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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Feb 26 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - February 26, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesotat Tim** Cliea j K*,st, A<1 vert ini use •    o la not tho Hest, but The Bust Is ( Iienpest. Standard Advertising Acknowledged the Best And So Is Cheapest. VO!,. XNXIX. A I j I >R I \ I L A, M I X XA\ K DK KSOAX KEBRUA KY 2 lllrMtNrjMM (AltDS. W. t. TOOO, I AWYKK oFFIUKOVKM KAN MUM Slum* I J itor*. Albert I,**a, Mum MINAYA MORMAN. \ rWRNkV Al I.A W MU MV A I IOU J \ Rev. uftiee III 4,t|t0riMui»<»ll Block, MHHIU **jr, AllN<rtlo**, Mum BUU. A CHURCH, I * KA HKTATR. I. A W, IN*U KAM K, I V l.omia null (..llrcijun* Minr«i |,,r Mali. Mini Ile ut. offic« IU    Block,    A    IIm* rf ton. 0, 1890. Cooperative Buying CROWNING SUCCESS CALIFORNIA HARD UP; CUTE COMMENTS NO. Mlim RIHA ll. S. MHNKWUHTM. A riORNKY AT I.A W KKaCTK RN IN AU. J \ lilt* courts, Careful alt**ilt|i,h uiV#-i, hi CUD tm rnal Kau oilier <><)ll«-<’imu*. OIH. .-In Wt-d** A Bartow do . Block. Hu*itll. I and $ Loa. Minn.    u Alton SH OOCION NI Ait n / ’RA HU ATR FHI iN MiKWaV OFFIOF \ I .»*«( Clon InUK NI.»r»*t Mtna.lv.ay. Albt-rf I.**, Minn. J rn louo, rn. o I AH YNIOIA N A Nit NU KO KON. OKHUK I In mar .ti IHI*** bro* NUtrr, liotoiUJ ut, R'MInIaI!. atrial *ttort !*„    ' W C MLNNILl. VKSTIMT iiKKICK iiV KH Wm*. .« Mart. Alin ri Im**, Minn. Until of Ml«u H. A. FAINA. AN Ii III 11,1 IFK Pl.ANN *n ami (‘.nilrani* taken lur all cia***-* work In ctijr and country Alton Lr*, i vy I A IU III I RI T A \ .Ira! MOOI AN WOUOMIN Of AMI RICA." / UHM tiri.N ('AMI* NO *35 llUIJth HHH’ P,iar fnaalina* at Odd Fellows’ Hail *.»**rv Brat and third WcdursJay avaniitv* of rad, '/""k, «AI.VOKNRN, (’lark** ^"•V.C* I Habits Cooperative Selling. Of course, you aru aware of th* fact that 25 or 50 of you can call on Agents Kinsey or Bliss and cooperate in buying railway transportation at much under single in ket rales, ami this candidly illustrates the possibilities that await cooperative buyers of everything under the sun. I am cooperating this trip with a large number of cash buyers from Chicago, St. Paul, Des Moines, and the East, South and West. We’re going in tlu* price sinew. The company comprises Gray-1 lf.his, Blat k-1 leads, Keel-1 leads, Bald-1 leads (every kind except green], and the concentrated and combined ingenuity and skill of each buyer thus enhances, elevates and matures the sagacity and knowledge of the whole. Marks Hie Effort to Help the Collie --The Entertainment a Novel and Enjoyable Event. And the Committees and Participants All Win Praise--Handsome Receipts and a Little f ine Climate the /lain I cat tire. Redeeming Added Lilt a Debt and Everybody Well Pleased. is latten High and Water Scarce In San Diego. C. I.. CO EKMAN Manufacturer and Dealer in Lalli I Stales —•And All Kinds of — Building Material. sol at tim oN stand neat Milwaukee depot. A. J, STADHEIM, Agent. Cooperative selling will give you Foster, Paul & William or Dresden t o s, Kid Gloves at 90c. Instead of $t.oo, often $1.25. We saved lot* of money for other Pent,Ie (Inuits l**6. a HS win try “••til very turd in ewe. al (tin Enterprise Iron Works. Machine Shop and Foundry, ALBERT LEA. MINN. Call nil ut mr nitv thing in oar line. jrrwat or until. We guarantee uu,.-f««twti —« ___i.    W.    