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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - January 29, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesotavol. xxxix. ALBERT LEA, MINN, WEDNESDAY IIIJHINENH ('AI(I)K W. IL. TODO. I AWYBR. OPKIrH OVER HANSOM BROS’ I J antre. Albert Lm, MSun MENSV A. MORUA*. a rroHNKY at law. county Armit-X\ HOV 'atlee In Unit,rampion Klo,-k. in..ad-way, AltwnUo, Mum. R. S. FARNSWORTH. \ TTORNKY AT LAW Ult AUTH KR IN ALL j I lim cont in, Careful Attention Kl vim Ut min rn-ref a I Ami lither collections Office iii Wedge A Hal low l o , hiihH Room* I mid I. a I ti*-rf IWK, Minn    _    3,, m DOCTOR NISSEN /'RA DUA IK KROM NORWAY. OKKK'R J I its*!* Lion Drug Aion-, Broadway, Albert i^n, ninn. J. M. TOOO, M. 0. piYllriAE ANO RI Rf,KUN. I in rear of Briggs’Drug store. Fountain strut. Albert Is-* orricK hospital uu W C. MERRILL, Dkntiht. oKrrrK ovkr Wa Harlows •tor#. Albert Loa, Mum. Gage, Hayden &, Co. COnnENTS OPCONTEMI-URARIES. I EIVH YEARS FOR CARBARY. Brt*h* ““or. "» The R„ul.„, MI, Trial lor ,h,nurJer the Most Uveiy Topics of the ----- NO. Times. W, R Dobbin, (Toter#arIre Ag# Watch the trend of affairs, not nee how rapidly the world I>o you is mov er aillen-A Case of Hany Interest log Features-- ! he Sentence (Jener ally Commended—Synopsis of the Case. T he trial of Thomas ('arbitry for drug H. A. FAINE, ANO HUI LORR. ARTHITRiT drawn and cor,tract* Uk<>n Tor all cia**** FLANK of MIHM. a la city tad country a I i»# ri Ot, ley I MO0IR* WOODMEN OE AMERICA (    N_VAMV. lY".*■rt fun ].h RKou- Hr m-«iiu*» al o.in reflows nan eyer* m!i.h° thlrd w«do*'*'>ay evening* of each month.    j    it    cl    ai#k v r I R HALVORRR*. Clerk. The ALBERT LEA National Bank ingy R W. Dreks. Blue Karts City P<»*t A theueand HIoomi tin hen Hosed I ,>.>    .*^7    -*-r—— in Chicago and the price of town lots a -ii?.? of *£? d,8tr*rt court the ma-hasn't decreased one cent ow ii ots j |(>r portion of last week and it Is need-less to state was one of the most not- thei murder of John (linen last August I tn front of Stauch’s saloon consumed ALBERT LEA. MINN. Capital, $50,000. . «W**«AL hanrinu I Busine**, foreign Kiehange Bought aud s-.ld; Inu-re-t Alluwe* on IreaJU.iT FWlgu •U«am-I"|. I let #t*. Fire aud Life lasursaes; Collection* M 0 BROW*, f’realsent ORF MIBeS. \ lr*. Pre* c B KELLAR, Ca*hier. OlMNmOM* —W K TiHld, C 'ii'••**- Hod ley N R. Rfran-a. T. w a Morin, J. W. Rmttb. D. II D Brows. W Rah**.rn V Hunt void, R. Plllbtie, First National Bant ALBERT LEA. MINN. About 50 pairs Ladies' Pure Silk Mittens, .^Qp Regular 75c goods 20 dozen Good Size Cotton Huck Towels, They can’t w bo matched. (‘•pliel, Marplna, • TO,(HH KU*Mf General Banking Fir* Loans Vegotlated. Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Foreign Exchange Boigid ani Sold Sale Deposit Twit Ha RRY JUNKS, .    . President. t». ttUUMUftDRO*. - Vlas President. A UU UNT PAULSON, -    .    . ^ashler. IU RKT TORK: Uulhrawtfson. Tho, W WRooo. K. If. Rich, o Bauk tie**. T M Bucklin, Fundi. V. (JuJbraodfou. P. M. Joice Harry Jon#* (I ii UUu* U. MORIN Brid and Tile forts ALBERT LEA, MINN. Pressed Brick, Common Brick, And All Sizes of............ Farm Drain Tile. tW“ Farmers are especially requested to call and inspect the works. W. A. MORIN, Proprietor. An • Empty • Boose Is always made more cheerful with nice and useful F-u.rnit-u.re. I have opened a store with a complete line. Every!lung new, and just what ever' body needs. My prices, also, are down to meet all competition. lam also equipped for Undertaking and Embalming, ('all aud inspect my stock. It will pay you to do It. -T. J. RUE, Hartland, Minn There are only a few chances left to sell Cloaks.  