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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - June 24, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaI iii ie* WWVWX vwvvav* W%%U\VHUM%VV%%Un > Twentv Thousand Eyes S See the Standard Every Week of the Year. ? Every Week of the Year. $ I    t * Standard Advertising ' Is Not Lowest in Price, i But Is Highest in Value. VOL. XXXIX. ALBERT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY JUNE *24,1 SOU. NO. 20 IO Silver Dollars Is STRAUSS’ price for the Best Suit in America. Ifs an Imported English Clay, of which every yard weighs JO ounces, made up elegantly fit to the Queen’s taste; the)' are as black as the ace of spades, in sacks, sonare and round cut and Chesterfield Frocks. They are yours for TEN SILVER DOLLARS Don’t confound them with the light-weight, thrash}'kind of Clays offered by others. A casual glance at them will at once convince you of their intrinsic worth; their superiority stands out in unfading COLOR above all others. YOURS FOR TRUE WORTH, MCCORMICK Open Elevator Right Hand Cut Harvester. ’Tho Uiitost. Tho I i<i'111 owl - Tile Slrongesl. Bv means of a third or middle Roller in the lower elevator, we have a very low elevation, with a very hiifh and wide MAIN WHEEL Making it a very powerful, light draft machine; it has roller bearings, and is absolutely the lightest draft binder ever manufactured. Get the latest. Left band binders are a back number, they will not be manufactured after this season; if you buy one you will be out of date next year and that is why they are sold so cheap, they are behind the times, they are like a last year’s bird-nest. Steel platform, all bowings oiled from the outside, perfectly balanced, automatic adjuster and all the latest conveniences, lay a few dollars mors and get the best es have them for all machines, old aud new. Come and see them. McCormick NEW NO. 4 MOWER. The light running, easily handled new EOOT    J\IOW    Ju.lt* Hitches either above or below the tongue. The machines are right, the prices are right, the terms are right, Til treat you right: call around and examine. More McCormick machines are running in Freeborn county than all other kinds put together; they keep running too, no matter how old they are, for we see that they are kept in order. It pays to buy McCormick goods. Bindino Twine, File best that can be made, always on bud at reasonable prices for new stock. W. a KREBS, Albert Lea, Minn, Ask Ani Lady Who has bought millinery til Albert Id*a HHV time miring lim past Twenty Yearn whero she has found tile ti newt hats aint bimnefs, or Peen suited hest iii getting trimming dune, and nearly Every Woman or Miss Will say “at Mrs. Stage’s, to he sure!” So It always has been aud wilt continue lo he Onr Spring Desips Are perfectly lovely aud new lots are continually arming. Miss Julia Honsie, Our trimmer Is an artist iii lier work and gives universal natl af act Iou. Call aud she will explain the most recent Inventions In styles of hats aud trimmings, Mrs. J. Stage. NAME ON EVERY PIECE." FOR SALE 3Y Briggs’ Drug Co REFUSES TO FOLLOW. I). (I. Parker, Abolitionist and Life- Time Republican, Refuses to be Lead Into the Wall Street Camp— his Reasons for Repudiating the Republican Party. Editor standard: J ask space iii your widely read and representative paper to give the reasons why I decline longer to be a follower of the republican patly: A political party is valuable only as a vehicle of principle, and when it ceases to represent that, it ceases to be of use, yea, it becomes injurious to those who cherish the principle sought to be established. The money question is today the only material issue before tile American people, and will continue to be until settled on the basis fixed by our revolutionary fathers, and approved by every economic writer of repute. It is a question that will not down, aud be who attempts to hide it by discussing tariff or some other myth setup as a screen w’lll have to discuss it with himself. Monometallists will be put npon the defense in this campaign, aud they will have to meet the issue not with innuendoes aud sneers, as heretofore, but in square debate, not in catchphrases ami sophistry, but with argument, or confess that they are unable to defend it. Their system is a mere stripling in years a kid of 23 summers. It is on trial of behavior; ll is time to call the youth down. It would be bard tor any system to plunge the nation into worse condition than these 23 years have developed. It ii folly to charge tins state of affairs upon the democratic party, when an extended observation shows that the pressure is resting with equal force upon all the single gold standard countries of the world—a fact which any man can verify with a little trouble; and the weakness