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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - March 11, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesota——Tim* Want Ads Win n t he Standard\s Want Column. Early Spring Ads In the Standard Produce Big Profits. VOL. XXXIX. A LLL! ii LR A, M I X XWEDNESDAY M AI Ii lf i:f*f .’N’ KMM ( A l<nr*. It 11. I SOO. w. t. rooo. AWVKU. OFHUklN itll NKW DTK KA I lion »• 1.1*i.n. Albert Lr**, Mioii As Announced HAN AV A. MORGAN, \ I I o It N K \ AT LAW (‘OC .STY n*n,    III    Gill w*|, AllwrtL.it, YI mn. YTTOK ntiiiituti Blo* k in nail | » KAI. I V I..'Itll Hint Ur ill, M nm BUIL A CHURCH, hi HT A TK, LAW, INXI'KYM K i him! tHun »« lur Mal*-Office Iii Op.r* Hoc*, Ailwri I am, Ani* ROUM) ABOUT US. NO LICENSE AU THE CK). NO. ll EXCELSIOR 11 \CH A NOE Selected Nooks- A. •. FARNWORTH. \ TI OKS KY AT LA 'N TIUCTU KM IN ALI. * V lite cutin*. Can ful kltciitXin iii veil ui colli in.-ri ut kini other colic iloris (mice Iii Widj..- * Barlow Le*, Minn Block. Rooms I aud i Albert 111    t*4 DOCTOR NISSEN. ^ _t RA DC AI K I H< > W SOKWAY ^    OKKfCF I over Lion Drug Blore, HrotMiway. Alb «rl Lek, Minn. J. M. TOOO, M. 0. OHYSIC1AN AND BURGEON. OFFICE I In resr of Brl#**’ Drug store, hospital od rOMtWD kl feet, Albert Lek. BHI W. C MERRILL. TYK»T IMI. OKKIt KIS NKW open b illie block, room mud I Albert Lea Minn. N. A. RAINE, AND Kl II,GKK V I*'HI TW I AND KCI LD KR PLASM ii drawn and contract* taken for kl! clavae. of work MIDD Im city Mild country. Albert I.*-*, I tty I MOOERN WOODMEN Of AMERICA. ( IHINCOPIN CAMI* NO WW IVO LDR KKGU-V tar meeting, at Odd Fellow.' Hall ever Drat aid third Wednesday evening* of eacl J D CLARK. V 0. month I K lf ALVOKmKN, Clerk (’. Ii. COLEMAN. Man ii flit lurer mid Dealer in Lflfflber, “■ Stogies — Abd All Kinds of— Building Material. Yard ut the old stand OMI .Milwaukee depot. A. J, STADHEIM, Attent Wm a.vert lot* of money for other peoote during IMS, and win iry again wry bard in IMA, at iln**~“>. Enterprise Iron Works. Machino Shop and Foundry. ALBERT LEA, MINN. Call on a* for M viking In our line. g*e»t or amal!. Wa guarantee »ati»- faCtHHi    lf I. W. VENESS, Prop. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. Last week the opening at the new store occurred on March 5, and was a success in every respect. Visitors Found Goods All perfectly new, fresh and stylish. Just what they have been hoping for, and all are .... Greatly Pleased. Such nice and inviting goods go fast and our trade has been so surprisingly large that we have had to send orders to the markets almost daily for further supplies. Really a Novel Event to see such an entirely clean, fresh and fashionable stock of goods as ours, and the beauty of it is we shall not permit them to remain and fade on our shelves. The styles and prices will sell them—no fear about that. Scrap* of New* from Near Item* of interest to Everybody, Architects pronounce the Waseca court holing lineate. Nobles county has nine newspapers and most of them ext st--that’* ail. Tbs SS inona telephone nyntem will I be extended into neighboring counties Ice Is being shipped from White! Bear lake north of St. Paul to st. Louis. I A traveling man was fined gin the i other day for drawing a revolver on a Jackson landlord. loon League f ormed and Headquarters Established--Only No-License Candidates to be Support cd--Predict lo fin of Success by a Big Majority. I ii** anti-license movement increases in interest and is the most absorbing topic of the town. Judging by the claims of friends of the cause and by the expressions of many who have heretofore favored license an Hie better policy it seems that license will be It took one hundred and seventy-five defeated by a considerable maioritv columns of the St. Paul Globe to print At toe last election the majority tor the Ka rn sey county delinquent tax list. j license was 172; so that a change of Mayor Shafer bas been renominated fab<jut Du Votes this year is quite likely for reelection in Owatonna, and mayor