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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - December 2, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaH»%%wwuimunu%%%»iw%»u%uw i    * | Twenty Thousand Eyes \ See the Standard Every Week of the Year. Is Not Lowest in Price, But Is Highest in Vaine. VOL. XXXIX. ALBERT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 2, 1896. The Best Advertisement Ever Written COULD NOT CONVINCE YOU OF THE MERIT AND WORTH OF OUR $2.00PANTS They are an extra weighty Cassimere, strictly wool, correctly tailored and faultless fit. No better Pants than those are ordinarily sold for a V. You must see them and see them soon. Strauss' Vocabulary Inadequate TO EXTOL THE MERIT AND BEAUTY OF OUR STOCK OF Suits and Overcoat^. Our Irish Frieze Ulster has the weight and warmth and enough collar to 2 ^ect neck and ears. They are as warm as an Oven, while the Price is Right and with.,. Reach of Everybody. Did we own a newspaper we could not very well state the price of every Ulster; have so many of ’em. Be rest assured, Strauss’ way of buying is a guarantee for PtigtLt 3?rioe.v “TOP" Many Black Clay Suits are Sold for $10, But don’t confound them with Strauss’. Ours are the Real English Clay, warranted color 20 ounce weight, tailored and trimmed to the Queen’s taste; bearing the H. S. & M. label, which in itself is a guarantee that they are RIGHT. Have You Seen the Newest Thing Out in Overcoats? Call and See. YOURS ALWAYS, S. The redemption limit on all tickets for those Beautiful Clocks we give with every $20.00 cash sale is February ist.—S. Strauss. BUSINESS CARDS. W. E. TODD. Lawyer, office in the new opera house blocK. Albert Lea, Minn. A. U. MAYLAND. Lawyer, room 2. fair store buildup, Albert Lea. Miun.    24if HENRY A. MORGAN, A TTORNEY AT LAW. COUNTY ATTOR-JA. uev. Office In (Julbraudsou Block, Broadway, Albert Lea. Miun. R. S. FARNSWORTH. A TTORNEY AT LAW. PRACTICES IN ALL XI the courts, Careful attention given to commercial and other collections. Office lu Wedge & Barlow Co., Block. Rooms I aud 2. Albert Lea, Minn.    39-94. EDW. A. CHURCH. (Successor to Buei & Church.) TA BAL ESTATE. LAW, INSURANCE, JlY Loans and Collections. Houses for Sale and lieut. Office iu Opera Block, Albert Lea, Minn   *m6 J. M. TODD, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE * iu rear of Briggs’ Drug Store; hospital on Fountain street, Albert Lea. CARL M. SIMONSON. Dentist, graduate ci n c in n ati Denial College. Office, front rooms, second fluor, over Barlow’s drug store, Albert Lea, Minnesota.    47 W. C. MERRILL. Dentist, office in new opera house block, rooms 3 aud 4, Albert Lea Minu. Grand Holiday Stock. D. K. STACY. I 1CENSED AUCTIONEER-F ARMERS’ I J sales a specialty. Prices to suit the times. Satisfaction guaranteed or no pay. Consult me about dates before advertising. Albert Lea, Minn.    _43m3 H. A. PAINE, A RCHITECT AND BUILDER. PLANS JA. drawn and contracts taken for ail classes of work in city and country. Albert Lea, Minn. JL I5yl DOCTOR NISSEN. CT RADUATE FROM NORWAY. OFFICE X over Lion Drug Store, Broadway, Alb ert Lea, Minn. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. (THINCOPIN CAMP NO 835 HOLDS REGU-J lar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first and third Wednesday evenings of each month.    J.    D. CLARK. V. C. J. R. HALVORSEN, Clerk. Doctor Wilcox, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, ALBERT Lea, Minn. Having fully regained his health and equipped himself with first-class driving horses and carriages, Is now better prepared, and will more promptly answer calls to the country than ever. The doctor does not only keep on hand a first-class supply of surgical instruments, etc , but keeps and dispenses his own medicines, a large supply of which he carries with him when going into the country. Address, Dr. H. H. Wilcox, Corner Clark and Washington Streets, 36tf    Albert    Lea,    Minn. WHO Does Your Laundry WORK? We use only neutral soaps that will not injure the finest fabrics, nor shrink your woolens. Leaie Word and tile Wagon will Call. “The New Albert Lea Steam Laundry.” . . . S. G. Thompson, Proprietor. 