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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 29 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - July 29, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesota Tim# 5    » J    Twenty-Thousand    Eyes    s 5    IP* $    Sec the Staxdahp    i ,*    - <5    Every Week    of    the    Year,    s *    '    % % iVlAmifc VA«& fctVh*    % (2S»- Is Not Lowest in Price, Put Is Highest in Value. i # * —------VOL. XXXIX. ALBEKT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY JULY 2it. I Sol. -----mimm x O amixia \ .WTW // rn ^ /rf Is STRAUSS’ price for the Best Suit in America. It’s an Imported English Clay, of which every yard weighs 20 ounces, made up elegantly fit to the Queen’s taste; they are as black as the ace of spades, in sacks, square and roil)id cut and Chesterfield Frocks, They are yours for TEN SILVER DOLLARS VC WW / Mi# rn rn■ ww-.' v ^Sffl ■ § Don’t confound them with the light-weight, thrashy kind of Clays offered by others. A casual glance at them will al once convince you of their intrinsic worth; their superiority stands out in unfading color above all others. YOURS FOR TRUE WORTH, IU SIN hit CW SS us. A. IL MAVLAND. A WY KR, H< H )M 2, KAI R STORK IU ILD-. J Intr, AI t>«-rt Lea. Minn.    .'Ll W. t. TODD. AWYKlt. UKK Ut K IN TUE NKW OPK ICA J hon-** I>!«»<*k. AHum? Leu, Minn. HENRY A. MORGAN, Al Dili NHY AT LAW. COUNTY ATTOR-_ iiev. Oflice Iii (iulbraudsou Block, Hitwd-Wa>, Alin-rf Lea, Millll. BUEL & CHURCH, T > KAI. KST ATK, LAW, INSURANCE, I V Loans ain! Collection* Houses lur Sale ami Relit. Cilice in Opera Hiuek, Albert l«ea, Minn FL S. FARNSWORTH. ATTORNEY AT LAW. PRACTICES IN ALU . file c.mri'H, Careful attention trivet! in coin-IHerciaI Hill) otliH e<*lieetmns. Office III W«|"» a Rsirlmv i’o., BL**k. Looms I and 2. Albert let. Mini.    38-94. J. M. TODD, M. D. OHYSIC1AN ANI) SURGEON. OFFICE I In rear af Brings’ Drug Store; hospital on Fountain si reel, Albert l^*a. A GREETING! WK arf* pleased to announce that we have this year added considerably to our stock in Furniture, Carpets, Mattings, Window Shades, etc. Our trade has increased from year to year so that we feel injustice to the public arid our triends that we are called on to carry aeotn-pb Ie and as good a quality of goods as can ta* purchased. Our airn is to do a square and fair business, and to do to others as we would that they should do unto us. We think we can safe-Iv say that ii you are in need of goods in our I int* it will pay you to fall on us, get our prices and examine our goods. And we believe after so doing you will purchase nowhere else; at least that has been the experience of others. Shall be glad to greet you one and all. W C. MERRILL. Dentist, office in new of if rn house block, moms 3 aud 4, Albert Ll a Mum. H. A. PAINE. Pl. A NS \ Remn« I ami builder. Ur»wo Aiel contracts taken for all classes of work in city aud country* M tun. Albert Le; ifivl DOCTOR NISSEN. / 1 RADU ATK FROM NORWAY. OFFICE I I over Lion Drug More, Broadway, Albert l^*a, Minn. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. / miNOOPIN DAMI* NO ST) HOLDS REGIN V. ' tar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first and third Wednesday evenings of each mon iii    J.    I> CLARK. V.C. I It ti \LVORSKN, Clerk Home Furniture Co. ll. II. KX AT VOLD, Pro;*. Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty. We carry a targe stock of Coffins and Caskets In answer to many inquiries directed to us during last month, we will say that the T ii Hi---- “Twin Comet’7 and “Little Giant1’ Se Made. Unique, KtMclent. Laborsaving. Will sprinkle four limes greater area than any other Sprinkler made. Hilliest Award et Chicago Exposition. Can bf seen in operation al Hie office of the STAN pa HU, or at Hie residence of the eunor of this paper. tSP-Send for circulars giving testimonials aud prices. Ii STEBBINS MFG. (IO. SOLE MANUFACTURERS. Si>i‘iiigli<*ld, Mass. For sale by all Hardware and Rubber Shires In Hie United Stales, I ^nJ3L ..VI VV _.,~4T'Y 'Y x- Ai in?!; utiripg:• ■••-I y V. «■—&> SPLssgf • m. STEAM and GA SOLEM: ENGINES PORTABl E And MARINE. lf v*rn think of buy Inc an engine of anv si/e or kind send for our f'nf(i/r»f/iie .Vo. .‘IO. con tattling 11 lust rat im is aud prices of every kind of engines from I lo 2r> horse |u>\\er, ai bottom prices, or MA*t Xo. VU for yacht engines, boilers ami boat machinery. Either sent bee. CHAS. P. WILLAM & GO., 197 Canal Street.    CHICAGO. iftPMfiAMfffNfo 'VA vsfckS-' s,    *    ii FOB BALE ON CROP PAY-BI EWT SMS LHAYU*    VINTON    CONPAIY ST. FAUL, MINN. The Inter Ocean fs the Most Popular Republican Ncwspapcr of the West and Has the Largest Circulation. TERMS BY MA. IU. DAILY (without Sunday)..................$4.o<)    per year DAILY (with Sunday)................ $6.01)    per year The Weekly Inter Ocean—    ii .0(1 PER YEAR..................... .......................*P I-- As a Newspaper THE INTER OCEAN keeps abreast of the times in all respects. It spares neither pains nor expense in securing ALL THG NEWS AND THE BEST OF CURRENT LITERATURE. The Weekly Inter Ocean As a Family Paper Is Not Excelled by Any. It has something of interest to each member of the family. Its YOUTH’S DEPARTMENT is the very best of its kind. Its LITERARY FEATURES are unequaled. It. is a TWELVE PAGE PAPER and contains the News of the World. POLI i IU ALLY7 IT IS REPUBLICAN, and gives its readers the benefit of the ablest discussions on all live political topics. It is published in Chicago and is in accord with the people of the West in both politics anti literature Please remember that the price of THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN is ONLY CINE (MILLAR PCK YEA IL Address THE INTER OCEAN, Chicago. . RUPTURE mon. vrnmpu ond objUlvnn     *    ...    ... seen every Friday McKinley is beaten So Say5 John J. Ingalls, the pyrotechnic Orator of Kansas---“Can’t Bribe the People”- A Review of the Situation by a Practical Politician. J .KAVEN WORTH, KAN., .lilly 8. The following letter appeals I rom tx senator John J. Ingalls: Two months ago I wrote from Washington that the west would bolt McKinley and gobi at tim St. Louis convention. As this is written the west, the silver west, is marching out. The revolt is practically accomplished. I lie w lute sages of silver are leaving Hie reservation of the warpath. Their great medicine man. Teller, has set up the war pole, and the young bucks vie with one another as lo w ho shall he the ti ret to strike Ins axe into it, as prod of his enlistment. The mutiny is on. Rebellion is ahint and silver west, with its own candidate and its own platform, will wage war on gold and the east. NO. 31 In the doctrine of chances, he’s sure to lose one-third of Un rn. I Uinois in instance is almost certain to turn on re publieamsm and rend it. Tanner, whom the republicans name for governor, is had ami th*- people know it. I he Creamery man’s Ten Commandments. Afi!i*o, laws, Time*. I. 