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Battle of Arkansas Post

Burlington Weekly Hawk Eye Saturday, April 04, 1863, Burlington, Iowa

...a month previous to the battle of Arkansas Post, we were ontaans- ports and the whole regiment were moreior... ...Reg- imental Adjutant since the battle of Arkansas Post, will now fill that position permanently This wUlloccasion a vacancy... Read More

Battle of Baton Rouge

Ruston Daily Leader Monday, September 03, 1934, Ruston, Louisiana

...who died in the last Battle of Baton Rouge. Some of ths older graves date back to the early... ...this spot was fought the Battle of Baton Rouge. September 23, 1799, Don Ber- nardo de Galvez, with soldiers... ...Conncry of Belfast was another Battle of Baton Rouge. It stands on the southwest corner i ttAvuiiuNi U Del... Read More

Battle of Bennington

Bennington Banner Wednesday, December 29, 1976, Bennington, Vermont

...another bicentennial, that of the Battle of Bennington and the independence of Vermont. Again there will be music... ...-and-blood participants in the Battle of Bennington 200 years ago and their families, it was not a... ...incidents worth recounting in the Battle of Bennington. But now and then half-forgotten or nearly forgotten stories... Read More

Battle of Blue licks

Le Grand Reporter Friday, August 12, 1932, Le Grand, Iowa end in the famous Battle of Blue Licks, fought ,on the banks of the Licking river'on August... did so after the Battle of Blue Licks. The expedition returned in triumph, and the Kentuckians completely regained... Read More

Battle of Brandywine

Chester Times Thursday, September 09, 1915, Chester, Pennsylvania

...of the British at the Battle of Brandywine September 11 No 4 On a boulder at Chadds Ford... ...The Battle of Brandywine took place In this vicinity September 11 1777 Within sight... ...the British army at the Battle of Brandywine September 11 Xo 10 At Street Road The British I... Read More

Battle of Bunker Hill

Hutchinson News Monday, June 17, 1929, Hutchinson, Kansas

...'s Hill It la the Battle of Bunker Hill, because everybody said It wee do. . There might have been... ...of the colonies. But the battle of Bunker Hill was not only another blow at any suggestion of compromise... had not fought the battle of Bunker Hill with the success which It did. It Is quite possible... Read More

Battle of Camden

Aiken Standard Friday, April 27, 2012, Aiken, South Carolina

...escape a court martial. The Battle of Camden was certainly a low point in America‚Äôs War for... ...'s Hill or the Second Battle of Camden, Greene lured British forces, under the command of Lord Francis... ...native who fought in first battle of Camden, can be seen. presence of American forces outside Camden - Greene... Read More

Battle of Chelsea Creek

Boston Globe Sunday, June 11, 1922, Boston, Massachusetts

...BRONZE TABLET TO COMMEMORATE THE BATTLE OF CHELSEA CREEK Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill Glorious though these famous... ...insist that but for lie Battle of Chelsea Creek the British ould not have evacuated Boston as of Weymouth... ...been for these jealousies he Battle of Chelsea Creek would have een exploited to the exclusion of Bun er... Read More

Battle of Cowpens

Mount Carmel Daily Republican Register Monday, May 19, 2008, Mount Carmel, Illinois Cowpens, South Carolina. The battle of Cowpens had just begun. It was January 18,1781 and the... may ask? Well, the battle of Cowpens started because British Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarlatan was blinded by... ...! When I looked outside the battle of Cowpens was right outside my window! I heard General Gates screaming... Read More

Battle of Crooked Billet

Doylestown Intelligencer Thursday, June 18, 1987, Doylestown, Pennsylvania E. Siace OBITUARIES Historic Battle of Crooked Billet is detailed in recent discussion By Anna Kreiner Correspondent Over... ...the area during the _. Battle of Crooked Billet. Mark a Hatboro native and a recent graduate of the... ...Library Co. of Hatboro. The Battle of Crooked Billet took place on the morning of May at the north... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions