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Freeborn County Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 22 1896, Page 1

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Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - April 22, 1896, Albert Lea, Minnesota T i rn r> < ■» Twenty Thousand Eyes Sec the Standakp Every Week of the Year. UV%t\V% | Si v.npard Advertising * | Is Not Lowest in Price lint fs Highest in Value VOL. A LUK UT LUA, M INN., WEDNESDAY A PHIL i>*2 1 SDG * v *5uvov iii » aiue. ; MBB    WLMMMfc* It Pays 4 To Head Strauss’ Advert iscniciits. Ifs Gent’s Dress Kid Gloves Sue; for • as arc 9 J..) \V< sold all ever tow ti ■ soil for - 50c OBSERVATIONS NO. 17 INGERSOL!.$ Cill RCII. 'ROUM) A BOI I Occult and Ofherwi.se Ohiectate. Obligingly Decidedly Novel Idea as to a ‘'Preacher'’ and a Place of Worship. ftoliert G. I liger.soils Chicago aer- Omnipotent Opinions Organs. hy Oracular I mon: in many of our small I towns of 8,(JU0 or 4,000 peopl* K Dobbyn, I’riiKrridvi- At:** The manufacturer wants protection. Why F Mi ■    ...    Klnley    serves    the manu facturer. Why? nolo, vc people. t Men’s Working Gloves W Made of Huwhide (voafckin. strong and reliable for 25c ave you Keen our at riel ly warranted THEET-RROOF It’ s a UMBRELLA? •ant.' and can In* carried in a valise -Inst received direct from factory. 200 Dozen Sweet Orr Overalls. They go at a t lie price askci ?*i mining I *rlee and below for trashy kind. Yours Always, W. I. TOOD. orr left IN TMK NKW OI-fc It A t»i>uMuch. A inert I.*-*. Mina. | A WYKK mw HI NM V A. MORUA* TTOUNKY AT I.AW    I OI .STY ATTOR- MV. OW** Iii oulbraiiilioii Block. Mn*.. I w*jr, AinertMum A ll ami It- ii!, Mina BUI I A CHURCH. mr aik. Kaw. Of rum aik k. II• him*. i<>r nee* inlier iii Ofter* Bowk, Aliter) Ut Ant* atli. l.o*nt Mitt! I'liileeiiiHi. H SR KAH NU WOR TH. TI OKS Kl AT KAW fl!AC| It KS IN All ll** etui ti-t. Careful n'trillion rn veil in emu •Hrrri*! amt otli-r enlN'lliiUI. OWrr IU Wedge A HtrlowCw , HIm-I. Urn nu* I mu! 2 AUterl l.e*. Mum    sn    m A Dry Goods and Notions. Kami I in ti Jat*©*, Maili son Pre* " l h** Clough sentiment is growing stronger every day.” Ye*. it smells stronger even than it did two years ago. K. Gralum, Waseca Kadlcal A lliert I .-a has voted no license hy l-N majority. Eighteen years ago th lit place voted no license hut since has been a gay, wide open reservoir for Iowa thirst. W\ \V, William., fenny Pre** I he regulation headline which appeal# over the accoil ii ti of the successive republican state conventions this mouth reads: "T he convention is solid tor |fold; the slate goes through intact. I he gold push ii as the most magnificent machine ever worked on earth or th*- place below. Ow*. N. I .am i there Mu >rhead News: file News wants to know wdiy tile M i linen oohs Tribune and Journal and the si Caul Pioneer Press persistently aftd almost daily discuss the silver question, notwithstanding each and every one of them has announced once OI inoiu times that the silver question is dead. I). Sinclair. Winona Rejiuh I. in tow na— ,    VV i 11    he found four or five chun lies, sometimes more. These churches are founded upon imiuateiial differences, a inference as to the mode of baptism, a dilfeience as to w ho shall ta-entitled to partake ut the Lords supper, a dilTei.-nce of ceremony, of government, a difference j about foreordination, adtfrsrenee about I late anil free will. And it must be ad-I muted that all the arguments on all aides of these differences have been presented countless millions of times. J I poll these subjects nothing new is ; maintained by the repetition of the old j arguments. Now it seems to me that it would he tar better for the people of a town having a population of 4,i*Y) or 5,<M) to have on*- church, and the edi-j lice should lie of use not only on Biin-dav, but on every day of Hie week. In I tins building should be the library of I I the town. It should he the club house I Of “ Selected Scraps of New s from Near Nooks-’ltems of Interest to Everybody. I lier*1 are I!