'I hon shalt riot slumber late in 1 ‘ morning, but shalt rise early and * * * •»»*    n    I    ii) v%    -i ll*    »«* * - A ilgeld, atter one gets through with li.1»Ver It11*    factory    for    la his anarchistic side, has been the l>est governor the stale ever taw, and all concede it. The state Is a riot tor free sliver. McKinley can’t carry country or city in that state. Illinois is about as certain against McKinley as Texas itself. There you are. When the democrats come together at Chicago we will know more. Jim we are already assured of McKinley’s defeat. A holt at Chicago hurts him. It is a paradox of politics, but its true. All McKinley has is the gold strength. A l*olt at Uhicago means a division of that strength make ins which seems Joint J. Ingalls. cow into the For one thing, it would overthrow in New York IJK J*11?'/1 ror so 8 is sure already, certain ii! this thing, thy i .I in iv i Iv.    I    tennis    over    tin*    length    a Abraham Lincoln in , that goeth late causeth the butter maker to use inurn profane language. 2. Thou shalt not cast all the dirt thou canst brush off the bucket. 3. Thou shalt not take any cream tor thy tea or coffee, for when thou gettest thy dividends, one shalt say u* another, “why taketh it more milk here tor a |>ound of butter than at any other creamery?*’ Then shall the buttermaker arise and hold thee up to ridi ('Hie with the Babcock rotary test. ^ 4. 'J hon shalt not mix water with toy milk, thou nor thy man servant nor thy hired girl, for so surely as thou name shall be ,    length    aud    breadth of tile whole milk route. I boil shalt not feed thy cows too OUR Midsummer Clearance Sale Is at High Tide. o 1K64. J much potatoes, onions, mustard, horse-m 1    ..    .    .Abraham    Lincoln in 18»it, writing to ru<fi*sh or Lad cabbage, for these feeds J his means the defeat of McKinley, J hts friend, Mr. Elkins, of Illinois, said: I    they    be    cheap    as    all    out    d< “Yes, we may all congratulate our possibly the death of republicanism. Not the least significant ut the signs of tim hour is the steady confidence with which the silver forces mal ch away. 'They leave their fellows of gold as Dundee left the w hi ga in ores ol Edinburgh; their leathers tossing, their banners wide dung and tree. They nail their gauntlet f4» yte gates of gobi and the east stands defied to the uttermost of war. They have remembered what the east forgot. They, too, have a country ami a cause. 'There is a vvest as wed as cause the butter maker to uors, gnash bn Dress Goods and Silks selves 1 hat this cruel war ii nearing an J exceedingly and the butter eater end. It has cost a vast amount of treasure and blood. I he best blood of the dower of the American youth has been freely offered upon our country’s altar that the nation might live. It Inis indeed been a Irving hour for the republic*; but I SLE IN THE NEAU Ki n RE A GUISES APPROACHING THAT I NX KIU'KS ML AM) CAUSES ME TO I BEM BLK THE SAFE TY OF MV (OI FOK NT UY. IS a west as well as nu cast. Silver has AS \ IlKsULTOF THE WA U Courts clans as well as gold its p*ople. I Pol.*\ TI OKS HAVE BFI N KY. I lie allied natives forgot; the west did Til HON El) ANI) AN EHA OF Coit- Ilion* share thee, food RUMAN BOCCIES Have arrived. Come and see them. Will give Rock Iiottoin Prices.  WE ALSO HANDLE_ Baker Perfect Barb Wire, Reliable Gasoline Stoves, Lion Brand Paint, Building Material. Tin Work a Sped a tty. Yours for Good Stock and Low Prices, Hellie Hardware Co. not. And so the si I vi r lighters g > back to their tribes, ll annaism, McKinley ism an over-reaching east phi) mg the hogs part in its golden .wclfishm*ss have split the pally. I lie last dmtice of slice ss for the republicans has disappeared. Tlmw In* finis beyond IVntlund. Alii! It (tits. Inn 1 >U4! Forth. lf ilittre bt- torii* Iii Uh* Lowland*. I lit*re Im* chiel** hi Hie Nim (ti. The east can laugh at these people. The cast should laugh at people