of this charge is still more manifest from the reports ot the British royal commission and the labor commissioner ut the United States, Is it Ii of which gave warning as early as IHM that the gold standard countries were steadily approaching a crisis. The storm burst iii great fury in 1898 ami although more than three years have elapsed and iii the meantime both house and senate of the Tinted States have passed under control of the republicans, thus baning all danger of democratic mischief, yet according to reports of both Dun and Bradslreet tile pressure is increasing in force throughout the commercial world except in the countries using silver as standard money. i*>ee reports of increasing failures.) This condition is simply the culmination of forces set at work 23 years ago, when a syndicate embracing a few leading government officials, working iii sympathy with British capitalists and, excluding the people from their confidence, entered into a conspiracy to demonetize silver, which they accomplished with such stealth and secrecy that even president Grant, a strong bimetallist, did not detect the fraud when lie signed the lull. Hie result ut this y>claus act was juH what was bit elided, viz: To bear the product* m u kei* anti set everything moving on ttie downgrade, it is for the interest id idle consumers to buy cheaply. Well authenticat'd tables show that dui mg the twenty years prior 10 1*173, the leading products bad advanced in the world’s market, under a bimetallic standard, over 18 per cent. Since that period the same products, under a single gold standard, have declined more than IS percent. In the meantime the metropolitan public press bas been debauched by a capitalisation of its stock ii lidar control of the consumer or creditor classes, and the editorial force, degraded to the rank of hirelings, employed to mislead the public mind by false statements and their daily rant about “sound money,” w’ell knowing that no money was ever put into circulation so manifestly unsound as is gold alone, for it discriminates against the producing classes with wicked unfairness unparalelled in the history of monetary systems. If these prostituted daily papers and the hungry politicians, equally subservient, would lie honest enough to tell the people what they know to he a fact, that low prices and business paralysis is the necessary result of a monetary contraction, the producing classes would rise in their might as one man to sweep away a system that is attriting their property and gradually transferring it to the pockets of idle consumers. It is pow just 40 years si nee I entered tile republican party, having cast my first vote with it iii tile year of its incipient organization, 185q. It was then bold in its declaration of principles. I bere weie no straddling or cowardly platforms, it was not only noble iii its purposes but effective and grand in iis achievements. But it is not so much a question what it w as as what it is. Old issues have passed by, new ones have arisen. The grand old petty served a noble purpose 30 years ago in ] abolishing African slavery; but what is its attitude now in regard to Circassian slavery V This is an all absorbing question. Discriminating legislation is the menacing danger of the present hour, and as regarding this the party is sadly compromised. Cor years it has been struggling to avoid the inevitable conflict between the producing and consuming classes; its platforms have sought to appease the south anil west by declaring for bimetallism, (see platform of 1802), while its chosen representatives have stultified their declared principles by voting almost solidly fur monomettalism in order to satisfy the east. Many who have deprecated this vacillating and inconsistent Course have liel<| on hoping that the better impulses would prevail and t he party array itself on tile side of the weak as against the strong; on the side of the oppressed as against Hie oppressor; but the convention just closed has crushed this hope and left no doubt of its complete and abject surrender, like the daily press, to plutocratic classes. All pretentions of encouraging an international agreement is a fraud and a delusion in keeping with past methods employed and will not deceive the intelligent. The convention at St. Louis was dominated by Wall street. These men are interested iii and pledged to the greatest possible contraction of the currency, and if even Great Britain were to petition for a double standard they would not consent to it. They have already had 23 years in which to encourage an international agreement and have not done it. This means a fixed purpose to fasten the Burgle gold standard upon the people by barring out silver and thus continue the contraction of our standard money winch bas already