VENESS,    Prop. Tin* Willson Swedish, Heal Imported Kid Gloves, $1.35 Instead of >1.5^ and often $1.75* Cooperative selling means, 45c for a 46-inch Serge, Fur tim entertainment given Friday evening by home talent fur the be neat of Albert Lea college, th** committee consisting or mayor Gillrup, T. V. Knalvold and VV. s. Krebs succeeded in rallying a large and appreciative audience, while to the committee composed or Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Town# and Dr Todd, touch credit must be awarded in the selection of ihoac who appeared in the pieces as well aa for Hie nhill and labors of the committee bestowed throughout Die undertaking. And the two committees have the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts are appreciated and have met with a handsome reward, the net receipts amounting to $320. The curtain raiser, “The Jolly Farmers." in which about thirty took part, furnished some good singing, especially that of the four farmers, Messrs Olson, Richardson, Dye and I .arson, and also iii Die pal ta of the housemaids, the (jHarte(te consisting of Misses Black I in, Anderson, Wilcox and Ellickson, did admirably and Miss Gertie I la} es made a Channing rural maid; Master Milo McMiilen amused the audience in the part of a lazy boy w ho loves pie, aud Alaster GI ayburn and Mins Dot .Smith rendered the song with taking effect: "id rather do anything under the sun. than go to that school where I cant have fun. Bittie Miss Alta Cool’s sweet voice was a pleasing addition to the chorus. i he chief presentation of Die entertainment was "The ( hrunothanatole-trou” which word is derived from the Weare permitted to make the following interesting extracts from a Int-ter written to an Albert Lea friend by Jno. G. Godley: ai? Jill* * Am happy to say Weare SII well as usual, and are still enjoying the beautiful weather lier*, aud when I nay the beautiful weather that is about all I can say that we like in i*aiiforma. V ou can have no idea how hard up ’ the great majority of the people of this state are. There is nothing doing; and no work for anyone in this city. They claim 22,<KXI population, but I don’t believe they have Ie,Out) people. The town is literally dead. Muck after block of buildings ait* vacant, and stores and houses to lent 01 sell all over the city. Amias to taxes, why, Albert Lea don’t know anything about taxation. In the first place property is assessed at the highest estimated value, which is about three times as much as it would sell for. I hen the tax levy runs from 3*i to 5 per cent of assessed valuation, lr the taxes are not paid shortly after due the property is sold at auction. I do not know how long time the owner lias to redeem, or what rate of interest he bM to pay. but the people are complaining bitterly, and will you believe it' Lots of people lav all th«hlumo Clarivoyant Collection of Current Conclusions. Capable Contemporaries Convey Capital Cogitations. .Never It Lots of people lay all the blame on Cleveland and Die democratic par* ty. It is1 just too funny for anything. i here has been no rain in this country to speak of for the last year, and the country is very dry, water scarce and dear, it is selling in the city to those people who do not have city yarer in their houses, for UU cents per b.triel of .12 gallons. >>.> v.m nu ii hut gallons. .So you can bet 1. mre no1 riJa,,y cows kept in Die city. i he streets are very dusty: water can the had to sprinkle them. They tried to use water out of the bay but found it was very injurious to cement VV e sell regularly at 50c* its equal at that is not found hereabouts. Greek and means “time and death an- rtnd asphalt streets so they had to stop inhibitor" Miss Marne Higgins repre-1    ___ Cooperative selling means Cheaper Prices on Clothing 'Than elsewhere.—^-'. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. THE FARMERS’ INDEPENDENT LUMBER VARO. licet quality of Lunier, Lath, Sinn Cleft, MmhIi, Door*, lim Ming Paper, and Builders' .Supple* always on hand aud told at honest Murk et Hates. Yaid ou Broadway, South of Court House. C G. JOHNSRUD. ■ M.mg.r, Albert. Lea Cote, roi YOONG LADIES. Cheaper Prices on Shoes, And the C ash handed back without a grumble if you like. In the morning thirty-six of us buy Mattings from the Japanese Importers. I’ll write about them next week. February 20, ’96, YOURS VERY TRUDY, W. F. GAGE, New York. Buying for tho Big Four. sented the ioventreas of a wonderful machine which as the name indicates brings the dead back to life. As the inventresa was decidedly a new