We have saleable- $10.00 Cloaks at $4.75. (Lots of Cloaks 47c on the Dollar.) decreased one cent. A. I, Craves, HI. Paul Broad Axe: It ttie postoffice business was a trust or monopoly, like the telegraph business, men Would be dunged two prices for their service. K.C, Huntington, Wlndoni Reporter: .Some folks are crossing bridges all the time; bridges they know they will never see. It is better to cross if when it come* to you. Ignatius (Monelly, The Representative: Now for a union of all friends of reform -if not in one convention and oue party—at least in support of one and the same ticket. W K. Mr Keazie. Crookston Time* An editor of long experience is apt to think tiiat the proper motto for typical American would be. “(Jive me notoriety or give me death,” C. F. McDonald, Ht. Cloud rime*: Another crime In Hie name of rorm ’is the employment of children by the New } or* police to gather evi dence against saloon keeper.*. K. A. Paradis, Midway New*; The man who sets out upon any great journey will reach Ins destine-Won behind time if he stops to light all the dogs that bark along ihe road 8 A. Los gum, Prest oo Times Ingersoll is in a fair way of being tm*3*2!?;    weU    person on iTa,Un*.H ,ot of religious tracts on his door slap once in every twenty-four hours.    3 Jo* K, Child. Waseca Herald Mr. Tawney’! organ in this city puta on its prettiest pantalets and assure* ou have paid dollars time and again for such Corsets As We Sell at - rn    I .V*.. UHM fWUJI* I rn Its few readers that Mr. Tawney has a walkaway for another term in col gress. and that no other need apply. A. ll, Alien, Jackson Republic Two Florida men fought a duel fora woman, and both are dead. Hut this la leap year Who will be the first her8*,f “f the privilege of challenging a rival for a man f Minneapolis Tribune: i JS’^gre#sman Tawney is disposed to °ni bis lf**s fortunate col-leagues since he occupied the speaker’s chair at the request of Mr. Heed the ^K7Ytbe brat time Minnesota enjoy etl the honor for several years. W D Beld cd. Caledonia Argus: A man should never marry a worn* I!n„whWe5°*?w h® *b“ nut confidence or    k Jfe 10 8Uch a Partnership °r„.™ he does not so love that he is not willing to share equally with her the profits of his labor. Martin R. Tew. Clarkfleld Advocate: banks ln Minne- fhHt ti    wet‘k about tbe time that the peoples party and alliance inventions were held in that city. What more needs be said about the blighting elleels of populism ?” Porn urn A Jacobs, Madison Press: It is claimed, by those who ought to know. that the manipulation of the able and interesting criminal cases that bas ever arisen in the county. Henry A. Morgan, comity attorney. I" emu unction with attorney general Ct!I mn urn! ha,sifted by ll, 5, *PPefred Jut the state and W, K. Ti rod andI W N Crane represented the defendant. It is but fair to state that the respective attorneys represented their clients conscientiously and with marked ability and allowed no point to escape them which would tend to sos tam their theory of the case. mv£aJ8 'Ii,1J“1 1?l *uch cases considerable difficulty was experienced in empanelling a satisfactory jury, forty-one names being called before twelve good men and true could be found who bad formed no opinion and who thought .loo f?M,d K|ve Hn impartial ver ob I. 1 he following composed the jury uwree UHkert. ll c N^son. Kren l^mbke Henre Hoff* iK’k M Kll,,dt- K K ' Saner iienry HOIT, J. K. H»rmn. lieorve KrUble Cba*. L^iubke. 0. Chamberlain. Lewis Hieel County attomy Morgan opened the case for the state and calle first witness Herman Hothum or John son as he is better known. Ile opinion of many that he will not sur-1 I vive Ins sentence. While there is but slight evidence to support the assumption, it Is believed by many that Carbure had a weight ; in his hand when he killed John (Jilfen I he day after the crime a heavy iron stl ' *“? f0'""1    * WU' I" John I '    I"1:1 j“"1 " 1«W rod* from th* » ne. It had never been seen there jef«rMiidih*KrMi*M green under I. I his Is merely a coincidence, but GI I?'