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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Aug 5 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - August 5, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesota Times 5 Twenty. Thousand Eves S J    *    W"    «/    ^ I See the Standard $ 5    J | Every IV eck of the Year. 5 *    J uui%u%unu%%ivumtiu%%u%%»uvi%VOL. XXXIX. J Standard Advertising ? Is Not Lowest in Price, J But Is Highest in Value. ALBERT LEA, MINN., WEDNESDA Y AUO [JST 5 J SOO SILVER IS GOOD ENOUGH, long And goes a No matter how I retains its Ii iv ways towards buying CLOTHES of S. STRA ESS. low and depreciated Silver may be, power retains its big Silver if applied to S. h standard here. Just note STRAUSS: the its purchasing force of magic A Silver half will buy the REST OVERALL in the wmld, made of 9 oz. heavy denim, full, large cut, and warranted not to ail*. A Silver Half and Quarter Four Silver Quarters Silver if Applied on Suits will buy a nice and well good enough for Sunday. fitting Working Pants, Will buy an ALL WOOL CHEVIOT PANTS. will v\oik wonders with Vol RS ALWAYS, lf I T!*il IN IO? CLX RUK A. U. MAYLAND. I AWVKK. KOMM '2, FA IK STORK BUILD J J I ny, Aillt* rf. Lea, MIun.    mu W. fc. TODD. T AWVKK. OFFICE IN THE NKW OPERA Li ti<niie blooie. Albert Lea, Mini). HENRY A. MORGAN, TTO Ii NEY AT LAW. COUNTY ATTOB-uev. Oita?** in <;ult»raudsuu Block, Broadway, Albert, Lea, Mi UU. A BUEL A CHURCH, OKAL HSI ATE, I. AW, INSURANCE, I V I alani ami Collections. Homes fur Sale and Rent. Office iii Opera Block, Albert l^*a, Mina    sin*; R. S. FARNSWORTH. TTI IU NKA AT LAW. PRACTICES IN ALL I lie com is. Careful attention given lo commercia! ami oilier collections. Office In Wedge A Barlow Un., Block. Looms I and 2. Albert ie i, MI no    39    94. A J M. TODD. M. D. PHYSICIAN ANI) SURGEON. I lo rear of Brffp’ Drug Store; Fountain street, Albert Lea. A GREETING! OFFICE bos pit a) on TnSTmP W. C. MERRILL, I yKNTIS I . office IN NKW I • Ofiera house bloc!*, root us 3 ami -I Albert Lea Mum. H. A. HAINE, FLANS cfi two amt contracts taken for all clast)*** of work in city and country. Albert Lea, Mum    I5yl A DOCTOR NISSEN. / 1 RADU ATE KROM NORWAY. OFFICE * I tiler Idol) Drug Store, Broadway, Albert Lea, vt|un. E are pleased to announce that we have this >ear added considerably to our stock ut Furniture, Carpets, Mattings, Window Shades, etc. Our trade bas increased from year to year so that we feel in justice to tho public aud our friends that we are cal levi on to carry a complete and as good a quality of goods as can be purchased. Our aim is I *» do a square and fair business, and to do to others as we would that they should do unto us. We think we can safely say that if you are in need of goods in ourline it w ill pay you to call on us, get our prices anti examine our goods. And we believe alter so doing you will purchase nowhere else; at least that has been the experience of others. Shall be glad to gieet you one and all. 0 Home Furniture Co. IL II. KN AT VOLD, Prop. Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty. We carry a large stock of Coffins and Caskets MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. i HIINCOF1N CAMP NO 835 HOLDS KEGU-VV lar meetings hi Odd Fellows’ Hall every Brit apa third Wednesday evenings til each nu..Hh    .1.    LL OLA HK. V. < . i n. HALVORSEN. Clerk. * T l-l E-- Twin Comet1’ and “Little Giant” s ii Best Made. Unique, Efficient, Laborsaving. Will sprinkle tour limes greater area (ban any other Sprinkler made. Highest Award al Cliieago Ewositioii. Can lie seen in operation at Die office of the STAN DA WB, or at the residence of the en 11 or of t Dis paper. UT Send for circulars giving testimonials and prices. E. STEBBINS ti FU. CO. SOLE MAN'J FAC I URE RS. Spring;tb*bl, MtiHtt. Fur sale b* ail Hardware and Rubber Stores In Hie United States. In answer to many inquiries directed to us during last mon!Ii, we will sa}' that the MICAN BOCCIES Have arrived. Come and see them. Will give Rock Bottom I rices. WE ALSO HANDLE fcM A I    ■ ____ AND ST FAM UASOLFNF ENGINES PORTAS! E And MARINE. lf V' ti I bink nl bn\ linr an engine of anv size or kind send for (mr t'atatof/tie Ko. .'to, eon I alum* 11 lustrations and prices of every kind of engines from i to 25 horse power, ai bottom pl lees, or Lint Ko. VO fur yacht engines, boilers and boat machinery. El tiler sent Dee. Chas. P. 197 Canal Street. Willard LAND FOR SALE ON