le**s and study them more. The eastern policy (11 ihc tip-tilted not*© has already cost it the south. I lo* region glowers at the east across its borders, and the lilts of its hatred never die. Today the west arrays itself against the east and begins running out its lines of b ittie. The west has become ally to the south, aud the ally will be found a hardier, more indomitable enemy than th© original foe. It is pleasant and easy for the east to come from its baths and its gardens. its games and its houses of mar bt© and gilt to idle al out the bu urn aud malign the west aud call its people Goths and Vandals. Rut it may baldly prove profitable. 'The east might bettei recall w bat the Goths and Van dais did to Home. These silver people are the £wiss ot America. They are poor in all save courage. 'J hey have heard their war horns sounding and Hie battle is on They wsU fight with the cool valor of buccaneers. When the east goes against them pride blown, purblind in its conceit of riches, yet really weak w ith the possession of that which it relies most upon—its money it w ill be thtt old story of Charles Burgundy over again. The Swiss will win, and whereas just terms might once have been made with them, in their hour of might and wisdom the west will grant as little as it got. What was done to the west, the west in its turn w ill do. These silver men have already made captive the senate of the United .states;there they appear the veriest spartans of legislation; they fought the Dingle)* hill to its death; they boasted I that you should never have protection I until they had free silver; they made j good their boast in the session of nm* J gress just end ti, aud the Dingley bill ; left unburied on the field testifies not j only to their plans, hut to their power to carry them out. What they did to the Dingle)* bill they will return in December to do again to any legislation they may levy silver war against. McKinley is beaten and now I will tell you how. The stiver revolt will sweep the west between the Missouri and I’acifie. You may buy a gold plank in Dakota and again in Oregon, but you can’t buy the people; you Can’t bribe the public in the wide named from the coast to the Missouri, from the Rio (Bande to the English HI IM ION IN IID.ll FLA OKS WILL I GELOW AN I) THE Mi t.S EV FOW-LH IIF TH ECOl NTH)' WILL KNOB A \ OK I O OHOLONH I TS KEIHN WOK KI NO UPON THE PKE.I-I DD II OF THE PEOPLE I N 1 IL THE WEALTH IS ACM* KEG ATED INA TLW II AN OS, aud the republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for th* safety of my con ii try than ever before even iii the midst of war. Hod grant that my suspicions may prove groundless.” lite authenticity of this letter has oeen clearly established. Lincoln would not. cg course, have given public expression to such despondent sentiments I localise of their t-lFct upon the country at a trying Ump. But that he deeply as id sincerely felt what he was thus s lying to a close friend, there is no doubt. The president of the I lilted .States would not thus speak unless far cause. 'The culmination of the conditions thus desertic! bv ! Weare now witnessing. Th* aim for IM*’, is w itll the very fun w mug these utterances from of Lincoln in INGE urn, Situ Iglu u loch t he soul to buy his butter somew here else. 6. I hon shalt not set thy can of night’s milk in the cellar with the cover off in order to use it for a trap to catch rats ami mice therein, neither in the wood shed as a temptation to neigh bors cats. i. 