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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - August 26, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaTwenty Thousand Eyes See the Stan da un * S S J Every Week of the Year. WUUUiUUiUVUiUUHiiUUVUniU i    iMnni    *%    in    n, ■ Standard Advertising Is Not Lowest in Price, But Is Highest in Value. 1 VOL.ALBERT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDAY ATKiUST 20, ISHO. NO. 35 SILVER IS GOOD ENOUGH, And goes a long ways towards buying CLOTHES of S. STRAUSS. No matter how low and depreciated Silver may be, its purchasing power retains its high standard here. Just note the magic force of Silver if applied to S. STRAUSS: ^ Si I VCT Half W*11 l>Uy the    r^HALL    in    the    world,    made    of    y    oz.    heavy    denim,    full, large cut, ami warranted not to rip. A Silver Half and Quarter good enough for Sunday. Four Silver Quarters wdibuyan all wool cheviot pants. Silver if Applied on Suits will work wonders with YOURS ALWAYS, HUSIINESN CAUDK W. E. TODD.    I T A WYER. OFFICE IN THE NKW OPERA I J huns** block. Albert Lea, Minn. A. U. MAYLAND. A WYER. ROOM 2, FAIR STORE BUILD-Li leg. Albert l*a, Minn. 2411 HENRY A. MORGAN, Attorney at i.aw. county attoii- _ uev. Office lit Oulbrandson BI«K*k, Broadway, Albert Lea, Minn. R. S. FARNSWORTH. Attorney at law. practices in all the courts. Careful attention given to commercial and other collections. Office la Wedge & Barlow Co., Block. Rooms I and 2. Albert I^ea, Minn.    39-94. BUEL A CHURCH, ET PAL ESTATE, LAW, INSURANCE, \i I /OH us and Collections. Houses for Sale aud Rent. OIB ce in Opera Block, Albert I**a, Minn    -    8m6 J. M. TODD, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE I Iii rear of Briggs’ Drug Store; hospital ou Eon ii I ai ii siree!, Albert Lea. W. C. MERRILL. DENTIST. OFFICE IN NKW ojiera house block, rooms 3 and 4, Albert Lea Minn, D. HURD & SONS FISH! FISH! NEW CATCH! 9c 8c 50c GOC Large New White Fish, Large New Trout Fish, -IO lb. KKR Herring, -IO lb. No. I Family White Fish, Call and Examine our Fish before you buy. YOURS, D. HURD & SONS. * In answer to many inquiries directed to us during last month, we will say that the H. A. PAINE, Architect and builder, plans \ drawn and contracts taken for all classes j of work In city and country. Albert l.ea, I Minn.    tty! WIKMAN BOCCIES DOCTOR NISSEN. / I RADU ATE FROM NORWAY. OFFICE j VT over Lion Drug Siore, Broadway, Albert I Lea, Minn. Have arrived. Come and see them. Will give Rock Bottom Prices.  WE ALSO HANDLE- MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. / HI I NOORI N CAMP NO 835 HOLDS REGULA lur meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first aud third Wednesday evenings of each month.    .1.    1). Cl. A RH. V. 0. I It. HALVORSEN, Clerk. Housewives Remember Baker Perfect Barb Wire, • ■ Reliable Gasoline Stoves, Lion Brand Paint, Building Material. That the ICE put by the Albert Lea Ice Co. was taken from the PUREST part of Fountain Lake. Orders for the season taken by CHAS, JORGENSEN or S. S. MALLERY Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. THE FARMERS’ INDEPENDENT LUMBER YARD Hest quality of Lumber, Lath, Shingles,Hash, Doors, Building Paper, and Builders’Supplies* always oil hand and sold at Lowest Market Rates. Yard on Broadway, South of Court House. C. G. JOHNSRUD. - Manager. X. Ti. Mallery, Proprietor of the- Tin Work a Specialty, Yours for Good Stock and Low Prices, Hellie Hardware Co. JOSEPH KEENAN AUSTIN, AIIIVIN. Agent for the Minneapolis 189(5 Columbia Victory Separator, Minneapolis Engine, J. I. Case Threshers, Buffalo Pitts Separators and Engines. The only house in Southern Minnesota that, carries a full line of Repairs for these machines. General Agent for the highest err adc of RUEBER BELTS, as well as the Only Genuine GANDY BELTS made. Why deal with anyone but a house that keeps a full line of repairs for the machines they sell, when you can just as well deal with a house that does.    - Cill Transfer Line. Also Dealer In All Kinds of Wood & Coal. /. K. MALLERY, Cilice a Yard on Broadway. South S. M. track Luther Academy Ai,BE HT LEA, ll JAW. ***—-For* Botin Sexes.-^* Three Courses: Academic, Commercial Kates Low.    Musical. For further information address, H. HW ENHBX. Brine! intl Wanted—An' Idea Who can think of some simple thing to patent? Protect your Ideas; they may bring you wealth Write JOHN WEDDERBURN ft CO., Patent Attorneys Washington, D. C., for their $1 JOO price offer and list of two hundred inventions wanted. Mr. Keenan is also agent for the Parsons Feeders, the only feeders on the market that gives general satisfaction. Ile also carries a lull line of Carriages, Surreys, Buggies and Boud Wagons. They are line and no mistake about it. Mr. Keenan can also sell first-class second-handed Traction Engines of almost any make. Watch But Don’t Wait. Come and take lid vantage of our great sale of HARDWARE Sportsmen! ‘ Barb Wire, Buggies, Winona Slat Fence, Paints anti Oils, Threshers’ Repairs, Packing and all kinds of Oils, Grease, etc. Jail and get our prices on Guns and Ammu- nation lower than ever heard of. Yours for Right Dealing and Honest Work, Albert Lea Hardware Co. Items of the Campaign. I he Llilted States of America is a good country for the victory of the united forces of reform. * * * The disgruntled have nevtr won a battle; and they never as deserters have been of much value to the enemy. * * * Boss 11 anna’s prayer that 2,(MXI,OOO populists in America this year will take to the Iiiiddle-of-the-woods, will not he fulfilled. * * * No battle iii the world’s history has ever been won by sin army of hired mercenaries, deserters anil generals. The army of patriot ic volunteers is the only kind which the God of battles has crowned with victory. * * * Lind and Tow ne talked to 10,000 people in Duluth the evening of the 15th. and had 5,000 iii the procession. No wonder the gold press thinks it time that silver was “on the wane.” Our gold standard friends are sadly in need of a silver wane; but it will never come. * * * When the united forces of free coinage and good government go by hi November and sweep the highways and byways with their marching battalions, there will he left iii the rear, along w ith the scattered remnants of a sadly defeated enemy, a few weak-kneed deserters who will set up their cayote notes from the middle-of-the-slough of despond. W hen the state cent tai committee of the republican party takes the populists of this state to ne so brainless that they will break ranks and scatter into petty factions when the great crisis is at hand -or take to the brush and dig their graves when the promised land is in sight does not understand the stuff ut which loo,'Mi solid Minnesota voters in the people’s party cause is made. * * * The state machine will have the support of the lumber trust aud the pine land barons, the iron ore syndicates, the railway and banks, the foreign controlled elevators, mills and breweries, the slums and schools of vice and crime in the cities, and the whole purchasable vote of Minnesota—all of which will go to the Ilanna-Merriam combination in the interests of “honest linance.” But the untied vote of the people who place principle ami country above party aud organised greed will go to Bryan and Lind and government by the people, and there are thousands of voters of ttiat kind in Minnesota this year. * * * Every free coinage convention thus far held in Minnesota this year has lieen unanimously in favor of a united front for the common cause at issue. The free silver republicans, the free coinage democratic convention, and every people's party county convention thus far held have stood unanimous for union of forces with Lind as standard bearer. It would be the everlasting disgrace aud death of the peoplers party in Minnesota if Hint party which is the parent of the principles and cause now before the people should turn traitor to its principles aud insure their defeat when victory is in sight. The people’s party of Minnesota will never do anything of that kind. The brave and patriotic men which constitute it will never permit tile enemy to use them for such an ignominious end. # * * The lumber trust of the northwest has come out for McKinley, the gold standard, and higher tariff protection for the infant pine industry against the pauper lumber of Europe and Canada. The tact is, so far as protection is concerned, all the pine Limiter imported reaches only 2 per cent of the country’s product, and the imports have been less under the present tariff than under the McKinley