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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - August 12, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaI Unto** Uk*1“    1,10 W    A ! Twenty Thousand Eyes * See the Stan oak o \ Avery Week of tlie Year. VOL. Standard Advertising Is !Not Lowest in Price, I But Is Highest in Value.ALBERT LEA, MINN, WEDNESDAY AUO DST 12, 189G. And goes a long ways towards buying CLOTHES of S. STRA TSS. No matter how low and depreciated Silver may be, its purchasing power retains its high standard here. Just note the magic force of Silver if applied to S. STRAUSS: A Silver Half will buy Hie BEST OV ERALL in the world, made of 9 oz. heavy denim, full, large cut, and warranted not to rip. will buy a nice and well good enough for Sunday. A Silver Half and Quarte! Four Silver Quarters will buy an ALL WOOL CHEVIOT PANTS. Silver if Applied on Suits fitting Working Pants, will woik wonders with YOURS ALWAYS. BUSINESS CARIK r A WY Kit. I J lug. Albert Lea, Minn. A. U. MAYLAND. ROOM 2, FAIR STORK BUI I,D- 241! W. E. TODD. r A WY KR. OFFICE IN THE NEW OPERA Li bouse block. Albert Lea, Miuu. HENRY A. MORGAN, A TTO RN KY AT LAW. COUNTY ATTOR-■XTL Hey. Office In Oulbraudsou Block, Broadway, Albert Lea. Mina. I A KAL V Loans and Collections. BUEL & CHURCH, KST ATK, LAW, INSURANCE, Houses for Sale aud Rent. Office in Opera Block, Albert Lea, M lim        kind R. S. FARNSWORTH. A TTO RN KY AT LAW. PRACTICES IN ALL 2\» t lie rom is, Careful attent ion given to coin-tnerclal and oilier collections. Office In Wedge A Barlow Co., Bl»>ck. Rooms I and 2. Albert Lea, Minn.    39—    94. J. M. TODD, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. In rear of Briggs’ Drug Store; Fountain street, Albert Lea. OFFICE hospital on W. C. MERRILL. Dentist, office in new opera bouse block, rooms 3 and 4, Albert Lea Mint), A GREETING! t {J*f i    him    ^    ii^Vim..... BN ^»|„ „yVn— I I -1.^. ,jr\ ll —in,«    —WI    ^1    /’N........WHI ■ All    /%nn    tm W E arc pleased to announce that we have this year added considerably to our stock in Furniture, Carpets, Mattings, Window .Shades, etc. Our trade bas increased front year to year so that we feel in justice to the public and our friends that we are called on to carry a complete and as good a quality of goods as can be purchased. Our aim is to do a square and fair business, and to do to others as we would that they should do unto us. We think we can safely say that if you are in need of goods in ourline it will pay you to call oil us, get our prices arui examine our goods. Ami we believe al ter so doing you will purchase now here else; at least that has been the experience of others. Shall be glad to greet you one and all. H. A. PAINE, AND BUILDER. Architect and builder, plans drawn ami contracts taken for all classes of work M Inn. In city and country. Albert Ia*a, lfiyl DOCTOR NISSEN. / \ RADU ATK FROM NORWAY. OFFICE "Jf over Lion Ding Store, Broadway, Albert Lea, Minn. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. ( THINOOPIN CAMB NO 83b HOLDS RKUU-Vj lar meetings at Odd Fellows’ Hall every first and third Wednesday evenings of each motiLlt.    J.    i). clark. V. C. I It. II A I. VO RHEN, Clerk. M< HUA Brid and Tile forts ALBERT LEA, MINN. Pressed Brick, Common Brick, And All Sizes of............ Farm Drain Tile. Homo Fiirn it tiro Co. IL II. K NAT VOLD, Bro;.. Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty. We carry a large stock of Coffins and Caskets. In answer to many inquiries directed to us during last month, we will say that the mOtlCAN BOCCIES Have arrived. Come and see them. Will give Rock liottom Prices. WK ALSO HANDLE Farmers are especially request cc to call aud inspect the works. W. A. MORIN, Proprietor. T. K. Schlemiel' Has returned fr East, where chased the ma tion of - OIH he j°r the pur- poi- New York City. I It.it is, In* secured his magnificent emporium, a splendid stock of - for jewelry Baker Perfect Barb Wire, Reliable Gasoline Stoves, Lion Brand Paint, Building Material. Tin Work a Specialty. Yours for Good Stock and Low Prices, Hellie Hardware Co. Arriving Every Day Something New, Jewelry (ut ’n loss. Diamonds, Crockery, M itsical Instruments And