CROP PAYMENT PLAN. trKXVXH AXD TINTO* COMPANY ST. PAUL, MINN. Baker Perfect Barb Wire, Reliable Gasoline Stoves, Lion Brand Paint, Building Material. Tin Work a Specialty Yours for Good Stock and Low Prices, Hellie Hardware Co. Arriving Every Day Something New, IAT THEi NEW ENGLAND Co. albert lea.. RUPTURE IK'rinanentlv cim>d without pain or the slightest inconvenience by the FIDELITY METHOD. Every case guaranteed. Patients need not pay adollaruntil eomnletelv cured. The truss discarded forever. Overll,OOO cases cured in the last six years. Consultation free. Call on or address Hrs GRAHAM & BREC K, Hall House, Albert Lea, Minn., where they may Le seen every Friday. RESTORE TNE FROES, Anti Silver Will Be as Good as (iold-- tallacies Exploded Regarding the Constitutional Unit of Value--An- swer This Who Can. To the Editor af the Shonto rd: In my last your attention was called to the fact that the single gobi standard advocates mislead by building their arguments upon absolutely false premises. It is uncharitable to charge them with deliberate falsehood; It is equally repulsive to think they won bl assume the functions of teachers while ignorant of a subject so vitally important. Deference was then made to the remarkable statements of Mr. Fairchild, temporary chairman of the national republican convention, and to those of Mr. Tawney, candidate for congress I rom this district, bot Ii of whom dew into the lace of statist ics aud history iii their desire to follow party in its reckless somersaults of principles. I’urn now to another class of educators. I (iud in a recent number of the st. Paul Dispatch this statement: The “dollar” unit of moues wk* re enacted aller I he new constitution wit adopted, without designating the metal of which lf should ta* composed. Will the editor of that gold standard paper please tm ii to the tiist Coinage act after the adoption of that “new constitution,” the act of 1792, and post himself. Here is the wording: Dollar* or unit*, each to be of the value of a Spanlsb milled dollar, a* the same I* now current, aud lo contain 371 4 JU grains of pure or 4D) grains of standard -ih tr. Secretary of treasury Gallatin, in his I report of 1829 says; The American dollar of I>, grain* of pure • #»Tr< I Is Hie ti/iU of money and Hie standard of value. _Chief Justice Chase, in ivW, said, I (7th W allace Deports, 247); The act of 1792 established a null for national coinage. • * I l)e caille act established Hie dollar a* the money unit aud requires mat ti I shall contam 4b) grains of standard affair There is scarcely any end to those authorities. LhI theme suffice for the present. Here is another one from the same papei: I lie I lilied Slates dollar* (referring to silver* ! is convertible lulu gold af lite option of th** ’ NO. 32 HARVEST DON’T MINDER. DEHOCRATS WAKE UR, Over loo Populists from AU Parts of the County Convene in Mass Convention and l>eclare for a Union of Reform Forces—Bryan and Watson and the St. Louis Platform Endorsed—Delegates to minneapolis and Austin Chosen and Plans Prepared for an Active Campaign. rile people’s party county convention Saturday to elect delegates to the state and congress conventions was notable tor Die huge attendance, considering the busy harvest season, and the earnest and enthusiast ic interest shown in the proceedings. More than a hundred representatives of the party from all sections of the county w'ere present, and many new faces were to he seen’, men who voluntarily came to the convention to show iheir inter*st in the cause of reform and to l»ecome members of the people’s party aud active workers in its ranks. IL C. Nelson, chairman of the countv committee, called the convention to order, and M. P. Howe and M d. Quinn were elected temporary secretaries. I lie organization was by unanimous consent made permanent, and after remarks by chan man N elson, in w hich he ably discussed the political situation and the duty of the people’s party, the convention proceeded to elect delegates by acclamation it) the slate convention, all having preferences tieing requested lo freely make nominations. The following were duly chosen: ‘L ?***• LLS.* Delias, Q. p Meadow craft XI. Woe)an, K. W. hunt loin ll. O. Heisted )’ IL Johu*nid, M. J. Teuton, L. A. Cowles. rile delegates present being authorized to cast Hie full vote to v Inch the i county is entitled. Thereupon delegates and alternates to the congressional convention were I elected as follows: Delegates: . ^V1    A. It, Hi) ye, A ll Hlevsn*. J. I. oarlock, VV. n. Carty. XI. J Quia#, K. J Norton, Ufo. II. Prescott, Engine Mote*. Ole Haskernd.    *    * holder. liowr long since, and made so eon ct rtibh. courtesy ut hank*, the Alternates: C G.Muwud XI. Fitzgerald, M. Teaiow A Ii. I. Austin. Die MUbuo. lim Ryan, LU ll Hollywood, Henry II orison. J<e< barlow. A committee was then chosen to meet like committees of the populists, democrats ami free silver republicans when w as it Hie other comities of the district at Through the i A,jMin Aug. ll, to consult as to a suit-patroua hive I ****** Candidate of the allied forces for generally lieen aide to exchange live or I c°ngre^s against Mr. Tawney. This ten dollars of silver for an equal ®*ll|l,,,iDee consists of the following: amount of gold, hut if it was demand- I Henry Laac.r. ti ,iohn*rud. H.c Nelson cd as a right it would I** quite another | I he committee on resolutions re-tidng.    | potted Hie following: One Marion Warren put the ques- Resolved, That we heartily ewdorv the doms lion to the secretary of the treasui V !*»»*(«**« of Bryan and Watson mud tan national and received this answer dated Sent    platformaSupowi at st boul*, md we ™    unveil Dept.    Ibo eoerse a! the Miaae*** . . „ approve the course (rf Hie Minor ling Hoc) at that convention and commend i*ui ur.e-1 (tale* for their Action In ail re*peci» ami thank i aud congratulate them tin* re tor. Resolved, That we favor a union of populist. I upiid K*rig| ic ami (m* sincr rvi>o bite 4 ti finvhs i Iii iii* present campaign for the rent oral mn of t K'dti aint silver on cqwwJ term* a* money, and to I U>> eud we eodor*e a fusion presidential electoral ticket; we instruct our delegate* lo the Not    Witt.    tin*    Mr    vc..r.    .    ’** co*.v«-i*Usmi for John land tor governor .*oi sat isn en wilt) tins. Mr. tv ut ret) } gi our emwmxiuXal delegation I* requested v ***»(« end i oqieiate will %s»kfS forces u*r the noflunationof a free oliver candidate fi>r a*e<ui in thl* di*tr)ct. lies. »i ved, Ttiai we Invite all citizens rev ani-less of party ut!}nations to join aud    cooperate with us in the effort lo redeem th)*    state from th** inaltgb Influence* that now dominate it. and winch I h re ai rn |„ fasten upon ft a corrupt ana oppressive rule of fs*r|e»rale mou«»p(»ly and the worst form ut bossism, aud to this end we are ready to subordinate party ambition and to di- nnwhf    in    aor    ,r    ti    I    r**rl mir.    »    reform of the abuses ut ought    lo    set    At I est    t ho ques- j    State and lo strtve with all patriotic    citizens of loth, 1895; Dear Sir: Your favor of the uh inst. iu-(jilirin*' wltetlier this dep^runeul can t*e depended upon to pay gold coin for silver dollar* or silver certlll 'ales. either or both, I* received, and in response I have the honor lo say that the department does md redeem either silver dollars or silver cerllrtcates in (fold. J. ll. C.vtLl Lr. Se<*‘y. fnflowc'i up htk itnjuiry ...,d h.v immLa later, viz:z>n the 8ih of ll trch. lv.it;, re eeivetl th iff an.* wet : And Seeing Their Party at I^st Under Patriotic Leadership They Take Courage and Rally for the Contest— ! Lind Endorsed for Governor, and Delegates Elected to State and Con-1 gress Conventions. Democrats completely refuted the * charge that their party is defunct iii Freeborn county by holding a ma.** I convention Saturday afternoon, al the council chamber in tin* city, at winch over seventy-live of the faithful were I present. Old-time enthusiasm pre- j vailed and the convention was unanimous for Bryan and with one or two ’ exceptions, for free silver also. Judge stacy called the meeting to older and was elected chairman and made a brief speech congratulating the uemocrats on the bright prospect* for * success and on the fact that the cloud of plutocracy aud I ossism no longer hung over the party. A letter from chairman M’Dermott, of the state committee, was read, in’ which he urged all democrats to stand together against the hosts of monopoly ' and showing by figures that the democratic party had for years l»eeii for bi- * m (Hallie in. C. IL Day was elected secretary, and the following committee to iiominatH delegates to the state and congression- 1 a1 conventions was appointed: o. r. Hayden, Cha*. Selbig, T. J. VV ane k, I), j K. Stacy and Hans (irinager. The i billowing committee on resolutions was also appointed: S. .strauss, TF.! Schleiider and <i. lf. iiarck. C. >V. J.evens was called on and an- ! flounced hi nisei I a gold standard man I when chairman Stacy took him to ta-k for not being a loyal democrat and I made an eloquent little speech showing the duties aud qualifications of a true democrat. Mr. Devens responded, I spiritedly defending his position ami i anounced that while he was a gobi man there was no middle-of-the-road and l>et Ween McKinley and Bryan he would certainly vote for Bryan, and if he IHid a hundred votes lie would c:ist * them for John Lind for governor. Tile nominating committee made the ■ following report: Delegates to state convention: ii OTTR. Midsummer Clearance Is at High Tide. Sale Dress Goods and Silks Never so cheap sale; come and yourselves. as at this for see orang ont a Stock urplus in Ladies’ Capes and Jackets. Prospective Buyers of Home Furnishings Make a mistake if they do not take advantage of this Clearance Sale. In Carpets and Draperies; come and visit this department as it will save you money. The price does rn sent one-half the production. »t re precox of Groceries. GREAT REDUCTION ii CRACKERS. Ladies’ Shirt Waists. Per Lh, IL H. Soda Crackers, II. Ii. Hinger Snaps, JL. Creams, Assorted Cookies, - Iced Coffee Cakes, per ll Crystal Coffee Cakes, per lh Assorted Jumbles, per lb Honey Jumbles, per lh By the Box Sc 3%c AHC 4%c By the Buat ic Let9. He 4c OC OC 8c 8c 8c st O.C.    T.    J Macy,I). H liny, (J Alternates: ll. ilnuaccr, Harry lfi>it>r<M>k ll Lotus *Ian*-, ft.i^b i».»uai,t,»*, ri».>-r t auk S Delegates to the vent ion: K. S. llsiiinioiid. I> bran*!. J. bullit.in, (iou. ilyrrs. Alternates: u. w Iai»n i ii K J. Quiiiu, I*, u (’ba* ?vlbi^. rite reports adopted, as were II K 'iklrr \Vf are have the the house r>ds. that New XI W! J uh it- Novelties to select from. H. J. Heinze’s Pickling Vinegar For sale by Nelson Bros. Do not take any other. congressional roo* J. Dry ( ut * L**»n 1 U<4/. J (iDiUg*. IL I) HH.f**- •eier, Good GikkIs, Low Prices, our Motto. w ere also diihater Furreli, Ut eoti- Ste; In r»u(lj L* Hi** inquiry a> r«W in y.uir letter of th«*5i|i Inst , iddns<te() lo Hit* ***ivurf uf Hu* tr♦*a^^ry, I bur* to *<ty th *t ttu* (treasury Ut-|>artii)fnt dues ».ut retl(‘«*iu r(th**r stiver uul-Uis or -liver c«*rtiAojtte* tn li***peetf()ll> Yours, D N Morgan, Treasurer Uaitau Blairs. This     ^ Hon, 11 a 54-ceut dollar couLl he made I H,,“ *° rt*,,!‘,re honest auU eriH)emicai guv-redeemahle in a lUQ-cent dollar, as is |    a,ul    th*rule «r the pe«>pie. claimed by the single gold standard 1,1 seconding the motion If. G. Day advocates, the party fathering that reiMl t*»® platform of the people’s party proposition is guilty of the most dan- ‘ r**e**ntly adopted at St. l.otiisand hrief-g^rousJiatism known. It i.sa flat that ^ reviewed the work of the national 54 cents shall he counted IU) cents on demand of the holder. It is the policy of bimetallists to restore silver to its original status as ntahdard rather than token money, thus creating an unlimited demand, and thus bring the bullion value of the two metals to a parity with the coin age value at a g’ven ratio. While the legal supports were under silver, it maintained its parity with gold for over I HO years and did not commence to fall until after these props were knocked away. Restore those props, as they now’ stand under gold, and we will hear no more about a 54-cent dollar.    II. G. Parker. Bulldozing by Big-Salaried Life Insurance /Magnates. MkmeapolI* Times: “President Greene of the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance company and president McCall of the New \ ork Mutual Life company have issued a pronunciamento, declaring that iii the event of a victory for free coinage of silver, the policy-holders will he paid in dollars worth only 50 cents, “ami the great hulk of them probably in dollars not worth more than from 25 to do cents.” Other leading life insurance companies are said to have similarly proclaimed their intention to scale down the claims of their policyholders, iii the event of the triumph of bimetallism. It looks very much like a raw blurt—a scheme to so work upon the fears of policy-holders as to get them to surrender their policies for 5o cents on the dollar, just as railroad presidents have lieen known to cry down the prospects of their roads, in order to frighten stockholders into selling at a loss, while the agents of the presidents bought them in. Tile presidents of the insurance companies who voluntarily place themselves in such Company should he invited by the policy-holders to step down and out. There is no argument in such stupid bulldozing as this. Nobody is going to he made l>elieve that the insurance companies are such u asci ti* h philanthropists that would strenuously oppose a policy that would enable them to pay their enormous indebtedness at the rate of 50 cents on the dollar.” The insurance magnates want their salaries paid in 200-cent gold dollars and are fearful of having to accept an honest dollar, the product of an honest currency system—and that’s what ails the magnates. .—----- Waterville Excursions. The M. & St. L. railroad company will sell excursion tickets to Waterville and re! urn as follows: Each Saturday train No. I, leaving Albert Lea at 3 p. rn. at UM.25; each Sunday, train No. 5, leaving Albeit Lea at 5:15 a. rn. at SI OO, all tickets good to rd ii rn on train No. 0, arriving at Albert Lea at 10:45 p. in. Sunday. J. W. Kinsey, Agent .ft*-.-------- Try the celebrated Vienna ice cream at Messingei’s favorite resort. 29tf convention, ii. ('. Nelson also made remarks and both were generously applauded. The populist state convention will beheld in Minneapolis Aug. 2tf, and the congressional convention is to occur at Austin Sept. 4, and every delegate except possibly old soldiers who will goto the national encampment, have expressed an intention to attend the respective conventions to which they have been elected. — — — The Effect of a Surrender to Wall Street. Waseca Herald; It is a very easy matter for us to understand why the Wall street money monopolists favor a gold standard—the destruction and funding of silver, greenbacks and treasury notes. They favor these liecau.se that, when fully accomplished, they will have un entire “corner” on gold coin—the only legal tender—the only “money,” in farmland, in addition thereto, they will have an entire monopoly of all the paper currency (commonly called paper money) in this country. In addition to that they will hold fifteen hundred millions (SI,500,OOO,(JOO) of interest hearing bonds, payable in gold, both principal and interest. Such a policy is a complete surrender of all the people’* rights. The coinage and control of “money” is a very large part of the sovereignty of the people of this country. To surrender that sovereignty to the bank combinations of london and Wall street is to place the shackles of slavery upon our owrn wrists and those of our children. We repeat, we can understand wily the agents of the Jew gold-syndicate of Europe are anxious to destroy the value of our stiver and silver mines, aud to retire and fund into bonds all government treasury notes and greenbacks; hut we can’t understand why an intelligent business man or any other intelligent man, not a slave to, or in the employment of, the gold ring can favor such a stir lender of all our financial interests into the hands of a merciless combine of money sharks and schemers. — — Always the Right Place. To get job printing, hooks, pamphlets, circulars, commercial and creamery printing, wedding invitations and cards, ladies steel plate calling cards— everything from a mammoth poster to a delicate art folder, is at the Standard office. Fact No. I—The Standard is the oldest and largest job printing house in southern Minnesota. Fact No. 2—The Standard does work quickly, handsomely, and at lowest living prices. Remember our new quarters: Over Maimer Cc Henry’s store, nearly opposite the new opera house. The Standard News and Job Printing House. A positive guarantee to cure or money refunded wilt be found with each $1 un box or bottle of Dr. Sawyer’s Family Cure or Pastilles manufactured alter this date. Sold by Brings Drug Co. unanimously the following j I rom the committee on resolutions: Resolved -That fcrttrvlag the Woe* mvolvrd IU Urn campaign are *uueri»r to patly and that they demand the exercise of the nH»st , eiO'ti anti patriotic effort. We Invite wit populi*!* lr«ae I J stLer (vpuLitciiii and other* oi Uke principle* I to join ii* and we profblse our conj** mr inn ST tm- ! Histing the party *>f f-iu *ltd    ,p.    . iv and give our pledge lo (lo nor put lur® success.    ; Hr'dived Thai our deb-* al#* tie In-rrm ted to support John Liud p.r th*- nomination tor ..