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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - December 23, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTimes * Twenty Thousand Eves' ? «/    W    <(> 5    See the Standard | I Every Week of the Year. | $    '    $ *■•    VIA%%%W    ^, Standard Advertising Is Not Lowest in Price, But Is Highest in Vaine. I 3APp: VOL. ALBERT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 23,1890. NO. 52 IHA BIG FOOR.! SHAKESPEARE SAID FOOR 46 ©ne Touch of Nature Makes the Whole World Kin.” IF* .A-IT'Y'BOTT'ST “KUT,” "WE “KIN." A touch of nature here. Granulated Sugar, ,    Any    Quantity,    or    Any vj Way you want it, per Cwt. $4.65 YORK STATS OR MICHIGAN APPLES Sample Our Spiced and Pickled Figs—Per Qt,.„ 5 Gal. Oil Cans with 5 Gals. Water White Oil... 4OC 75C We Believe We are Offer-if)    mg tile Lowest Brices oil    w    pat £~\ IG!    Eastern Fruit this Season.    I| ^ Der Barrel____ London-Layer Raisins, 22 r» lh. Boxes—Per Box, - - ,pi,i)u Crockery 50 Piece Sets, WHAT CAN WE SAYt ABOUT Cloaks? rr\ w ¥ V    I    That    Everyone    who    Looks    Here Buys—Either we have ll I I ^ w * llie ^eSt ^toc^ or eIse tiie ^ost" Alluring Prices Perhaps Both. Our Quadruple Strength Perfumery, Bulk, Ounce, 36c Only a Few of Our Books Left. White House Cook Book, at.................. 98c Tennyson’s Poems, 90c. Splendid Leather Bound Bibles, for.............. SI.35 CHRISTMAS EVE, 4 Alter 6 p. rn., all our i , Holiday Goods at -    ^    PRICE Ladies* Hemstitch All Silk Initial Handkfs, 15c Same Goods With Embroidery and Two Rows •I of Drawn Work, . . . I5c 0 Next to the Ability to Create a First-Class Article is the Capacity to Recognize It Wlien Created. That this Capacity of Appreciation Abounds, is Apparent in Our Booming Sales. The Up-to-Date Condition of Our Stock is the Admiration of every well posted Customer Our ^>2.00 Winter Shoes, P°^ For Men, at titt* $1.17 Ladies’ Fine Kid Lace Shoes, Bloth Inserted Lace Stay, New Round Toe.......................... $4.75 PYTPA HPI P L#YV I i\iY I I JL~* JL-4 I scrip, ^ope Stitched and Leather f TO ll cre> Lined Men’s Shoes, IS brot* Otho Men’s Patent Leathers, [ii Such Goods as briner S7.50 I in the Big Cities, $ 4.00 I— — —— — —— 6.00 Is Employed for Our Great Holiday Rush, we want to suit you in convenience as well as purse I Do You Know We Repair all Our Uppers on Both Rubber and Leather ']$    Goods, OF CHARGE. Ladies" Patent Leather Cloth Top, Silk Worked...... $5.00 UNDERWEAR As only the can sell it Big 4 In Our Clothing Department. Perhaps you will get one Free. Come in and see about it. Our Fleeced Under-Garments at 50c and '5c are Peerless in This Market. Are You one of the Waiters on FUR COATS Always Several who want January Prices on Fur Coats. January Prices Now. ftffcSe. HAYDEN & CO = THE BIG FOUR- n IJSIX JOSS CAKDS. I VV. E. TODD, A WYER. OFFICE IN TUE NEW OPERA house blocK, Albert Lea, Minu. A. U. MAYLAND. A WIT ER. ROOM 2, FAIR STORE BUILD-_j jug, Albert Lea, Mi on. Grant HOHQ&y THE HOSPITAL PROJECT. THE RICH ESCAPE. 24i r HENRY A. MORGAN, A HORNEY AT LAW. COUNTY ATTOR-x\ Hey. Office in Oult)randsun Block. Broadway, Albert I en, Mina. R. S. FARNSWORTH. \ HORNEY AT LAW. PRACTICES IN ALL xA the courts, Careful attention given to commercial and other collections. Office in VV edge & Barlow Co., Block. Rooms I and 2. Albert Le ;, Minn.    39- -94. EDW. A. CHURCH. (Successor to Reel it Church.) TY HAL ESTATE, LAW, INSURANCE, XV Ixmit* and Collections. Houses for Sale Hod Rent. Office in Opera Block, Albert Lea, Mil• i.    __HlnG_ J. M. TODD, M. D. YSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE I in rear of Briggs’ Drug Store; hospital on Fountain street, Albert Lea. CARL M. SIMONSON. Dentist, cha nu a ie c inci n n a t i l>rnull College. Office, front rooms, second floor, over Barlow’s urug store, Albert L^-a, Minnesota.    47 W. C. MERRILL. T"AENTIST. OFFICE in new I J opera house block, rooms 3 and 4 Albert Lea Miuu. D. K. STACY. I TCFNSED A U CT ION EEK—F ARMERS’ l_j sales a specially. Brices to suit ilia times. Satisfaction guaranteed or no pay. Consult me about dales before advertising. Albert i ea, Minu.    43m3 H. A. PAINE, A UCH IT ECT AND BUILDER. PLANS /a. drawu and contracts taken for all classes oi work lu city aud country. Albert Lea, Minn.    15>1 DOCTOR NISSEN. f \ RADU ATE FROM NORWAY. OFFICE VT over Lion Drug Store, Broadway, Alb art Lea, .'4fun. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. ( TllINCOPIN CAMB NO 835 HOLDS KEGU-\j iar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every Brsf and third Wednesday evenings of each month.    J-    D.    CLARK.    V.C. J. Ii. HALVORSEN, Clerk. Doctor Wilcox, OH YSI Cl A N AND SURGEON, ALBERT L Lea, Minn. Having fully regained his health aud equipped .himself with first-class driving horses and carriages, Is now better prepared, and will more promptly answtr calls to the country than ever. The doctor does not only keep on hand a first-class supply ot surgical instruments, etc , but keeps and dispenses his own medicines, a large supply of which he carries with him when going into the country. Address, Dr. II. H. Wilcox, Comer Clark and Washington Streets, 3f«!f    Albert    Lea.    Minn. MORIN I ALBERT LEA, MINN. Pressed Brick, Common Brick, And All Sizes of........ Farm Drain Tile. ’Farmers are especially requested to call and inspect the works. W. A. MORIN, Proprietor. filingUlna Buyers will be devein I islets lighted with our large display of useful and ornamental articles suitable for........ Holiday Gifts. Con-    J    Clocks, Gold and Silver s:st-    Watches, Watch Chains, ing    I    Lockets and Charms, Tins, of----J    Finger Kings, plain or with Diamond or Gem Settings, Ladies* and Gent’s Solid Gold Fens. ^tei'liuyr s>iilvei* Novelties—An extensive assortment of the latest and most beautiful designs. It i3 impossible to describe all the offerings we have in stock. This is an invitation to every one to call and inspect these splendid goods. I have been with you 22 years and expect to greet you 22 years more, and wishing All a Merry Christmas. Remain Sincerely Yours, C. 1\Hedenstad, The Reliable Jeweler. toil ALBERT LEA, MINN. Capital, -    -    -    850,001’ Surplus, ....    10.000 General Cauking. Farm Loans Negotiated. Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Foreign Exchange Bought and Sold Safe Deposit Vanlt. HARRY JONES, -    - President. G. GULBRANDSON, - Vicepresident. AUGUST PAULSON, -    -    - Cashier. ALFRED CHRISTOPHERSON, Asst. Cashier. DIRECTORS; . G ulbr antisun, Thus.W.Wilson, E. TI.Rich, H. O. Dankness, August Paulsen, Claus H. Flindt, V. Gulbraudson, P. 5. Joice, Harry Jones. Z. Ii, Mallory. aa/ ~ Proprietor of the- Cill Transfer Line. Also Dealer in All Kinds of Wood L Coal. Z. K. MALLERY", Office & Yard on Broadway, South S. M. track It Gains in Popularity and Citizens Declare it .lust and Shall Succeed-- Plan of Organization and Progress. Tim new committee of twenty-five on Hie public hospital project met at Jorgensen's coffee house Friday evening, and after full discussion appointed a committee consisting of Dr. II, II. Wilcox, S. Strauss, A. Wiegar.d, W. A. Morin and ll. G. Day to draft and submit to the entire committee a basis and plan of proc* dure. This committee after a deliberate session has prepared the following plan, and it will be submitted at a meeting of the committee of thirty to be held at the Hall House parlors this, Wednesday, evening: -Vamo Albert Ix?a Hospital. Title of the Property: lo bs vest d under a proper trust deed in the names of the presidents. respectively, of the First National Bank and the Albert Lea National Bank, of Albert Lea, and their successors in office, to acta-trustees under the dlr» eliou of the board of managers. Board of Managers: The board of managers shall consist of thirty members residents of Albert Lea, men and women, to be elected by all persons who have pecuniarily contributed to establishing and the maintenance of the hospital, each contributor betag entitled to on* vote. Members shall be elected to serve as follows: Ten of each for terms of one, two and three years, the respective terms to be determined at the first election by lot. After that members shall be elected to serve three years. All vacancies shall be filled by the board. Organization: The board of managers shall be organized by Hie election from their uurnber