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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Jul 8 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - July 8, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesota Time nnuMwuwvm»wiwHwvu%uu 9 Twenty Thousand Eves 5 •/    t/    ^ See the Standard | 5 Every Week of the Year. € v%u%%uu%uu\wiu%uvmuuuu«tvu VOL. XNXIX. eefcafit * Standard Advertising ; Is Not Lowest in Price, $ But Is Highest in Value. ** WI*****-***** * * *    ^    ittt    viiim    e'ALBERT LEA, MI NN, WEDNESDAY JULY S, I SOC. \« ■ 28 ± o Silver Dollars wL_ I 1 Is STRAUSS’ price for the Best Suit in America. It’s an Imported English Clay, of which every yard weighs 20 ounces, made up elegantly fit to the Queen’s taste; they are as black as the ace of spades, in sacks, square and round cut and Chesterfield Frocks. They are yours for TEN SILVER DOLLARS Don’t confound them with the light-weight, thrashy kind of Clays offered by others. A casual glance at them will at once convince you of their intrinsic worth; their superiority stands out in unfading color above all others. YOURS FOR TRUE WORTH, BUHINE! CARDK A. U. MAYLAND. A WYER. ROOM 2, FAIR STORK BU II.D-.j lug. Albert Lea, Minn.    1*4    I Arriving Every Day Something New, IAT Til El W. E. TOOD, A VV VER. OFFICE IN THE NEW OPERA J home blocK, Albert Lea, Mum. HENRY A. MORGAN, \ TTORNEY AT LAW. COUNTY ATTOK-XV ne\. Uffli* to Gulbranilsou Hloek, ii roadway, Albert Lea, Mum. NEW ENGLAND tate and Carnet Co. BUEL A CHURCH, Real estate, law, insurance. Loans Hint Col lections Homos tor Saif-lid Kent. Office rn Opera Block, Albert La, Hun    Sii»G R. S. FARNSWORTH. \ TTO RN EV AT LAW. PRACTICES IN ALL lA Hie courts. Careful attention given to com-meretal ami oilier collet'tliHis. Office In Wodge %. Barlow (lo., Block. Rooms I ami 2. Albert L a. Mum    39    94. DOCTOR NISSEN. / y RADU A IE KROM NORWAY. OFFICE VJT over Lioii Drug Store, Hromiwav. Albert Lea. Minn. ALBERT LEA. J. M. TODD, M. O OIIYMICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE I In tear of Briggs’ Ding Store; tim pita I OO Fountain itivrl, Albert Lea. W C. MERRILL. I \ ENT IST. OFFICE IN NEW I J opera house block, rooms 3 and 4, Albert Lea Mini). H. A. PAINE, V RCII IT ECT AND BUILDER. PLANS I \ drawn aud contracts taken tor all classes of work lo city aud country. Albert Lea, Minn.    15yl MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. CTHI NOORI N CAMP NO 835 HOLDS KEGU-J lar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first and third Wednesday evening* of each month.    J.    I>. CLARK. V. G. I R HALVORSEN. Clerk C. Ii. COLEMAN Manufacturer anti Dealer in Lumber, rn stir —And All Kinds of— Building Material. Yard at the old stand neat Milwaukee depot. A. J. STADHEIM, Agent. The ALBERT LEA National Bank Coming Friday, july IO Two Big Shows Combine. One Price Admission to All United Stows Th** Largest Menagerie ii I lie W orld. The Only 4-King Cirrus BUGLE BLAST. The Double Street Parade The KiggeMt and Kiehent Show Kver Organized. D. HURD & SONS. T ■TOxa.t Is I WHITE CLOVER. FURE UNCOLORED JAPAN TEA Being of the first crop and May pick will not turn red in cup, but will always retain their light liquor and rich flavor throughout the season. Call and get some of this famous r8    o tea and save your money. YOURS, D. HURD & SONS. ALBERT LEA. MINN. Capital, $50,000. f ITRA SHARTS A GENERAL BANKING I Business; Foreign Exchange Bought aud Sold; Interest Allowed ou Deposits; Foreign Steams ti 11> Tickets; Fire aud Life lusurauce; Collections. H D BROWN. President. DRP HIBBS, Vice Pres. C B KELLAR, Cashier Directors W. K Todd, O. W. Ransom Jno. G. Godley, S S. Strauss, T. V. Knatvold, W. A. Morin, J. VV. Smith, D. R. PHlbbs, H. D. Brown. Asb Any Lady Who has bought millinery In Albert Lea miiv time during the past Twenty Yearn where she has found the flne-st hats aud bonnets, or been suited best In getting trimming done, aud nearly Every Woman or Miss