| I i!1"* Wrt8 the    of Killen s death. However it may be there can scarcely lie a doubt but that tbe ends of justice have been rightly meted out in the results of the trial. I arbory was on Monday conveyed by deputy sheriff El I lek* rn to the pm, I ten ti ary at Mil 11 water to Iwgm his terai of imprisonment. A CREA/IFRY SUPPLY CO/TPaNY. An was 50 Cents. (They are Lustrous Satine.) Uteri Lea College, FOB TOUNG LADIES. A BOARDING SCHOOL WITH ALL TUR XV Comforts and Beautiful Kurr«uudluK» of Horns LII®. None but Flrnt VIumh intr nrton* Employed. Studies embrace a Complete College Course. or Catalogue and oilier Information address, HOV. II. U. Abbott, ii. ii , President, or ii ti. Parker, Hoc. of Kxecutlve Committee. Albert Loa, Minn. ^”~HARD and SOFr^=> C-O-fl-L, In any quantities: all sizes and grades. Orders fur Country and City trade promptly tilled. Free deliver y to City customers. A. C W. W. Cargill & Co SORENSON, Agent. Office at Elevator No. 3, 8. M. Depot, ALBERT LEA, MINN. EMBROIDERIES, Nev Selections for Spill. Inspect the Incomparable Values^-We Offer. Gage, Hayden & Co. frP^biiCaDJParty..*ia8 befm don® wholly liar ti °    *    °f    tfl®    X0Vt,rnt>r    for    the yean*- Well, it has been neatly done at any rate. A. E. Haven, Faribault Democrat. There is a good deal of discordant band JTl«nr0W*Mythe P°litlcal state baud. I he trouble seems to be that there are too many leaders and soloists and too few good accompanists and the harmony is awful. II E. Been. Fergus Falls Globe: E very time that the people have got on their feet again they have been thrown and tied anew until many a noble, brave man who has repeatedly »*®'nst the oppression Sp in d“p»!r y coutraclion',las mon C. E.. Graham, Waseca Radical: M*'lSSrville has begun on its dat» at like it    the    Waler    in    tbe lake at W aterville, and drown out the EZXi'n"*skum’that stink8 nj? v Barrington has to hold his nose. Necessary to do that, for the benefit of those “summer resorts” the Andrews Bros., and the railroad will put in next summer. Duluth Naws-Trlbune. The attempt at extinction of the English sparrow by the authorities of j} co“DMichigan, has been abandoned. A bounty of one cent per bird in the trouble which resulted in (iilisn’s death. Cullen Carbury, the witness and others bad been drinking in tim yard t nd witness got into trouble wiih wi..eV^!r'aU88 thw ,alt«r had cut the baltei straps of the horses in the barn. UiiieN called both him and Carbury ^Allies and the witness shoved Uillej out into the alley and with Car-bury chaseii him out into the street where Carburv struck Cill™ with his left hand. liana <). Vfier.tad, who was also present at the row claimed that he saw Carbury strike Gillen with a piers of board three or four feet long before they chased him into the sirfGi, Larry Flanagan had been with the crowd there All the afternoon. He in- « n ca!i Carbury and Johnson ▼lie names and saw Johnson bit Gillen he swore that Carbury broke a ImuLI?1*0*!™’ Saw tbe two follow Iii k nto V.'e 8tr®*t and 8aw the man fall but could not tell who bit him out on the street. David Hanson, who was painting and paper hanging in Stauch’s .att* time saw part of the fracas and heard Carbury say he would “fix the ” and saw Carbury walk up to the man and knock him down with his left baud. ./obnaon could not have been the man who struck Gillen the blow that felled him as he was half the width of the street from Gillen and Carbury. Did not see Carbury have anything in his hand although be might of had Daniel Hard was co tang by in the alley and saw a crowd of men fighting and calling each other names in the shed or yard. He saw Carbury and Johnson going away and heard Carbury say “it served bim right.” Mrs. Hettinger