entailed so much distress. As the eastern hemisphere now depends almost wholly on the mines of America for the purchasable silver supplies, it means an invitation to them to come aud take w hat they want at their own price, thus sacrificing a Urge sourceof our material wealth; it means the continued decline of prices, discouraging investments iii manufacturing industries; increasing the army of hungry tramps, turned adrift from closing factories, and the crowding of labor markets bearing down the price of work in all lines of enterprise. It means that the gold dollar, already shorn of its honesty, will become more and more dishonest iii the magnitude of its purchasing power, as it will require an ever increasing quantity of products to buy it. it means that debts will liecome doubly burdensome and distress will increase as the consumer grows more and more wealthy, at the expense of the producer’s corn-crib. Hep} Means who refuse to be chained to the .wheels of this golden chariot of the Udhchilds and their American agents are serving notice of revolt, and in pet *«<xt confidence I make prophesy that timbre the 3rd of next November titer#Pill be such a climbing down from refires as this country lins never seen, .od that the mossback politicians will either br seeking a place of safety iii C) done cellars or else tumbling over each other in their frantic scramble to reach u seat in the new band wagon of emancipation aud liberty. lint;whatever the immediate effect of the 8t. Louis declaration, bimetallists are in the fight to stay, and with them, “it matters not whether it is the first victory or the last defeat.” lJ. u. Larker.  -*-•*- FUN FOR LITTLE FOLKS. And the Biggest Tent Full of the Best of It. When children laugh Mil are pleased. Well anti wisely acting upon this axiom, tin* management of the enormous united Forepaugh anil Sells Brothers’ ■hews, which are to give afternoon and evening performances at Alliert Lea on .I uly H), Jiave made such generous and cutumehdable provision for the special amusement of the little folks that th‘*y may be fairly credited with having added a Children's Day to recreation 1 calatidar. The grand arena of the great hippodrome, the four rings and the two stages, are converted into a huge arenic playground, filled with I asci tufting spectacles. Al other Goose pageant, and fairyland realizations. Here allo are introduced the tingliest fun-makers, in the shape of roerry-and-drew elephants. t’apt. Woodward’s only alkool of educated Alaska sea lions ai d seals fairly set Hie youngsters wild with delighted wonder. Then there ire ludicrously talent^ pig^, ti 4111m* pigeons, pretty aud sagacious ponies clown t*ears, balancing goats, uort# bb* donkey*, monkey jockeys, wonderful d«»g artists, and whole troupes and families of the most delightful. attaint, queer aud comical two and four-legged originals. It ii all healthful aud harmless recreation, too, calculated to make happier, brighter aud better boys and girls. — — Duty of Officers to Destroy Noxious Weeds, Do you know that according to the provisions of chapter 273 of the general laws of lfiUa tho town supervisors are charged with the enforcement of the law against wild mustard and other noxious weeds, asks an exchange. Farttes knowing of the existence of such weeds in their towns should report tile fact iii writing to the board of supervisors who should immediately take steps to cause the same tu be exterminated by notifying the owners or occupants of such premises to take immediate steps iii the matter, and if such parties do not heed tile notices of the l*>ard they are liable to a line of Stuff and upon the petition of any town official or two tax payers the county attorney shall prosecute the offender. These weeds must not be allowed to go to seed. Town Innards should procure from the county auditor a copy of the tiffin laws aud post themselves as to the provisions of this law* and, as a matter of self protection; every farmer ip the county should aid iii having the law enforced as rigidly as possible. They should not wait until the weeds go to seed but act now. ------->*VM- * Prof. Parsons, the Optical* Who will make regular trips to Albert Lea, will be at Larker X Brown’s .lune 27. Examination free. lake care of your eyes, as no one will take care of them for you. lf you are suffering with headache or that disagreeable burning, smarting or itching sensation about the eye lids, it is a sure indication that your sight is riot normal. Lrof. Parsons, the graduate optical! of the Chicago Ophthalmic college, will be at Larker & Brown's dune 27 and will examine your eyes free. If glasses are needed they are sold to you with the distinct understanding that they will give you perfect satisfaction. Your eyes are priceless, take care of them now. Don’t wait until it is tim late. Consult a specialist. Optics is a science and vision is the noblest of man’s senses. I make use of the most elaborate outfit known to science lo test eyes for defective vision. Lrof. Larsons, graduate optician, will be at Larker A Brown’s, June27. Examination free, — - - —■■»*— — The Superb Service Of the enterprising Minneapolis vt St. Louis road enables you to reach Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Kansas City and all western points with ease, speed and comfort.    