WHI say “at Mrs. Stage’s, to he sure!” So It always has been aud will continue lo be Our Spring; Desips Are perfectly lovely and new lots are cou-Uuually arriving. Miss Julia Honsie, Our trimmer, Is an artist in her work and gives universal satisfaction, ('all and she will explain the most recent inventions in styles of hats and trimmings. Mrs. J. Stage. Everything Hardware Stoves A Great Variety An Extensive Assortment of Albert Lea Friday, July IO NOW see! the] BIGI 4-PAW A Huge Areole Marvel. The Master Aggregated Supremely Attractive. Incredibly Amazing Prodigiously Perfect. Its IOU) Hr ii Wonders, 2 Enormous Menageries, 2 Stupendous Cire use*, 2Colossal Hippodrome* 2 Titanic Free Parades. Triumph of Instruct!. Perfection of A mus-irnS'-*, Home of Healthful Fun, Metropolis of Nature, Mighty Moral Magnet. 4 Groat Rings, 2 Stages, f. IOU Acts and Pag ants, Hundreds of Champions, Daring La ly Aerialists, The New Woman Clowns Permanent Consolidation Of The Only Holiday Giants TDTT    Ii1    Q    suPeri°r    quality    at Lowest Prices A v^XJ-CJKJ Repairing done at reasonable rates. Gulbrandson Bros. All KindN oi* Tin Work .A.t Tile 2 Big Herds of Elephants, IOO Cages aud Chariots, Most Imperial Race*. Most Amazing Feats, Most Superb Displays. Always ar J Ever}’where Presented Exactly as Advertised. Fair Store, On Our Entire Stock I) CRING July we shall cut prices on Everything In our store, and it will pay you to...... SAMMIS** - Visit THE FAIR. Crockery, Glassware, Wall Paper, Pictures, Granite Ware. All must go regardless of cost, to make way for new deal Aug. I. One Price to All.    Terms    of    Sale,    Cash. JL. H. SQUIER. SELLS BROTHERS SHOWS! 2 Great Daily Exhibitions 2and SP. AL Come Sar’y, 15 Mammoth Waterproof Tent*. Heating Capacity 15,000. 25 r informed Ishera. Numbered Reserved Coupon Seals on Sale at It. E. Ross* Post Office Mews Room. Admission 50c. Children under 9 yrs. Albert Lea Friday. July IO RAIN OR SHINE. Address of Leading Silver Republicans to Their Party in Minnesota--Forcible Presentation of the Cause of the Money of the Constitution--Let Not the Blight of the Gold Standard Be Fastened on the People. Following is the address of the silver republicans to their party iii this state: To the republicans of Minnesota— The greatest issue which has arisen iii this country since the addition of African slavery now confronts the American people. The common people have viewed with increasing alarm the efforts of a foreign money aristocracy to fasten upon this nation the single gold standard of value. In the past they turned with the inspiration of faith to the republican party for protection against that power which seeks to strike down one-half the redemption money of the world that the other half may purchase double the amount of the products of their toil. They had a right to expect such protection. The republican party was boro of the common people. Its mission has been to dignity labor; to secure to him who toils in field, in shop or mine the just fruits of honest labor. From the day of the party’s birth until the present time no article of republican faith has been more pronounced than the belief in bimetallism. It bas been written in its platforms and taught by all its great leaders. In national convention rn 1888 it condemned “the policy of the democratic administration in its efforts to demonetize silver.” In 1802 in its platform adopted at Minneapolis it declared in favor of both gold aud silver as standard money. In 18114 the republican party of Minnesota reaffirmed its belief Mm bimetallism and that the restoration of silver as ultimate money to the currency of the world is absolutely necessary for business prosperity, proper rate of wages and the welfare of the people.” Nearly every republican state convention in 18U4 condemned, either in express terms or by implication, the single gold standard. James G. Blaine well expressed the belief of the republican party when he declared, “I believe