43yl CHICAGO Sfe NEW YORK OFFICES O’ A. N. KELLOGG NEWSPAPER CO* fill 1*1 nine Buyers will be devein IS Illicit iight€d with our large display of useful and ornamental articles suitable for........ Holiday Consisting of... Girts. Clocks, Gold and Silver Watches, Watch Chains, Lockets and Charms, Pins, Finger Kings, plain or with Diamond or Gem Settings, Ladies’ and Gent’s Solid Gold Pens. Sterling- Silver Novelties—An extensive assortment of the latest and most beautiful designs. It is impossible to describe all the offerings we have in stock. This is an invitation to every one to call and inspect these splendid goods. I have been with you 22 years and expect to greet you 22 years more, and wishing All a Merry Christmas. Kemain Sincerely Yours, C. P. Hedenstad, The Reliable Jeweler. FINELY NICKLED $85.00 Bi!J? $28.00 lf you have not the money to pay, I can charge them. $60 m $25 AXjIj new. Remember! I have 25 years experience repairing____ Guns, Sewing Machines and Bicycles, And do not Spoil them. Hard and Soft COAL In any quantities; all sizes and grades. Orders for Country and City trade promptly filled. Pree delivery to City customers. W. W. Cargill & Co. A. C. SORENSON. Agent. Office at Elevator No. 3, S. M. Depot, Albert Lea, Mine. THE “CREAM OF ALABAilA ’* Is the Thorsby Country Lying flid-way Between Birmingham and Montgomery—Profits in Scupper-nong Grapes—Interesting Facts for the flan of noderate neans—A List of Sample Attractions for Home Seekers. Suppose you have a home in some northern village or town, suppose this home has cost you 3000 and you have it all paid for, suppose you have one or two hundred dollais in the bank or invested in some other safe way, and a job that brings you SIO per month. Very well! To you we will say, stay where you are and keep on, earn your monthly salary and invest your surplus money in a vineyard at Thorsby on the installment plan. In course of two or three years you will have it all paid for and have used only a little surplus money at the time of purchase and 310 per month after that. Suppose you have a home worth 3500 to 3600 and have it all paid for. and like so many thousand of people nowadays are out of employment; suppose you have a family to support, and for that reason are obliged to encumber your home. To you we will say—sell for 300 or more dollars at first opportunity, and buy a vineyard in Thorsby on the installment plan. Toucan meet your obligations and have a little surplus money for improving balance, 8 acres of your vineyard and raise enough sweet potatoes, sugar cane and vegetables of various kinds to support your family until you realize the income from the grapes. Suppose you are a renter of a farm in the north and have tried for years to lay up enough money to buy you a borne of your own, how have you succeeded? You have our sympathy, and besides, we will urge you to settle your mind on one thing. Turn all into money that you can seek a home in the south, where you will find life worth living, and can in the course of a few years have a farm of your own in the midst of your own people and enjoy the benefit of the best climate on earth, in a section of a country where you can raise any products used to in the north in larger quantities and at higher prices, wh&re you can work every working day in the year and where a northern-built town offers you a home market for all your products. THE EXPENSE AND INCOME OF A VINEYARD AFTER 3 YEARS. Teu acres fruit land with I,coo grapevines planted........................... f400.00 Fencing.................................. so    oo Cultivating 2 acres Se.50 per acre for 3 years.................................... 39.00 Trellis for 2 acres—2d year............... 50.00 $519.00 The income 3rd year 1,000 vines @ 25 lb per vine @ 3c per lh................... $750.00 Deduct expense.......................... 519.00 Net gain............................