act which preceded. The exports are double the imports. The lumber trust practically fixes the price of white pine for the globe. Its plea for protection is about on a par with the plea of Wall street that this country cannot have a monetary system without help from other countries. There is no coward like a million dollars, except a hundred millions. Faith, courage and patriotism are unknown to the vocabulary of plutocracy. * * # The nomination of Fitzpatrick for congress in the first district, or rather, his approval by the joint conference of populists, democrats, free silver rcpute licans and prohibitionists, recently beld at Austin, practically completes the union congressional ticket for the state. Beck in the third has been nominated by the democrats and indorsed by all the people’s party county conventions thus far held. Day iii the second is receiving like support by acclamation. Towue is the unanimous choice of the free coinage forces of all parties in the sixth, Clarke in the fourth, Owen in the fifth, and Lorn rn en in the seventh, all nominees of the people’s party, are certain of indorsement by the flee coinage vote of the other parties. The seven make a strong and clean team for the suffrage and support of the united free coinage and reform forces of the north star state. * * * It is now recognized by Messrs. Hanna and Merriam that the only way to carry Minnesota for McKinley, Hobart and Clough is to prevent union of free coinage and reform forces on Lind and a united congressional and local ticket. Merriam has been to Hanna’s eastern headquarters to consult with Hanna for more funds and workers in this crisis. Hanna’s man Call has been called off because of his timely exposure. His fangs have been plucked and he has been hidden away beyond public sight. Others have been brought out to do his work; but their standing and record is not in all cases such as to command public confidence in their motives and give effect to their efforts. Heavy eastern subscriptions are to be turned into Minnesota to rescue the state from the people and hand it over to the political organization which represents the trusts and pools of America and the liondhnlders of Great Britian. But all this will be vain. The people of Minnesota are not made of that stuff which can be thus molded to the will of their enemies.    F. N. SS. Fraud Glorified in the Name of Honor. bidi tor of the St and a rd : We hear a great deal of talk now days by enthusiastic gold standard men that we must maintain the nation s credit. Alter making inquiries as to how they propose to maintain the nation’s credit we find to our astonishment, that the method is to plunge tile nation deeper iii debt.; that it is by a sort of a game of hattie-door and shuttlecock; a game consisting in giving bonds lur gold, and then giving gold for bonds. It is a “presto-change” with the money lender. The men who do not lielieve iii this principle of maintaining the nation’s credit are the maligned free silver men and green-backers. Their idea is to cheapen money, arid make these burdens easier to carry, and less difficult to discharge. By bringing down the value of gold, it would he easier to pay gold, and when gold and silver are brought to an international parity, then both metals eau lie used to lift the debt from the shoulders of the people where only one is used now. This was the wav conditions existed when our debt was first contracted: hut since the demonetization of silver, the appreciating gold standard has made the debt tw ice as onerous, and will take several limes as long to lift it entirely. The fact of the matter is that under existing circumstances, the debt may continue to grow instead of diminish. For the last IU years, gold bas been getting scarcer, and the government has sometimes been in very embarrassing circumstances to keep up running expenses. I he gold reserve has been going down, and bonds issued from time to time to keep it above low water mark the dip),000,000 reserve. The importations have been getting lighter, the supreme court leis reversed the income tux law, gold hits steadily risen iii value; aud silver fallen in like proportions. In the face of such facts as these, the man who insinuates that all notes redeemable in coin should be redeemed in either gold or silver