the struggle now-going on in this country and in other countries for a single gold standard would, if successful, produce widespread disaster in and throughout the commercial world. The destruction of silver as money and establishing gold as the sole unit of value must have a un nous effect on all forms of property except those investments which yield a tixed return in money. These would be enormously enhanced in value, ani would gain a disproportionate . u I unfair advantage over every other »§*< i*-s of property. If, as the most reliable statistics affirm, there are nearly seven billion dollars of coin or bullion in the world, not very unequally divided between gold and siver, it is impossible to strike silver out of existence as money without results which will prove distressing to million and utterly disastrous to tens of thousands. I believe gold and silver coin to Ire the tawney of the conli notion; indeed, the money of the American people, auti-nor to the constitution which the great J organic law recognized as quite lade-I dependent of its existence." J The action of the national repuhli-{ can convention at St. Louis has repu-I dialed this fundamental doctrine of I our party. The single gold standard I has been endorsed, in connection with the proposition that the free coinage of silver upon any basis or ratio is not to be permitted without the consent of foreign despotic aud aristocratic powers drat obtained. The republican party no longer stands for both gold and silver as primary money but for g«dd only. We cannot accept the new (aith, and we will hold steadfastly to the old. The policy of gold monometallism means prolonged and intensified depression; an endless and hopeless era of falling prices for our farmers and other producers; continued uncertainty of employment for our workingmen, wit!) lessening wages following the fall in prices of the products of labor; discouragement of all enterprise, and in universal bankruptcy and the gravitation of all money into the hands of money brokers. It means the obliteration of the great middle class, the yeomanry of the nation, and the division of the people into the very rich and the very poor. Those republicans w ho believe in theuseof both gold and silver as the money of ultimate payment, and their free coinage in our mints, must either submit in silence, or speak out boldly in condemnation of this policy so disastrous to the people. On matters of vital principle no man can reasonably be asked to submit to party dictation. Every man w ho places country above party, and whose sympathies are with the producers as against the money brokers and bondholders, owes a duty to his conscience and to his country w hich can only bedischayged by putting forth every effort in his power that the blight of the single gold standard may not be fastened upon this people. John B. Sanborn, Frank A. Day, 8. II. Moer, 1). F. Morgan, Charles E. Rogers, It. S. MUNGER, Frank M. Nyk, Clinton Martell, John Lind, Charles a. Towne, John Day Smith. I). G. Cash, S. B. Howard, James Ii. Bennett, ll. E. Hoard, J. II. TRIGGS, ll. D. Stocker. Minneapolis, July 2, 1896. THE PROTEST. Penny Press. There are patriots in the land iii this year of our Lord, 1896. The righteous protest of some of them is published alleve in the Penny Press. It is the declaration of independence of Minnesota patriots against the rule of the republican Wall street machine and its foreign platform of principles. It is the declaration of 1896 against European domination. This protest is signed by the brain, the respectability, the conviction and patriotism of the former republican leadership. It is signed by such men as these: Chas. A. Towne, the noted congressman and free coinage and reform champion, of Duluth. John Lind, three times congressman on a free coinage platform and a broad-brained champion of the people’s caus*-. County attorney Frank M. N>e, the eloquent and widely popular state’s advocate, of Hennepin