$231.00 Besides, your vineyard is paid for and the income will increase the older the vines, and nothing has been allowed for the 8 acres which will easy feed a family the year round. WHAT A GROWER SAYS OF HIS SCUPPERNGNG GRAPES: Four years ago I started one acre (50) vines of scuppernong grapes and they Big Four For Your Christmas Presents. The National Papeteries Co’s entire line will be shown by us at regular wholesale prices first of NEXT WEEK. Handkerchief Boxes, Glove Boxes, Jewel Cases, Manicure Sets, Fan Boxes, And all other Articles useful and ornamental in great and varied assortment. Costing from i rn Per Dozen. We are turning out quantities of Underwear. Prices are Lower than we shall ever see them again. Agents for BHtterick’ Fashions and Publications. GAGE. HAYDEN & CO. have from the first proved to be easier raised than any other fruit in the south. What persuaded me to plant this fruit was the results from a few-older vines in this neighborhood and especially one that had no care whatever and bore grapes 15 years without missing a year and is still healthy and bearing. On one single vine this year I picked first one bushel for table use and preserves and out of what was left on this vine was manufactured 2ll4 gallons fine wine, which sells in the market at 31.50 per gallon. I am now living three miles from Thorsby, and after a winery and canning factory are once located at Thorsby, I shall consider my vineyard worth as much as any 160 acre wheat and corn farm. I am from the north and extend all thrifty people a hearty welcome.    I*.    W. Silsbee. Thorsby Oct. 1,1896. The following specified farms are exceptionally choice tracts, located along the Yellow Leaf Creek, which district is considered to be the “Cream of Alabama.” Therefore, we respectfully urge home seekers, who prefer to locate in our midst, to place their investments in one of the following described farms, as the rapid increase of industrious northern farmers, with Thorsby as a market center, is avoucher for a speedy rise in choice farming land in this section of the south: No. 2, Section 8, and No. 15, SecUon 5—80 acre tract I\i miles east from Thorsby, 35 to 40 acres in field, balance in timber, suitable for pasture; Yellow Leaf Creek running through the east part; very rich bottom land with sufficient high land for fruits, etc.; clay sub-soil. Trice $950.00 cash or $1,000.00 one-half cash and balance one-half due Nov. 1,1897. No. 6, Section 8-40 acre tract, 2 miles southeast of Thorsby; good house and vineyard; IO acres In field, balance in timber; sandy loam soil with clay sut>-soil. Trice, $5oo.oo cash. No. ll. SecUon 8—40 acre tract, 2l/i miles south-east of Thorsby; all in field and under fence; sandy loam, Trice $750.00 cash. Nos. 1,8. 7 and IO, Section 8—Four 40 acre tracts lo a body, 2 miles south-east of Thorsby, with house and outhouses, some bearing fruit trees, 80 acres in field, partly level and partly gently rolling; 80 acres rich bottom land, timbered, and being that Yellow Leaf Creek runs over this 80 acres, It affords an excellent stock or dairy farm, and should not be divided, especially as this vicinity is In great need of such an enterprise, and it would prove to be a most profitable business. Trices and terms—$2,200.00 cash; $2,350 OO one-half cash, and the remaining one-half due Oct. 1. 1897; $2,500.00, one-third cash; one-third due Oct. 1, 1897; and one-third due Oct. I, 1898. Township 23, Range 14. No. ll, Section 30—40 acres, one mile north of Thorsby, about 20 acres is under cultivation, and balance fine timbered pasture land. Trice, $600 OO cash; $650.00 one-lialf cash, and balance one-half due Nov. 1,1897. No. 12, Section 30—10 acres one mile from Thorsby. 