'I hon shalt not carry away skim milk or buttermilk than thy lest some shall say concerning ’ tora wonder one hog carrieth for another.” H. I hon sh*alt not use unclean cans but shalt caus** thy cans to Is* washed ♦ ve ry day and tin* seams and crevices thereof, fur a filthy can is abomination iii Hie butter-iuaker s sight, and he will visit wrath ujkui him woo bringeth ii Thou shalt not trouble the but ter-maker saying: “When shall I re ceive my pay ?” for verily I say unto thee, he knoweth not neither little bit. lo, J lion shalt not say one unto another, **Lo, behold, have not these a soli snap? They receive much pay and work not very hard at all.” Verily I say unto thee, this is a whopper^. County Board of Equalization. Til** cornily contr) f quali/atton !a*t we Intr r« * 1 .lotion: Krri1'"'- tlu‘ emm*y board Of eq*iaJi/;tf}* n th.it lh#* a^xr-cgat*    valiiUion    of thr r* ii .iud primal pr<»iM*rly of tn^ ^wral towti'hiiH nit-    of    Hartland    ami Auh-n a* rHurti*-,! UBM board. Im* amt thtt > »m- i»    h*!*. a-«ihtt tm- aud full vniiitt ifi«*r. *,f. «in, n,^ aii*»i»H rn.i*i# iii    lo    rai'li «»f th,* jim it**liliM S.!.*!1.!.01 A,b5,t he*, ami vlUaxe© «»f Dartiaud hi**! Ai.;*-u, and HS**•# a** to chalta# dividual caws aud the ^cvttral cia crty th«rriu m lh*n*a(t**r staled, viz London.—IdiMt, r» j«*r cent inc Never so cheap as at this ^•ile; come arni see for yourselves. Forcing ont Surplus Stock in____ Ladies’ Capes and Jackets. Prospective Buyers of Home Furnishings Make a mistake if they do not take advantage of this Clearance Sale. In Carpets and Draperies; come and visit this department as it will save you money. I in* price does n. sent one-half Ute production. >t reprecost *of Groceries. CHEAT REDUCTION In CRACKERS. care Ladies’ Shirt Waists. Per Lh. IL H. Soda Cracker*, 3‘2c IL ti. (iinger .Snaps, L Creams, Assorted Cookies, - 4c UC •til Bvt) By the Box. Se 3 He isston**rs met as a Im* •k aud fkujMe© lh** ti nt »- I W e are the house have the goods. that New Novelties to select from. Iced Coffee Cakes, per lh Crystal Coffee Cakes, per IU Assorteil Jumbles, per lb Honey Jumbles, per lb H, J. Heinze’s Pickling Vinegar For sale by Nelson Bros. Do not take any other. 4 Lie Bor ic Le<*$ He - 8c He - He made in in of fir oji Good Goods, Low Prices, our Motto. Council Proceedings. j The council met in regular session ; I dday evening, all members being j pp sent, ^.1    **f    Ald. Morin the street I committee were ^quested to contract j for the dirt iii Brundin’s Hro’s new cellar. A communication from Hen. K. C. Mason soliciting ait advertisement iii the souvenir of tho (LA. It. encamp inent at M. I'aul was received and the request refused. A recommendation from the street cmnmiasiouer that new* crosswalks l»e laid across Hie M. A St. L. tracks on ( lark. Summer and Fountain streets aud across the Milwaukee track on Newton street, and that the street be raised to the level of the track, was received and on motion of Ald. limn-din the work wa©ordered done and the companies notified. Postmaster Sorenson being present calleil attention to the fact that the (ity was now entitled to a free mail delivery system, the business of the office being over $! 1,(xk> per year, and suggested that the city number its streets and houses. Alter some discussion Mr. Sorenson was requested to write to post office inspector Wood to collie down and taik over the matter with the council. These bills were allowed: Lewis Peterson,special nolle*.... IC. I »***lo\v. qnTial nolle* I <-**nt inert*****. I < «*ut mere* He* 1 Wagnus aud WeUnlronv I louse bold Agricultural 1 iii j Sn EUL Ko* r - t*»wv f> I over,‘ie lit Uiere l**-r cent dttcrea H *r**es. 3 ) rajs Hues, Sd |»er ♦rrta^tt*, 5 t**r erin iuerrj a**! *»ivans, ■» lier cent lucre. furaituiT, -kl fwr crut it,-cr ciueuDts, 25 per (-cut titter .,. _ .. ^ Hordes, I jcar old Jo incr J) ►'JMT** «*•*! lr q <ic**r*‘M<M*    74    j,i-r liotiVttho1*) fcniitiirr, 2f» iftt#*rrji"*e Fkikmam. Structures, -< lucre.ew*. Wa 33S II>«rej*M». ll i»l,l f Agric ll ll ural iliifileuieutv 4C inly Itternew*. A/ricullur.il ll* r«e**, 2 .»loran*! - . Mi ll* - Arri- II* AIM! c trrl.! turc, Tit 1 Herr.im increase. NI SHA Ll 1 id, L'k decrease crr^'..