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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - June 17, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesotanu%«MUiUH\\u%nuvmuutunvu II    *X    9 TwentylThousand Eyes 5 *■ m    *£ See Hie Standard $ Every Week of the Year, f 4    J Standard Advertising Is Not Lowest in Price, Hut Is Highest in Value. ;ALBERT LH]A, MINN, WEDNESDAY THE U. S. POSTAL SERVICE A SPLENDID SChOOI A. U MAYLAND. LOOM 2, PAIR STOKE Bl ILI) Lea, Mi un.    2111 Its Honesty and Efficiency->Just Words and Interesting Figures from One of Its Faithful Employes. Editor Standard: I appreciate very mach to hear rn kind word said in behalf of railway postal clerks and still more to see a friendly remark in print. The Standard is atwut the only paper that seems to care tor us caged-up postal servants; most editors seem to enjoy making a great howl if they can iind out that even a new clerk, called “Sub” makes a mistake. Few' people are aware of how' difficult it is to remember, say about 16,000 post offices, a large per cent of w hich are country offices supplied by Star routes; but that is the smallest part of our study. We must make up “No I” and “No 2” and for most lines “No. 3.” Then junction punts of all roads must be taken into consideration and also what post offices and clerks on trains make up what is « died “closed pouches” for nearly all important towns, which are sent on express trains where there are no f mrka. in regard to efficiency allow me to quote from “Hallway Mail.” in 1875 there were only 2,UDO persons employed rn the entire railway mail service, while at the present time the number is over 7,600. The number of miles of railroads on which mail trains are run exceed 171,UUU. This is about equal to seven trunk lines around the globe. The amount of work performed by postal clerks is but little know n outside the post office department. During the last year postal clerks distributed ten and one-half billion pieces of mail, in doing which they only made one error for 8,8X4 pieces correctly distributed. 'The efficiency of the postal service has kept pace w ith the increasing business. In 1884 there were 4,UUU postal clerks w ho distributed four and one-half billion pieces of mail and made one error in 3,872 pieces correctly disti United. From this it will be seen that while iii eleven years the amount of mail handled has increased 250 per cent, the amount ot mail handled by each clerk has increased 65 per cent, but the numtier of errors have diminished so that during last year there were not st) many mistakes made by 7,UUU clerks as there were by 4,UUU eleven years ago. In regard to honesty as stated in your article, I should consider it a kind of insanity if a postal clerk or other postal officer would tamper w ith the mails. Wben a person considers it, lie must know' that it is only a question of a short time before he is caught— no matter how smart he is Th i he will go to the penitentiary for rn v el a1 years and after he returns he is only an outcast, and hts family and friends, (if he bas any), are disgraced for life. I his aud much more should be considered before anybody is likely to tamper with People’s mail; but I have often thought, w hen, as I often do, handle letters with two and sometimes three silver dollars in them, that some piople I ie behind the Lines when they go I » a money order office and pay six or <;* ;bt <s*itA p<*s’age to mail their silver ' w hen they Von HI buy a money order for less money. I copy the follow ing from the postmaster general’s re|»ort: “Tile traveling postal car though a familiar sight has but few acquaintances among the people. It thunders on day an I night over nearly every railroad in Hie land, carrying hustling clerks, taking lip I macks ot mail and working them be* 1 tween stations and dispatching them at proper destinations. Over 7,UUU clerks full of pluck and intelligence are on their teet swinging to the motion of the train, away from their homes and exposed to danger, making ready tons of letters and newspapers for quick deliveries.” A. IL Peterson, One of the 7,IMI. Albert Lea, June 12, ’1*6. CASS COUNTY LANDS ARE NO I. A Good ^ Thins- I W. E. TODD, A WYER. OFFICE IN THE NKW OPERA u house Mock, Albert Lea, Mlun. HENRY A. MORGAN, Attorney at law. county attor