15 acres under cultivation, rich timbered pasture land; good house and good well; fruit trees and a few grapes, as well as outhouses and other improvements. Trice. $700.00 cash or $750.00 one-half cash and balance one-half due Nov. 1,1897. No. 13, Section 30—40 acres one mile from Thorsby; about 8 acres under cultivation and balance rich pasture easily cleared for cultivation. A spring on this tract furnishes a small stream of water running across about two-thirds of the south part. Trice. $500 00 cash or $550.oc one-half cash and balance one-balf due Nov. I 1897. No. 14. Section 30—40 acres one mile from Thorsby, 15 acres under cultivation, balance timbered pasture with rich soil, easily cleared. Price. $550.00 cash or $600.00. one-half cash and balance one-half due Nov. 1, 1897. Oftbelastmentioned.Nos.il. 12, 13 and 14. (forty acre tracts) Nos. ll and 14 and Nos. 12 and is can be sold together, or, if for farming on a larger scale, they can all be sold together as they all join each other in a square body of ICO acres, and will make an excellent stock or dairy farm. Township 22. Range 14. No. 8&^7, Section 3-eo acres three miles from Thorsby, east; 30 acres under fence and cultivation; balance fine timber land suitable for pasture or can be easily cleared aDd cultivated; house and well with some other Improvements are good, will save purchaser some expense from the start; free productive land. Trice, $850 00 cash; $900.00 one-half cash, and one-half one year; or $950 00, one-third cash, one-third in one year, and one-third in two years. No. 9, Section 3-40 acres three miles east of Thorsby, joining Nos. 8 and half 7. described above; lo acres under cultivation, good farming and fruit land; the timber will more than pay for the clearing. Price, $550.00 cash or $600.00 one-half cash and one-balf in one year. No. 13, Section 3-40 acres 2% railes from Thorsby; fully 30 acres in field and under fence; lo acres fine timbered pasture at one corner of the farm, with small creek running through, which is never known to be dry. Small bouse and improvements; an excellent well; land level and fertile, and a look at this place will be sufficient for a home-seeker’s decision. Price $650.00 cash or $700.00 one-half cash and the other half in one year. No. ll, Section 4 -40 acre tract, 2 miles east of Thorsby; about 5 acres under cultivation, balance in fine rich timbered pasture land, with access to branch of Yellow Leaf Creek. Price, $500.00 cash, or $550.00, one half cash and $137.50 due Nov. 1, 1897 and the balance $137j50 due Nov. 1, 1898. No. 13, Section 4—40 acre tract 2 miles east of Thorsby; between 25 and 30 acres old field, gently rolling; balance in timber land with small stream running through. Price, $600.00 cash, or $700 OO, one-half cash, $175.00 due Nov. 1, 1897, and $175.00 due Nov. 1, 1898. No. 14, Section 4—40 acre tract, 2% miles east of Thorsby, between 25 and 30 acres under cultivation; house and outhouses; small garden and fruit orchard; old residence. Price, $600.00 cash; or $700 00. one-half cash, $175 due Nov. I, 1897, and $175.00 due Nov. I. 1898. Nos. 2 and I. section 20—Two 40 acre tracts, 2& miles south-east of Thorsby; about 45 acres under fence and cultivation; balance flue level timber land; good house and outhouses,garden, etc. Trice, $900 00 cash, or good note due Nov. 1,1896; or $1000 at $600.00 cash or good note due Nov. 1, 1896, $200.00 due Nov. I. 1897, and $200 due Nov. 1, 1898. In connection with these two 40 acre tracts, we will sell at $5.00 per acre three 40 acre tracts fine level timber land. Nos. 13,14 and 15, section 17, on branch of Yellow Leaf Creek, and joining said two 40 acre tracts. It is very rich bottom land, easily cleared and would make a splendid pasture for 8tockralsmg and dairystock. This opportunity should be grasped at once. No. 12, Section 5-40 acres, 2)4 miles east of Thorsby, about 25 acres under cultivation, balance mixed timber easily cleared. Good house and well. Price $700.00 cash, or $750.oc, half cash and half in one year. No. 5, Section 8—40 acres, one mile southeast of Thorsby, about 20 acres under cultivation balance mixed timber, easily cleared. Good rich soil. Trice $600.00 cash or $»50 00 cash and $300 iu one year. The right time to visit the South is in the winter, and the way to go is to join our excursion which will start from Albert Lea Dec. lo. Round trip ticket to Thorsby, about 1,300 miles, very low. Plenty of time to see the country, examine our lands and learn all about the splendid climate. A representative of the colony will go with the excursion and guide the party. No charge for services. All will bewelcome to go with us and we promise an interesting and enjoyable trip. For all information inquire of Gillrup A Gilbert, Albert Lea, sole agents in this section for the popular Concordia Land A Improvement Association, Thorsby, Alabama. .