-, WkKinn aud c.irrt*^*^-. il«Mi«elud*l luriilftire, Iucttz*f ItiifilttiUttutH, ‘St ilrcfi-ftM*. MAa**riKi.i)w—!4©mI, lo liu-re.i yearn lo locrrane. Cattie, 3 >earn old crease, lings, in mcr-ase. Wagon* aiel ages, *4) increase. Melodeon* ;tnd «»rtnin* crrase. ll<Hiseh«>id furniture, OL* isrrw cultural inifilemrnts, Jo lucrea**#*. Oakland — Struct tires, m Iller iu**rrasr. Wagons aud carriage*, 15 de Household furniture, JO ii,crease.’ a ti, I III file ii leu Lh, 25 decrease. HAV W\R|» -Lang, $ increase Horses,a yr* old. , increase WatfiMi* and carriages ii; . o,. en ase. i‘ian««*. !0 decrease, llouseliold lurid nire.    de«*r,‘.sse.    Agrieultiiral    linpie•nieui- 50 decrease. Ai 1.khi I.EA - Land.i.!4 Increase. Slru* tur,H JO increase. Wagon* aud carriage*, it—, m-itch se    Hunscliold lurni (©re, in tu«*r ease ll* km: kl Lak©.—I tag, 5 Inc reave, rattle I years obi. iu mcreas,..    -41    incm».*e w agons and carnage*, juu Increase Melodeons and or-zan*. I . lucre.!se. ll*.iisehol*t f*iriutu*-hi Increase. Aj;ncuUiiral crease. .* db Here we are again and with just what you need in..... db ural CLOTHING, HATS And Furnishings. You can’t afford to money on anything in our line. implement*, IXJ lu- pass us by* \\ by? Because we save you Reason enough, aint it? lint*. Silver will sweep all before it Bryan will get most of them, hut at least McKinley has lost every electoral vote alter you leave the Missouri river. They will go to populists, to democrats, to silver republicans, but they will none of them go to McKinley, that candidate hand made by Hanna on a platform to which in his heart of hearts he is false. Heaven hates a coward, and McKinley has not been brave. The people are against him and the gods will not fight on his side, (live the west to silver, ('alifoiilia, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas and Texas. Silver has already conquered them all. And the south McKinley cannot win or hold a toot of it. Every former slave state, bai Delaware, will go democratic. 'There is no doubt in a national war with the democracy for free silver of such states as Miss >uri, Kentucky and Maryland. QEven \\estB\ uginia would he hard to hold. McKinley may kiss hope good bye as far as Missouri, Arkansas Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, the two Carolinas, Virginia and Mankind are involved. He’ll get none of ‘them! Count up Hie others, and see if he’d have enough if he would carry them all. He’ll lie made to sup defeat. But even were they enough, faith has not decided that McKinley carry the others. He can carry ’Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, the five New England states. McKinley is sure, too, of Pennsylvania, despite the cloud of Cameron and his silver lining. Steve Elkins, adept, inay steal him West Virginia. 'There is a streak of solemn Dutch all through \\ iscDusiti which may save to McKinley that sober commonwealth. T or the decency of t he thiugcoont (Milo lor McKinley. Count all (hose states for McKinley. But the others of the north—Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, aud New York—are debatable fightahle ground. McKinley is not sure of any of them. I I a on 3 WI 3.4S 3 OO .IOU 739.33 *U ‘lf, «{.