7t20 Farm Land for Sale. 200 acres farm land for sale at very law price and on easy terms. Every toot tillable. 'Flits the t>est bargain in land jet offered. T. V. Knatvold. - — ——-— - — The Cheapest Rates. Railroad fare is an important item of expense. The agents of Hie Minneapolis «fc St. Louis railroad are always in position to give the lowest rates obtainable. They take pleasure in giving information.    7    tao TOWNE GOES OUT. Bids Good-Bye to the Republican Party, And Will Be an Independent Candidate for Ree ection. Congressman Charted A. To woe, who • lias acquired a national reputation for I his ability as an advocate of free silver, j wits a spectator at the .st. Louis convention, and walked out with the thirty or more seceding republican dele- ! gates. His admitted bounty and high j character is exemplified in his statement made to the press at St. J amis I after the bolt occured in the convention. His statement is as follows: lf my friends and former political | allies in Minnesota will lie fair to me ! iii the movement which I have taken. ' let them say that I am mistaken and j do not Know what i am talking about, j but do not let them question my entire honesty and sincerity. I shall say only a few words at this time. After returning home I shall j plainly and at more length set forth in I print my reason for refusing to act I during this campaign with the republican party, a conclusion to which self-1 interest could not lead me, but which I I have reached in obedience to a J solemn injunction of duty and w hich I I announce with pain. hi brief, the rea son is this; The party has confessedly , reversed its position on one of the fundamental ai tides of its faith. El oui ! bimetallism it bas gone over to] monometallism. It is not a case of changing the mere method of reaching an end. It is a complete abandonment of the end itself. The party has heretofore held to the doctrine of two J basic money metals. It has now de- j cidfd for only one. Its old faith was for gold aud silver. It now rests on gold alone. W hen a party changes its f undam en- j tai principles no member is bound to j follow’ it. No honest man can follow it unless his judgment and conscience approve the change. Now my judgment and conscience do not approve j this abandonment of our time honored I position on this great question. To me the single gold standard is just as J great an evil as it was twenty-four hours ago, when the platform of IMrj was in effect. To me an appreciating money measure is not more lovely now than when the honest opinion of the I republican party condemned it. To me the restoration of silver to the same mint privileges and debt paying power as those enjoyed by gold is as essential to the welfare of the country j ;is it was when the republican party became pledged lo it, t»elieving that j counsel was Bot taken of the great I body of the patriotic membership of j the party. Doubting tins novel and revolutionary indorsement of the English single * gold standard; lieing convinced that I the proceeding i» not in the interest of I the American people but subversive of j every principle by which the affairs of a great producing nation should I*-govfjrned: aud feeling that profound industrial, social and moral considerations, affecting not only our country hut the very perpetuity of self government itself, necessitate the lincoln-promfSiufliTMrnlijPftf f'vFTt American toward an alien and miooON tin anc in I system, I shall oppose lo th* best of my ability, the success of the single gold standard at the approaching election, remaining of the faith which was goml republicanism until dune K and which in all but name remains so still. I shall ask the suffrage of the elec tors of the sixth district of Minnesota as an independent candidate for congress. Queer Story of Innocence. Lake Mills Graphic: This Michael Farr is the san of J (din ( arr. of Bristol. Mr. Farr went lo Albert Lea on Thursday to see what he could do in behalf of bis son and succeeded in getting the iiaii reduced to #3<<U He returned home Friday afternoon to make arrangements for the bail and again went to Albert Lea on Saturday, when he satisfied the authorities and the demands of the law and had his son released. Had he md furnished the hail it