* applications for saloon I licenses in Austin this spiing. j The Mississippi river is higher than I ii lins own bg fort? tor 8**vt4ral ygars. I he Winona Herald charges that the aldermen corruptly speculate iii Hie supplies they buy for that city, I he receipts from th* Western I,lee trie company's long-distance telephone service at Waseca last month were ti tee times greater than those of the preceeding month, I he McGregor Times says that Urie bergusoo, a 15-year old boy of that vicinity tried an experiment with al large cartridge, using a hammer and a ! etoile in his scion ti tic investigations. ! I.ne was blown completely away from one thumb and two fingers. Speaking of Hie Waterville summer resort the .Mankato I rec Press says excursions are to be run from Mankato every Munday lim mg Hie season. The WONDERFUL OFFERINGS! WONDERFUL PRH'"00 -    and the people, where they could Dim] I Andrews    boys have secured lfabWr Hie principal newspapers ain period!- ; soli the Press    sui*    in    i    I    - «* of II"- "Ofld! Ii, »adlu,rl«*    .rK.,*.1,'?.? should lie like a theater. Play# should St. Paul    oiUmstraof be presented by home talent, ani ii ,, orchestra formed, music cultivated.    * the I hatiield Woolen Mills I h*- people should meet there at ain    “v *0r.    ,or 1 P;i,r ol I time they desire. The women could I “SJIi pair wVb No deviating from our high purpose regarding qualities and prices, hut straight to the point with Hie highest class of goods all the time. Not onlx are the goods the hest hut th Lowest —MUCH LOWER iist- prices arc invariably the than those in other stores. Carpets Rugs. And The Greatest- iong ago an order for lf you ha vt carry their kn.uin* and yawl.* at"! I co..tir^p,,t .'tV.m”hIVJ'It Carpel department, you I,.- bis * -Mine! ted w Uh it should lie rooms for I I ... I    -     - the playing of games, billiards, cards    lo.    their and ell ess. Everything should he made I ti, .*J...U Democrsl Understands as agreeable as possible. The citizens should take pride in this building. They should adorn its niches with It statues and its walls with pictures should he the intellectual center. They could employ a gentleman of In all the range of the transports-1 ability, possibly of genius, to address lion business there is nothing so disgraceful, (Iisereditable and idiotic as the ootid it) I hi of a large portion of country roads ami some eity streets. Hie stupidity which tolerates such a state of al! (irs is one of the marvels of our time. .hill!!* A Sehmahl, Redwood Falls Un/--tie: It is pretty generally conceded that every railroad iii Minnesota, with Jim Hill and the tire,it Northern, will support ( Touch for a r Mil nm ll, .. ti/*., DOC I OM NISSEN /I KADI AIK FK**M MiKWAY. Of KUK ‘ I u««r I .ton Drug »u»n-, Broad**?. Alb ert la-*. Mint). Dress Goods, Sills, Wash Goods, Wools and Fabrics. Iii All Styles anil Up-to-Date* Et cry tiling Nutt. Fresh and Stylish. A Complete Lim* of, J. M TODO. M. 0 I III YHICl AN AND St KU KON OFF 11 K I in fear bf HrH I*' Dr mr More, bo pit*! up Fountain aired, Amrit Dh. ■vnr*"' m \A^m C MERRILL. KNllMI. OFMI K IN N K IV • ■lier* It*.un— ti!**-*| ruuNi< t Hint 4 Aibrrt Lr* Mutt*. H A. KAINE KUH 11 KUT AND HU I.DIK FLANN drawn and eon lr ac ta taken lur *11 cl**-**-. of work lu ck) and eouuity. Aibrrt lr*, Min*.    15)1 SHIRT TOTS, CAPES, Dress Skirts, Etc. MODERN WOODMEN OE AMERICA. ^ 111 I Nt OBIN (AMP NO MS ll OKUM KHUU No .loll Lot S. No Old Good a of Any Kind. \\ iii Le pleased to have you examine our stock. \J it moat ink* »t DOU Fellow*’ IUD ever* J KA/ Smith Q Rnihiinn Sr-.! mil third Wednesday evenings of Mach *'    *    *"    S    DullulnQ, Albert Lea. Mf .. _ -ii •'•ID.    J    D    CLARK.    V.    C I K MAI.VuRsK.N, Clerk. Keo. H. Emmons & Co. on C ’re I •nyiiie •ialc op n jai BRUESS rara cl., si. ran, Kin. C. D. EDWARDS’ III COLEMAN Grub & Stump Puller Manufacturer am* Dealer in -And All Kinds of J . I.