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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 29 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - April 29, 1896, Albert Lea, MinnesotaI Twenty Tboiihand Kvub 5 See the Stam»aki> Kvurv Week of the Yesir. »%%*%%%%%%%%%»%»,%%%»%%%%%%%%%%%% W Standard Advertising I Is Mot Lowest in Price, ! But Is Highest in Value.   ■ Vol,. XNXIX. A M IM UT I, KA, MINN., VV KDN KS!)A V A PKI I, ‘J1.), (s'.Mi It Fays f; 2 2‘ w WITH rill; SCISSORS, '!’«» Head Straus*’4ig, rf Advertisements. <-4 Ifs Gent’s Dress Kid Gloves i\ Sueli as art* Holt] nil over town for £1 .25, we hell for - 50c Men’s Working Gloves Made of Kaw hide (ioatskin, strong and ivliaM lor 25c Min yon aeon our st riel Iv warranted THEFT-PROOF UMBRELLA? It s a * * I Ion lit, and can l>e carried in a direct from factoi ,. vain se. J us! ivn*i\ cd d 200 Dozen Sweet Orr Overalls. They pi at a Wf ai ii >b i ii aa' I tin* J»iiee aahed for traxhy kind. anil he low Yours Always. £4i ll!    C    ’    A    111 »w*. «- TOOD leu IM TK_____ •- "nm    Albert    U«,    Mont I *****    **MO«    It    os    HIK    lilt    Ol    in* MMI AV A. MORDAN, VftMIKY AT I.AW mi .MV ATloR HAV. IAMB* Ii* <>utt«riu<<l»Mi HI. wk. Oiu««l • ti VlltrrtU* Mikm AU# I A C MUAC M. IttAtl I.AW. I MMI IM SU F •**•* »"■! I ."Mr)).,,,* H'hiw* I,xt Itl. •!•» NtmI roger «• t't-rt blurt. Alto-ri I#-*. I tv VI, I t I- 4 a. A. f * a ut won rn. Ari«iKM>Y AT I.A* l*KAf*TI< As IA All, , Ut*f«Mtl«.    aiinilUMi Bit# it im r»itt» *t»i wtHfr roiMt iitaKi, im*-. ta w-sr- Goods and Notions. A It ti;.«« « I,.*, Ml.’.#*" tow •    Hot ait. i •at! I Altar! rn m 0OC1OA IMAM A, J • MAIM I ll KH* 0 Si ll, Wa V OKKH F I t »'•» Ha* Hftt# M«ft>, Of'.*,)*m, Alb art taipPML 4 M. I OOO. M. 0. I iii VNM i a* ani* in iii iii >}f. Arnri I Mi frat of Rf!) v«’ l“n*    lMM#»tf«t    tot to lait. «ift-H, Aiiwft U* Dress Goods, Silts, Wast) Goods. Wools and Fabrics. Ill All SIJ lex mill I' |i. t <t-1 la 11-. Everything .Vim. Fresh and Sly I Mi. A Complete Lint* of, I) C Mf A Alt i KA 11*1 tirt-41 AIN AKO Bi ( <40. hlhrtt. in- I UMI la A Witt it. . rtttiMt* a M. A KAI MI, A KHItMl AS* Kl I KIM K PLAN-* I V,, I..I, ti di t«. im) oaiiit-it ivl'H l.tf nil cia.tr. *    1 A a..rh ta rn* moi rowan* Alban !"••. Anta    |%| SHIRT WAISTS, CAPES, • Dress Skirts, Etc terse Thoughts Called from the IX* chance table—-flAtiy hlevv front Many I ditors, Frelttlx.ro & I a rail I, st Prier TrllHine Jamestown, the capital of South I hilt **ta. shipped in 2,<M| yellow legged chickell* Ult week to feed tim minis ters of lim tVf. IS. conference. Abaft Kastman, Mf. (ion,! Journal |’re*« The public is now indicted with the finally washing of the I tooths. Tho row has tin* appearance of being an aggravated case of Bouilli,sin to the exclusion of rhrintiunity. A A ('mmU, Prtoentnn Un Ina: A good many petiple who have lieen mixed up iii lawsuit* will agree with the populist* when ihey claim that Un courts have too much power and thai they ahuse their priviiegea. Re** N I tniplnrr Moorhead New* Never In the history of this country "ere the populists more in evidence than during the last local elections in v ai toiin slates The pop* are in it, don’t you forget that. W a lliOfcklM. I’retinal KriHiMtean Maine i* get ting into line to troulde the old parties, lo Ellsworth, the home of senator Hale, it required a fusion of rep uld I ca ii a mid democrat* to tie ti,e populist vote in the reient Apfing election. A    ,1,1    Red* WI* pan, Uarettr The part Hail new spapers in st. Faiil will Hinton tried lf find it hard to admit Hist now that the city election to fa* '•ald in st. I’a ti I in M.