at the option of the govei ament; and that silver should be made to act by the side of gold, such a man is an “anarchist,” “repudiator” and the “enemy of the national credit.” Well, I do not see it that way. ll occurs to me that the advocate of such a doctrine is the best friend of the nation’s credit. The truth is, those men who want to maintain the nation’s credit by plunging it deeper iuto debt have an axe to grind, and expect to add a little to the size of their own pocketbook. They want posterity to attend to the disagreeable work of paying off the debt. In specking about the formation of tins debt, Mr. Uidpalh, the his • •rian, under the subject of bond aud OoUtr, says: “From that day (March ITOj distant from the present by more than 2fi years, there has been no deviation or shadow of turning on the part of the intrenched intrigue to carry out the compact. Year by year the bolts ami bars have been driven ever farther and deeper with blow on blow of the sledge of the money power, until the national fraud has been glorified under Hie name of honor, and the wholesome truth nailed in the cortin of contempt. Bach succeeding administration has l»een even as its predecessor, but more so in devotion to the bondholding interests at the expense of all besides.” 11ms w e see that while the boast of national honor and credit has been pictured by cartoonists, written by editors and recited by orators, ana the average person led to believe it was something less than sacred; they have committed diabolical outrages on the people, under the guise of national credit, while all the time they were deceivers, betrayers, imperialists and plunderers.    D. M. Todd. Kansas City, Mo., Aug. BL A Candid V iew' of Free Coinage. Minneapolis Times: The runes is asked w hether, in the event of free silver being adopted by this country alone, all the silver money in the world would lx* dumped upon us. This would not necessarily follow, although it is held by a good many persons that such would Im* the result of independent free coinage here. The Silver money of the world amounts to $3,800.(100,000, or about *36 per capita. lf the commercial price of silver should be raised from 53 cents lo SI, it is difficult to see bow any harm could result to us from the process; or what occasion there would Ire for sending silver over here to he coined, it it were worth as much uncoined. If, aa is claimed by the gold standard men, the price ol silver would remain at 53 cents, the foreigner, if he sent his silver over here, would have to invest it In some of our products. We could probably stand the investment of — say, •S.OlWjOOO.OOU in this country. It could hardly fail to give a great impetus to industries of every kind, and increased production would mean employment to all lalnir, at good wages. There is not the slightest likelihood that one-half the silver iii the world would flow to this country; but even if it did, and we should retain all Die money we now have, our per capita would just about equal that of France at the present time. Ila I First Arrivals in Dress Goods & Silks Our autumn stock will stand the test. Never was a finer array of first class goods at very reasonable prices offered to the public than we can show you this autumn. Come early for first choice. We have bought for cash, and if honest, stylish and seasouaable goods at low prices is an object to you, our store is where you should come. Carpets. Shirt Waists. Money monopoly Not Alone the Cause of the Uprising. The New V ork Herald prints a three-column article from John Bussell Young, its correspondent at the Chicago convention, about the cause of the great revolution in the west and south. IL* says silver is the symbol and not the cause; the people are angry. The west is swept with a wave of discontent. ** rids discontent is based u(Kin the indifference at Washington to any interest but those of monopolies. Corporate schemes are so multiplied and vast that they block the way in congress. Neither party takes a proper interest iii measures of vital interest lo the people. The result is a rebellion expressed iii the nomination of Mr. Bryan.