJHINENN CJA lf IXC*. w. I. TOOD J s, I 890, J A WYRE. OFFICE IN TMK KBW OPERA hou*«> UIock. Albert l.ea, Winn. HINH VA. MORGAN, A TTORKBY At LAW COUNTY A1TOK-*1 n«*v Office In GuloriMi(i«oi> Hluck, Krona war, AllwrtL*-a, Mum. BUEL A CHURCH, I AKAI. KATA TK, LAW, I NRU KA NGK. I I Diam and C»l!f*ctk>ii* lim,,,-, for Mal** and HMA. Office In Opera Muck. Albert I,*-*, IMM The Big 4 Clothiers. SMOTHERED SPEECH whie ll HTH I Congressman Mcmand. Republican, Resigns his Seat, oniuroe weeks in fat of foreign na* bels while a ha* Improvement of rn of the United Minn R. a. FARNSWORTH. \ TTtlRftKY AT LAW PH ACTU KH IN AM. J I the rn ria. Careful attention ulven lo dont* tnerclal and other collections. Office In Wed ca Winter or Spring. I bus (laming the Only Opportunity Allowed Him by Clar Reed to Speak. A Ital low ( l.ea, Minn. Block. Paonia I and 2. Albert ♦ SH OOCTOR NISSEN. /IKADUaTE KHOU NOK WA Y. OFFICE I > 1 over Lion OruK Store, Bromine. Alii eft l^a, Minn. roantalnstreet. Albert l>a M. TODD. M. 0 AND RU KO KON. OFFICE hospital on J PHYSICIAN t In rear of Hri^*' Drug strrrr Just now when “ordinary clothiers” have slim stocks, the HIG FOUR tables are piled nigh with new goods of every description. New Winter Suits have just been received, bought at the last end of winter from the best eastern w ere w illing to part with them for a cash them on to you, -    - Scathing Denunciation of Congress. Host Remarkable Speech Bver Delivered in That lindy. I a Way to c Ibotit t he w I * ais and foreign rf j not Olin word for tin J Hie industrial cond I ti I5 tnt^s of America. H bile men wander I in nundteiUof thousands without work i yid while other and more numerous, Ii u lid teds of thousands eke out a mis* ; erahle existence in a land which has nevet failed to produce bounteously of ! Address by all things, while the industrious and frugal lament in rags, the loss in broken banks of the savings of years, while children turn to the jail as criminals bef orc —    * dairy association NO. 12 Session Proses Highly Interesting and Profitable. Prof. I. L. I Meeker and f ertile Discussion. A County Dairymen's Sch OO I Held March 17. to be manufacturers, who song, and w e pass tim W. C. MERRILL. DRN J IMI. OFF BCR IN NKW el ttn-r4 ft»u»e liiiick, room and I Albert Lea Mlim, u at H. A. PAINE. A R/'ll r TF. CT AND it CI LDF R FLANS suitable for wearing nine months in the year, of Mian limed Aii<1 contract* taken fur all el*. work lu city and country. A Hurt Le*, Iffy I MOOERN WOODMEN Or AMERICA. ( IHI NCO PIM CAMI* NOMS HOLDS KF.OU-tar meetm** at Odd Fellow*’ Hall ever* first aud third Wednesday ev*olr,p* uf i-wf, month.    J    ji    cl    alk    V    ( I K HALVORSEN, Clark C. L. COLEMAN- These suits are and are sold at this price because the NKW SPRING SUITS are also crowded on to the Clothing tables. Suits that are the newest and the best styles the world affords. Manufacturer and Dealer in wish The Big 4 Furnishing Department. IOO dozen fancy and white, laundried shirts at 4©0 •And All Kinds of Building Material. Y ani at the old stand IMMU Milwaukee depot. A. J. STADHEIM, Agent. We laved lot* of money for other Panel* during uwr,. Mud win try agafo very hard in i«*r,. ai n,*-~*w We have closed out the entire lot of loo do/.tn, which includes a large range of patterns all perfectly made to be worn with white collars and detached reversible cuffs. The regular price of these shirts is $1.00. Our price to close quickly only....................... See them in Our Window. Enterprise Iron Works. Machine Shop and Foundry. ALBERT LEA. MINN. i’hII «hi u« for antiking iii our Un*, tactic °r 'mmU' *u*riint^* MU*- J. W. VENESS, Prop. THE BIG FOUR CLOTHIERS, Leaders ii Men’s, Boys’ & Children's Ready-to-Wear Clothing. Gage, Hayden & Co. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. THE FARMERS’ INDEPENDENT LUMBER YARD. Brut quality of Lumbar, I aith, 8hm glen,Sash, Doors, Building Paper, and Buildera’ Supplies a1 ways on band and Told at I Lowest Market Rates. Yard on Broadway, South of Court House. C. G. JOHNSRUD. . Manager. IIL Chicago Record, At this lune, when congress Is presumably the meat prominent object within tile view of the people, it is more than astounding that the earnest and almost revolutionary address of ■?, y°"r,& congressman Nieruand, which was uttered in the executive session of Feb. 30, bas been so successfully smothered and has penetrated to so insignificant a distance beyond the walls of the capitol. That address, ae companied as it was by the resignation of this courageous representative who had just entered upon his first term, caused an upheaval in the house such as its history knows naught of and Hie skill manifested by the party leaders in suppressing it indicates that that brand of statesmanship which lies in “fooling all the people most of the time” is sui! at its nighest development in Washington, It was in relation to the Cuban resolutions that congressman ,Niemand spoke, and although the Congressional Record, that well-edited compilation of false pretenses, has no mention even of the executive session iii question, we are enabled to present the most direct portions of the brave young member's arraignment of bis fellows. “It is only after a hard battle for recognition of my own belligerency, •Mr, Speaker,” be began, “that I at last succeeded in making myself heard in this hall. Through weeks of vexation and chagrin caused by the determined Boort of one man from one part of one state in the great array of common wealths which make up our republic to manipulate the sessions of this house to better advance bis own political ambitions, I have sat here and felt myself a recreant to my people for not devising some means to make this, ic part at least, a representative body —representative so far as concerns my constituency and that course of conduct to which I pledged rnvself on accepting my nomination. I have observed with an attention which utterly precludes the idea that I may be mistaking the course of procedure so magnificently directed by the gentleman from Maine whom I have the honor to address as the speaker of this house. I have noted how carefully he scans a1) things which are or which may possibly be brought before bito before permitting anything to be done which might be even suspected by bim to have an influence on a race for a higher office, which has become a mama w ith him. I have observed too the manner in w hich old friendships in this bouse, which have clustered about bim, have assisted him in carrying out a program me of inaction w hich is as criminal as it is inflexible. I have never before succeeded in getting the floor in tins house, but today the pre- before they tnrntothe school as pupils w hile the country is shocked daily bv amazing crimes growing out of social I conditions that require the roost con-I seleniums and tiresome effort for their i n.»    , amelioration, this congress struts and In#* ' '•    * change in Hie date stalks and crows like the cock of the So»Tnr th! J,1*® Htt*,|,d*,,ce at tile aes- “I the I-reelmrn county dairy HHso- not as large as it might although the city council comfortably filled :„Hj Don t Hiss Anything-. Slock: are now at their best, and shows the- wonderful success of our buyer, in Xan iL from foreign and domestic -im.™ *„u crows like the cock of the ■i.nTnr •l l morn,,,* In Braise of the reals of arms J Sol ‘ii” * of men oil far away shores, or vrows I sturdy In its stanch American determi- .    . .    --------an determi nation to have a finger in every affair ol state on tins hemisphere whatever the prior rights of the bona-fide parties at interest. Abandoning the wage- Ti10 no tonger earn wages but "alk the highways in vaults full of mmiev rags, we spend f for the behoof of a quarrelsome republic which, when it is not turning somersaults of revolution, is picking light with greater nations like a Hotdog snapping at the legs of an unconscious ami well-behaved Newfoundland. We have practically declared our purpose to bequeath to ourselves a future of protection over a continent of snarling caterwaulers; we have made ourselves the guardian of a large bagful of black cats with their tails tied together, and what on eartii We are to do with them I know not unless it is to haul them out of their sack every two or four years and hold them admiringly up to the view of the people, and, while turning them this way and that, so that their gashes and scratches and bitten ears may be the better seen, proclaim upon the beauties or our vigorous foreign policy of protection to orphaned wildcats. 