«> will not have any beating on the Nat tonal election to tie held in November. * F Mel Nm Hill, At « ('Hilt riR|r>. perhaps Mark Hanna is using some of Hie iai** Im fro ii out of manufacturer* to encourage the a. I*, a. to con* louie it* light upon McKinley. Ile couldn’t Invest it where it would do McKinley mote good. * A Ua*»eit. brl neap >ti I Ilion. Pollist hilda hav e becrime interested in one of Hie leading silver aoieiting w OI s* (ti the world TheV liaye CV I deiitly lead the script KH the wall aud alf preparing to entrench themselves '"•hind the silver fortilication. ' • * I’***.*, aik As t/monr A few > ears ago Alden J. Blet ban of minneapolis had one hundred ami seventy-five thousand dollars In dean cash. I.alay lie is titanv tboiinami* worse off tban nothing ail swallowed up in the maelstrom of a daily paper. I his story is hut the story of many oilier* who likewise hankered toown a newspaper published every day. C I* WeWen, Alraun Tmnscriid What Hie farmer needs is. after the I-ord has given him a go.*! crop, to navo markets and price* that will repay him for his toil. Ho far as we are concerned we would like to see more niAiiufat tories established in the north* west rather than to tun*- tens of thou-sands of imtiiigranu opening up new • anus and increasing enormously the amount of farm product.. la-Ma* Mathew*.    Monitor - We can hardly say that ever) parson Who advertises can makes success af bis business, as there are ct lier require-oients to Im- considered, hut we can shy that no merchant has ever attained wealth and position without adv.rti* mg liefer to ii* any merchant w ho na* Accumulated a fortune in busine** ami we can point to a man who has advert,**! isigdy and judiciously. *“•*■11. l*r**'*•* ItepnbUean tailer NF.WS OF Tm; NO. 18 WfinRI.INO WOR FO A Few Point.*of Interest toCyclist* -((rent Prospects for the Coming Season. A road race on Fountain lake drive >h talked of for Hie near future, Anoka I Ilion: The cry of I*,*#, j*. “A wheel, a wheel, my Having* for a wheel.’    * Council Proceedings. I lo* council hei l an important session inlay evening, j*u me in hers being present. A lark"* crowd was present, Hamlin mallei mulirming Hie ma> appointmeiit* wa* of alMorhing iii* I tic >pani*h government is said to tie tilting out a cycling corps for woik in t Ulm. ot lereivt. D e mayor’s rn, whhiii is a* follow’*; Ti-tin ll    I    .-tmtut of lh, t tin it/ lilt, l f • OHIIkmkm I tt 111 IHS ll*,, bul him* of ‘age was read, i I here ars over 2,(*»i patents on tlir-reretit kinds of bicycles in Hie I luted Mate* alone. Puck: Teacher—What is a tH>de*t* nail ' Johnny—A person who doeiii’t rule a fake. The repair men look happy in nice weather and correspondingly bine when it rains. A number ut our wheel men are contemplating a several hundred mile run tins summer. Now some of the Chicago churches are advertising that wheel* w,|j he taken care of during services. tfoe of the finest roads for riding in Minnesota is Fountain lake drive. It Is level ami smooth and dries ouiekly after a rain.    * I he M. st,. I. I* having notices posted again, forbidding the riding ol bicycles on that track. Threaten to arrest every rider caught on the line. I he season has hardly opened here out up to date there have been PJI lucy ie* mild in this l ily. The dealer* prediet ti,at tty July |*t the number will reach oyer “ail. I Ie* comte papers have good reason to ciindemrl the vicious habit of scorching” on the struts and ave-line*. II ta very dangerous aud should be prohibited by taw. I relists should recollect that tin walk through the city park is not st i et I and that one of these bright amt sunshiny days att example will ive made or some gay aud festive wheel let. A sweater should Ie* cleaned with gasoline, no soap >,»use it with mao* tine. wring it well to gat r,d of the ex-<»*** gasoline, aud then hang on line in sun or wind aud iii a short Urns it is ready for use. »»»“* "l*h my rimot.nalcxn.m I tm WHI know, without any rpi. rpin-p. th** ti • '.tin IHI <*.•!,lim,MI .a IU,r rf y I will «lnu>,v SH* j th**** I* hoi,1'tnSfl enough HVHiUhlt* ar io>.***ni i n'**'-1 It*    Cotisaiitiantlv    to urv I    I    is    "wneeesMirjr. fur* Uh* iniat.rui • •nun of our mr •nil »I’ummituv of me i»’'t | HIPI WI4..4, ,„m,    11,,.    j|.    „li4h,.    „0 ,nl. I ntoveiMsits except Ut*.*.- Hi-..,i,,miy i»era***ry i I tier. .o r oilirr im.,,in* rho I,..,.,............ later, Nit nominee. I I ho*. ('lenient uuaiiiinotisly cog* I he estimated Hum her of cycle riders ta and about New York city, who lie-long to the IS#.# difTerent clui»s, is sn, '*•>. the annual dues l*eing gI,HH)(JU', and that the combined number of miles ridden amount toXi.ontKijHaverv year.    3 »'wing to some mistake about opmi-mg tile room* the cycle dull did not meet I uesday evening. Aneth*! meets jog w ill la* called soon and it is to lie hoped that there will ie* a large att,*mi-am ♦* as busine** of importance to wheelmen will come up. Minneapolis Journal: dejects that make the Among the *».    -    consKtvative man M g, at the past is the Thing inside •he veliow vest and risl necktie that cMiiiittat.c    ft no she* Uke motiv w K I**wer lo abide green bicyele and diaft lo a cigarette ol the naaer sort. I he fascination of bicycle riding says an exchange, i* the strongest objection to Hie aport, on account of the danger of ovei exei lion, and for this reason those who take it up for improvement of health become so invigorated ami delighteil with the exercise that they who should in* the most careful ate generally the ones who overdo miler III slier* that I m*jr met,nan ** prfeni 11 * •* v are af tint nm,. ,m _ ...." , il1 'T    m eon*,,Ii ami nu- VI*** Will, the eon),et! ar nny cmnmtttrf* Hi »||V ennveiurni time, wet n*k ym,r hesrty e.maarH IMH, Iii mansion m nm I n*gin.,iiu« pi,“he siisir* i aor* mMMfnllj, ('. M. Wick in sow, Major Remark* were made by Ald Krelis pledging to the inavor the hearty ,*up^ law*°^ l*,e    *n    enforcing the The appointment by the mayor of 8 l f hamberlain to Im chief of police wa.* received aud lite ap|Huntinent con* firmed by the following vote; Ayes, Krundin, Moi in. Krebs and Jorgensen' hoc*, (iuiluandson. Hillier I and >kin-ner. The appointment of as policeman was lirnied, rile bonds of officers Chamberlain and ( lenient and of street commission* or C hurch and clerk Briggs were accepted and sureties approved. I’resident Jorgensen announced the following committees for the ensuing year;    * Waterworks linn.,tm, CiitSraaSsnn. Kreh* Skinner, hr,rn,ha. iJKht nt UlUwrt. Marin, svinnar NSW*lt#| -Stunner, mniMlin iuti*ar, r**7LF'*tmf’rrs. N”r'" K“““rimlHon r.»rk4 sftin,a»r, llrninim, I ll! hr rf rtliAOee Ktalii, Marin. OUI., ft. Hu Cpl I*** Mart,,, Oitlhi himI'.mi, K reb*. The petition of ii. A. Hiles that the City establish a grade for a sidewalk on his lot on Fuel id street wa.