{ OO *2.5# 81.® 4 OO 5 (JO 200.00 3.00 .Of* 2*5. OO 25.18 27.00 43. SO 1.50 11.50 19.75 1. 50 2. kl 25.75 (HI. CO 40.00 so. €Q 4.» Do 45.00 JOSI 35 OO 3 UU .hid. Krill©all, special pollee •U*S 111 Iberi, *j»ei*lal police.............. K KlliekMM), *i>e<*iat police...... riledrlc Iii*Itta..................... ....’I street labor.............. srreet labor   “ ” ”    ............... Street labor......1.11. . .    . . . ll I. ' Stre*-f labor............... F. It. Fisk, surveying...........   \ F. M. Church, supplies............... ( . M. Hewitt, assessor............... ti no. I fioitlpsoii, faMMMT..... Albert Lea Hardware Co .... K. riliiiey. coal............ HL Kinney, coal.........!!!*. C R. Richardson, nigbl watch...... IrdKht.................... K. 1‘ctiit, dray........... ll. M. I finn mick, stone eros*! Hi*........ Albert Lea Hardw are Co............ IVlephone rent................... Freeborn Co. Times, pnntinj;....... iira"t Gilbert, night engineer..... M M Lucc. engineer..................... !’• IT Mcii over ii. s|*rliikil«»c ....... s. F. Chmn be rial ti, police........ Tho*, dement, police............ .    ” < 'hris «'lirlstenaon, pollee. ....... €. S. I'.*I wards. att**rnev.......... Cfi A. Biigi;*, city clerk . . . .. . . .IV.. , .. Hr. Jus. Dudley, med. services for traiiip A bid of Freeborn county for $31.40 for boarding a prisoner was rejected. A bill of I). M. Dominick for $176.90 for laying cement walks and gutters around tho cid opera house block was after considerable discussion referred to the city attorney and finance committee. The lull of J. ll. Blaisdeil for injuries to his huck caused at the Hatch bridge was referred hack to the claims committee. Ald. Krebs claimed that the gutters west ut the post office was not of right shape and Mr. Dominick promised to remcily it. A resolution offered by Ald. Drumlin ordering the clerk to draw warrant* tor the aldermen s salaries while serving on the board of equalisation was passed unanimously and without debate. On motion of Ald. Drumlin the city attorney was instructed it* secure a quit claim deed from the Armstrong heirs for the city hall property,and the council adjourned. -*w*- Waterville Excursions. L. railroad company will sell excursion ti-*kets to Waterville and return as follows; Each Saturday train No. J, leaving Albert Lea at op. in. at SI.2r»; each Sunday, train Lea at 5:15 a* m .ll SEU), all tickets good to return on train No. 0, arriving at Albert Lea at 10:4a p. rn. Sunday. J. VV. KINSKY, Agent A I PKN    5 inrre;i*e. II or ne* * v.-trw old. ic*, deerea*e. (Julie, 3 yrar* .Md, ltwi„-cremw*.    mi© rarriiqce*, s» liH*re»*e Hoicehofii lunnture. JU increaw,. A^ricultur al liiipit-iiiei)' *. 3.!*, iuere;t.*e. M(uq-!tH. -Stmetures. MHacmw. florae* 3 year* aid. 5 inerease. Caille, 3 year* old 7*. j»»-erasM. Hog*. JO iurreane. w mrou* ai..I rarrt-ai:*-s, fly Ii t crease. Mei*Ht«*ou* him I * •ri'stii -> . . iu-crea.*e. Fumw, ,'*« I Ut* re ane. II(Hi*ehoid lur-bliure. IU iiierea****. AgncultunU nitpieiiH i»i> r5 liii*re.**e. Kuki4?ii) -l4nd, 5 in ere anc. Stradoram 25 liicrease Horses. I year old, IS deere;iae (’..vvs IO lh crease. C aille, I years old. 7% Increase’ H*>ks, j . ut crease. Wagons ami carrtages, iw increase. Hewing mu-hines. if© Household furniture, 2u increase. A Implements, 2r» increase. KaM ROfr. IL'js, lo increase. Wa/on* aud carriage*, JO Increase. Llanos. 29 decrease Household furniture, 35’, decrease, tural Implement*, 30 decrease Im* Tease. ;Mculfura! Agrkrul Manchfstkr — Land, to Increase, (fiiiil**, 3 year* old, 20 increase. Hog*, lo increase. Wa goos and carnages, JU decrease. Melodeons and organ*. 