b’^ausform Albert Lea into a probi- Johnson is a candidate for another term in Austin. Northfield proceeded illegally under Hie primary election law aud candidates had to get their names on the tickets by petition. Herman Hermes, of st. Charta, who has been asleep most of the time, very strangely, for Ii veaig, is awake now. He can eat but little, arid no meat. to transform billon town. A league, composed of citizens mostly who have been more or less patrons or the saloons heretofore, has been organized to work against license and its members are evidently very much iii earnest. Several meetings have been held. headquarters have been established in the Albert Lea Mercantile Company block, officers have been elected and the I,.    «    ..    .    I.      ww    campaign    has    been It has been discovered that senator f«lly inaugurated. Following are the Miller, of Luverne, attributes his elec- articles which all have signed: lion to the swiftness of a w heel—and . Inasmuch as th« saloon Is a detrlmeni and it wasn t a wheel in his head either. I *****'he prosperity of any community J ,thHr*nf" W    namH    °f H W I -    and'11ne* Icu'i'abIc!Xtc*^EwsfawiMir* Lightly, of Oakland, to checks for vari- 1    1 lhl* organi/artou ami adopt tim following ous small sums. passed them on Au*    *    momwg tin merchants, and escaped before the fraud was discovered. It is Rochester, Austin, >nd other towns as well as Albert Lea, are complaining about heavy public expenditures arui to<» high taxes and, as usual, propose to stop it at the spring elections. A dialect debate w as held at Hayfield lately Carious dialects of the .Scandinavian language were the ones principally used and Hie attempts at “tongue twisting’ were amusing iii theextreme. The solidly republican town of Forest City was treated to a surprise at the election there last week. The democrats and populists combined caught their opponents napping and made a clean sweep. John I as our cooatltutloD: ARTICLE f. .V. I. The name of this organization shall turn ’ Inaepenfieut Aati-Saioon Organl/a- ARTICLC II. N'cn-m / The officers of this orsanizaMon shell consist of a president, tic** president sec njiHZr    SUMI aa eternise tZard coS- *i»fiujc of three members, to be appointed bv the IJSi?-11-"86—1*? MUbtbi proper and essential ttttaUou    perform    the    work    of    this    orga ARTICLE IIL ,Th* Purpose and object of this or* a titration I* to work and vote against I teen A ameer*! ® Ut-,nto*k’“Ung liquors In the city of ii *ii*    ,,M5 Illicit sale Of In- to*lci»tini{ liquors tiierelo, and to faithfully and diligently work for no lieensetotheend that the vote upon the lioense question shall bs against granting license to any saloon In said city, ARTICLE IV. Heck, who a few months ago established a republican newspaper in Y\ aseea expects to get Hie post office in that town as a reward for his superior purty services w hen a republican president is elected. Congressman Tawney is to deliver the “goods.” I wo La Crosse men, Williams and Morrison, were found guilty in district court at Caledonia last week of com mitting a terrible assault and robbery at night on W. E. Potter at L,t Crescent arid It is a Pleasure were each sentenced by judge VV iiytock to ten years in state s prison, A Winona minister secretly got a divorce from his wife several months ago, by her consent, it appears, and continued to live with her till last week, when he stepped over into Wisconsin and married another Ie v, leaving his former wife and two grown up daughters to look after themselves. Neches f, No officer or member or any Bum- *lmiI i.I^r M.r,.mi"Inb*‘r* of Uh* organization ,1    t"* n*ht vr power to promise or ,h® "“pport of this organization or any g-U,JtaIber«.» any candidate or candidates for office, hut the sole and only object ami our pose of me organization shall be lo w.,rkand ItoMMiag saloon* lo said city, but nothing herein contained shall be construed a* hi any manner abrldlng the right of any roem-^TL.U .r1*,,d J01® ,or ‘he candidate or can-dldane of bls Individual choice the same as lf Im Ta lh    ot    ,h* ‘•ntanttauoo. pro- viuea the candidate or candidates thus support-,7, orjom for are lo sympathy with or not unfriendly to our cause. Effulgence--Excellent Emanations Exclusively Epitomized. J ti. Hamlin, Bine Earth City Post v\ lieu yr*m see a doctor and a gravn-Rtoue man in consultation, it looks dubious lur somebody. O. G. Watt, North Iowa Times, McGregor: The republicans are becoming so hopelessly divided on the slJver Juefr Hon that they are likely to find their future all behind them. C. K McDonald, tit aoud Time* I his is a free country, and, as the duuppomted Teuton sagely remarked I he longer What you live. the morel you finds by dunder out.” Ie*, ie Mathews. Hen*oa Monitor »h2«?*h/l7e* a1 ways proceeded on the' vir?i7 L** political call is an ad-Xfr    ’    *,,d hav® always charged for the same accordingly. L. P. Hunt, Maokato Free Press: . J* “JI"** °f HW south pay taxes Frettv'J I*?*'000 W',rth 0f ProP«*l,t7* I retty good fora race which has been out of bondage less than a third of a century. C I>. linden, Austin Transcript . Vr® ®r® g[sd to see that other cities in .Minnesota are waking up to their th1* ftare    measures to elect the best men to local offices, irrespective of party. E C. Huntington. Windom Reporter Every man in planning his day's work, should lay aside at least two I1    V’f>Hrifv people lie of fended the day before. Sometimes it needs a whole day. A. Ii Allen. Jackson Republic ^alf Hie papers that come to tins oftice are booming some man for some office, and when the man gets the office he never will know the editor thnt brought him into prominence. " I Drcbert Cbatflcld Democr-it .tis,*/*110," has not a very great stock of merit who has to spend the la M Mill Slut. ll,,,,'' K.. ^fixtures. Designs or Qualities . ti i.k inc or varied, and prices are mucli below the moderate figures of previous seasons. I lie departments are all abloom with the fresh Beauty of Spring Goods. New Dress Goods and Sillts. Of (he Newest, Prettiest, Choicest Foreign and Domestic -Novelties to choose from. Simpson’s Best Prints, New Spring Carpets, Curtains and Remnants 2 to IO lengths, per yard 5c. va rd Draperies. ISecond Floor j | rn Cloak Dept. I Second Floor A few more left, dust the lrrZoL*°J??n of h‘s Um” running same a* to get gold dollars mint tof 1 U’ prais® his own schieve- for r»() con f« ments and decry the work of others. '    Cents Iguatlus Donnelly, The KepresenUtlv 8h1ou.,d n«ver lie forgotten that shrouds have no pockets,” and that however much dirty "gear” a man may gather in this life, he has to go into the next world naked as a new born babe. Cl. 8. Pease. Anoka Union Our immense department is fairly crowded with new goods of every description. (roods are so arranged that VAH OOtY ElA/v      •    a    1 you can see minutes than a half day. more in ten elsewhere in l®n m® t he big sleeves Farmers “"•! »kin tight are te Uke their places. I rn not sorry. The big "homay need Grass Seeds, REMEM-BER we reclean all our seeds before placing on market. kePt us men at an uucom-change anca ari^ I ’m longing for a ARTICLE V. ffrffeRJ- Thl* orxanlzatlon shall remain lo-iHt-i s* well aficr the cltr eiecilou of April 18s*5 D* bwfofo, for tho purpose of enforcing the f* cBy and state sod preventing -ill Illicit (raffle In and sale of Intoxicating Ila uom In sa d cliv anc t.. .rn ,,..i    ..F irs in said city, and to ald and assist in the said taw punishment of offenders against ARTICLE VI 1 ■ The duties of the respective officers of Hie O' ionization shall be same as by common u**ge *md custom are ordinarily Imposed upon such ( Ulcers aud such other duties a* GOVERNMENT BY COAL BARONS. such other duties as may be prescribed by resolution or by-law at any time Passed and adopted March I. A. D. 1896. THE FARMERS' INOEFENOENI LUMBER VARO. B*-,t quality of Lumber, Lath, Shirt git**, ""utsh, Doors, Building Paper, and Bullder»’ Mipplie* always on hand and fold at Lowest Market Rates. Yard on Broadway, Mouth or Court Uouse C. G. JOHNSRUD. - Manager. To show such goods. All are cordially invited to call. Alter! Lea Colte rOB TOURS LADIES. A HOARDING SCHOOL WITH ALL TDK Comfort* and Beautiful Surroundings of Hume Life. None but ”**    - —-    - *    ..