1 es, we have had time to interfere in a1 these affairs of countries beyond our boundaries, hut we have had no line to pass laws to assure a steady commerce and an undisturbed finance ’ e ,have pursued prize-fighters all over trie land and have spent a week in failing to stop a fight which lasted less than t wo minutes. In that we claimed a great virtue, and yet in New York. I think it was, since that law was passed a patriot named Tommy Ryan was pulped for some fourteen rounds by a noble freedman named McCoy, other-*1*®® ‘Kid, and we have beam nothing of it, It just happened that sitting down on the twm particular pugilists whom I first mentioned was the'popular tiling and this congress is delerm-1 pied to run with the hounds when it ii ii its no man's candidacy, hut rather gives him something to claim a reelection lor. \ es, we had a week for this pugilistic hypocrisy of ours, but we have had not one moment for real, solid, sensible American home affairs. VY e have danced about our borders giv-o1*’ /Jur alteaGon to the land of the Bio Grande aud the swamps of Venezuela and the canebrakes of Cuba, and in a cowardly, weak way we uttered a word or t wo about that slaughterhouse or the world, Armenia, hut when we found that, did we take measures to succor victims of Turkish butchery we would be actually interfering with the plans of countries like Russia and Germany, which know how to fight and room was goodly number of creameries were re presented last Friday afternoon. Hie meeting was called to order by president Lawson, and secretary Hal-vorsen, after reading the minutes of the previous meeting, brought un a •abject which I. of vital iSSw't! ““} that of cheaper Ineor I alice. Ile read a letter from Dresden* wffit    \ 1 T    fye* and saliafy every «mt. Not only are the assortment* now e prices are adjusted lo figures passel that but the suit every purse. i, .       from    president Henry Ames, of the state association in which hi* stated that he was one of __  as    one    of a committee to formulate a plan of mutual insurance. Circulars were also read from the *    '    " Lisbon, Iowa, mutual creamery insurance company, which showed that tbecost of their insurance was two per cent per 91JOOO. (J. Jobns-rud made the point that the Iowa company only allowed a *1,000 policv and a general discussion followed .J' Freeman spoke at length on the benefits of mutual insurance with which lie had had considerable experience, and read from a number of circulars to support his arguments.    —few* Prof T. L. Ilaecker, of the state dairy school and secretary of tbs state dairy association, here came in and was introduced. He told of the work his association was doing in the matter and explained that owing to the present law 8tmi,oou in insurance had to be raised before a company could be incorporated. Several somewhat sarcastic allusions were made concerning dairymen legislators who allowed such a law to be enacted. The professor also stated that the reb*1*110,1 I* J’rt*PHrinK * list of reliable and honest commission men to »rLVle &uidanc« for nil new cream-cries lf a creamery is “caught” after this list is prepared it will he by its own fault. He asked a number of 8u^j>ct a»d responded Ladies’ New Spring Jackets. Capes and Separate Skirts. New Spring Dress Goods and Silks. File Cut, lined, finished and made to fit like custom work, at prices almost below cost of raw terial. cream of the season’* nattiest novelties. ma- New Spring Styles in Carpets and Draperies. New Kid Cloves for Easter. Beauty, style and Lf, strength, durability are all combined in our productions. II By far the largest assortment; by least 20 per cent the lowest prices. We carry in stock a large assortment of Ingrains, Three Plys, Tapestry,brussels, Body Brussels, Moquettes and V elvet Carpets. I totbem in his usual interesting way VT..Sand berg. F. D. Drake, Ta V andegrift’ M. Flalvorsen,AAV. Trow, :\. 