of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, whose manner of election and terms shall be determined by the board. Bowers of the Board: The Board shall have control of the hospital premises and property, and the management and direction of the hospital and all Its allairs. On the basis of the foregoing propositions and in consideration of the benefits to be conferred by the acquisition and maintenance of saki hospital, we. the undersigned, subscribe and agree to pay to said board of managers, their treasurer or other person or persons whom they may duly designate, the sums respectively set opposite our names. Provided, however, that said subscriptions and each of the same shall be null and void and not collectable unless the total amount of the subscriptions shall fully equal the sum of $6,500. The committee on organization are earnest in their determination to proceed with the project, and the sentiment almost universally prevails that it is of the highest importance to make the undertaking a success. It is, in fact, confidently affirmed that it can, must and shall be done, and it seems to be iii the right hands to carry it forward to a gratifying consummation. It is urgently requested that every individual member of the committee attend the meeting at the Hall House this evening. : Behertsoa. W N. IfohiUMH L-l ...__ ; R- ll. I red. . i i Onto > -wart, Ii VS . .‘CU Men    A“........ 1 ’ *- ’Mtn* Cola, BA ...... 4.78 : the j lchnmaebtr,If.. 4.65 I -aroon, «Jhum-.-. .. I 'JO J Kalaoa, A „ *2,99 * Schilling, C  9.ii J Schumacher, J.. Ll* Schumacher, A... 4.U Schurz. A—.,.... 1.9 Dig' Holiday Excursion Rates. Agents of the Mlnnevpolls & St. Louis railway will sell excursion tickets to an points on that line within 200 miles, on Dec. 24 25 and 31, 1896, and Jan. I, 1887. good lo return until Jan. 4, at a rate of one and one-third fare. Those contemplating a visit to friends and relations during the holiday seasou should avail themselves of the opportunity to travel at these cheap rales. For further Information call on local agents of the Minneapolis & St. Louis It. R. Burdens of Taxation Shifted the More Active Business Those of Moderate /leans and Poor--InJustice of the Assessment! Exhibited by the List of Personal Property Taxes. We herewith give a grist of person- | a1 property taxes due March I, and a study aud comparison of the amounts due from individual taxpayers In Albert Lea, especially, will be found interesting. It will be seen that the property of those which is in sight, which ii used in actual business; the property of those who compose the life and energy aud enterprise of the city, and who work the hardest, carries the heaviest burdens. Take, for instance, the punting offices. Com- j pored with the taxes of many who are well known to have ten times or more ’ than the value of either printing establishment, each office pays double or more what it justly should. Other instance are jet more flagrant, and a1-, ready th* re is great indignation among, victims at the manifest unfairness. Many pronounce it no less than legal-* ized robbery. Both assessor Hewitt and the city board of equalization are blamed for the partiality, the evidentt injustice and the hardship of the undue assessment, and it will be strange1* if it does not create an uproar before^ tile next assessment that will compel a more equitable apportionment of the burdens of taxation.    t ti LONDON. Tarblaa, M E~... T horrid, J A...... Thomas. A E... T< >rgen»«>n. Abl*... Tessman, 14 T lev*, A.......... Vac Jaeii, \_______ VV..Iff, Allie........ Wolff, W m_______ \\ etwr, Emil..... Total .... * 4.1 1- Toed when the religious mcefToff Veblen i t held daily must close. The influence of t he mission continues after the meet-and the endeavor is by practical means of help to keep men from falling press lerizeti this work for years. I he deterring were given orders on some grocery or wood yard, over the signa lure of the lieutenant in whose precinct Ti they resided. These order* were re •! (Ceipted by the applicants after obtain ri teg the goods, and the accumulated or-*} fders and accounts were presented tc y, the department for payment at the close of each month. The ability to afford the extensive relief demanded by the suffering pool throughout the winter is due to the and public, who responded ^Anywhere On the Globe would not find a better place to toy (roods than at our store. f.ny further into the slough in which thcv generally are when the mission takes hold of them. We had a snow' carnival on Pennsly-vania avenue. Every sled, sleigh, cut- Avery, II A......... $6.89 Arnesoii, Erick... 