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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - December 9, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesota Times %umuw%uu rn* - Twenty Thousand Eyes ? See the Standard I Every Week of the Year. WWiiWVMUVU V-% V%WWWt%%Vfc%. VOL. The Best Advertisement Ever Written COULD NOT CONVINCE YOU OF THE MERIT AND WORTH OF OUR $2.00PANTS They are an extra weighty Cassimere, strictly wool, correctly tailored and faultless tit. No better Pants than those are ordinarily sold for a V. You must see them and see them soon. Strauss' Vocabulary Inadequate TO EXTOL THE MERIT AND BEAUTY OF OUR STOCK OF SUfts and Overcoats. Our Irish Frieze L lster has the weight and warmth and enough collar to protect neck and ears. They are as warm as an Oven, while the Price is Right and within Reach of Everybody. Did we own a newspaper we could not very well state the price of every Ulster; have so many of ’em. Be rest assured, Strauss’ way of buying is a guarantee for 3R.iglrt Priced Many Black Clay Suits are Sold for $10, But don’t confound them with Strauss’. Ours are the Real English Clay, warranted color 20 ounce weight, tailored and trimmed to the Queen’s taste; bearing the H. S. & M. label, which in itself is a guarantee that they are RIGHT. Have You Seen the Newest Thing Out in Overcoats? Call and See. YOURS ALWAYS, I P- S. The redemption limit on all tickets for those Beautiful Clocks we give with every $20.00 cash sale is February ist.—S. Strauss. BUSINESS CARDK W. E. TODD. T A WY ER. OFFICE IN THE NEW OPERA I..J house blocs, Albert Lea, Miun. L A. U. MAYLAND. A WYER. ROOM 2, FAIR STOKE BUILD-lug, Albert Lea, Miun.    24tf HENRY A.‘MORGAN, Attorney at law. county attor- uev. Office In Gulbraudson Block, Broadway. Albert Lea, Miun. R. S. FARNSWORTH. A TTORNEY AT LAW. PRACTICES IN ALL XjL the courts. Careful attention trivet! to commercial and other collections. Office lu Wedge & Barlow' Co., Block. Rooms I and 2. Albert Lea, Mina.    39—94. EDW. A. CHURCH. (Successor to Bud & Church.) ■DEAL ESTATE, LAW, INSURANCE, Ll Loans and Collections. Houses for Sale and Relit. Office in Opera Block, Albert Lea, Minn    8m6 HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPP! NESS J. M. TODD, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE In rear of Briggs’ Drug Store; hospital on Fountain street, Albert Lea. CARL M. SIMONSON. Dentist, gradua i e c i n c i n n a t i Dental College. Office, front rooms, second floor, over Barlow’s drug store, Albert Lea, Minnesota.    47 W. C. MERRILL, Dentist, office in new opera house block, rooms 3 and 4, Albert Lea Miuu, D. K. STACY. T I CENSED AUCTIONEER— F ARMERS’ Uj sales a specialty. Prices to suit the times. Satisfaction guaranteed or no pay. Consult me about dates before advertising. Albert Lea, Minn.    43ni3 H. A. PAINE, RCHITECT AND BUILDER. PLANS drawn and contracts taken for all classes work In city aud country. Albert Lea, lSyl A Ainu. DOCTOR NISSEN. GI RADU ATE FROM NORWAY. OFFICE r over Lion Drug Store, Broadway, Alb ert Lea, Minn. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. CTHINCOPIN CAMP NO 835 HOLDS RKGU-J lar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hal! every first aud third Wednesday evenings of each month.    J.    D. CLARK, V. C. J R. HALVORSEN, Clerk. Doctor Wilcox, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, ALBERT l>ea, Miun. Having fully regained his health and equipped himself with first-class driving horses aud carriages, is now better prepared, and will more promptly answer calls lo the country than ever. The doctor does not only keep on hand a first-class supply of surgical instruments, etc ,but keeps and dispenses his own medicines, a large supply of which he carries with him when going info the country. Address. Dr. II. H. Wilcox, Comer Clark ami Washington Streets, 36ti    Albert    Lea.    Minn. WHO Docs Your T^niincli*>r WORK? We use only neutral soaps that will not injure the finest fabrics, nor tslirin k yoni- woolens. Leare Word ani tie Wagon fill Call. “The New Albert Lea Steam Laundry.” . . . S. G. Thompson, Proprietor. 43yl CHICAGO Ste NEW YORK Offices o) A. N. KELLOGG NEWSPAPER CO. Buyers will be de-Mill clk lights with our large display of useful and ornamental articles suitable for........ Holiday GiiYs. Con-    }    Clocks, Gold and Silver sist-    I    Watches, Watch Chains, ing    1    Lockets and Charms, Pins, of —    J    Finger Kings, plain or with Diamond or Gem Settings, Ladies’ and Gent’s Solid Gold Pens. Sterling Silver Novelties—An extensive assortment of the latest and most beautiful designs. It is impossible to describe all the offerings we have in stock. This is an invitation to every one to call and inspect these splendid goods. I have bren with you 22 years and expect to greet you 22 years more, and wishing All a Merry Christmas. Kemain Sincerely Yours, C. P. Hedenstad, The Reliable Jeweler. FINELY NICKLED $85.00 Blf? $28.00 lf you have not the money to pay, I can charge them. $60 Wheel $25 ALL. NEW. Remember! I have 25 years experience repairing____ duns, Sewing Machines and Bicycles, And do not Spoil them. fleury Stem. Hard and Soft COAL In any quantities; all sizes and grades Orders for Country and City trade promptly filled. Free delivery to City customers. VV. VV. Cargill & Co. A. C. SORENSON, Agent. Office at Elevator No. 3, S. M. Depot, Albert Lea, Mine. Promised to Dwellers in the Sunny Southern Land—All Who Have Settled in Central Alabama Are Prosperous and Glad—Plenty Yet of Good Openings and Bargains for New Settlers—All Invited to Join Excursion to Alabama Next Tuesday. The following extracts from private letters concerning the wonderful central Alabama country and climate cannot fail to prove of general interest: I wish hereby to call your attention to the South, and especially to the Thorsby colony, which is located in tile center of the state of Alabama, in Chilton county. The said colony has a beautiful location,good and wholesome water, good soil suitable for general farming as well as for fruit growing. The weather conditions are excellent. I have resided here about one year at this writing, and I thus have experience of the temperature of the different seasons. The weather here suits me much better than the weather in the North. We have always cold nights here which make it possible for a man to rest good and get renewed strength. No one need to he afraid coming here on account of the heat in the summer, as there is no reason to dread the heat of this climate. Therefore I advise all who wish to move to a healthier climate to come to Thorsby as here are great advantages which are not to be had at many other places. The Concordia Land and Improvement Association provides work for all those that buy land here, hut no one except land buyers gets work. Since I came here I have worked for the association as carpenter 195 days, and have received as wages 82,00 per day. and I have now all the carpenter work I can attend to. At this writing there has been erected here one large modern hotel, sawmill, blacksmith and wagon shop and three store buildings. Several other houses have also been built. A commodious school house will be completed in September next, when public school will be commenced. As yet, no church organization has been effected, but preparatory work is being done by Rev. Jno. E. Iledberg, who has moved from Minnesota to Thorsby on account of his health. Services and Sunday school are conducted every Sunday, and before the close of the year a congregation will be organized here. There would he much more to say about the advantages the Thorsby colony offers land buyers, but I will only add that what I have written is true and I therefore say to all: Come and see for yourself. Nels Johnson. Thorsby, Ala., Aug. 9,1896. As I have now been here four months and during that time have seen and experienced the weather and the climate, I wish to let people know that I have found it to he very good. The water in wells and springs is also good and is obtained in the colony at a depth from 20 to 30 feet. The soil is very productive and easily worked. I bought a 10-acre vineyard tract from the Con- Standard Advertising Is Not Lowest in Price, But Is Highest in Value. NO. 50 Unprecedented Values At the Big Four Clothing Department. considered. These prices mean business and quick business at that.    on    lins    page    are Ullin Bn’s DmriHi Ste. Read Carefully—Note the Prices. Irish Frieze l isters. Black. The goods weighs 36 ounces to the is all wool, farmer’s satin linings, 54 inches I large storm collar. Tins coat is superior V ll to any 815 coat.........