0. Rakken and others auhWf .    .1 8poke 011 the subject, and the prevailing opinion seemed to be thai the creameries should support a state insurance company G. Johnsrud strongly favored extending. Ii pow®*: °* the dairy commissioner in the matter of inspection. He also brought up the matter of fining people S etoYW unclean milk and suggested that it he put into the bands of the justices instead of the district court. A resolution was adopted to defer the luestion, and further expressing approval and promising the support at the association for the plan of cheap mutual insurance, Prof. Ilaecker was again called on and gave an highly interesting talk on dairy interests in ~    *    1 Mens Furnishings Men,3.£ancysiu 1UIS^ wear in leeks, silk or satin neck-„ four-in-hands, nows 01 club string ties. Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Headquarters for Garden and Field Seeds of all kinds. Meals of All Kinds at Hard Tile? Prices for Calli Only! xentatiun of my resignation as s mein-1 aS!cJ have neVt-Jfahen into the breezy fU the^tatetnhlJ.PTvf^?1111 the work -------- American    way    of    declaring    war    with    a    I    J^attrmpt    to    «ivi> Aller! Lea College, Big Benefit for Poor and Rich. FOB TOOKS LADIES. A HOARDING SCHOOL WITH ALL THS Comfort* and Hamlin) Murroundiutc* ol Home Life. Nom but #*(rnt-Vla** In truetmrm Employe*!. Studio* embrace a Complete College Course. «'i Catalogue aud other Information address, Mer. H. JU Abbott, MI. II , President, or II «. Marker, Hee. of Executive Committee, Albert M^ea. Minn. Brundin Bros. propose to meet the needs and harmonize prices with the size of everybody's pocketbooks. They have cut everything. Look at these prices: Beef, boiling pieces, Beef, roasts, Beef, shoulder steaks, Beef, round steaks, 3 to 4 cents. 6, 7 and 8 cents. 4 lbs for 25 cents. 214 lbs for 25 cents. MORIN Beef, sirloin steaks, -    -    10    cents    per lh. Veal, Pork and Mutton at like low prices. Mild sugar-cured Ham,    9    cents. Picnic Hams, sugar-cured,    -    -    61/.    cents. Break fast-Bacon, only    -    -    -    8    cents. find ani Tile Ms ALBERT LEA, MINN. Pressed Brick, Common Brick, And All Sizes of. Farm Drain Tile. HT Farmers are especially requested to call and inspect the works. W. A. MORIN, Proprietor. First National fiat. ALBERT LEA, MINN. Capital, Surplus, a 5o,ooL (1,000 General Banking. Farm Loans egotiated. Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Foreign Exchange Bongbt and Sold Sale Deposit Vanlt. HARRY JONES, -    - President. (I. GULBRANDSON, - Vicepresident. AUGUST PAULSON. -    -    -    Cashier. ti Extensive Quantities of Meats of all kinds Constantly on Hand We Are The People.” Brundin Bros. Broadway and Clark Street. her gives me the opportunity to ex press ms self which I fancy some other men who did not come here to he used as screws, bolts, rods and wheels in a gigantic mech I ne would be delighted to have. As I look back upon the record of this congress and as I dip into the future and inspect its promise I am amazed at the difference between it and the representative bodies of the days when our republic was young, r or myself I cannot conceive that the house of representatives was instituted for the purpose of political kindergar telling. I cannot, even though Ute year be 1896, believe that over 12,OOOOX) men went to the polls last fail in sunny weather aud rainy, In storm and stress, and at discomfort and loss of time to themselves, for string to it,which string shall be jerked hack after election day, we meekly decided mat it was rfb affair of ours, and so discreetly withdrew and threw clods and eggs at .Spain, a country bankrupted beyond the possibility of self-defense. A few days ago I read in a newspaper the platform of a former congressman, who is now from Ohio, magnetizing the country. It was, ‘protection to the American wageworker so that he shall make good wages, a dollar worth IOO cents, a free ballot and a fair count ami the upholding of the American nag. If there eyer was a greater emission of that which we call buncombe I never heard of it. His platform ? Is this not the platform of every honest American citizen? Suppose a candi- pose of sending here^somethtne Uke I dat®,°.ffer?d *lia>»eif for^he^presidency t*ie presidential ambition of any one Retail Markets: DIRECTORS: O. Oui brand non, Tho*. W. Wilson, EH. Rich, Bf - O. Hauknesa. T. M. Blacking Clon a. Flladt, V. Goibrandson, P.M. Joice, Harry Jon**. Discount Sale! Visit Our 25 percent Discount Sale on Furniture, Carpets and Lace Curtains, BigBargainson ParlorGoods Money saved by Buying from Us. Johnson, Peterson & Clausen. man; neither can I believe that these voters performed the sacred office of Buffi age so that 400 men more or less should nj uke this house simply the nesting place for reelection eggs which are to be hatched by the warm and fervid incubation ot a bogus patriot-. -I charge, sir, that the members of this house, who thus far have managed to obtain recognition on this floor, have uniformly spoken for the benefit of their respective parties and have fought bitter fights with w’ooden laths among themselves over technical points of party aggrandizement Hie while the country has been allowed to drift on and on and on like a derelict abandoned at sea and viewed only with fear by uneasy mariners. They have risen in serried ranks and Hie gentleman from Georgia has had much to say of the conduct In committee of the gentleman from Illinois, but all this utterance sifted shows that thn country would be monstrously well off without one word of it. Not so specifically about this did I wish to speak as concerning that other game of congressional thimblerigging, which is called patriotism, but which is as near an approach to the patriotism of AY asliington and of Lincoln as is the country road traveled by Coxey’s army will not steal; murder must no longer be committed by presidents; I will pay my debts.' But this candidate, who you will notice learned his trade of sophistry in this hall, stuffs his hand into his breast pocket and proclaims himself the man of virtue whom the gods love for these opinions he holds. Gentlemen, when I wa* elected to this congress I had high ideas of statesmanship and -duty to my country, for I had read of a certain Randolph, a Calhoun, a Clay and a Webster. But my resig-nation has been given in. I have also a6 * 1 Ananias and Judas Iscariot. As I look about me, Mr. .Speaker, upon yourself and this house full of living the various points which he presented would be impossible, and time and space will not permit it, but the ques- w1^    . l,ie *eneral discussion which followed showed that his effort was enjoyed and appreciated. He spoke of the slowness of the growth of dairy Xintro?* ai° th.e. firreat prosperity of on? W£ere dairy,n& is Die leading industry. Creameries have to be fairly forced on to the farmers. There is pienty of room for all the creameries and cheese factories. In one township in YYisconsm there are sixteen cheese ThlJaJ/ui 01 ttu‘rn pr03perous. creameries in Minnesota and 800 in Iowa. He read an entertaining report on the work of ten cows the cost to feed, the amount of milk’and butter given and the profits from them some of them netting as high as #2.50 per week. He described correct methods feeding and caring for cows and milk; spoke of different tests and in spection of milk and extreme cleanliness. I Suits, Pants, Shirts, Hats, Gaps, Etc. J he association gave Prof. Ilaecker a vote of thanks for his kindness in coming and for his interesting address. file subject of a manager for the dairy exhibit ut the state fair the coming year from southern Minnesota was discussed and laid over. N. T. Sandberg brought up the matter of inspection of the stables of creamery patrons, and J, ii. Jones strongly advocated it. After consultation with Prof Haeck er, it was decided to hold a dairy meet- itlcr nr u/ilw t/tl of » I. __  .    *    *__ Early for Cash CHEAPER Than Ever. You Get the Benefit, both Men and Boys. Call and look over the best stock for the money ever offered you. lungs and palsied'Consciences' and Marchf i!'?COUrt h,0U8e* Fr‘daY juiil L711    “    .    *.