other articles, which will both "ratify the eye and satisfy the purse. Call aoli Hear Hie Mesic Bol rTl. IU. Si*li on dor. rriio Jeweler. FOR 8 A LE OH CROP PAYMENT FLAN. ttBlVEW AXU % I NTO Y COH PAU V ST. PAUL, MINN. AT THEi NEW ENGLAND Co. albert lea.. RUPTURE porman<'ntly cured without pain or the slightest inconvenience by the HliFLITY METHOD. Every case guaranteed. Patients need not pay a dollar until completely cured. The truss discarded forever. Over11,000cases cured in the last six years. Consultation free. Call on or address Dr9. GRAHAM & BRECK, Hall House, Albert Lea, Minn., where they may be seen every Friday. TIMELY CAMPAIGN TOPICS From the Twin Cities—Notes and Comments from a Brilliant Hinne-apolis Editor. A reform campaign can pm only brave and clean men to the front. * # * 'I his is a good year for tim office to seek the man; and a Rood year to leave the sell-seekcrs to ponder by tin* wayside. Between Bryan and McKinley, tween the masses and the classes. tween American bimetallism and British gold standard—there middle-of-the-road. is t>e-he-1 he no Every people’s party and democratic convention in the sixth district to date has demanded Bryan and Townt, Bryan, Towne and Lind will go in by acclamation in the big sixth. * * * Martin E. Tew says in ins Clarksville Advocate: The same objection that is urged against bed bugs can be urged against gold bugs. We don’t like the way they make their living. ♦ ♦ * A canvass of 198 street car hands in Duluth last Friday showed 192 for Bryan and free coinage, and a like pet-centage favored Bryan aud tree coinage among Hie dock hands. Tile wworkingmen of Duluth are solid for Town# for congress. * * * Said Rufus Choate: “We join onrj selves to no party that dives not carry Ute Mag and keep step to the music off Diet Ilion.” This is hard commentary on the party which this y**ar rears the British standard and keeps step to the music ut the foreign bondholders. * * * The “ratifications” of McKinley, Hobart and Page Morris through the sixth district during the past fortnight have been such tame affairs, that the gold press has not deemed it wise to report too many of them. Even congressman McCleary fails to bring out enthusiasm. NO. 33 DEAR HONEY, CHEAP PRICES. America Should Again Declare Its Independence of England—A Plain Remedy That Would Greatly Relieve the Situation. Editor of flit Manila rd: It is admitted on both sides of the present money controversy that tin* double standard with Iree coinage of gold and silver is desirable, but it is claimed on one side that we cannot maintain a double standard to our advantage without the aid of Europe. It is said that England buys our wheat and lixes the price, end that price must la* the price here. Yes, England buys our wheat and li ves the price—a cheap price, and she also fixes the money w ith which to pay for it a dear money. •Af# we dependent upon England? It England and all of Europe were blotted out of existence, could not the people of the United States live and prosper? Our resources are greater and more varied than those of any other people on the globe. We can produce and manufacture almost everything we require for our comfort and luxury. Let all of our sixty-tive millions of people be placed in a position to use and Nm I joy their full share of these grand resources which God has given us and our prices will not be governed by markets across the seas. It is estimated that one-seventh of our people are at present without steady employment; more than nine millions HANY niLI.ION AIRES Appointed tp (lather Funds to Elec fieKinley—-Tile Wealth of Wall Street, the Great '(rusts and Corporations Combined to Fight Dow n the People. A special dispatch from New York I ol Aug. 5, says: The following is a list iii part of the mein liers of the I I niou League club committee that I hasbeen appointed to provide funds! to combat the free silver sentiment. I Each luau is possessed of great wealth j and the control of much more: Aam* aud <janq>aUun.    tv,aith ! .John ii Kook*-inter, man ii fart tire r.. #l*5tieuouu I ('“Mitts Vander but, rallroMis * 4 I HfiiiUntftoii, railroad**  ...... cu.oooJmi * •I I lenient Morgan, Danker . .loHHph Alnbauk. banker..... Y!tn"'K'*** manufacturer..... William D Stoa ne, carpet**...... John Shrine, carpet*.......... [ David Down, banker............ ’    ** Herman (> Armour, provision** Bray ton Ive*, banker......... ;\«h0‘i *i*rR>. traH-portaUou.Y.:    lO.Wuou Den BD**, banker................. Samuel Thomas, contractor Charles I.Tiffany, jeweler...Y.V.V.'JL I# Grand B ('annuli, railroads. Henry Brook, financier.......... Helb AI Milliken, manufacturer... James a Burden, capitan*!......... J oh* Ii Moore, batiker Edward D Adam*, banker ......... Dew F Baker, banker.............J Cornellu* N HU**, dry good-* Geo K Biker, banker ........... .. Al CD Borden, manufacturer.... Win Brookfield, manufacturer....... • barie* T Cook. jeweler....... John ll Davis, broker...... J at Ii Harper, publisher!.,!...!, ! I barie* B Fosiilcg. banker 2.1.UU0.UWJ 20,UUU UU) JO «*00,000 15, <100.000 !5,OOU.(JOO 12,000.000 I i.OUO.i (OO 10,000,000 n.UUU, UUU 7..100.000 7.000.000 6 loo.ooo j ft.10u.00w j ft.0U0.0UU I 5 ooo.oou I .'>.0bo.oue fi.uoo.ouo j 4,100,000 I 4.-100 OOO I 4 2T i MOO I 4.000.000 filii Sire. First Arrivals in Dress Goods k Silks < »ir autumn stoc k will stand the test. .Never was a Oner array of mat i lass goods at very reasonable prices offered to the pule lie than we can show you this autumn. Come early for first choice. \\ e have bought for cash, and if honest, stylish and season sable goods at low prices is an object to you, our store is w here you should come. Carpets, anker rhe “IV* elevator company and Other corporations have sent out campaign catechisms to their numerous employes, demanding of them their politics and their views on the money issue. The “Bv” company arni the rest of the combines will get full returns in November. of people, three times the _________________ number who gained our Independence I Marcellus Hartley.Jeweler____ of England and made us a nation are I    ^ Jouiiiard.dry got pow without enough to vat and enough S Ht'dSr!'/ lo wear, to say nothing of the further {‘Frederick d Tapped, booker. comforts or luxuries of life. Why are I'5? 11 'VVbb*shipbuilder_____ limy in this condition? (inc reason is. I mat W ith the demonetization of silver J J** a Garland, banker ...... gob! has risen in value aud all other I .f!1**]****? Ijm^Uow. dry good* products of labor have correspondingly    SSS. fallen in value, lite merchant finds j J£!l,hui» 8 Hawk, lo*-'-that goods w hich lit* Inflight six months or a year ago and are now on his shelves must tie sold at a price which yields him little or no prolit. The const quence is he bu> s in smaller quanti-J ties, ami the manufacturer finding his orders fewer and smaller reduces the number of his workmen, and as his unsold slock increases, cities Ids factory. I bus these men, the consumers of the products of the farm and factory, are left without the money with which to supply the wants of'themselves aud families. The demand for goods is still Standard Qualities aud Lowest I’lice* give us the meet successful Carpet Department in the city. I Our Ri & Drapery Whitelaw R**id. editor. Washington K C onnor, Total............................$316,500 OOO * Besides these, 24 are named as mein- ! liers of Ute committee, each of whom I is worth a million, and the rest consist j of men worth not less than a quarter of a million. Thus it may be seen, aud 1 it is openly published and not denied, I what a mighty aggregation of monopoly and plutocratic influences is ar-i rayed to crusfuthe popular uprising, to I prostitute, pervert and overwhelm the J nr i    ,    ,i    P‘’P*dar w ill. The like of it was never ; prkxa fall still lower    V    , n?™ k,miwn *» history, and wry in-! Th*' trrl-ii! ii t *    .    tell,gent man now well understands reined*1tufX *' vt    V    ,W C n‘ We < lhat*if sue<ul.it means the si,bv er- I un »    » ,    *    w»Hnol    sion. the cod, except only in name of fill his shelves to make business for the ! republican principles aud t reimhlirn. manufacturer; the manufacturer will fun,, of gwmnmt* republican not run bis factory to feed aud * »»tbe    . his workmen; the bankers, that ma <    n,.    