who lived in the second story of the building opposite DI. >\ llcox s residence saw a man run into the street and then saw another man in a white hat run out and knock him down with his left hand. John Golden, engineer for Stanch, f?i!Ln fracusandsaw Carbury knock Gillen down in the street. He scribed the occurrence as other nesses had. Jud Randall, who was driving bv at the time with his wife and daugh->r, saw Carbury and Johnson chase la", D^°,.8 and saw defend-ant Int Gillen so hard with his left hand that the man went right up into the air and then landed o! bighead and shoulders. He saw Carbury carry the man over to the sidewalk. Dr. ii. II. Wilcox saw Gillen shortly after he was struck and saw Carbury carry him to the sidewalk. He was present at the autopsy.    Doctors Mevensen, Black mer and Von Berg we?-« tDere. They removed the skull and the doctor showed it to the jury with the fractures. He described tbe vi*K?.nd Lbe C0"Seatiwn of the brain. While the fracture was evidently the result of a violent blow he did not think that a blow simply with the fist could cause it. Gillen lived about two days. Pr-G; A. Stevensen who was pres ent at the autopsy testified to the amination. Important New Enterprise for f reeborn County—E v e ryt h I n g Needed by Creameries to Be Supplied Right at Hand. Awaiting the perfection of some of the arrangements we last wvek delayed mention of th# establishment of an ex-tM.8™ a,*d ■•chuted*! enterprise in this city, but now that it is no longer S !n0 tIICCOniPli,h,l"‘,lt we are glad to be able to set forth its import- The enterprise is to be an extensive and complete creamery supply house and factory for furnishing outfits engines, machinery, repair?, plumbing mr Th!^ Color S.nd othpr ftcceaaories nr '|b * 8Jness. The firm is composed or I. A. Alexander, the well known passenger conductor of the R. C. it x at>d F W Wood ring, ' latter is of Waverly. Iowa, and was oi merly tile traveling salesman of the ,! na..Tmme7 8UPP,y company. He m53K?Au2?€"m"    «"d expert in setting up creamery outfits hay mg had more ttian ten years prac-t ca experience. He is versed Iii ail fmnr ’ mo8t 8ci«*Wc and valuable improvements and his services will erie* of    Va,.U*    lo    ,be    CfFani- eries of this state. James Adair, late treasurer of the Iowa creamery supply company, will be the bookkeeper and in charge of the office. He will valuable man in the business. I he firm has auundint capital and ii1 nrr,ill tt‘rpri8e. WLU bp immediately in order to supply the needs of patrons Jn fv«h?n Jra*ed*tha brick building H®hlngton street on the corner M?thiirti'tH 'uCS°rinick boadquarters and their stock of supplies is already being daily received. comP°Bed of pushers in th?y are UP t0 datf and will meet competition and cover the dairy whfrh m    "Orthweal in a manner which they are confident will be ap- SSSi ^f11 ConcFrncd in creamery S    rePni».    a,ld    thus Our Great Animal January Sales of Linens and Muslins PRIORE ti . ,tf|o question of VALUES and I    Hic values and assortment snriiass anvtliintr 5i*cr,       -j'-' nope in an announcement like this to rive aint idea of the values which await von. ally invited to come and see for yourself. cannot you even a Von are cordi- Muslins at New York Mills Wholesale Prices. 6o-inch Turkey Red Damask warranted fast color, choice patterns, and worth 35^" R vnrd. For this sale 19c. 50 doz 2o\4o-inch, All Linen I lib k I owels, good value 18 cts. each. prove no doubt will build up a triode aud ren-•lei a service to the public of extended and practical benefit. ALB1-.KT LEA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. 