woman iii her moods and manners it naturally followed that only tile fair sex was represented. <hv performed her niir acies at the request of “The Genius of the Nineteenth Century," who was Miss Helen JLiatchelder and succeeded j iii arousing from their slumbers the following characters: Miss Clara OI berg as Sarah, wife of Abraham; Miss Laura AV hytock, as Pharaoh's Daughter; Mrs. Major Hansom, as Cornelia, mother of the Gracchi; Mrs Harry Higgins, as Cleopatra Mr*. Arthur Ransom, as (jueen Elizabeth; Miss Mina iilackmer, as Mother Bick erdick. a character of war times; Miss tawney, as .st, Cecelia; Miss Chris topberson, as Agnesi of Bologna, the mathematician; Miss Etta Armstrong, as Jtypatbia; Miss Glennie Wilkinson, as Pocahontas; Miss Burgoyne, as Joan of Arc; Miss Fellows, as Sap pho; Miss Gibbs as Martha Washington; arid Miss Batehelder, as Priscilla All the young ladies deserve commendation for their efforts, especially Mrs. Harry Higgins as the tragic Egyptian queen; and Miss Black mer as the Samantha Allen-like Mother Bickerdick. The costumes were all very appropriate, all of them being necessarily very elaborate and beautiful. Me have made quite a number of shot t excursions on the cars into the country* I he last one was down into -Mexico aliout OO miles from here. The country is quite broken and hilly. We saw some very nice places, oranges and lemon groves, also olives, apricots peaches plums, walnuts and a mim-ber of other fruits, and improved mud that is set to fruits, nuts, etc. The asking price per acre is from $600 to hftesu hundred dollars. That’s pretty high ain t it? I did not learn of anyone buying Water rent each year, per acre, for such land is from seven to twelve dollars James Kuatie, Slayton Gazette M hen John Bull looks down into the muskets of a first class power he usual-ly puts his tail between his legs and runs.    B A. I. Wan!, Fairmont Democrat . '\e a£i inclined to believe in that land where the streets are paved witli gold but neither gold or silver is recognized as money. M. Pea**, Anoka Union Now if some one should discover a process to photograph our sins and our virtues, what a tremendous upheaval there would be.    ^    ' R C. Huntington. Window Reporter lf the Norwegians first found Amer-lea and have now found the north pole, nobody should kick because Minnesota has a Norwegian in the senate. W K bobt.yn. Progressiva Age When Detroit. Michigan, by owning its own electric plant can save$258o per year on every arc light, would it M ,    * *V*'ry n,7 to use the same intelligent economy? M. J. bowling, Ken Ville Hfar Farmer; 7ere to *um up my Ideas of Hie south, I would say that I believe it to be the seat of immediate political aud commercial activity along lines of progress and intelligent direction. Ignatius boo [tally, Th* Representative An Arkansas preacher killed a baby o keep it quiet. He was successful. And now if that preacher can establish infant damnation lie will have that baby swimming around in sulphur howling worse than ever. K A Paradis, Midway News loain^t raj'roads of Minnesota do not h , , e Buffered on Recount of the hard times last year. Their gross !!£"!!!*!v.Wer® 80 mDch increased as to subject them to the payment of $100, y«r™7orr UX“    the> ,li‘lt"- C. II. Pierce Northfleid News .    by careful reading these days that a person is able to keep in bllShi. trfgardin?    discoveries. I ossibly the world is ort the eve of some great discovery which will revolutionize the condition of mankind and eliminate the drudgery of living L*slie Mathews, Hensua Monitor: J?® th® evidence that has come to light in the Blethen-Lowry case in custom I?    it    is    the custom in the cities for the afreet rail- way company to subsidize the great daily papers whenever it has ......'    • rext,lre* Uesign.s or Qualities nu ne al 11 active or varied, and prices are much ow the moderate figures of previous seasons. ‘part men ta are all abloom with the fresh IX The Mr Beauty of Spring Goods. New Dress Goods and Silts. Of tile Newest, Prettiest, Che Heist Foreign Novelties to choose from. and Domestic Simpson’s Best Prints, Spring Carpets, Curtains and Remnants 2 lengths, per van! fie to IO yard Draperies. Cloak Dept. I Second Floor A few more left. Just (he same as to gel gold dollars for cents. I Second Floor. J Our immense department is iairly crowded with goods (ioods new ol every description, are so arranged that you can see more in ten minutes than elsewhere in a half day. Farmers ■Nat one cen, °p4TunTliTnSf | ^    WUr“ U‘r0u*1‘ «• St little higher. They plant IQS trees on each acre. \ ou can calculate how much fruit you would have to produce per acre, also per tree, to pay the going rates of interest on money invested in < alifoiuia fruit lands. * * * rv,    J.    G.    G. San Diego, Cal., Feb. 15,181R5. great field for oa/ie. A BOARDING ROHOLT!. WITH ALL THA a V Oonifortiimid Bn dutiful .Surround ii,*8 of Life. Non*. bUf Pirmt-Vim** Mn-trurtorm Ktnploy+U. Hindi***embrace ti Complete College Course. t i Catalogue and outer lufortiuUlou address, ««**. if. U. Abbott, It. It , Fresldeut.or It. Ii. forker, Sac. of Kienitlve Committee. Albert Lorn, Minn MORIN Brid ai Tile Ms ALBERT LEA, MINN. Meats of All Kinds at Hard Ties Prices for Cash Only! Big Benefit for Poor and Rich. Pressed Brick, Common Brick, And AU Sizes of............ Farm Drain Tile. SJT Farmers are especially requested to call and inspect the works. W. A. MORIN, Proprietor. First National Bant. ALBERT LEA, MINN. Capital, Marplua, 050,004, M.fsOO General Banking Farm Loans Negotiated. Interest Paid* on Time Deposits. Foreign Exchange Bought and Sold Sale Deposit Vault. MARBY JONER, .    .    Fresldant. ti. GULBRANDSON. - vice Trident. AUGUST PAULSON, -    .    .    Cashier. DIRKCTORS: a. Gulbrandaou, Tho*.W.Wilson, K. H.Rich,  jP-O Hauknesa, T. M. black Un. CHIMB, riludt, V. Uuibraodion, P. M. Jot** Barry June*. Brundin bios, propose to meet the needs and harmonize prices with the size of everybody’s pocketbooks. They have cut everything. Look at these prices: Beef, boiling pieces, -    -    -    3    to    4    cents. Beef, roasts, -    -    .    6,    7    and    S    cents. Beef, shoulder steaks,    -    4 lbs for 25 cents. Beef, round steaks,    -    3*4 lbs for 25 cents. Beef, sirloin steaks, -    -    lo    cents    per    lb. Veal, Pork and Mutton at like low prices. Mild sugar-cuied Ham,    _    ~    9    cents. I ii mc I lams, su^ar-cured,    -    -    6    cents. Breakfast-Baeon, only -    -    -    8    cents. "The Old Melodeon," the third part of the program, was presented by eight young ladies of the college, assisted by Mrs, strong and conducted bv Miss Hill. The young ladies were Misses McPherson, McMullin, (iud ward, Grosseup. Boyd, Cookey, Inez God ward, and Newton, and they ail looked very pretty. Between the first and second parts of the program Charles JI. Brundin favored the audience with a violin solo. Die “Fantasie Elegante.” Albert Lea citizens have certainly shown their interest in Die welfare of the college and now with this debt removed and with its present popularity and prosperity there is no reason why in the future it should not become one of the leading institutions of learning in the west. Nearly every one solicited responded neartily and liberally to the call of the faithful committees and all co-operated to make the entertainment a success. Hie printing offices of the city presented the committees with all tickets posters, bills, programs and adverbs-ing free of cost, th© only expense bein# tor the use of tile opera bouse. The sum realized was not sufficient to meet the debt but Die balance was furnished by “ f®w Mends and thus the claim is paid oh and fully satisfied. A BRIEF SESSION OF THE COUNCIL. Fine Winter in Idaho and a Splendid Success in Hunting-Extract* from a l.etter to Dr. L. J. Thomas. "We are having a fine winter bete, the thermometer 5 degrees below is the coldest yet; about ‘Ji inches of snow now on the ground. When you come to see us we will give you some fun cbastug the festive deer. A cousin of ours was bere a week the lore part of winter and we were out and my dog got after a mountain lion and was nearly killed. Ile has not got over the scrap yet. He caught Die lion all rigid but had to let it go again W e got three deer. A few days later a friend and I got twelve and could have killed more but did not want them. \\ e got six the last day getting four mule deer out of one herd. I am tanning the hides for rugs and will send you one by Jap Bond if lie stops here on his way home. We dried the hams of live deer and it is the finest meat on earth. Then we canned a half barrel and bad fresh venison besides all winter. Bo far grouse ami pheasant are plenty and lf. I. I etarsuo. Ll toll field Independent to,! ™ne*"°ta 18 ?ow ia u»« corn belt. m t £ uye*a 8 rai8ed Corn ro ship out, the first year in her history that ane did not consume more com than she raised. Minnesota is all right for corn, but no farmer should raise it to sell, except In Die form of hogs, butter poultry or beef.    * I* rank A bay. Fairmont Sentinel JblSWV John J)H-V    aud In Hr J k    both    made tree • liver speeches in Minneapolis last wbere 1,1 rU Minnesota r»n,ou dnd t1woc,®aner. brighter abler lepnhiicans than those two men? The silver baud wagon is getting to be a pretty respectable sort of a vehicle. Duluth News-Tribune . *^nl**tcxine and aseptolin -cures for both diphtheria and tuberculosis—dis-covereu in one year. is a great record for medical science. Two of Die worst and hitherto invulnerable diseases have been brought largely under LD. control of the medical man. At tim rate. old age will soon he alone in JDumphmg over the Rkili of the fra- DLU ,na' nce<i (iraS8 Seeds, REMEMBER we reclean all our seeds before placing on market. Whenever You Want to Purchase A Nobby Suit ll e have I hem For Nothing to look them over. -Vail it costs von tunnel) mer almost any price, Extensive Quantities of Meats of all kinds Constantly on Hard “We Are The People.” Brundin Bros. Broadway and Clark Street. Retail Markets: RI PA NS ONE GIVES RELIEF. Mostly Relating to Road and Bridge Work— Women’s Work Is Approved and a Few Bills Are Checked O.K. The council held a short session Nat-urday evening, all members being present except Ald. Alorin. City attorney Edwards officiated as clerk in Die absence of C. A. Briggs. On motion of Ald. Krebs (lie Womens improvement league was granted permission    to    place    four    waste boxes on Broadway.    The    matter    of the im provement of the Itasca road north of the Hatch bridge was discussed and on motion of Ald Gulbrandson the street committee were instructed to request Die township board to pay half iii tin* expense of grading. These bills were allowed: {;• H.Ko_»ancr*nv repairs............... $    ,    ()0 .................. 1*5.    CO ................ 17-1.VO ............... 181.35 ? • u    tor Cli inner*!.$ J. It. Rlaladell, livery ........ -j, A P. Wallin, dray............'!........... ~ Gulbrandson Bros ................. Grtoman & Babbitt, coal ......  bo    Si It. was decided to repair the Hatch bridge immediately. Council adjourned. trout in all the lakes, runs and creeks Last fall I caught DI large trout in a lake two miles from here one forenoon then shot 18 pheasant at 18 shots in 2 n,e furai|y enjoy usual health. I here is one advantage we have over you in Minnesota. There is no such tiling as diptheria, consumption. and coughs and colds are unknown if a person take* care of hirn-* * Deports from about DA) railes west say grasshoppers are hatch-mg out. .Squirrels are out here and ive look for an early spring. * * »r ■ ,    J*    'V.    