-J Beaver Overcoats. ard, In black or blue, latest winter models extra ohs, quality lining, velvet #K A —7 collar, latest 1897 lengths. V / V / Jj Closing price . $ / ,0 /Melton l isters. Iii gray, extra heavy lining, cut extra long Las muff pockets. ftv "7 f" Regular $15 coat. V / **\ Closing price... ^ J § ^J IOO Men’s Imported . Clay-worsted .suits, in round and square cut and three-button cutaway #K f\ /% frocks, sizes 35 to 44, same VU VIJ ll quality as sold for $15........Q 7JCheviot Suits. All wool, round or square cut, fast blue or bl, made in latest winter style 4 fur 1896, perfect fitting, long I wearing, $16.50 suits to close -A I Choice of 50 Suits Ack. „ (,n J°b counter, round arid square cut, in . Cassimeres, Cheviots, blue, A r\ r\ j black and fancy mixtures, V #1 1 J J sizes 34, 35, 36 & 37.....( QChildren’s Overcoats. Every one in our big stock, in Ulsters, C C oats and Keefers, all patterns, jr\ all sizes, to be sold under I f\C maker’s........I ii 1^ See them. wwV Youth’s Ulsters. aPe lt "5 of them, in dark gray Oxfords, high .A collar, good weighty sizes J A ;T from 14 to 19, worth Ilr J A U ll 80 DO, to close.............AOl I 0The Greatest Treat of the Season. We Invite Your Inspection.Don't Forget We are “Mill Agents’’ for t J i\l I J \nj J— EmJ And can sell as cheap as some merchants buy. rn mm rn JThe Big~4**Clothiers. Gage, Hayden & Co.Evprv T.qHtT    or    0,d. Who has not yet bought her V Ut j XJCtvt Vy    inter garment should take advantage Of this great sale. I >t*T models, extra I    ■ S7.87 Cloaks 7^ («K d- J* W Fur rid square cut, in j $4.98 Capes. The most stylish and the very best of the season at LESS THAN COST of Production. We are making January Prices now; you don’t need to wait until after Christmas for the usual cut in prices. We Offer "W e Offer Jackets, regular fine lot of 40 Ladies* Jackets, good price 95.00 to $8.ou each, for this sale value at SIC * — take your choice____ $4.48 SIO to 815 each, for this sale take your choice One lot of 25 Heavy Beaver Shawls, former price 82.50 to 83.50 each. Take your choice at this sale....... $9.48 $1.98 Remember We are Headquarters-for - Useful Christmas Gifts. cordia Land and Improvement Association. The association planted two acres of grapes and I planted one acre myself. The association bought these grape vines from New York state, and they were planted litre in the latter part of April, 1896, and today I can count as many as two to six hunches of grapes on many of the 1,500 vines now nourishing in my vineyard.^ This is not, however, the only evidence of the vigorous vegetation here. The real object I have with this writing is to tell about my happy experience of this wonderful climate. I came here for my health, on the advice of physicians, and the result is I am now’ altogether free from a consumptive disease of my bronchial tubes or lungs. I am now so strong and healthy that I ain able to take care of my own vineyard. I have not used a drop of medicine since I came here. I attribute my wonderful recovery to this mild and healthy climate alone. Emanuel Rost rom. Thorsby, Ala, Aug. IO, 1896. I have concluded to write about my trip from the North to the South in December, 1895. I was well pleased when I first came here, to Thorsby, Ala., hut not being in the habit of going off Hie handle on the first impulse I have waited until I had given the land and climate a thorough trial before I became too enthusiastic. I had one of the hest 160 acre farms in North Dakota, hut running behind every year. I concluded to sell and go south to find me a more suitable place. I traveled over Missouri, Tennessee and Alabama down to the Gulf of Mexico, but as I couldn’t find any place suitable, on account of being too low, I came hack here to Thorsby, Chilton county, Ala, and bought 20 acres of the Concordia Land and Improvement Association, IO acres of which I am going to plant grapes on. I have this summer seen wonders in the way of grapes. I have lived in an old native house. Among a lot of other fruit trees one grape vine 3 years old which produced 50 pounds. Picked the 