new Office in Gulbraudsou Block, Broad way. Albert Lea, Minn. BUEL & CHURCH, I > KAL ESTATE, I. A VV, INSURANCE, J L Loans aud Collections. Houses lur Sale aud Rent. Office in Opera Block, Albert lea, Minn    Hind R. S. FARNSWORTH. Attorney at law. practices in all tile courts. Careful attention given lo commercial and oilier collections. Office in Wedge A Barlow Co., Block. Rooms I and 2. Albert Lea, Minn.    39-in. The Our Overall k    a pair they are the best tiling you ever saw, I    and push themselves along and A /lead of W    every other Overall in the market. The)' are made of Denim, of which every yard weighs IO ounces, full back not jointed, and warranted not to rip. DOCTOR NISSEN. /GRADUATE KROM NORWAY. OFFICE VT over Lion Drug Store, Broadway, Alb ert Lea, Minn. J. M. TODD, M. D. OHVSICIAN AND SU UC EON. OFFICE L in rear of Briggs’ Drug Store; hospital on Fountain street, Albert Lea. Carpets and Draperies. Ladies and Misses The Our Apron Overall with elastic strap, at..... Is a Self-Pusher W. C. MERRILL, Dentist, office in new opera house block, rooms 3 and 4 Albert Lea Mini), lo further emphasize the fact that we have the BEST STOCK, make the LpW-EST PRICES, you art asked to call and see tilt goods. We think it will require no argument to convince you. l [ oflf from regular prices. Call at once while the assortment is complete. H. A. FAINE, A RUH 11 ECT AND BUILDER. FLANS I V drawn and contracts taken for all classes ot work in city aud country. Albert Lea, Minn.    I5yl An Endless Variety of about MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. / Iii INt'OFlN CAMP NG 835 holds rkgu-V t lar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first aud third Wednesday evenings of each mouth.    J.    1) CLARK. V. U. I. It HALVORSEN, Clerk. Corsets Of Excellent Worth, at Startlingly Low Prices 50 dozen Nelson Summer Corsets made to sell for 75c. Special, 50c each. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. Waists Follow the Push to Yours Always, THE FARMERS’ INDEPENDENT LUMBER YARD. Brat quality of Lumber, Lath, Shin glee,Sash, Doors, Building Taper, and Builders’Supplier always on hand and sold at Lowest Market Rates. Great sale of New Fans, the most handsome line of commencement and party fans ever shown in the city. Dunner VV a perfect littin market: stri Parasols An Umbrellas Yard on Broadway, South of Court House. Manager. C. G. JOHNSRUD Hammocks We saved lots of money for other People during 1*95, and will try again Very hard In lv96, at the~~*' Of the finest productions from the leading Parasol makers. Handsome colorings and designs. Enterprise Iron Works mm SEEDING FLAX Machine Shop and Foundry ALBERT i.EA, MINN. Call on us for anything in our line great or small. We guarantee sails- For Sale by Nelson Bros, J. W. VENESS, Prop McCormick *> IM-    >«•    '    -    \    "    »    . Manufacturer and Dealer in Reduced Railroad Rates to Land-Seekers--A Rare Opportunity to Secure a Farm or Investment Is Now Offered to All--Uet Ready for the Trip June 2,$. A low-rate excursion has bran offered whereby land-seekers can visit points in central and western Minnesota and points east of Mandan, X. Ii., starting June 23. The rate will be half faie plus £2 for a round trip, arid ample time will be allowed for an inspection of lands. This is your opportunity to secure lands iii the garden of Min nesota at the remarkably low* prices at which they are now’ offered. I am officially authorized to make all arrangements for all those desiring to go, and will give all necessary information as to localities, furnish plat* and guides tree, ami all intending to go should consult or Inform me as soon as possible.    ll.    (J.    