-i ernor and to use their effort* to senile a union > or the free silver and reform force* In the hod- i port of a state ticket and of the same pre'iden Hal electors, and our delegates to me cong re*- I atonal convention are requested to strive for a like union on a candidate for coner*** Be it further resolved that the democrats af I ree)a»ru county demand the immediate resi-nation of ll. W. Law ter a* a member of the na-I th mal democratic committee from Minnesota a* I he ha*thy tm traitorous conduct and affiliation ) with> the common enemy totally antedated luu.-seif from the demo, nap party And it further expresses Its di'gu't and disapproval of IL* I tours* of the St. Caid (Hobe, a supposedly ; democratic paper, ow nod an I edited bv a repub 1 ileal), and warn ail true democrats agalii't it. Committee to conference ut Austin: D K Stacy. C W. Levees, T. E Schleuder Executive Committee: U. W livens, r. J. Wanek. I) K Hayden, (J. I . Barck. The delegation* were instructed to act as a unit on all questions, and after a few remarks from delegate* present the convention adjourned. I ft* Here we art just what you ne again and with d in...... db Stacy. (».u. CLOTHING, HATS And Furnishings. You can’t afford to pass us by. Why? Because we save you money on anything in our line. Reason enough, aint it? Choose Ye Whom to Serve. Sd A. Paradis, in .Midway Nem^: Notwithstanding the contension* of j the pres.*, or the controversies of officeholders against office-seekers, or even the encroachments of great concentrated interest* against meager-salaried people or impoverished farmers Hie American voter, rich or poor,great or small, learned or unlearned, is vet the king of hi* country, free as God’s pure air. if he but has the disposition to exercise his authority. It is he who dictates. It is he who commands, lf by mean* of secret combinations some ; men succeed in elevating themselves into public positions wherein they are permitted to live in affluence or excess at th)* expense of the public it hut proves that the voter has failed to properly discharge his duties or such > would not he the ease. Newspapers I may wrangle; politicians may lijjht 1 and boodler* may seek to bribe or de- ! ceiye the people, but no matter what evil may befall the country, the1 American voter is to blame for it all. If lie is indifferent to his own hest in- I terests lie deserves to suffer. If he is so venal that he will sell his vote or political iiilluence for the promises of professional liar*, lie deserves to suffer lf he is so stupid that he don’t know his own bejit interests when he has •very opportunity to lind out, he de-sei ves to suiter. I f he is too cowardly to make a choice among aspirants to positions of authority al a time when jhe has an opportunity to make a choice, lie deserves to suffer. Great Bargain in Hardwood Timber. I have for sale 1500 acres hest kinds of hardwood timber, near to railroad in central Minnesota at a great bargain. Large profits can he made in sawing it with portable mill and ship ping hard wood lumber. H.G. Day, Standard Office    >».. Farm Land for Sale. 200 acres farm land for sale at very lew price and on easy terms. Every toot tillable, this tile hest bargain iu land yet offered. T. V. Knatvold.   • •»». - Va Ider business college and normal school Is tile (argent unaided private school in Hie U. B. Four hundred seventy student* have graduated during the past seven year* Board room, light and rue) In a private family. f2 5# per week. In la,*8 the V alder busine** college opened with 5 student*. This year the college and normal enrolls 5«0 student*, it bas w in upon Its merits, and. today, it supports ope of the strongest (acuities In (fie west. YOURS FOR SQUARE DEALING. W. W. JOHNSON « (0. JOSEPH KEENAN AUSTIN, AIIIVIV. in Southern Minnesota that carries a full line of Repairs for these machines. General Agent for the as well as the Only Genuine with anyone hut a house that machines they sell, when y does. ’OU highest *jrade of RUBBER BELTS, GAN I) \ BELTS made. Why deal keeps a full line of repairs for the in just as well deal with a house that Mr. Keenan is a fan agent tor th* Parsons Feeders, the only feeders on the market that gives general satisfaction. Ile also carries a full line of Carriages and Road Wagons. I hey are tine and no mistake about it’ Mr. Keenan eau also sell tirst-elass second handed Traction Engines of almost anv make.    * Summer Stoves. ( all and see the New Process, Blue Flame, Kerosene Stove. Built like a gasolene stove ami safer. The strongest flame of any stove made. Albert Lea Hardware Co.

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