county. Senator D. F. Morgan, 8. B. Howard, Gustav Thieden, the well known state senators of Hennepin. Hon. R. S. M linger, arid D. G. Cash, Clinton Markell, 8. ll. Moer, J. H. Triggs, prominent Duluth business men. General Sanliorn, the eminent state senator aud public-spirited representative of St. Paul. Such representatives of the country districts as editor H. E. Hoard and Chaa. E. Rogers, of Montevideo; James R. Bennett, of St. Cloud; and Lieut. Gov. Frank A. Day, of Fairmont. John D. Smith, E. s. Coner, J. W. Griffin, H. D. Stocker,and other prominent and representative business men and patriotic citizens of Minneapolis. This list will lie extended to thousands and tens of thousands before November. This Declaration of Independence issued on the morning following the state republican convention and the organization of the state gold machine is one of the most significant i documents, and marks one of the most important arid popular political revolutions in the history of our common- i wealth. Its motto w ill be, *^n union! there is strength.” It marks the dow’n- j fall of the old political regime in Min-! nesota. «»i    — S. M. V. and D. Association. The eighth seini-annual meeting of 1 the southern Minnesota veterinary and '• dental association will be held in Al-1 bert Lea next Tuesday, July 14, and is likely to tie an interesting event, I About fifty members are expected lo ! I>e present, ann Hie following program baa been announced for the meeting: Essay, Dr. C F. E. k!e<, St. diaries; Oom-muiiiratioo, Dr. K. N. Betime, Fairmont; E-^ay, J IU- M.S. Wkiltuflib, AuMiu Communication, I J. P. Anderson. Rochester, Ks*ay, Dr J. ti. I Annale!. Minneapolis; Communication, Dr. W. Amo*, Owatonna: K**ay, Dr L. J. Thomas, Albert Lea. Communication. Dr. J. J. .vbnuiz, Hastings Stockraisers of the county are Jnvit-1 ed to bring in for examination diseased animals, or those requiring treatment of the teeth, and to attend the cessions. Doctors Thomas and Porter will take j pains to explain the virtue of Albert I-ta artesian water and to advise all i the members of its sparkling and ex-1 liberating qualities, and generally will see that the visitors become infatuated with the attractions of this paradise ! town. The New Woman in the Ring. Verily, this is a rapid age of strange I innovations and it is the unexpected I that most frequently occurs The latest revelation iii this direction is the | appearance of the new woman in the } great Furepaugh & Sells Brothers’ ag- i gregated circus as ringmaster and ; clown, and the way she cracks whips and jokes and cuts capers in her bi- j furcated unmentionables puts her de- j throned masculine predecessors completely in the shade. In fact, it may j be said: “W hen lovely woman Hoof •* to lefty,* Hio* does it up lo d tie as do* ti. Si«r (Int es nu ay loathed md such My. And Ails the leu! and ottus ii.*- town. .—  --»*-•— —— An Unlawful and Needless Burden of Debt. Farm, Stock a Home. Vt I thin a little more than two years I the bonded indebtedness of the govern- j men! has been increased 8262,000.000. By the time this debt matures the people will have paid $238,000,00m interest on it, when it will prabahly be refunded into other long-time bonds, entailing burdens of debt upon “generations yet unliorn.” lf the principle is paid at maturity the people will Lave paid, in ten to thirty years, SoOO.OUO.OuO to satisfy the debt that has been uselessly loaded upon them iii two years ot peace, health and big crop*. This debt was created to redeem certain obligations in gold that the law says is redeemable in “coin,” and coin bas always meant silver and gold, with the option with the government to pay whichever metal it chose. Therefore contracting the debt was not only unnecessary but w as due to a plain disobedience of law. What a scheme for enriching the rich and impoverishing wealth producers. — - —**♦ «• - — They Stand United. Arlington Enterprise. It isn’t often that brothers agree well