\ I) in Freeborn county is now too valuable to grow grubs on. Letter hitch onto them with one of C. D Etlw arils’ Grub and Stump I ’tillers and pull them off the face of the earth. Building Material. Sooner the Better. Yard at the old stand neai Milwaukee depot. A. J. STADHEIM; Agent. We fotvrd Int* of money for other People during IWB, and alii fry again wry Paid Iii lk'.#i, at (he~^< Enterprise Iron Works. Productive land is the secret of straightening the wrinkles out of your pocket-book and keeping them out. lf you haven't got the land and are out of a job, then get hold of a plug horse and go to pulling for someone else. There is lots of money in the business. Send for my new descriptive Catalogue, if you are too busy to come and see them where they are made, at Albert Lea, Minn. Machine Shop and Foundry, ALBERT LEA, MINN. C. D. Edwards. Call on im (or HiiWltihK in our lim . xr*R«t or small. We guarantee satm (action —«i*^» J. W. VENESS, Prop. Albert Lea Lumber and Stock Co. Wall Papers ll you are going to paper, call and see the new. . . . THC FARMERS’ INDEPENDENT LUMBER YARD. Best quality of J .umber, Lath, Shin gips,Sash, Doors, Building Paper, and Builders’ Supplier alwavs on hand and *nld at Lowest Market Hates. Yard on Broadway, South of Court House. C. G. JOHNSRUD. - Manager. The latest in Wall Papers. Also a full line of.... Gilts, Glimmers, Ingrains and White Blanks, At prices ranging from to cents a roll upwards. BSs.^.4 Few Item nim Is that Must Go at Any Price. BRIGGS DRUG CO. port ( lough for a renomination for governor. Gov. Clough's signing id the Rtriick-jury bill and other measures of interest to them, evidently whipi them into line. -S VI Owen. Farm Stock & Borne C. A. Pillsbory recently explained in \\ ashington why Minneapolis dour is as cheap in Liverpool as at home by saying that it costs 50 cents a barrel to send Hour to Liverpool, and an expressman in Minneapolis would not i haul a barrel ton consumer two miles away for a less sum. F T. Drelwrt Ctinttleld Democrat: It is Hie duty of Hie editor to publish the news, champion virtue and morality and denounce evil, immorality and wrong, but lie mistakes bis calling if lie undertakes to i>e**otne Hie especial guardian and regulator of the conduct of every individual of tbs com rn unit). KC Huntington, Windom Reporter: Wirtdom is recognized every*harp as a prosperous town. Since saloons were driven out our prosperity has increased. \\ e didn’t realize our prosperity nor Hie resources of Hie people till the nuisance was abated. Business failures arc seldom known, and never because of a want of business The country is settling rapidly, and land is rising in value. AII this without saloons. Isn’t its condition good enough ? Blasdell tv Bonney. Fairmont News; Every now aud then we run across some J).(per which has been changing from hand to hand in h desperate struggle to keep atop of water, that was started by some man, with little or no knowledge of the business, who had a little spare money to invest, aud thought there was a gold mine somewhere concealed in the average country print ahop. The result is always Hie same but the process is interesting to watch nevertheless. J. K. Putnam, (irauite Falls Tribune: Newspapers are considered paying investments hy many besides those who know. Many, ambitious to rise in Hie world, purchase out/Its and Dud some small town fora starter and expect later to move the plant to Gotham and revolutionize the world with mod em ideas. If told that the venture Would not lie a paying investment they would not heed the counsel hut attribute the advice to jealousy. Deluded mortals are we. J. ll Manchester, Kake Benton News: Legally, the Minnesota river is navigable at St. Deter and above there. I Tactically, it is not, and never will he navigable by any craft larger than a small boy on a slab. When a stream is legally navigable, no bridge can be built across it which may hinder its free and unobstructed navigation by boats In order to avoid the expense of draw bridges, the county commissioners of Nicollet county have asked Hist the river at that place