** “If I thought free silver would win in the election, ’ a Kansas hanker is reported as saying on Hie eve of his departure for Europe this spring, “I would stay at home and invest every dollar I could get ta real estate." He was an advncale of Hie gold standard, hut he freely admitted that free silver would make the farms worth more. “Perhaps it may cause rise enough to make farms worth more than the mortgage on them. The experiment is certainly worth trying,” said he. standard Dualities and Lowest Prices give us the most successful Carpet Department iii the c*;ty. Some rare “snaps” offered to close out the remainder of th© Hummer stock of Ladies’Shirt Waists.    m Our Rug & Drapery    > SUMMER CORSETS. Departments are complete anil should merit your inspection. Call and see the goods and get prices. Grocery Dept. Crackers. Crackers. IU G. Soda Crackers, ]>er lb. IU G. Ginger Snaps, per lh. -ll. (f. Assorted Cookies, per 11>. ll. O. Lemon Gems, per Iii. All other goods in proportion. .He 3ic 4ic 4ic rn << €♦ The Trust Closes a Flouring nill. Winnebago City Press-New*: Is the Winnebago City steam mill one of a syndicate drawing two cents a barrel to shut dots! This question wiLs asked the writer one day this week. Upon investigation we find the mill is listed in the state syndicate of mills. Its capacity is 2U0 barrels per day. lf it draws the two cent rate the amount received is 81 per day, 824 per week, or about 81,2U0 per year. The New Prague parties have the mill leased until ITO; they can, should they desire, surrender the lease on the first day of January next. In the meantime miller Tews is overhauling the mill and keeping its rmichiiiery in proper condition. The contract calls for his employment, and so to speak, he draws his salary whether school keeps or not. To be brief this is the present status of things. On the other hand our people don’t like this arrangement a little bit. The village and surrounding country would rather hear the hum of its machinery. Everylxnly wants the mill to run. for the fact is today our dealers are importing nearly all of the Hour consumed in this citv. Ingersoll’s Plan to Deal With Criminals. In his lecture entitled “The Foundations of I- aith, ( til. Bold. I*. I liger .sol I says: “Bad as I am, I ve got another hobby. I here are thousands aud thousands of criminals in our country. I told you a little w hile ago I did not blam** the .South because of the conditions which prevailed in the South The people of the South did as they must. I ans the same about the criminal. He does as lie must. If you want to stop crime you must treat with it properly. I am in favor when you put a man in the penitentiary of making him work, and I am in favor of paying him what his work is worth, so that when he leaves his prison cell he w ill have from 82*1) to S3m as a breastwork between him and temptation ami something for a foundation upon which to build a nobler life. Now he is turned out and before the day passes he is driven back. Nobody w ill employ him, nobody w ill take him, and the night following the day of his release lie is without a roof over his head, and goes hack to his old wavs.” J id 0 X Our New Lint, »1 Boys* and Children's Are here and every suit a nioney-saver, both in quality and ju ice. See our New Jersey to Albert Lea with His Family on a Wheel. J New York World, Aug. 16: Henry Norton, a painter who has lived in Camden, N. J., for several years is now on his way to Albert Lea, Minn., on a bicycle, over the rear wheel of which he constructed a platform and above this he placed a teot. The platform is large enough to afford space for his wife and two children as well as a few cooking utensils. Thus equipped he expects to make one hundred miles a day, aud he does not think that the trip will cost him more than 8IU). Norton has been out of work for some time. A brother who lives iii Minnesota promised him work if lie would go out there. He had no money to pay railroad fare and was wondering what he was to do when he saw a bicycle parade and that gave birn the idea for his tent on a wheel. Ile immediately set to work and constructed his raft and a few days ago started on his journey. Attention, G. A. R. We, as committee on transportation for Freeborn county tor <4. A. Ii. encampment, bein at st. Paul Sept. I, 2,3 and 4, is;*;, have designated the M & St. L. railroad as Hie official route aud wish all comrades from outside posts to join us. Train to run special D> leave Albert Lea 5:30 a. in. Tuesday Sept. I, stopping at Hartland. J. (J. ANNIS, D. It. P. Hums, Committee. TheM.