* on mo lion nr Ald. Krelw, denied At Uke request of lbs mayor it was deckded in hen or Ho* curfew M! at nine o'clock to confer with Mr. Edwards of the electric lighting plant and if iKis*ihle get him to have his whistle blow at nine. Sidewalks were ordered on lot 7 block JI, Main street and on Washington street from II. ,\. Brow ii'.* residence to Water street. T he much talked-of matter of clos idg the saloons before July I came up and the city attorney gave it a* Iii* opinion that according to the city charter tho saloons cannot lie atoned until their licenses expire ami emoted his authority. Accordingly Hie following resolution offered bv Ald Krelis was adopted; That Innm..u lt nu Ilia h.,nor beento** now In force •. re i**ii.-a natl putti tar uniter Hie mumm. Mural taal lliejr would continue (or «ate year It • 'Wiuijiiiie.tr to la, only    hi    i,„.,.. ,. WONDKRFIIL BUKH I NHS! H ONIIERFUi IM '"tence N’o deviating from our high purpose regarding (jualities and prices, hut straight to the point with the highest c lass of goods ail the time. Not only .b:Hl bV.Uh€ Pr'«« are invariably the tM    HV    hR    than those in other stork bs and irc tin I-ow Carpets Rugs. And The Greatest* % If you have not visited our big Carpet department, you haw notion of tin* beauty and ment of Spring. lur Satin our Wt no nssort- vast collections for uarantee a /Vs»* Cloak, Suit And V»r rapper Dept. of Southern Minnesota. Ladies* all the N CVV new I'.Ntra Minjuettes and Lest Quality I tody Lrussels, all in this season’s styli *, fully worth fl.40 *f*!*50 I^r skirt and up. per yard. Our Cj *| r\r\ spei i ii pi ic e. . . . Rp X • V/VZ I’.xtrn Super All Wool Ingrains, Spring patterns; well worth 701 per yard. Our spi t tai pi ice j * 1 yard. . . . DUC Skirts made Lorn ^ leading materials, ^ Ladies' Waist Dept. 50 dozen Ladies* Ribbed Vests, each.., 5c 25 doz. special made to our order Waists; beautiful assortment, latest patterns. Our MAV. price only each.... OUC too dozen Children's lose; good value For lh,..: w., k.    QKn three pairs for. .. fwC/Cz Ribbed per pair. One case Peerless Apron Check Ginghams; good value 6c [HT yard.    M For this week.... MSO folklore tx**roof torxarelH# tlw iw|vu«vni ti,, ra- terie n| tt*a HraitM?, or In grMitatl far Itta fun •Itinnu KiHHl ItrltHVior, anH wa w.*i!it Hiuutf-r to 11 ,M- »*A ••‘-oosMh'ki ttllfc ltM-tawx m til# wf Ue* fie, I tfeI ■    ■    --    --    >"wfw    ».»»i    §h    sfefN    f M.1    *.'W    *«e'r*n.H,    Of kind. MOOI na aOODMlN Of AMI MICA I 'IO' OC! N •AMI* NO Hi* MOI,!'* KHOU* I > I ti in.*^lI»»»- » «l IMA I allow* llH,I atar) #r»t ,a.f t Mira V. MnrMit atranir* •*' •*•*!» I    I    I* 1*1.A It K . V < I R »#A I AOK** KS Hark TjiN. Nu Old (hnh]s of Abv W ill be plcaned to have too examine our stock J. W. Smith s Building. Albert Lea. Keo. H. Emmons & Co Lids HI C. D. EDWARDS’ I-in I C. Ii. COLEMAN Grub & Stump Puller Manufacturer am' imaler in Limber. “ —And All Kinds of Building Material. Tard at Un* ole stand neat Mil w alike** j    depot. A. J. STADHEM, Agent. W»* HHS aa lotH of 1 n. 1,tar Hit iShar rturit * I-Oft. Natl will try HfKtxwn ll.*!'! Im IHM. Hi Ilia -*m Enterprise Iron Works. I AA Ii in Freeborn county now too valuable to grow grubs on. Better hitch onto them with one of C. I). Edwards’ Grub and Stump Pullers and pull them off the face of the earth. Sooner the Better. Machine Shop and Foundry, ALKfnr ITA. MINH Productive land is the secret of straightening the wrinkles out of your pocket-book and keeping tl»em out. lf you haven't got the land and ire out of a job, then get hold of a plug hors*’ and go to pulling for someone else. There is lots of money in the business. Send for