aud above there be declared unnavigable. J K Putnam. Granite Falks Tribune: Every municipality should own and operate its plants for lighting and waterworks. No franchise should he given to a corporation or individual tor a term of years or otherwise. The system is all wrong and fast becoming not only unpopular but fatal to the interests of the town which adopts the franchise system. The common people have but little to say about the expense of such public benefactions but Hie utility of managing them and Hie best service is ignored if money can be saved the corporation thereby. By all means own w hat you use if practicable and never waive your rights to vote oil its management. Dr. B. M. Dodds, Northwestern Horseman: The check, when humanely used, is one of the most useful paits of the harness in controlling a high spirited or unsafe horse, but Hie center check should never he used except on race horses, horses on parade, or on short drives, if the animal is kind, as it is a cruel, barbarous invention, (it only for wicked, unsafe horses. Though the check is so useful at times, no one of any humanity or judgment, will drive the horse any distance with it on when checked high. The highbred horse that seems so unsafe when he hist starts off, can lie safely given lits head atter going a ten’ miles, aud he should be. The merciful man is merciful to his beast, and no horse should tie them .iii Sandals on subjects that would be of real interest, id real im-poriaiu e They could say to this niilt-istei "We are engaged in business dm mg the week. \\ bile we are winking at our trades and professions we wan! iou to study and on Sunday tell us what you have found out." Let such a minister take a series of serin uh. the history, the philosophy of the art and the genius of the Breeks. Let Dim tell of Hie wondrous metaphysics, myths and religions of India and Lg.vpt. Let him make Ids congregation conversant with Hie philosophies of the world, with the great thinkers, ! Hie great poets, Hie great artists, the great actors, the great orators, tile great inventors, Hie captains of industry, the soldiers of progress. Let them have a •Sunday school in which the children shall he made acquainted with tile facts of nature, with botany, entomology, something of geology and a»tio-nouiy. Let them be made familiar with tile greatest of poems, the iinest paragraphs of literature, with stories of the heroic, tin* self-denying and generous. Now, it seems to me that such a congregation in a few years would become the most intelligent people in the United States. that some new looms are about to be added to the mills. Sixteen years ago a Norwegian named Brekkle came to Faribault county. Ile secured a farm, on which he made considerable money. A few weeks ago Brekkle determined to make a visit to the old country with several friends. Bs fore reaching ( hicago it was noticed he acted queer-V- Du reaching New \ oik lie took •* heavy cane and smashed glass windows. It not visited our ive no notion of the beauty and assort-| rn (tnt of our \,ist collections for j Spring. We guarantee a Post-I (ive Axil itw. Cloak, Suit And Wrapper Dept. of Southern Minnesota. three plate took five emeers to hun to tht* station, so I> «lid lie light. Ile is now in Hie insane ward at, Bellevue hospital. The physicians think the man will recover his reason. Lvtra Moquettes aud Best Quality Hotly I Fussels, ail in this season’s styles, fully worth $1.40 per yard. Our ^ special price.... •J " $1.00 Ladies’ New Skirts made from all the new leading materials, $2.50 per skirt and up. I he Red Lake Reservation Lands. The St. Peter Tribune speaking of the boom that is being worked up for Bed Lake Reservation lands says; No' thank you—we have no desire to ‘Git on Boa'd’ we were there about ten \ ears ago and invested, with several ot hers, in a number of town lots in St Hilaire the town la sttyi there, about as large as when we first it, the money went where Hie woodbine twineth At that time it was the most forlorn country we ever saw it