n . i:    *    ‘    , who are so unanimous for the single I    Republican    Rally    at    Alden. gold standard, will not loan the work- * *ie w*H-advertised republican rallv I mg men looney with which to buv and I -.V^IeD *** duly held; it came off Departments are complete and should merit your inspection. Shirt Waists. Noma rare “snaps” offered to close out the remainder of the summer stock of Ladies’ Shirt W aists. Great Sacrifice Sale of MER CORSETS. * all and see the goods and get prices. Grocery Crackers. Dept. Crackers. I.ti ley rand, the European diplomat, expressed Hie sentiment of the MeKin-ley-Hoburt-Hanna-Quay school of politicians, when he said: 'Society is divided into two classes, the shearers. -    —      j    ......    ■    _    .     — and the shorn. We should always be It,,u* crei*tH » demand for the products    st;l.rtei'1    on    its    career    thuuder- of their I a Intr. In order to raise prices II. G. Soda Crackers, per lb. IL G. Ginger Snap*, per lh. -II. G. Assorted Cookies, per lb. IL G. Lemon (Jems, j»er ll*. AH other goods in promo tion. 3!c 3*c He He with the former against the latter.” ♦ * * Francis II. I’larke. the People’s parte nominee for Dtmgreaa in St. I’aul, is a brainy and popular young leader of eloquence and practical ability, who commands the respect and support of free coinage men in all parties. Clarke is going to surprise Merriam’s crowd this fall. ^Clarke, Owen, Towne, Lommen and Frank Day make a strong team to carry the band wagon of reform in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and second congressional districts; and thousands of patriotic voters will get on the band w agon and guard the passes for a successful excursion in November. “The aggressive host of anarchism” IS the latest phrase which the twin city g*dd press applies to the free coinage and people's party movement, lf the corporate organ defines the absence of corporate rule as “anarchy” the phrase is well used. The term will soon become respectable if kept up in this way. ♦ * * I he “I >oc”-Aroes-Seetl-Maben aggregation, after extensive advertising of their market square “indignation mass meet tug” protesting against the union on Bryan, Lind and Owen, drew a total of fin people to hear the harangues of Ames and Seed. The A rn es-Seed club has lost its aim and gone to seed. Ten-cent oats, 7 cent butter, 45-cent wheat, lo cent corn, 8 cent wool, 7-cent eggs, 5-cent potatoes, 1-Ceiit cabbage*, and 4-cent dressed pork and muttdii speak for themselves. They are Hie campaign orators in every farming district of the northwest this year. They ar© sufficient single-handed to manage the machine orator who howls at £.K) per howl for a continuance of the ‘present gold standard.” ♦ # * Of the Minnesota delegation to the People’s party convention at St. Louis. 49 to 4 stood for Bryan and Watson on the platform of 189G. The convention stood 1042 to 321 for Bryan. The platform was adopted by unanimous vote. The attempts of the Hanna machine, therefore, did not prevent this from being one of the most unanimous conventions in the country’s history. Pile peoples party state' convention Aug. 2»> will be the same way. * * * Col. “Bill King, who was “demonetized” and exported to Canada for a brief spell—about the time that Loren Fletcher got into that historic fix in Manitoba—comes out with a long lament over Ignatius Donnelly in the Minneapolis Tribune, and bewails bow Ignatius, the author of the people’s party, has been dethroned aud cast down by the ill-mannered Minnesota delegates to St. Louis. What has Donnelly done, that “Bill” King should become his eulogist and defender? more goods must I#* bought,and to buv good* we must have money. * et us g.. to tJ»** fount ai r. b«ud: Remonetize silver and seventy-five thousand men now idle will be searching for the hidden treasure. Then these men will say to the farmers, merchants and manufacturers: We want your goods aud products and we have the money with which to buy them. Seventy-five thousand silver miners at two dollars per day w ill add one hundred and fifty thousand dollars daily to the wealth of the nation, and several times that amount w ill be added to Hie business volume of the country. To illustrate:    The laborer pays his board, the boarding-house keeper pays Hie merchant, the merchant pays the w holesale dealer, the