«♦«•— —. Chips in a Word on the Lighting Business. To the Editor: I am tor peace and do not mean to tread on anybody's corns, but the figures on my tax receipt will possibly justify me In chipping in a few words about the lighting business. All without exception appear to agree that much credit is due the Standard for the fact that Albert Lea has an improved lighting system, and at the same time, inconsistently, it seems to me, I have heard that a few say it “ought not to have done so.” They ought to join the majority In thanking It; that would be more fair. But the point that strikes me best is the fact that but for the Standard s sturdy course Albert Lea would very likely now be burdened with a long-term electric lighting franchise, and for escaping that Albert Lea may well be thankful, for we have about ail the taxpayers can stand under the present expense; and while the rates may not now be unreasonable, the time may soon come when the city should have much lower rates and will want to make a change, perhaps own a system of its own which is the right way. The Stan da rd probably would not thank me for detending it, for it does not need it, but I think some may have overlooked what I have claimed for it and It ought not in justice to be forgotten.    Acres. Albert Lea, Nov. 29. Christmas Harpers'. The Christmas number of Harper’s will contain part third of “The Martian,” with six illustrations from the author’s drawings. An entertaining article on “President Kruger” will be contributed by Toultney Bigelow, and Dr. William Jacques will describe the process of obtaining electricity direct from coal. W. D. Howells will give personal recollections of the Autocrat of the Breakfast Table in the article entitled “Oliver Wendell Holmes.” Two well-illustrated papers will be those entitled “Wild Ducks and Tame Decoys,” by Hamblen Sears, and “How the Law got into the Chaparral,” by Frederic Remington. In “A Middle English Nativity” John Corbin will describe iniracle-plays performed by strolling actors, in which the English drama had its beginning. There will be six short stories, a “Christmas Carol.” etc. The number will be bound in an ornamental cover especially designed in colors Howard Ty ie. by NO. 49 1 Bin's DfflftiFstirt. Arctic winds may blow with impunity, if defied with the aid of a stylish, warm........ CLOAK or WRAP. Tile cost is very small; the comfort and health security beyond par. We have hundreds of them to be sold at Prices Almost too Small to Attach to the Article One case full Standard ^ Prints to close at per yd... OC We must make room for Holiday Goods, consequently PRICES en some lines of goods Will be cut in 2 If you want a Fancy Eating Apple call for th* CUT PRICES Will Prevail in this Department, King Apples. " Wright’s Buck* heat Is all right.’ A Pancake Lover who loves buckwheat cakes knows how hard it is to get flour with the genuine old-fashioned buckwheat taste. We have it and can prove it. It is Wright’s buckwheat, and Mr. Wright sends us his afflda* vit that it is not mixed. Try it. Nelson Bro’s Dept. Store. lf you want the best goods for the least money, we can go you........ Ladies Writing Desk Just like cut, either in genuine Mahogany, Quartered Oak or Birds Eye Maple for $3.75. Never in the history of our business have we made so excellent an offer. Big Line of Furniture. goop and useful Christmas Gifts. Johnson, Petersen & Clausen Here is Something New and Nice! Very Latest and Best Styles of CHINAWARE'^8 For the Library, Dining Room, Are You Coing South? If so address Sonthern Tours, Lock Box 572, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for rates, routes and full Information.    exp.    Dec.3l CLAMPS, orTable.^ Handsome Designs. Porcelain Dishes. —fl,t NEW YORK APPLES, $1.75 a Barrel. Apples for Xmas Trade Jonathans, Wine-Saps and Ben Baris. Maimer & Henry.

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