would have Iveeii necessary for his sou lo remain in jail until the meeting ut the grand Jury in I ieee in lier. Mr. Farr tells us an altogether different story than that printed in the STANDARD. His son pleads innocence of any offense or crime, and says if he had a lawyer at the preliminary hearing he would not have lieen bound to the grand jury. He claims that he was in that iieightiorhood either looking for work or going to work for a man he had hired to, aud being a stranger in the community was nailed by the officers for the theft of Hie team. When placed under arrect he did not know’ what it was for until he arrived iii Albert Lea. Such is the story Hie U>y tells his father, and Hie parent thinks there will lie no trouble in clearing his son when court convenee. Whatever tire evidence at the trial may prove to he, it certainly places the young man iii a very serious peed ica moi it, and even though he he cleared it will cost the price of several teams to do it. _ .*■»«.------ Real Estate Transfers. Lew In JVtrr^on t«» Peter ll Peterson, wla so, aiel rjf swR sec ll, Hartland s iu*j A ll Verne to \ h IlHKeu, 2 rml* .iii,ny * line ntl/i im1, sec IU. Freeman and ).,srt HW Vi l»e*4............................ 4y Mary .helm lo I-lank .betta, nw1, see 14, Oakland ................................ Martha P Gibbs et al lo heirs id Harriett Howard, val ions lots and land in Geneva VII........................  , R E Fullerton lo J Kilhrlde, lot 2, blk 9, .Morin’* Add to A »a*a .................. i*oo Jno O Ostium.ISOM lo Albert Harkel, mid % 9*54 Mid *s ne'-4, sec SI Moos fie Id  I tliri-uan Anderson to Alfred R Carlson. w It; It e Cl It W ye It lot 24 went A    Lea    i.m Mary A Howard to dos Thomas, lots lo, ll, 12 Iii blk 58, Freeborn..................... iv*> F.dwin brown to G A Swan. sJ4 sw1 * sec ti and el* ow*4see7 Alden................. yay.. Tho* O Geary to .bio G Godley, 5 A in aw corner neR see y, Moscow................ fr» II I) Brown lo .bio Erickson, blk hi. (.ake Add to A Lea.......................... f,jo Chass Johnson to Kdwin Brown, s*, sw*.£ sec C and nw’ . see 7,    Alden......... 1 AH*erf Luke* to Anion Luke*. neJ4 sec 30 Dak land................................... ;roo Anil K-se to Carl (i Esse. Unit 1-9 id mid % w *4 se‘4, 9%<e% s«*e 3, lot 9 sub tov lot* 3 and 4, sec 24, Hay want......... ir« Cora K Spicer to Laura Jensen, lots 13, 14. 15. US, blk 2, A I<ea ..................... 2m Frank Hedley lo Francis bayman, ne‘4 ii wJ4 sec 31, Oakland..................... 1 It Is Very Convenient. lf you are going to St. Baul ox Min-, n ca pol is for a day’s business, use either of the following trains, leaving Albert Lea at 5:18 a. rn. or ti. a.    rn., and    returning at U;15 p. no. or    10:55    p.    rn.    You lose no tiqte in traveling.    7t20 Na in's Bconliol Sit. OTJFt Midsummer Clearance Sale Is at High Tide. Dress Goods and Silks Prospective Buyers of Home Never so cheap as at this! Furnishings sale; come and see for! yourselves. Forcing ont Surplus Stock in---- Ladies’ Capes and Jackets. Make a mistake if they do not take advantage of this Clearance Sale. In Carpets and Draperies; come and visit this department as it will save you money. Ladies’ The price does not repre- RVii'pf’ "UtToiQ+fi sent one-half Hie cost of OU11 1 production. Notice- We are the house that have the goods. New Novelties to select from. Weare practically giving CrVf\Of*lt*Tr TYoyyF away Ladies* and Cent’s X*1 OGGTY -L'Bpl. Gold Watches* Call at our store for full particu lars. F. C. Johnson’s Pure Cider Vinegar for sale by Nelson Bros. Got Kl Goods, Low Prices, our Motto. Ha Bn’s Dwliil Slut. Remeoajbe.r, we sell CLOTHING," Etc., that we guarantee to be equal in value to the price. Honest Goods, Low Prices and Square Dealing are our trade winners. v/. V/. johnson Baby Carriages Our line of baby carriages just arrived. We have all kinds of baby cabs for all kinds of babies. Commencing with a cheap one at $4, another al $6, a good one at and those at lf lo, $12, $14 & $15 are as fine as any manufactured. Brussels aod Ingrain Carpets, Leasienm, Oil Cloth and Straw Mattins, Mile Draperies and Lace Curtains. Also a full line of all kinds of........ FURNITURE. Don’t buy In f*ire you gel our prices. Johnson, Petersen A Clausen. C. L. COLEMAN. Manufacturer am* Dealer iii Linier, “! Shingles — Ami AU Kinds of— Building Material. Yard at the old stand neai Milwaukee depot. A. J. STADHEIM, Agent. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. THC FARMERS' tMD€PE*D£»T LUMBER VARO. Best quality of Lumlier, Lath, Shin glen,Sash, Doom, Building Paper, and Builders’Supple* always on hand ami wtd at Lowest Market lutes. Yard on Broadway, South of Coart House. C. G. JOHNSRUD. - Manager.

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