66-inch Heavy Cream Damask, regular price 60c a yard. Special For this sale 40c. ood 50-inch Cream Damask, value 3oe per yard. For this sale 20c. Our Special 10c. 50 doz i7x3S-inch Momie Linen Towels, regular 20c value. For this sale 10c. 50 dozen 3/ size, All Linen -Napkins, regular value $r.50 per dozen. For this sale $1.10. All Linen Drown Crash Tow- eling, per yard, 5 cents. Our stock of Fine Linens Is Simply Immense. de- wit- ex- _______   ,    Miss    Edith    Edwards    who    was    living ar*|ShS*h?ri!0r 8everal ye**™- Thousands ?'th Mrs- Jtage Baw the killing. Saw of the birds were killed and paid for I Johnson strike Gillen. th«n u*rh..r. but they increased in number in spite spite The bounty of the shotgun slaughter, has been discontinued. J. F. Dean, Owatonna Journal: There is room in this country for the good the intelligent, the noble and educated, of all climes and only for such a class. It is not unjust to compel even these to wait live years before they shall be clothed with full citizen-ship. It is not unjust to them to require that they learn the English lan-guage before they take the oath that Don    a    Part °f thi8 great na' W, K. McKenzie, Crookston Times. Chicago newspapers are inveighing against the fads which have attached themselves to the public school system there. It is asserted that pupils are surfeited with fancy frills Under the name of public instruction and leave the schools unable to spell or read or cipher properly. In this respect the schools in cities and towns of smaller growth are tar ahead in matters of practical useful education. D. Sinclair. Winona Republican: Whoever chews tobacco and squirts his dirty quids on the door, or sidewalk, or any where within the pale of decent humanity’s outgoings and incomings, is a beast unworthy to be tolerated. This denunciatory objection does not apply to the tobacco smoker, who may be a gentleman both by instinct and practice, whatever the effect of the alluring sedative may be upon his own nervous system after prolonged and too liberal use. then Carbury the oc- Dr. A. P. 8awyer:--I have lived your Family *no6Jh ?Un l^al *r rePre*euied to br. and cheerfully recommend It to the afflicted. Brlg*,Abr!i Co    7 ,,,d‘ H°ld by Gillen, knocked him down. Mrs. Jud Randall described currence as her husband did, G. M. Bigelow was walking along the street and saw Carbury aud Johnson chase Gillen out and heard Carbury say “I’ll fix him.” .Saw Carbury knock bim down. Attorney Crane opened for the defense aud in a logical and effective way propounded the theory of the de- iTfiOilier W“ re“lljr ttieman Thomas Carbury was called first for !um a a Pl***11, earnest way toid the story of his crime. Iledis-cribed it substantially as the other witnesses had but denied having anvilling in his hand or of having any intention of killing him. After striking him he went to see judge Stacy wlm told lam to come around in the moru- Judge E. C. Stacy told of Carbury’s coming to him and what he said of the altair. The case was ably closed bv VV E Todd for the defendant and by atter-* bey general Child* for the state. The defense plausibly advanced the theory that Johnson committed the crime but the state’s evidence was too overwhelming the other way. !■ Dday afternoon after being out about two hours the jury brought in a verdict of manslaughter in the second degree and Saturday judge VVhytock sentenced Carbury to five years at hard labor in the penetentiary. The case was con .Dieted fairly on both sides and while the condemned man had the best of defense, the state’s interests were {Useably and vigilantly presented. I he verdict aud sentence seem to meet the approval of all fairminded citizens. Carbury is a man well along in years and in ill health and it is the Notice of Annual Meeting. Not!os i> hereby given that the anna A^» ing, of the stockholders of the Albert Lea Building and Loan Association for the election of direc n— ? H‘e transaction of other bust em ieign c!'n,i,,S before it, will be belast the office of the secretary in vtn J117 u°fY ^trt L™' Minnesota, Monday Feb. 4,181*1 at 7:»io’clock p. m ILG. Day    V.Gillrup, I lesident.    