was then ex ported that the lied Lake pine land would be opened for settlement, and we could ail get a slice of the big tall Pines, forgetting that the government don’t give away pine stumpage, but sells it to the highest bidder. So far as ‘‘plenty of limber for fuel and build mg purposes,’’ is assuming a good deal as there is no timber except scrub timber that skirts the banks of Red river ami if you expect to get much valuu hie farming land on the reservation you will he disappointed seven times out of ten. The only valuable laud is that on Red I.ake. w here the tall pines stand, and that the government will sell to the highest bidder. So, if you have any notion that you are going to reap a fortune, you might just as well free your minds of that notion, and you will not he disappointed—we havt bet ii there. Our Lakes Will Re Restored. rile Pioneer Press believes that Hie long drouth is about to end, and that the result w ill be that the lakes of the northwest will again be restored to their former state of fullness, purity and attractiveness. It says there is one law that is constant and that is the law of averages. H e have had a long succession of dry seasons, broken by years of heavy precipitation. It is as certain as anything can he that these will be followed by a succession of wet seasons. We shall not lose our lakes. They will all drink in again from the kindly skies the copious claughts that will refill their howls. We may not expect to see them full again to the brim. For w e have broken op around them the virgin sod which served as a thatched roof, down which Hie rains poured Into them from all their sloping basins. But they will reach the level which is normal to tin* conditions of cultivated country, and 1 hey will rise and fall through the ages to corno with the oscillations of UR annual rainfall. 'N nme bago City Press-Ne wk Freund bas been in a towering rage since the jury disagreed, lie roasts “the twelve good man aud true" who tried him to a mush, bitterly denouncing them as poltroons. Jacob, like Dr. Jerky 11 and •Mr. Hyde, has two tides, and the Hyde side ut the mail is now in the ascendency. To the officers having him in charge he imparted the information that he would spend all his means ami the balance of ins life in hounding the men now prosecuting him. To make Ut a slang but expressive phrase, • *,rei,rill had better "pull down his vest, ’ as he is by no manner of means ; out OI the woods. Owatonna Journal; Over in the' little tow ii of Hayfield, Dodge county which is by the way a “dry town, ' they have been hat mg a great deal of trouble with illicit liquor selling, and there were several anesis made anti the parties tried at the term of the district court held by judge Buck ham at Mantorvilie this week. As a result oi the trial sheriff Joel Tucker ami deputy, of Dodge county, came o\ ei to Owatonna on W ednesday with three men who will serve out their sentences in the Steele county jail Ihe men were indicted for selling liquor in less than five gallon quantities without having taken out the necessary license required by state law Hie three men were Prank Goss, druggist; Dr. lf. o. (Iii belt son, druggist and physician; and Rasmus Christianson, restaurant. The tines imposed were as follows: Frank (loss, first count Slot)and costs, in all $RH Hand .0 days, second count #30 and 30 days, to these lines 40 days will be added ii the lines are not paid. Dr. Gilbertson 8)5 aud Costs, in all #yu 37 and SO days* with 40 days additional if tines are not pan!; Rasmus Christianson, #50 and costs or *77.13 and 30 days with an additional lorty days for non payment of nm*. Hie men will certainly have time for reflection even if they succeed in paying tht*ir lines. Extra Super All Wool Ingrain#, Spring patterns; well worth 70c per Jan I. Our spinal price per yard. .. . 0UC Ladies’ Waist Dept. 50 dozen I. (dies’ Ribbed V ests, each. . , 5c 25 doz. special made to our order Waists; beautiful assortment, latest patterns. Our QQq price only each. loo dozen Children's Ribbed I lose; good value 15c For this week, three pairs for per pair. 25c One case Peerless Apron C heck Ginghams; good value 6c per yard.    a hor this week....    *k(/ t. Gents Fraisliis. Nelson Bro’s Blended and Java Coffee at 35c, teed a> good as others se I per pound. Mocha guaran-I at 40c 50 dozen Four Ply Linen Collars, for this week, 10c each. ii in Always the Right Place. I o get job printing, books, pamphlets, circulars, commercial ami creamery printing, wadding invitations and cards, ladies steel plate calling cards everything from ;i mammoth poster to a delicate ai t folder, is at the Standard 0 til ce. Fact No. 1 The Standard is the oldest and largest jot* printing house in southern .Minnesota. Fact No. 2 rile Standard dites work quickly, handsomely, and at lowest Jiving prices. Remember our new quarters: Over Maimer A Henry’s store, nearly opposite the new’ opera house. The Standard News and Job Printing Hor.se. A driven any distance checked high. Eyes Open to the Light. wise merchant doesn’t hide his light under a bushel; if tie has bargains to ofter he lets people know it, A wise buyer doest) t shut lier e\es to this light; she reads the advertisements in the Standard and knows when and where to buy. Great Benefit of I lie Draining Wet or Dry Seasons. An exchange quotes a practical farmer as follows: atli a farmer, aud I have found that drain tile don't always drain hat is, I have found that a well laid’ drain tile will bring moisture to the surface of the ground as well as take it away. I have put in a great deal of tile in the hist year or two, ami during the past dry season we could readily locate our tile drains from the healthy condition of tile crops along the line ut the drains as compared with those on md not tiled. J have found from actual experience that tiling is as profitable in seasons of drought as in wet seasons. When I began lo lay my drains Ihe neighboring fanners were inclined lo make sport ol the iu\e,t meat. Now, atter a season or two, th© laugh is on the other side, and tTiej are all studying up the question. Some oi them have already begun to tile then lands, and the balance will follow, for the results have positively demonstrated that well laid tiling will pay for itself in a season or two from Hie increase in crops alone. BANKRUPT!” VV ell, not yet, although we are selling a bright, clear stock of............ Clothing, Hats Etc. JLt Furnishings, Bankrupt Prices. \\ e meet all competitors and go them better in prices and quality. OIH Vo iii-* For N<|iuire Di-aliug, w. W. JOHNSON & CO. A Word to Patrons of tile Plano Machinery. To the scores of fanners throughout this region Who have bought the Plano harvesting machines and with whom tor several years I have had the pleas lire of dealing, | desire to announce that I have transferred the Albert Lea agency of the Plano machines to the iii in til Larkins a Jones, (formerly Hazelton a J.ai kins), who will cive enterprising and careful attention to the business, aud w I rom I recommend as honorable men to deal with. I cordially thank the many who have favored me with their patronage tor Piano machines, and hope it may lie generously extended to my successors, who will faithfully strive to deserve the same. \\ itll best wishes for a prosperous season for all, Yours Faithfully, |,,vs'{    O.    A.    Scitw    1 11 zer. Baby Carriages Our line of baby carriages just arrived. We have all kinds of baby cabs for all kinds of ba Ne#. C ommencing with a cheap one at $4, another at $6, a good one at $8, and those at $10, $12* $14 & pl5 are as fine as any manufactured. I, The Superb Service Of tile enterprising Minneapolis A St. Louis road enables you to reach Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, Kansas City and all western points with ©ase, speed and comfort.    ?i2u Ala Mattings, Chenille Draperies and Lace Curtains, a full line of all kinds of........ FURNITURE. et our prices. Johnson. Petersen A Clausen. I )on’t buy bcf01 e vu

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