1.47 A meson, Cate... 2.»;o Allen, I j J  8.50 Arner, Gsus  l.uQ Anderson, Beter. v.31 Bergeeon, John... g,,->*.♦ Bump, I’............. 3.51 Butts. C - 4.M) Bullaria, F  2.V9 Butow, Win  4.83 Bashaw, W ll.... 0.44 Beckel, L  I'vo BiUcdeaux, A .....89 Boot, Win   3.36 Butow, J......... 4.10 Harts, Jag. ..........71 Belehan, F ..... 4.65 Brady* A........... *.23 Belshan, Josie.... 1.45 Beld. John  S.73 Barelwalt, A .......67 Carson, C L  1.29 Christenson, P.... 5.55 Cook. W........... 4.15 Cook.M............... 5 00 Chopp, J............ 1.64 Conner, Eva Al... 9.00 Corn im?, N  2..SO Car Ville, AV Al... 2.55 Christen, AI  0.29 Campbell. A  2.24' Cherney, J  1.10 Clime!ik, J  4.30 Chute]!k, John.. 1.24 Chmelik, J L  2 35 Chalahk, P  1.10 Case, Wm  8.42 Cherney, C ......1.00 Can farce, J  1.59 Chrisman, Fred.. 3.49 Cherney, F  2.93 Caf ©reek, John.* 2.w) Davidson, E  2.60 Davis, FL  9.51 Davison. B P.... 2 94 Eckert, CW  6 72 Kckert, BB  4.36 Fraika, A  2.40 Funds, Goo .........75 Fleishfusser.Win 8.96 Gunderson. John 1,50 Gilpin, L G 8.28 Gili>ertson, John 2.75 Goslee, VV C  2.40 Gibson, Goo .......85 Golnick, John.... 6.20 Goslee, H A .......13 Goslee, F A  1.29 I Rhone, ll  ..... 6.62 U Galt, VV VV  ..6.85k Goslee. J H mm. 7.00 Golnick, F VV  3.75- Gmbe, A C  7.30 Geese?, <1 VV  2.21 Geesey, Orin  1.80 . Hanson, Huns... 11,24 •* Hault, Jens .....2.82 Hanson, Gilbert. 6>7 Hunter, W A  2.71 “ Hanson, VV M. .. 8.20 ► Hartley, Frank... 77 Jensen, Lars ..    2.50 Jensen, Peter  4.so Jilik, Frank  3.20 ; J ones, D AI  M.20 ; Jones, Airs D Al. 1.90 " Jensen, C........ 6.05 Kreuf?er, F  2.25 : koethe, Lewis.. 2.09 1 Lebahn, I) ..........35 Lenox, W   LSO Lunde, Geo  1.85 Lane, A 0.......... 5.51 Lam?, Henry.... 3.64 Leidel, Ole L..*. 7.42 Lofthus.O Al ....... 42 31 Larson. Al ll C... 1.80 Lam?. J..........  1.20 Lang, A - 8.67 Lang, Robert  4.60 Leokesh. F  4.24 Alacliacek, L.... 4.43 Alachacek, C„.... I 6s Alacliacek, J  2.02 Alyklijord, O  3.51 Mudra, F  4.59 AJitti!?, Fred,  4.90 Alc*cka, F.......... 5.90 Aiostrow, K  2.00 Aleadowcroft.GP 3.67 Matson, J P ......1.45 Nelson, Lanritz. 6.11 Nelson, L ll.. 14.S4 Nary a til, *las....    91 Niolse, P C  3.90 Nelson, P  5.70 Neuman, A  2.67 Nelson, A  1.20 O’Brien, Robert. 129 Olson, O A  2.88 Oaten, C ll ..........54 Perleberit, Win.. 1.60 Perleban? F  3.37 Pauls«>n, A.......... 4.52 Preston, L  5.:t4 I’rishoda, F  3.60 Rhone, Al J........ 6.46 promptly and effectually to the appeal for aid. That tells the story, and it is a story which might be repeated again and again concerning all cities. Indeed ii the true tale were told concerning the suffering of the poor in New’ Y ork, Chi cago and the other cities which are larger than Washington, it w ould he bar rowing in the extreme. Superintendent of Police Moore tells me, however, that there is not a single family in Washington to-day without fuel and food; unless it may be some family too I proud to let its poverty be known ta the duly constituted authorities. _ SMITH    D. FRY. A Long Vacation. “How doth the little, busy be© Improve each shining: hour. And f?ather honey all the day From every opening flower!” He does it. for the rascal knows That when the fields are dr*-ar He’ll then put on his Sunday clothes And loaf for half a year. —L. A. VV. Bulletin. re you want to, but it will be impossible for you to get away from or around the fact that right here in your own city is where you get the Lowest Prices for High Grade Goods. Die rf V, OUT OF WORK. ter, in fact everything on runners or that could be put on runners, was brought into requisition. Horses, those faithful animals who are so cheap and ere being discarded nowadays, were worth a dollar an hour, and apparently every horse in town was in the carnival. All of the pretty girls, the jolly boys, and even