----— Vlrmt-CtmtB '/ss- fmcfors Employed. Studies embrace a .Complete Coliege Course. oi Catalogue and other Information address, Her. H. M. Abbott, D. B.t I'resident, or I). «. Barker, Sec. of Executive Committee. Albert I,eel. .Winn Meats of All Kinds at Hard Ties Prices for Casli Only! Big Benefit for Poor and Rich. MORIN A Monopoly That Rivals Even Standard Oil—National Ownership the Only Remedy. Progressive Age A little While ago the coal barons met in New York City, and by a formal vote decided to advance the price of coal for seventy millions of people one dollar per ton. The other day they had another meeting and they decided to restrict the output tins year a (Treat many million tons. In this way they expect to cut down the expenditure in wages and advance the price of coal above its present exorbitant rate. It seems almost incredible that the American people will permit such impositions to be practiced upon them. Weare now paying, in this northwestern country, three or four dollars a tori more for coal than we ought to pay, and the chances are that we will have to pay another dollar per ton to keep uur families warm. We have to thank the coal barons and the railroad magnates for this imposition upon us. ai    sells    at    the breakers from 91.66 to 02.00 per ton, We have been paying from seven to eight dollars for it in the northwest. lf the people of this republic will tolerate any such tyranny for any great length of time they deserve to be called The officers are:    IL A. Morgan president; Wm. Lowe, vice-president' Cr. L. Barck, secretary; E. W. Knat-yold treasurer; and John Anderson, VY . G. kellar and T. J. Wanek cousti tute the executive committee. As will beseen the league does not propose to nominate a city ticket, but no license candidates will get their votes. Besides this, the ministers and several of the church organizations are constantly at work; meetings are being held in the city and outside and every possible pressure is being brought to bear to make converts to the cause. All seem to be imbued with a sense ot responsibility as to the character of men whom it is necessary to elect for mayor aud aldermen if prohibition is to carry, aud it is safe to predict that if it wius, which now seems strongly probable, men will be elected who will be in sympathy with the cause and be vigilant in enforcing Hie laws to uphold it. E. Graham, Waseca Radical J he state control of liquor selling, the same as prevails In South Carolina is growing in favor and will yet come to the front we believe and hope. It ut    “109t <*ff«ctual manner f dealing with the sale of iii]nor. J ult u« A. Hehmahl, Redwood Falla Gazette oniZW" f‘ra not infallible, but one that is fearless in exposing an evil of any kind, or attacking known evils, “ Hie satisfaction, usually of knowing that its course is upheld by the “SS“exists!10f theCommunity in H. I. Peterson. Litchfield Independent Donnelly’s Representative says His ^nfon Pacific railway is behind Cush Davis presidential boom, and is pav-ing the bills. We don’t know whether •J 9„1S ♦ °r.ru,t’ bnf of one thing we a e certain—the railroad corporations are not opposing him. A L. Grave#, st. Paul Broad Axe tri^inr.n9 in illinois ar® besieged with tramps, i hey are summarily dealt with—arrested ie O    B J spring I Suits, Pants, Shirts, ^Hats, Caps, Etc. manly dealt A    »nn sent to the rock pile. As soon as warm weather sets in the towns in Minnesota large delegations of these unfortunates I hey are on the inr>r«uuu .