15 Increase. Llanos, r#» itecrease. Iliaise hold I ii rn 11 nr**, 25 ilecraaM*. Agricu'Iural im plemeuts, 33> t dei*rcase. II\isti.a NI*.—Structures, jr> increase. Hog* iu decrease Wagons ami rarriages, lo Increase Household furniture. JO Increase. Agricnllural implements, {(Jfcrfaj*!*, F u ic Kin > rn.—Lai 1 (I, f> decrease. Struciures jr. inereaso. Wagon* ami carriages, 33*, increase Household fural!lire, Jo decrease. Agrlctiltnrai Implements, .to decrease. Xii 1.\<;k *o Ai.pkn.- Horses I vcar obi »>. Increase. Melooeous ami organ*, Jo Increase. City of Ai.bf ut Lka.-IzH*. 25 lacreane. Sinn Hires. » increase. Hog*, to increase. Melotieons ami organa, Jo decrease. L a ii L8TOW. Land, lo Increase, ling* to l«-crease Wagon* ami carriages, lo decrease Household furniture, :u>, decrease Agricul. tural Implenienls, 25 de* n ase. NUW KY.- structures, jo increase. Latile 1 years idd 20 increase. Hogs, 7-, increase \VH gens and carriages, rn Increase. Mewing i„:|-chtnes, 28 decrease. Unviseboht fnrullurM fsj increase. Agricultural implements. JO increase. (•KH rya. I j! lid, lo increase, flogs ii) ir,- craase Liam**, loo increase. Agr. tural im plemeuts, IO increase. Bath,—Land, |»£ increase. HI mein re*. Jo Increase. II.^s, 7.» increase. Wagon* and cat-(tecivaM*. M» lodt iiDs him! orxaim increase. |louseho'«| furuiiure. lo decrease Agricnllural Implements, 12*. decrease. Lands in Nunda hitherto reported overflowed were on Ieee. I place© on the tax list for I *; bange* In real estate were ordered iii the c tv * of I has Jorgensen, on lot 8, hi 1. Alden village reduced *'.no; Hr. Ntssen. hit in hlm k 30 Albei t i^i ,N|,';.or*h,,r.'. r**u ,,:t"    reilm-. il f..iMi, Mi Millan & Hastings, reduced Jo s.; Mian acre; Greene ,Si Keilar. 1*11 w*4 sw' s,»c •* I-rcehorii. reduced to $jno;    llUT seen' London, reduced Sn*); se'; iiw' ., sec la I on don. reduced r-O; sw', se'„ Soc 3. Aifi.-f litta. red acc! I f2MJ; ole I. n,Miahl. on sU **>; se.* 19, Mail-held, reduced to 8dtl0; ll L. Lei* 1- *011. Albert la*a, personal property reduce© to —— The V-ilder business college and normal school offers a business course that is conducted 'V expert accountants and practical bu sloes* men Bt© two college* in America pay larger salaries. The normal school faculty I* componed exclusively of ex|M rfenced n**rmal sch*s»l gra*lu-ates, who have |*eeu educated at th** l*esf n*»r-mal* In the United States ami Canada. The above school is the largest and best equipped private school In the west. Drop postal f.*r . ala- YOURS FOR SQUARE DEALING. W. W. JOHNSON $ (0. JOSEPH KEENAN VI STI N. Ai I A Agent for the Minneapolis 18JM! Columbia Victory Separator, Minneapolis Engine, J. I. Case Threshers, Bnllalo Pitts Separators and Engines. Tile only house in Southern Minnesota that tor these machines. a mea a hill line of Repairs General Aj;«*nt for tin as well as the Only Genuiru with any one hut a house that Keeps a machines they sell, when you can just as well deal with a house that does.    - highest grade of RUBBER BELTS, GAND\ BELTS made. Why deal keeps a full line of repairs for the „    .1 ;    ls    a 9° a"f‘nt. for t,,M Parsons Feeders, Hie only feeders on the mal ken ba. (jives general sati.staetion. lie also carries a full line of Uarnaffes Mr'ketn o! el,HS*11 a”*/*    I    bey    are    line    and    no    mistake    about    it! aiiv make    first-elans second-handed 'Traction Engines of almost S ummer Stoves. Call and see tile Nl*w Stove. Built like Process, Blue Flame, Kerosene a gasolene stove and safer. lite strongest Hallie of any stove made. Albert Lea Hardware Co.

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