wholesale dealer pays the farmer and manufacturer. Thus the one hundred and fifty thousands dollars, the wages of silver miners, perform their office five times daily, increasing the business volume of the country seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars daily. J,et us apply this remedy, it is sure to help and it may cure our financial ills. Albert Lea Aug. IO. F. E. Case. H QI J S. M. Owen is the choice of the Minneapolis populists, democrats, and silver republicans for congress. Bryan, Lind, Owen, and a clean city ticket will sweep Minneapolis this year. The great middle class, the church and school and home people, are joining the intelligent majority' of the laboring class in the common cause, and will revolutionize Minneapolis at the polls in November. The revolution is one of freedom of the city from the rule of professional politicians and their corporate backers and hoodlum following. F. Nj S. “Answer It Who Can." To Hit Editor of the Standard: Feasibly I am presumptuous, but I dislike to let such statements stand as those contained in your paper last week, coupled with such a challenge. 1.—Is our silver convertible into gold ? Let us see. What is due to the government is received in silver. What is due from the government is paid, When requested, in gold. This the government is obliged lo do in order to “preserve the parity.” Now, if a man desires to relieve' himself of a hundred dollars of ail vt r, he easily arranges w ith a debtor to the government; if he desires to repossess himself of the same amount in gold, he easily arranges with a creditor of the government. Ile converts his silver into gold. This is w hat makes a Knifed States silver dollar worth two Mexican dollars. 2.—The unit: The act of 1792 provided for a coinage of a silver dollar, containing a specified number of silver grains. It also provided for the coinage of gold ten dollars pieces, containing a specified nu tiber of gobi grains. J Which is the unit? Or perhaps to put it better, what is the unit value? Fertainly the number of silver grains in a silver dollar, and as certainly one-tenth of the number of gold grains in a gold ten dollars. The concrete dollar coin was silver. The concrete ten dollar coin was gold. Tile abstract dollar was either silver or gold. Alexander Hamilton, the then secretary of the treasury, upon whose recommendation the act was passed, said: “The secretary is strongly of the opinion that a preference ought tobe given to neither of the njetals for the money unit. Perhaps, if either were to be ing down the highways of history. A report of the altair has not vet been sent to Mark Hanna, but when snit in it is expected he w ill anno inc*- to a quivering world that McKinleys election is settled. For some reason the associated press I ai ie* I to send a report of it to the big daily papers, so the Standai:d must rely on Charley Norton w ho left his harvest and went on i purpose to attend it. He says: “The I procession was made up of a man w itll a flag, the Alden band —which mad** good music—ten or fifteen bovs and young chaps with torches—and that’s ! all. I’he speakers sat and looked on and acted as though something was the matter—they had a far-away look, and finally went to the hall where after the crowd had all gathered there were 24 and no more and .Ino. L. Gar- \ lock, Dr. Cowles and some other popu- ! lists counted in. Mr. Morgan, Clem j Edwards and judge Black mer talked I pretty well, but didn't get to the point, the audience didn’t seem to care much about figures on Hie silver question hut when Bill Mitchell spoke hr* I brought down the house. He said he j didn t know much about the silver question; lie hadn’t studied it up very * much, but there was a question which { You can’t afford seemed to him to be the biggest in this campaign and that Wits—W ill W. C. Mitchell be elected next sheriff of Freeborn county? When that question w as settled to his satisfaction he would feel better himself and consider the country saved.” The oilier speakers declared that Mitchell hoodooed them, and Norton says “it may be so, but all the same it was the biggest part of the show.” QI1 d ii Here wt* are again and with just what y ou need in...... db CLOTHING, HATS And Furnishings. to pass us bv. money on anything in our line W by? Because we save you Reason enough, aint it? YOURS FOR SQUARE DEALING. preferred, it ought to he gold rather than silver.” 