Martin. Markham, Kootenai Co., Idaho, Fab J, 1890. M ll St. I. freight... Street labor......... Always the Right Place. To get job printing, books, pamph lets, circulars, commercial and cream cry printing, wedding invitations and cards, ladies steel plate calling cards— everything from a mammoth poster to a delicate art folder, is at theStiCnda hi office. I act NO. I Tile STANDARD oldest and largest job printing in southern Minnesota. bact No. 2 -The Standard does work quickly, handsomely, and at lowest living prices. Trk Standard News and Job Printing House, Remember our new quarters; Over Maimer & Henry’s store, nearly opposite the new opera bouse. is the bouse The 5uperb Service Of the enterprising Minneapolis A St. Louis road Doubles you to reach Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Kansas City and all western points with ease speed and comfort.    7(20 It Is Very Convenient. lf you are going to St. Paul or Minneapolis for a day’s business, use either or the following trains, leaving Albert Lea at 5:18 a. rn. or ti a. rn., and returning at 9:15 p. rn. or 10:55 p. m. You lose no time in traveling.    7t20 ■—•e — The Cheapest Rates. I la ii road fare is an important item of expense. The agents of the Minneapolis & 8t. Louis railroad are always in position to give the lowest rates obtainable. They take pleasure in giving information.    ^tSo D. Sinclair, Winona Republican \V benever Die practice of concealing and undervaluing property fur taxation becomes general there the portion of the revenues which comes from the poor is abnormally great, and the bur- liSIR p, rich ,uade unfairly fight. I he man of small means has no chance against th# rich in such a dis reputable struggle for undue advantage* Fraud always injures the weak aud the poor more than it does the strong and the wealthy. H. E. hoard, Moutlvedoo Leader: There are enough newspapers preach lug what tliny do not believe now and a good many others whose editors having no real conviction of their own are ever ready to give voice to the opinions Wh«^®KW.h(\0W?* or contro1 them What a “holy show” some of Diem are making of themselves, to be siuu but then, everything goes. you know, arid of course, they reflect public sentiment, even as a badly battered tin can at tached to a scared dog’s tail, reflects the moon’s pale face as it goes flying down the street.    *    * H. P. Child, Waseca Herald • The following bit of satire is too good to lose Its “sweetness on the desert air: A farmer near Crookston had some oats burned bv sparks from a locomotive aud sued tile company for damages, whereupon the company defended on the ground that it would have cost Die farmer so much to thresh Die grain, so much to haul it to the de-por and so much to haul it to the end of the road, and that Die aggregated expenses were more than the oats were worth in the terminal market, and therefore the farmer was in debt to the railroad company for Its services in burning bis grain. W. J. Murphy, MIotieapullsTribune; Sarah Bernhardt, the celebrated let less, on brr recent appearance in this country, surprised every one with her youthful appearance. She is known her old-time vivacity, her face reveals the warm tide of life that flows through her veins and none of her critics are found hold enough to Intimate that ige has begun to cast its withering spell over her art, To an Interviewer she explained her defiance to the passage of the years as follows. “I have my art; I work, work, work’ in work I take uiv greatest pleasure. It is a tome, a delicious preventive of age I sleep. 1 never drink wine. I act. There you have it all Everything in CLOTHING! None Better! None Cheaper! yours for square dealing 308 W. Broadway. I IJotaB 4 Co. D. HURD & SONS. FISH! FISH ! Cod Fish, per lh..... Salmon, per lh...... Herring K.K.K, per lh.Sc We also I 6r OC FISH! Trout, per lh........Se per lh.....iex* of Canned Fish. Mucker* lave ail kind ha sue for Bring Your Butter, Eggs And all kinds of FARM PRODUCE to iacuam Groceries, Crockery, Dry Goods Yours Respectfully D. Hurd Sc Sons. MAJESTY    ^ can*. 6 ^hmI Albert Lea Hardware Company. Stones ani Hardware of All Kinds.

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