&St, L. will sell tickets to St. Paul and return at $3.25. Aug. 31, and Sept. i and 2, good to return until Sept. 15 Will also sell sept. 3.4 aud 5 at same price, good to return Sept. 15. 33w3    J. W. Kinsey, Agt. The G. A. K. Encampment and State Fair. Minnesota will lie “at home** to all the people of her sister states during the week commencing Monday. Aug. 31st, and ending Saturday, Sept. 6th. During that time the National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic will occur in St. Baul; an encampment of the Knights of Pythias w ill be held in Minneapolis, and upon the grounds of the State Agricultural Society, midway (retween these cities, the State Fair will provide entertainment for all. Low passenger rates, available for every one, are announced upon all railways, and the nu rn lier of visitors is expected to be very large. For this reason the scope of the Fair is being materially widened. Not only will the products of Minnesota he lavishly displayed, but Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and the Dakotas, will make comprehensive exhibits of their agriculture, forestry and mineral wealth as well. Visitors will be richly entertained and will find spread out before them for inspection the resources of this wonderful country. Snnbinatfon stilts Ages I to lo, consisting of Jacket, two pair of Pants and Cap. Yon will have no other. W. W. JOHNSON & (0 Tire OlotlYiers. Bicycles At Wholesale Prices. KTote tti© Following: Gold and Greenbacks All Withdrawn. Minneapolis Times: We are assured by the gold standard organs that in the event of the election of Bryan the country w ill find itself oil the silver monometallic basis. Why, bless your soul, we are upon a silver basis now—this blessed minute. Go to any bank and try to get gold, and you will find that Hie bank will pay out nothing but silver dollars or their representatives. It is doubtful if you will be able to get any greenbacks. Gold and gold notes have totally disappeared. This is one methmi of campaigning. It is a very effective argument, but just what the effect of it will be is somewhat doubtful. Homeseekers Excursion Over the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad will lie run on Aug. 18, S.* pf. 1,15,214, Oct. ♦» and 20. From all points to Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming. Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Arkansas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Kentucky,Tennessee', Mississippi and other territory. The rate one fare for the round trip, plus |200 Tickets good for twenty days. For full particulars call on or write any agent of the Minneapolis A St. Louis Railroad company, or address A. B. Cutts, Gen. Pass. & Ticket Agt., Minneapolis, Minn. RAMBLERS, TELEGRAMS, GENEVAS, - PAT EES,    .... Ll MISA VS, (a few’ rented few times) TRI Bl NE, second hand, (cost 8100) Monthly Payments. Cash.8N5.no $89.75IMI 57.004S.00 45.0045.00 42.7532.00 30.00- 32.00 30.00III KES at your own price, but as they are dear at any price, we do not recommend them. UN LIKE his hack-a1 ley “Du ken Ii ip” we are not endowed with immortality aud therefore do not expect to “tie here when all others are gone,” bul in view of the fact that we handle many times more wheels than all other dealers here combined, «e can sell you a wheel at tile same price a retail dealer can buy it at wholesale. Wheels lo Rent at Vt-ry Reasonable Rates. MINNESOTA BICYCLE CO. General Agents Minnesota A Iowa, Telegram Bicycles. Betail Salesroom, Yellow Front lie pair Shop, West Clark Street. CASTORIA Won’t Stop Tobacco For Infants and Children. The fissions ligature of ’ Is os cnrj wrapper. i Suddenly, to do*** to tujurusts to the nervous system, j UaeoCuro is tile (ady cure that cures while you use iiOwcco. It to sold with a written guarantee that | three Uum will cure any case, no matter bow had. BacteCuro is vegetable Hid harmless; It tuts cured thousands, it wiitcure you. At all druggists, 11.00 per I lex, ii boxes J2J50. Write for testimonials and (Mtoklet. ■ Ll i re ta chemical A Mfg. Co., Lacrosse, Win., aud boston, Mums, RaeoCuro Is sold Albert Lea, Miou. by the Briggs Drug Co.,

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