24th of June, quotations at Pittsburg at the same time GOc to 70c a 10-pound basket; cost of basket to Ic; so I am more than satisfied with results. Here is a good healthy climate. We have a boy seven years old, who has been sick for the last five years, and now he is as strong and healthy as anyone. So all who read this will do themselves a favor by coming here too and see how pleasant it is for us. A. L. Wambem. Thorsby, Ala, Aug. 25, 1896. Truly the region described in these letters is well deserving the consideration of those desiring to change their locations, and being satisfied of this, Gillrup & Gilbert became interested I in the Concordia association, and feel entire confidence in recommending it to their friends and the public in general. And they cordially invite all interested to join their excursion next Tuesday, Dec. 15, in a visit to the colony, and promise that all who go will greatly enjoy the trip and profit by going there. Callat once at their office in Albert Lea and learn all particulars. -V#*- Seventy-First Birthday. The Youth'* Companion will celebrate It* seventy-first birthday In 1897. Among the many attractive announcement* of the Companion for the coming year Is an article of exceptional value by Andrew Carnegie, on “The Habit of I hrlft.’’ Successful men In other walks of life will second Mr. Carnegie’s paper with readable, practical articles based on their own experience, and valuable to the old as well a* to the young. Stories will be given by Ian Macl&ren, Rudyard Kipling. Stephen Crane, Harold Frederic and Clark Russell. Speaker Reed, secretary Herbert, senator Lodge, Hon. Carl Schurz, postmaster-general Wilson, Dr. Lyman Abbott, Hon. Theodore Roosevelt—these are a few of the two hundred names that figure in the latest list of Companion contributors. The non-partisan editorials and the current events and nature and science departments are of especial interest to students and to all who wish to keep informed of the doings of the world. As a reference book a file of Companions is well-nigh invaluable, for Its reputation is founded on seventy years of tested accuracy. New subscribers sending $1.75 to the Companion for 1897 will receive the Companion for the remainder of the year free, also the Companion’s artistic twelve-color calendar, and the paper a full year to January, 1898. Illustrated prospectus of the next volume will be sent free upon request. Address, The Youth’s Companion, 205 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. Every-Day Excursions To all parts of the world can be arranged for any day lu the year for one or more persons, upon application to any principal ticket agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Baul railway. Itineraries carefully prepared for excursions to California, Florida, Mexico, China. Japan, and to any part of Europe. Estimates furnished, including all expenses. Tickets furnished for the complete journey. It is not necessary to wait for any so-called “Personally Conducted Excursions.” In these days of progressive enlightenment, with the English language spoken In every land under the sun, one does not need to depend upon the services of guides for sightseeing, but can go it alone or in small family parties, with great comfort and security, and at one’s own convenience. Apply to the nearest agent of the Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, or address Geo. ll. Heafford. General Passenger Agent, 415 Old Colony building. Chicago, in. Holiday Rates. For the Christmas and New Year holidays all agents of the B. C. R. & N. Ry. will sell round trip tickets at the usual reduced rates. Tickets on sale Dec. 24, 25 and 31, ’96, and Jan 1, *97. Good to return until and including Jan. 4. *97. Call on B. 0. R. & N. agents for further information or address J. Morton, G. I*. & T. A . Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Are You Coins South? If so address Southern Tours, Lock Box 572, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for rates, routes and full information.    exp.    