3.—The ratio: It was fixed at 15 to I, to correspond with the then existing market values. The ratio was not determined or procured by the “prop” of the law. Why did they not “restore the props” to the old ratio of 12 to I, or 9 to I ? “Answer it who can.” II. D. Brown. Great Bargain in Hardwood Timber. I have for sale 1500 acres best kinds of hardwood timber, near to railroad in central Minnesota at a great bargain. Large profits eau be made in sawing it with portable mill and ship ping hardwood lumber. 2*?tf    H.    G.    Day, Standard Office Fred Johnson Is Not Without Hope. In an interview with a representa-tiveof the Standard during hi.* visit here last week, Fred A. Johnson, Washington correspondent of the st! Paul Dispatch, said: “I have been spending a few weeks in Minnesota looking over the political situation and getting in touch with the new men coming lo the front, ami shall return to Washington in a week or so. I find that the silver sentiment pervades the north part of the state, and there are likely to be two or three silver congressmen elected. Ten days after Bryan’s nomination he would have swept the country, but now I think it is not so certain. The eastern bankers, Wall street, the big insurance rom-’ gallies, the railroads and the other great corporations and trusts are all against Bryan, and the work of the republican national committee will reach from New York down to every farmer and labonugmau in the United States, and it is certain to have its effect. I’m sorry Chaa. A. Towne was J so radical in his silver views. Uh might have been more moderate and the republicans would have renominated him. He is one of the ablest and most efficient men that Minnesota ever had in congress. Yes, lie bas made a sacrifice for principle, and ii will riot do to say that he is not honest in his convictions.” Homeseekers Excursion Over the Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad will berun on Aug. IS, Sept. I, IS, 29, Oct. 6 and 20. From all points to Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, i’olo-rado, Ftab, Minnesota. Iowa, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Arkansas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Kentucky,Tennessee, Mississippi and other territory. The rate one fare for the round trip, plus $2GQ Tickets good for twenty days. For full particulars call on or write any agent of the Minneapolis A St. Louis Railroad company, or address A. B. Putts, Gen. Pass. & Ticket Agt., Minneapolis, Minn. W. W. JOHNSON « (0. At Wholesale Monthly Payments. Cash. N.00 57.004S.IM1 45.0045.00 42.7532.IHI 30.00- 32.00 30.00Bicycles Prices. ISTote trii.e Following: RAMBLER*, .... TELEGRAM*, GENEVAS, .... PATEE*,..... LILIES A VS, (a few rented few times) TUI Bl .NE, second hand, (cost Bl KES at your own price, but as they are dear at any price, we do not recommend them. UNLIKE his back-allev “Dukesl»lp“ we are not endowed with immortality and therefore do not expect lo “lie here when all others are gone,” but iii view of the tact that we handle many times more wheels than all other dealers heie combined, we can sell you a wheel at the 9ame price a retail dealer can buy it at wholesale. Wheels to Rent at Very Reasonable Rates. MINNESOTA BICYCLE CO. General Agents Minnesota & lows, Telegram Bicycles Retail Salesroom, Yellow Front Repair Shop, West Clark Street. CASTORIA Don’t Stop Tobacco For Infants and Children. The factions flg&ature of V. ' ic es •wry *UFP«r. Mltidffllj, to (lorttt It* tllJIJ* MMI* to UM* MI "VOW Ban (-(’uro It* UM* >»oL» curt* that caroa while you urn* totwmvo. It In sold with a written mwranu*** that three boxes will curt* any citee, no matter how had. Baco-Curo ie vc***table tod barmiest*; it bae cured ibou-aadtt, it will cure you. At    SIAM)    tier bo v.ahoxeefi.M). Write for teetiiuontalr* and booklet. Eureka Chemical a Mig. Co., LaCrueae, Wia., aud Bouto ti. Mas*. Bjtco-Coro I* told by the Briggs Drug Ce.. Al bnf t Lea, kl iou. »

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