together, especially in politics, but the three Day brothers seem to delight in so doing. All of them are editors, Ii. G. Day. of the Freeborn County Standard; Frank A. Day, of the Fairmont Sentinel, aud Burt W. Day, of the Hutchinson Leader. They were all sound republicans in Hie good old times before Grover C, and his gold, bot the leaven has been working, and they all have gone over to the populist camp shouting for free silver. They are all bright men, honest as the day is long, and their loss will be seriously felt by Minnesota republicans. — - - -    »-—   - Wondrous Foreign Flyers. Among the many foreign arenic stars who make their first appearance in the four rings, upon the olympian stages, arid in the aerial carnival of the great Adam Forepaiigh and Sells Brothers* Consolidated shows, the celebrated Arrigosi sisters probably create the biggest furore. They are the only Hying trapeze performers appearing in full dress aud long skirts, and their high and hazardous dives, leaps, somersaults, catches, and evolutions thus costumed are startling, graceful and enthusing triumphs. — —------- ninneapolis & St. Louis Excursions. The M. & St. I j. railroad company will sell excursion tickets at one and one-third fare for the round trip to the Epworth League convention and Waseca Assembly from June 30 until July 23, all tickets good to return until and including July 24. J. W.Kinsey, Agent. — — Farm Land for Sale. 200 acres farm land for sale at very lew price and on easy terms. Every foot tillable. This the best bargain in land yet offered. T. V. Knatvold. Gen. John B. Gordon, Celebrated statesman and soldier, will lecture al Waterloo Chautauqua Thursday, July S. The B. U. K & N., will run a special train tor this event. The special will leave Albert l-ea 7 a. in. and arrive at Waterloo *.0 30 a. rn. Round trip rate $150. Returning special train will leave Waterloo at 7 p. rn. Call ou B., C. R. & N. agents (or tickets. i I JI Bros Melt! Mil). OUR Midsummer Clearance Sale Is at High Tide. Dress Goods and Silks Prospective Buyers of Home Never so cheap as at this Furnishings sale; come and see for yourselves. Forcing ont Surplus Stock in.... Ladies’ Capes and Jackets. Make a mistake if they do not take advantage of this Clearance Sale. In Carpets and Draperies; come and visit this department as it will save you money. Ladies’ The price does not repre- Shirt Waists. sent one-half the cost of production. Notice- We are the house that have the goods. New Novelties to select from. We are practically giving GrOCCrV Dept. away Ladies and Gent s    J    Mr Gold Watches. Call at our store for full particulars. F. C. Johnson’s Pure Cider Vinegar for sale by Nelson Bros. Good Goods, Low Prices, our Motto. Nelson Bi WM Store. Remember, we sell SLOTHING, Etc., that we guarantee to be equal in value to the price. Honest Goods, Low Prices and Square Dealing are our trade winners. v/.w.johnson^a. JOSEPH KEENAN AUSTIN, MINN, Agent for the Minneapolis 1896 Columbia Victory Separator, Minneapolis Engine, J. I. Case Threshers, Buffalo Pitts Separators and Engines. Tile only house in Southern Minnesota that carries a full line of Repairs for these machines. General Agent for the highest grade of RUBBER BELTS, as well as the Only Genuine GANDY BELTS made. Why deal with anyone but a house that keeps a full line of repairs for the machines they sell, when you can just as well deal with a house that does.    - ■ ' Jig Mr. Keenan is a*so agent for the Parsons Feeders, the only feeders on the market that gives general satisfaction. He also carries a full line of Carriages, Surreys, Buggies and Road Wagons. They are Ane and no mistake about it. Mr. Keenan can aiso sell tirst-olass secoml-handed Traction Engines of almost any make. Summer Stoves. Call and see the New Process, Blue Flame, Kerosene Stove. Built like a gasolene stove and safer. The strongest dame of any stove made. Albert Lea Hardware Co.

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