my new descriptive Catalogue, if yon are too busy to conte and see them where they are made, at Albert Lea, Minn. Free 1 ti en I (’levelitnd'a clerical broth-»*r z »t hts religion and politic* mt barth inix^tl that Im beards rtirtiiT know whether lie wa* making stump speeches or sermonizing, so they invite,! bun lo step down ami out. Ile says he is * warurbot martyrs are not rn ale ut his •im! of staff, ii** seems lo tie just like ll 1* the opinion of a cycling jinn na! that the man who rides the wheel purely as a question ol utility is a man of tim ft aud energy, lie realizes th,* manifest advantage in employing this means of locotnoiion. lit* is'economical ami frugal, or lie would not lie able to buy tile machine. Both of the.*. In* brut her iii the VV liite House, a beati v I classes are needed In every con«mo7iiYv deriiig *    *Kr***t    genius    lur    binh    1    rm-----.    .    •' ■' I Mr, iwv en, W altHHbH 11 ar alt I Fhe postal depart neat of ihis gov crnment contemplate.* making a \ery sensible uiovt im-nl. It relate* bipont »gc stamp*, the proposition being to flavor the torte of the stamp that must «*e in ked with soniething (hat has a pleasant tu*te. 1’iiis sliould lie dom* at one,*. A perron who baa never tiled it lias no idea how distasteful tim taste id the ]>reparation now in use 1*. to those who are obliged to moisten 1 huge number of stamps daily. ■fatita* |{i,ane, Hie) to,, tUMle " bile our schools are teaching spell lug. We Wish they would teach pupils lo divide wonis into syllables, fa the ait two >L*ars we have had four pupils from our school learn to Mi type ia this office ami none of them hail the least uh*a of (mw to divide words into syllables, or of how to properly use the apostrophe when u*»*d to denote possession. Tim Hot,blo is not in our school alone, hut it is common to all school* aud is caused by Hie new method ut teaching spelling Junto Ensue, hi.,) ton flsrsitc Albert Lea voted no license recently J?.? E®od majority. Steadily but sure C. D. Edwards. I In* up-to-date sweater fur ladies is not only a sensible garment, but an ex CMd'Ugly stylish one as well. It gath era in Hie waist aud is entered after a manner more familiar to women than is the male sweater aud either buttons on the shoulder or laces in front, aud it 1* no more trouble to get into one of them than an ordinary waist, it HL* like a glove and the sleeves are generally the long, full, bishops sort. with a tight-webbed cuff, winch clings to tile Him snugly from eltiow to wrist and over which the full upper part falls with all the graceful lies* thai fashion demands. The very latest wrinkle with the swell set that rides the tucyele is a stocking that looks like a legging Leggings proper ore doomed. The legging, as every woman rider will tell you, is awkward, it hampers Hie muscles, lee!* heavy, is uncomfortable arui trot, aud none would w ear it except for (be sake of appearances. Leather leg gins iii particular are uncomfortable and worry the rider. But the swell set see a way out Of it, and declare that tilt legging is no longer required. Many wear only the stocking as a leg covering. It looks like a legging, hut it does hot feel like one. It is light, pliable, cool, and not expensive. Ute (lean*.