Secretary.  _ It s Because We've Such riodels as the Reporter. Wlndoiu Reporter: .The Albert LeaStandard was thlrtv-mne years old Jan. I, and brother Day is improving it all the time. Ile has made it one of the most influential papers in the state. Easy and Graceful in Appearance Are those dressed in our (Tothinrr. ATTENTION, POTATO GROWERS. Being in position as I ara to know that we in this vicinity are losing our reputation in the large markets, as growers of choice potatoes, and seeing °if phanK*bi? our seed to remed> this, I last spring procured from New York and Philadelphia at heavy expense, some new ami proved varieties, all heavy yielders such as Rural New Yorker No 2 Clay Hose, (especially adapted to clay and heavy soils), “Money .Maker,” Great Divide, Irish Daisy, etc., all of which I grew and tested last season, and v offer them for sale this spring at prices in line with the times. More full de- wViP .on ^itb Pr,ces will follow later. Will also furnish seed to responsible growers and contract for their crop at stated price. I>. A. GILKS, Grower Choice ISeed Potatoes. —  _ Letter List. List of letters rernatulng uncalled for In the Sr!?.nlberl    Freeborn    County Minnesota, for the week endlug Jan 23. ISM): OKNTl.KM KN’S LIST. 8am Bartlett.    John Bor*. John Cosxa!o.    Frank Clugstar. Charles Hazelton,    W. I). Hurlburt. J. Jorgenson.    U. A. Maage. LADIES' LIST. Miss SenaT. Anderson Miss Fannie Canle Mr.*    '•    J1*11,1 Josephine Vladsen. Mrs. Kffie She,r    Miss    Klvena 8veum. Mrs. V. B. Turrett. * •ki’tles calling for auy of the ahove letters will please say “advertised,” giving date of list lo obtain advertised letters will cost I cent 8. I*. HOKENSON, Acting P. M. WE Carry the Stock. Guarantee All Garments, And Refund Money when requested. * JST O T E”. in Price cf UNDERWEAR for Melt Ten Days. W, W. JOHNSON & CO. SCDQ West Broadway MAJESTY Complete, rat - A P <* t Homeseskers' Via B C. R .Si N. Ry Excursions. 23th, February lith on January Nth and and March loth isss. fare Plus S2 OO to points In the foil,/wing stated T<ltrD?,r fit?:i A,liblima, Arkansas. Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Louisiana, kentucky Tieki?2 Pi’ MlrS.ollr1' Tex>‘', a,Hl Tennessee. Tickets are good to return on any Tuesday or Friday within the Anal limit, which is 30 days from date of sale (Jail on B. (J. K. rn. agents for rates and further Information or address J Morton, Q. T. ti P. A. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. -r™».;Sawyer’* FlUTll|y Cur* Invigorates, hrln*t rw*lIfT°U*fer18te,> rebuilds, restores and prlngs new life. Ask your druggist for a free sample. For sale by Briggs Rrug Co. Dr. Sawyer’s Pastilles used In time will cure any case of female weakness. (Jet a frial Yam? Pbe^lgg$eDruic5.e ,ollowlug named druggist fr'ir & s»i,“as*«ssr-we,t *"“* If you are over worked, run down ami men ltiiop?!LaP ?i aliy debllltated you will be ii4-vlgorated and made strong and robust by Dr. Sawyer s I katltie. For sale by the Briggs Drug Co. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. THE FARMERS' INDEPENDENT LUMBER VARO. Best quality of Lumber, Lath, Slim gles,Sash, Doors, Building Paper, and Builders'Supplies always on ham! and sold at Lowest Market Kilter. Yard on Broadway, South of Court House. C, G. JOHNSRUD, - Manager. Albert Lea Hardware (Company. of 111 Hills. We saved lots of money for other People during UKC, and win try again very hard iii im*;, at i’.~— Enterprise Iron Works. Machine Shop and Foundry, ALBERT LEA. MINN. CUI on us t*>r anything in »Hr great or small 2L ----,n“- foctlo 11 —WM** We guaranue sat!*- J. W. VENESS, Prop.

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