•    p’m'’ which will be fraudulent designs on the congressional Record, I am filled with gladness that I go before I myself get into the green tf.ood3 way. When I am far away I shall think of you and the more I think of you the better I shall like the big villains whose misdeeds have made them notorious, but who, unfortunately for them, have mostly been caught and hung or sent to * the tiaries." addressed by that gentleman and perhaps others.    1 After discussing several minor mat ters the convention adjourned April 3. until peniten a sloppy and muddy comparison with the golden streets of the new Jerusa lem. Why should it be necessary for men to rise day after day in this hall and distort their faces and in frenzy shake the cuffs off the ends of their shirt sleeves in proclamation of the fact that they are liberty-loving freemen who wouiu sooner die than see tyranny come tyrannying around in this region ? It is to be expected that every man in this hall is a citizen and a lover of his country, else he has no business here, and if he feels that he must tell and reiterate and spasmodically affirm that he worships his country’s flag, I for one begin to gather the idea that he wants to wrap the flag about his body, not for love of the ensign, but to warm his political hopes in its fold* or to conceal his possibly ill-favored personality by its glorious fiber, Mr. Speaker, I am not alone in this theory of the vehement patriotism Lh S. Postal Guide, 1896, Just Issued. ,, Very lew of our business men know that the Post Office department at VV asliington issues in January of each year, acomplete postal guide containing 1000 pages, aud complete lists of l ost Offices in the 17, S., arranged alphabetically, all rules and regulations, money order offices and rulings of the department on postal matters, time of arrival and departure of foreign mails, and much valuable Information for the public on postal matters. The book is exceedingly valuable to those using the mails. It is the guide for every postmaster in the country and is sold to business men by the pub-**e0, * • basher, 147 N. 10th St. I hiladelpbia, Pa., in cloth cover, #2 50 or paper cover, #2.00. Can he ordered through our postmaster and every business man should secure a copy. The Cheapest Rates. Kau road fare is an important item of expense. The agents of the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad are always In position_to give the lowest rates ob- BL1TLR THAN GOLD OR SILVER. A First-Clasa Investment or the Right Chance to Secure a Farm Home in Five flinutes Drive from the Albert Lea Post Office. As the owner wants to quit fanning he offers his farm of 80 acres for sale at a bargain. It is located 2 miles from the court house, Albert Lea on a main road; all fenced; all plow laud J) acres good meadow, timothy of grass land; fine grove native trees I frame house, nine rooms; frame barn 1 granary, sheds, two good wells and I other improvements. A splendid chanco for a farm-home ! near the city; convenient for a business man and desirable for anybody who wants a first-class tract of land foi farming, stock-raising or dairying. I ruly a bargain such as is rarely of-fered. Would take in part payment desirable residence property in Albert 308 W. Broadway. lf. lf. Join & Ho. D. HURD & SONS. CLOVER, HERBS. All Fresh,TIMOTHY. FLOWERS, New and atMILLET, Vegetable, ReasonablePEAS, SEED CORN Prices.I‘armers and Gardeners, be sure and buy your SEEDS bol tin* (jarden, bield and Meadow, from By request of the owner further particulars will be furnished at the STANDARD office. lOtf D. Hurd & Sons. tamable. They take pleasure iu giving information.    ^t20 The Superb Service Of the enterprising Minneapolis & st, Louis road enables you to reach Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Kansas City and all western points with ease speed and comfort.    7^20 Luther Academy WE HAVE S,®*ceNT* a rn iiri lea, nix s. ^•For Boti! S©3c©s.— T ii ree Courses: A endemic, ('urn rn ereial Rates Low .    Musical. For further information address, L. a. HW EX SOX, Principal. consumer a* ~fr*i«—!■ I'Hcm Ship    w!Ute* tm timiiutt tartare aal* Kvervttmi* assai

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