*, excel* tor Houlton of lite Uh*, lh,* matter of tin* dumping ground having been brought it watt derided to areel a post with a sign on it directing the place where dumping should U* done. Ald Krelet brought Hp Hie que lion Of paving Broadway ami made a vigor oils aud logical Speech on tile miscut Mc o unlit ion oi ()mi st net and strongly favored paving both Broadway and ( lark street*. A long discussion pro and con followed. Ahi. Morin oppose] the plan oil account of the cost but was met w itll the answer that th,* c«wt Would Is* asswaged against Ute abutting property, Ald. Bromiio was iii favor of putting in a sewerage system tirst ami Dually stated that be thought that Broadway was lire Bnewt atreet in th,* atole anyway. Finally tire clerk w.,* instructed to write to a number of cities thai have recently done paving md get figures on the cost. I'he following committee on claims was selected: Til# mayor, president ol Hie council, city attorney aud aldermen Hilbert ami llruodifi. These bills were allowed ami the council adjourned: Fredll UM Ivy. |*,| I. ............. „ v ,,, At ll),NMI s*Ml, I) Hniiivan, 0 a lirtMH. city clerk I' * Kiwaras,stiurtMg  ........ ,,    , M I, MH'tt, •HRlHMI ..... lieut! t Gent’s Furoiste. \ebon Ilro’s Ami Java Coffee Blended at B5G teed .is £rr>od as others scil .it per pound. Mocha f'uaran- fOe 50 dozen Four Ply Linen Collars, for this week, lOc each. i i BANKRUPT!” W ell, not yet, although we are selling a bright, clear stock of........ L., ..!!K    country.    In    town*    stun**    and    seen    '*    *’ tries. I MI MW** mr KIO 11, iiiti ll! our line, , »•" *• or H.iiKtl It c g.14r.nl. c aul!* I sri ti.u I. W. VENES8, Prop. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. TNC FARMERS INDEPENDENT LUMBER VARO. •test quality of Lumber, Lath. Shift tie*.Sash, (more. Building Faper, Mud Builders*Supplies always nu hand Mud •old at Lowest Market Kales. Wall Papers lf you are going to paper, call and see the new Yurt on Bnmdwsy, H„mk of Court Houho C. 0. JOHNSRUD. - Manager. 3Li©o.ttior©tt©s. I he latest in \V all I*apcr«. Also a full line of. . . . Gilts, Glimmers, Ingrains and White Blanks, At prices ranging from to cents a roll upwards. MJa.-A For Itfin nun Is that Must do at Any Price. BRIGGS DRUG CO. winch voted favorable to saloons there ha* be n M gruel ai increase in the amount charged for license, The time is not many decades distant when towns ttiat vote license will 1st looked upon with ag much disdain ms Ute s 1-loon ig looked tijHui now, and such low us will be shunned by live business men, M.irfii, K TVw.CUrkflHd Advocuh I "i tin* quarter just closed the tnisi-iie** failure* ol tim country nu in tuned I,ald, the liabilities being S6^8lS,(i*i, or Sn per cent more itian the record for the same period last year. 27 percent mon* than I Mi* I, Hume lime, uud do per eent more tbaii the record J years ago. Never before in oar history bas there be ll sud) widespread ruin aud dis Muter, (lur boasted "sound money" system is hearing most glorious fruit. I.Mill I ’utility Amu*: •Several of our exchanges have published statements to the effect that A. J. .Smith of Sauk < 'entre wa* lined #100 tot sending a dun oil a postal card to a' luau in niter Tail county. This is probably strictly true, but ll does not give quite all lite Buts. It was not simply dunning Hie man on a postal card that constituted the offense, blit the threatening aud allusive language ill which Hie dun was conched, ll is not contrary to law to give a man notice un a postal caid that hi* nota la due or that hi* account is soandso much. seen iii the riding Meade Always the Right Place, To get job printing, iHmks, pamphlets, ct ten tars, commercia! ami creamery printing, wedding invitations and cards, ludo** steel plate calling cards eveiything from a mammoth poster to a delicate ai I folder, is