* 1.1. hey are on the increase. Able-bodied BEFORE ANI) AFTER. men forced to tramp from town to town bedung as they go to keep from starving But it is one of the pretty pictures of this much vaunted petitive age. com Btu lid in Bros. propose to meet the needs and harmonize I NSvwdunU!ftS“Mo. until the people own the coal before Hie Boston Great Saving in Electric Lighting-Indisputable Examples In Favor of Municipal Ownership. A most striking showing of gain from municipal ownership has been made in the matter of electric lighting Clty congii Tbe Brid and Tile Ms ALBERT LEA, MINN. Pressed Brick, Common Brick, prices with the size of everybody’s pocketbooks. They f Im0!! ,idd,s a,ld operate this railroads! I result of a careful ~ex ambition into have cut everything. Look at these prices:    SIF*    ba”    iu,Mce    meted    'lut    t0    ’     ’...... in these particulars. Beef, boiling pieces, Beef, roasts, lieef, shoulder steaks, Beef, round steaks, Beef, sirloin steaks, And All Sizes of. Farm Drain Tile. UTF armers are especially requested to call and inspect the works. W. A. MORIN, Proprietor. First National Bate. ALBERT LEA, MINN. Clap! tai, Snrplus, •50,004/ *,GOO General Banking. Farm Loans Negotiated. Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Foreign Exchange Bought and Sold Safe Deposit Vanlt. HARBY JONES, -    - Presidsnt. G. GULBRANDSON, - Vice President. AUGUST PAULSON, -    -    - Cashier. \ cal, Pork and Mutton at like low prices. Mild sugar-cured Ham, Picnic Hams, sugar-cured, Breakfast-Bacon, only 3 to 4 cents. 6, 7 and S cents. 4 lbs for 25 cents. 3 Yi lbs for 25 cents. IO cents per lh. 9 cents. 6% cents. 8 cents. Extensive Quantities of Meats of all kinds Constantly on Hand “We Are The People.” Brundin Bros. Broadway and Clark Street. Retail Markets; <^~HARD and S0FT~^> C-O-A-k Remember to Call at the- Favorite Resort -FOR FINE— DIRECTORS: tt. Gulbrandion, Tho#. W.Wil#on, E H. Rich, nm*. Hwkne##. T. M. Blackfin, Oln»#H. Ftlndt, V. Uulbraudaoo, P. M. Joice, H»rry June#. In any quantities: all sizes and grades. Orders for Country and City trade promptly Oiled. Free delivery to City customers. W. W, CargHI & Co A. C. SORENSON, Agent. Gfflce at Elevator No. 3, S. M. Depot. ALBERT LEA, MINN. Confectionery, Hot or Cold Brinks Oysters, Baw, Stew or Fry. Cigars or Tobacco. Redemption Under Chattel Mortgage Sales. Luverne Herald The beneficent operation of the new chattel mortgage redemption law passed by the last legislature was exemplified in this place last week. A horse buggy arid harness belonging to photo-’ grapber Johnson of Ash Creek, were I iVo11 * ^battel mortgage and sold ior cl-. Mr. Johnson tendered the creditor 012.75 for the outfit and got it back. Heretofore a chattel sale lias been absolute, but under the new law a mortgagor has two days in which to redeem his property. This will prove a blessing to a large number of people whose property might otherwise be sacrificed. In this casa the property ™ld™ easily worth $75, but was sold for $12. the cost per light in several cities that had tried municipal ownership was stated as follows: „    ..    Before Bangor, Me............‘..    3160 I^wlston.................is-.* Peabody, Mass......... irs Bay City, Mich ........ nu Huntington, Iud ....... 14/s, Goshen, Iud............ jsa Bloomington, 111....... m Chicago. Ill............. 250 Fairfield, Iowa.......... , 37* Aurora, III................ %>,; After 5 5 62 58 50 77 Bl 96 Saving per light per year 7(1 $102 127 123 62 9(5 79 no 154 SOX Martin E. Tew, Clarklield Advocate The postoffice department has deeid f!ire0 l\He boneless electric motor car ruges for the transmission of mail in city and country districts where there are no railway lines and where the ser vice can be improved by assorting the mails while in transit. The people of this country have good reason to be pioud of their postal system. 