the gay old sports were in th-procession. Hearing the ringing and the jingling of the bells, the peals .nighter, and the songs of the rushi rabble, no one would suppose th there w-as any suffering in this city. The Associated charities is an organ cation which does much practical goo* The secretary has had years of e perience, and he know’s the genuin from the sham sufferers at sight. F example, during the carnival on Pen Sylvania avenue, a young colored ma entered the room and told the secre tarv that he was out of work, and ha< been vainly trying to find some place a a cook, which was his business. He ha* failed. He had a w’ife and a little chil live years of age. His wife was able 1 work, but could not get a place becalm her clothes w’ere not “fltten,” as th roan expressed it. They had fuel in th house, but no food, having eaten thei last meal last evening. The man sal he was willing to work, and his wif was willing to work if they could get i j, to do. A crucial test, as it appeared, wa A Caw in ToJnt. ‘‘Some debts are pretty hard to pay aren't they?*’ “Well, yes.” “I’ve just paid the last installment on an overcoat that was worn out long ago!”—Chicago Record. Domestic HUMS. She—Do you get on better with your wife nowadays? He o, yes; we have arranged that cne of us shall always be out when the other is at home. We are very happy. in    ____ The STANDARD Shares with Santa Claus in Greeting and Giving. As usual every Christmas, we treat the readers of the Standard to a big j and handsome paper this week, and as \ ever we are sure they will appreciate I it. It is the biggest paper that has been issued in the county since our Christmas edition last year, and every I page is brimming full of interest and profit. The Christmas articles and ii-1 lustrations are especially fine and • pleasing, and on the whole the paper 1 is as entertaining and useful as a good magazine. As will be observed the paper consists of 12 pages, or 00 columns, and as there are 2l}£ inches to a column, there is a total of 2,Offs inhc-es. If extended in a line, the col-1 umns would be 172 feet Sn length, as j long as an average city block. We are pleased thus to add to the I made bvM he secretary who had brough! holiday interest of our great host of out alf this infomation by a series o readers, and we take additional pleas-ouestions when he asked the man ii ure in sending with our gift our best , conclusion if he woald saw* wood, lh* wlsiiea for a blessed and merry, merry man said he would, and then the seers Christmas, tarv gave him an order for some mea* flour, meat, beans, and told him to gc home and get something to eat and feed his family,aud then returned to the offict best assortment suited to the needs of our patrons, the est quality, the latest style, and the lowest price, everything considered, to be found anywhere. Our stock and prices at all times will verify this assertion. We now* offer a complete line of WATCHES, CLOCKS, Diamond Rings & Studs ....OF THE PUREST QUALITY.... Silverware, Novelties, Etc. And respectfully invite you to investigate our claims. See for yourself if the Quality is Riffht. - & See if the Assortment is Right. L    See    if    the    Style is Right. See if the Price is Right. We Know it is and the same Knowledge will be Yours. Bessesen & Steen, A-lToert Lea. I ■BHH SBtBKBBBBB jggj§ ■HH __jg—gSS? ’* • '* / •• fTmYou Want our MONEY We Want your SERVICES Let Us Alate the Exhange. We wfll do it on a verv liberal basts. We Day our men from $60 to $150 per month, according to the II I IT A L In them. We have the largest and most complete stock of any house In the West, and we guarantee it true to name and sound. Our men work the same territory year after year. A quarter of a century established. Our I a moos Minnetonka Apple, guarantee)! outright uutii it produces a bushel of fruit. With our facilities we can make a good salesman of any honest man willing to work. City or country territory, as you prefer. Begin at borne if you wish. Write us about yourself at once. stating age, and let us make you an offer. L. L. MAY & CO., Nurseryman and Seedsmen, St. Paul, Minn. This house Is responsible— Kihtok.

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