Dec.3i *The County Teachers’ Association. I The Freeborn county teachers association I ‘ta first meeting of this school year st the | court room Dec. 5th, where a very interesting I And practical program was carried out. The number lu attendance exceeded one hundred. many of whom came from distant parts of the county, plainly showing the Interest which our teachers are taking in their work. The meeting was opened by a paper entitled “Tim First Week of School.” by Miss Anna Mid-thun, in which she gave many valuable sugges-dons regarding the trying task of starting the school right. An interesting discussion by the teachers followed, to which Supt. Olson added some of his practical ideas. “Music In the Rural School.” was (be subject of a pleasing paper by Miss Maude Baer. The discussion on this was opened by Misses Kllick-son and Barlow. Miss Young, of the college, spoke Interestingly on the uplifting and ennobling Influence of music, and especially urgeo the learning of patriotic songs in our schools. Principal Barnes of Alden ably bandied “That Proverbial Bad Boy” in a carefully prepared paper. Numerous teachers gave their opinions regarding this unfortunate person. Dr. Marvin kindly favored the association with an excellent talk on this subject. He believes in kind treatment; also keeping the sentiment of the school on the teacher s side and educating that sentiment to as high a plane as possible. All agreed that the “Baa Boy” must be made to respect the right. If kind and gentle means are unavailing severe methods must be employed. Some minor details were then acted upon, and the meeting adjourned until the first Saturday in January.    Franc    es    Hill. Sec. pro tem. riany Cannot Vote at the Spring Election. Attorney general Childs has given an opinion on the status of foreign-born voters under the constitutional amendment requiring full citizenship papers. Ile says: There is no question bat that second papers will be required of all voters now holding first papers, before they can vote again; and there is no question that these papers must be secured three months before election. This applies to the voters of all cities, villages and townships which hold elections the coming spring. The second papers must be had three months before the voter can vote. s UBM Ste. Call and See Our Large Stock of Holiday Goods Such as ROCKERS of all descriptions OTTOMANS, BLACKING CASES, MUSIC CABINETS, RATTAN GOODS of all kinds, WALL POCKETS, FANCY STANDS, FOOT STOOLS, WRITING DESKS, both for young and old. We have a large line of COUCHES and FANCY ROCKERS. Alsoa large line of COBBLER SEA I ROCKERS, furnished in Antique and Mahogany. It TVill Pay rn) To look our large line over before selecting your presents, as with us your money is not thrown away on Fancy Goods for nothing, but on something useful and substantial. Home Furniture Company. B. H. KNATVOLD, Proprietor. Real Estate Transfers. Lucy W Palmer to C II Nelson, ne^ n*% sec 13, Bath..............................$ W A Morin to H A Relcbenbach. land In bl 19, Morin’s Add to Albert I.ea......... G A Swan to W II Kelzeback, t.% se1; and s54 ne»^ sec 31, Carlston.............. Paul Muszynskl to Win B Movery slA 9^4 sec 19; sw)^| se!i sec 20; w>4 ne4 and ne1* sec 30 Freeborn................. Lucy W Palmer to Jens C Detterson nw>4 nwj^ sec 13, Bath......................... Mary Buel to D W Fleming, e 4 rd* of w 12 yds lot 9 west Albert Lea................. Ideal Land & Loan Co to Wm II Miller nw^i secs, Carlston...................... II II Knatvold Adr to A N Henry lot 7 9vn4 sec 16, Riceland..................... Geo W Murphy to L I> Baird nelA and seJi neJi sec 9 London.................... Here is Something New and Nice! O Very Latest and Best Styles of I coo 500 3100 7500 1000 850 IS 287 2900 ! CHINAWARE Vs*?,68 For the Library, Dining Boom, or Table. Handsome Designs. Just Arrived. You ought to see them. Low Rates South and West. On Nov. 3rd and 17th, Dec. 1st and 15th. the I B.. C. R. & N. Ky. will sell round trip tickets at rate of one fare pius 92.00 to a large number of points in southern and western states. Tickets sn Jays- Call on B., C. R. & N. agent* for full information or address, J. Morton, G. P. & T. A., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.    45w5 CLAMPS, Porcelain Dishes. NEW YORK APPLES, $1.75 a Barrel. Apples for Xmas Trade Jonathans, Wine-Saps and Ben Davis. Maimer & Henry. Ai

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