Day, 24w2 Northern Pacific It. It. Lands —And All Kinds of— Building Material. Yard at the old stand neai Milwaukee depot. A. J. STADHEIM, Agent. McCormick Horse Stealing Doesn t Pay. Neither Does Buying Shoddy Clothing Step in and Examine Our<^ Open Elevator All Wool Worsted, Cheviotor Cassimere Tho hiirlitest They Are Rich in Soil, the Water Is Fine, Timber Ciood and Plenty, and Settlers Are Rapidly Going There-- Testimony that Cannot Be Disputed. I’he following voluntary letter from men who are known to lie intelligent, truthful and well posted, will interest many inquirers concerning central Minnesota, and especially lands in Cass county: //. U. Day—Itear Sir: We desire to say iii your paper that we have visited Casa county, Minn., w itll you and having carefully looked over the country and examined the lands, we have bought of the Northern Pacific railroad company, through you, 640 acres of land, a half section each, and would not have done so if we had not Been entirely satisfied both with the lands and that section of country. We consider that no part of the state tillers better advantages for grain or stock-raising. Thesoilisof great richness, the water is fine and timber is good and plenty, and the country is fast settling up. We shall goon our lands and improve them and live there, and can say we know of no part of the state that offers equal opportunities, all things considered, for opening up a farm than is to be found near Capt. Kelley’s in Cass county. It is all you represented it to he. For the benefit of all going to central Minnesota we say, do not deal with land agents who are strangers to you, or you may get taken in. Do as we did or get Mr. Day to provide you reliable guides from the Northern Pacific office. John C. Martin, Manchester. Lewis P. CARLSON, Cailston. June 13,1896. Change of Day and Date. The A. O. U. W. picnic excursion to Waterville will he held on Tuesday June 23rd. A glorious time assured by IS. Strauss, i A. W IEGAND, J Com. C. IL BRUNDIN, ) By means of a third or middle Roller in the lower elevator, we have a very low elevation, with a very high and wide MAIN WHEEL Making it a very powerful, light draft machine; it lias roller hearings, and is absolutely the lightest draft binder ever manufactured, (jet the latest. Left hand binders are a back number, they will not be manufactured after this season; if you buy one you will be out of date next year and that is why they are sold so cheap, they are behind tin* times, they are like a last year’s bird-nest. Steel platform, all bearings oiled from tile outside, perfectly balanced, automatic adjuster and all the latest conveniences. Pay a few dollars mors and get the best ALBERT LEA, MINN Pressed Brick, Common Brick, And All Sizes of............ Farm Drain Tile. W F armers are especially requested to call and inspect the w orks. W. A. MORIN, Proprietor. Yes we have them for all machines, old and new. Come and see them McCormick NO. 4 MOWER Yours for Honest Goods and Prices* The ALBERT LEA National Bank w.w.johnsonAS ALBERT LEA. MINN Capital, -    - $50,000. El TRANSACTS A GENERAL BANKING I Basilissa; Foreign Exchange Bought aud Sold; Interest Allowed on Deposits; Foreign Steamship Tickets; Fire and Life Insurance; Collections. H D BROWN. Fresldent. DRP HIBBS, \ lee Pres. C B KELLAR, Cashier We are Pleased to Announce Our line of baby carriages just arrived. We have all kinds of baby cabs for all kinds of babies. C ommencing with a cheap one at $.}, another at $6, a good one at $8, and those at $io, $12, $14 & $15 are as a$ any manufactured. DIK KC'Tons: — W . K Todd, O. W. Ransom Jno. G. Godley, 8 8. Strauss, T. V. Knatvold, W. A. Morin, J. W. Smith, I). R. PH I bbs, H. I) Brown. Who has bought millinery In Albert l>ea HHV time during the past Twenty Yearn where she has found tile finest hats and bonnets, or beey suited bestill getting trimming done, and nearly Fred. Dudley, ^ The Feed Man C. A. Fobes, Tie Bicycle Repair Man YELLOW FRONT Will say “at Mrs. Stage’s, to be sure!” So it always has been aud will continue to be Are perfectly lovely aud new lots are con tiuually arriving. The Superb Service Of the enterprising Minneapolis & St. Louis road enables you to reach Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Kansas City and all western points with ease, speed and comfort.    7t20 Plumbing a Specialty Work Guaranteed Miss Julia Honsie, Our trimmer. Is an artist in her work and gtves universal satisfaction. Call and she will explain the most recent Inventions in styles of hats and trimmings. Yours for Right Dealing and Honest Work Don’t buy before you get our prices Albert Lea Hardware Co A positive guarantee to cure or money refunded will be found with each $1 OO box or bottle of Dr. Sawyer’s Family Cure or Pastilles manufactured after ibis date. Sold by Briggs Drug Co. Johnson, Petersen A Clausen Albert Lea, Minn

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