at th** S r vnim m> office. Fact N o. I I be Standard is the oldest and largest job printing lions, in southern Minnesota. Fact No. 2 the HT \SHARP does w’oi k quickly, handsomely, ami at low cst living pi ice*. Remember our new quarters: Maimer A Henry's store, nearly site the new opera bouse, Tpk Stanoahp New Im st iNu Horst:. < I VCI oppn- s AM) Jon Hanson (Jet* fils Just Deserts. The following dispatch give* the result of the trial of the fellow ( lins. .Hansen w ho was wanted for so many offenses and was captured through the instrumentality of postmaster Sorenson of tin* city; Mankato, Ming., Hpedg), April 29. Thexraiid JOO in ti,*, Unlit*! Stales four! returned tour iii dii'imeut* today no wa* UHeii.trn ii. 1 tins llaUMiU, Wtiii nave td* true unum as Andrew I' .lorKriiHeii via* ludfi'ted for Hendlug leu, r* .nut ll “el ou* IM,SUI eaxl* to a prominent Minneapolis t.tinny durliix Hie pa*i fourteen ami wa* *eoti‘iM'«'(l bv .IiuBh Nelson to serve lofc»)tilh In Stillw“h)r eaeli ImJioUiieut, an* pay a Uue ut *10 un Some floral Injuttclions. Ho unto others as you ought lo Wish others to do unto you. If thy IIMnd Of thy foot offend thee. go to the doctor, for fliou canst not get along conveniently without those member*. lf I Hint- eye oil end thee, send tor itll oculist. Ma> imp thy spectacle* need changing. Miserable are the. poor. aml^H] blessed; for they have a Ii,int lot a^Ti a* W« can see. lf a man smite thee oil the one Check, resell I ll and    thyself against a repetition of tftc assault, tm thus shall, thou protect thine own rigid* and the light.* ut others aud thereby promote the interest* 01 civ iii /attorn ii a Blan take thy oat, lint,* thy cloak and hand the thief ovei to the nearest policeman. Give Ut event 1,1.01 that askefli rd thee work ami good advice, hut not money, tor Hie chance is ten lo one that he is a tramp. #ii\ e money lo tin associate,I charities,, for they sh.iii 1,., j id out the truly needy, ami discriminate between the deadbeat and Ute lid list l ion*.    J lf thou tallest Jo find fig* on a Ii" I tiro, remember that a quai 1 ut hi mule IS WO!th a bushel of curse*. Love thy ii lends; it thou pretend,’*! to love thine enemies, thou art arm*. mg thyself ot in*incerlt\ and oiiHmg a piemiuin to evil doer*. I ake thought till th) life, what thou shalt eat, Mud for thy body what thou shalt put on; else shalt thou go vet) hungi v, and as naked as Hie lilies ol the Held. lake thought for the morrow. Im tin* Lord who looketh out for the Mini rows, lets a hundred perish where one sui vive*, aud numbering our hun t does not Hem* to prevent tin* occui relic,* of laid headed men. VV. A. (‘Rot iii. Clothing, Hats Etc. _A.t Furnishings Bankrupt Prices. We meet all competitors and #0 them one heller in prices and quality. ours* lur »«| intr*- Deallug, W. W. JOHNSON Sc CO. Baby Carriages 4** - a y" Our line of baby carriages just arrived. We have ult kinds of baby ca bs for all kinds of fables. Commencing with a < heap one at $ F mother at Ir6, a g,»,ni our* al $8* and those at $10, $12, $14 & f 15 are as fine aa ane manufactured. Brussels ami IitraiD Carpels, Leiiolcn The Superb Service Of tho enterprising Minneapolis A 8t. Louis toad gnaUies you to leach Den Moim**, Oinah I, Denver, Kau is points with eus!«, "7121) ('tty ami all western speed aud comfort. Millings, cimline Drapnries and Oil llotb aud Straw Lace Curtains. Also a full line of all kinds of FURNITURE. Don’t buy before you get our prices. Johnson. Petersen A Clausen

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