11 is al-wajs up to the times and always reliable, cheap and efficient. It is the strongest argument which can be ad-vancfcd In favor of government ownership ol telegraphs, telephones and rail-roads. BETTER THAN GOLD OR SILVER. A First-das^ MUS __ It was stated that Boston had paid to private corporations for street lights alonem the past 12 years, over 82,-UUO.QOt), and it was confidently asserted that the city could have furnished the same service for itself at a cost of not over $800,000. Sitting Up Late. London Tit-Blts There is nothing so tends to shorten the lives of old people and to injure their health as the practice of sitting up late, particularly in the winter evenings. I his is especially the case when there is a grown up daughter in the family. We publish this item at the earnest request of several young men. It Is Very Convenient. If you are going to .St. Paul or Minneapolis for a day’s business, use either of the following trains, leaving Albert Lea at o:18 a. rn. or 6 a. in., and returning at &15 p. m. or 10:55 p. rn. You lose no time in traveling.    7t20 OR AT. Seymour Ranney’s Restaurant On Clark Street, East of the Post Off where you wfil be eourteously treated File Cheapest Rates. Railroad fare is an important item of expense. The agents of the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad are always iu position to give the lowest rates obtainable. They take pleasure in giving information.    7t20 Grand Army Folks to Have Another Good Time. Hobson I*ost (J. A. Ii. and W. ll. C. will meet at their respective halls Saturday night, March 14tb, at 7;30 sharp and after routine business will adjourn and all assemble in the YV. ll. C. hall and will be entertained by comrades Paine and Farnsworth, who will give a history of their recent trip to the sunny south, the battle grounds around Corinth, Mississippi, aud the national cemeteries where many of toe Fou th aud Fifth Minnesota boys are buried, and how things look down there 30 years after the war. There will also be singing arid instrumental music and other exercises furnished by the VV7. It. (J. Doors open to all friends et the orders at 8:30 p. rn. A good time is anticipated and a cordial invitation extended. Investment, or the Right Chance to Secure a Farm Home in Five Hlnutes Drive from the Albert Lea Post Office. As th© owner wants to quit farm-ing he offers his farm of 80 acres for sale at a bargain. It is located 2 miles from the court house, Albert Lea on a main road; all fenced; all plow land, 20 acres good meadow, timothy or Sram a lf ’ lin(1 Sri)ve native trees; frame house, nine rooms; frame barn granary, sheds, two good wells and* other improvement*. neareft1* Chance for a Farm-home near tim city; convenient for a busi- rrtand«de,i!able anybody BrHt-ciaHs tract of land Early for Cash CHEAPER Than Ever. You Get the Benefit, both Men and Boys. I all and look over the best stock for the money ever oflered you. 11 Jotesoj & Co. 308 W. Broadway. D. HURD & SONS. FISH! FISH! Cod Fish, per lh.. Salmon, per lb... FIS HI .6e 9c Trout, per lb. Mackerel, per lb • 8c IOC I    •    I ' I - I -    ,,    ...     "    —"I    J*'-*    *1/......... I erring k.K.k, per lb. 8c \V e also have all kinds of Canned Fish. for farming, stock-raising or dairying , Truly    such    as    is    rarely or-'I Bring Your Butter, Eggs sArnl all kinds of FARM PRODUCK to exchange for fered. Would take in part nnvmpuit desirable residence property in Albert Groceries, Crockery, Dry Goods Yours Respectfully D. Hurd & Sons. tirMl/4qUin,0(,lhe “w"er further par-.    *1' h« furnished at ll STANDARD Office.    im-f The Superb Service Of the enterprising Minneapolis & St. Louis road enables you to reach Des Maine*, Omaha, Denver, Kansas City and all western points with ease, speed and comfort.    7t20 Always the Right Place. I o get job printing books Damnit fv'nrl^ cards IiusU'«re? V1* inv|tations and d Plat® CHl,i"K cards deMcSS Sft SS a mar“Ul°111 Pester to a delicate art folder, is at the Standard Fact N o. I—The oldest and MAJESTIC Complete. ’ .Standard is the in -outlier,, XunJot. Prlnt'n|t "0!,se bact No. 2—The Standard does «?r|UdngkpHc^I,d<0m8lr' a,,,1 “low' M»lp4bKy-S7or'n^ site the new opera house    PP pJtv'tt 8tandaiid New I rinting House, s and Job Albert Lea Hardware Stoves aid Hardware of All Ms.

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