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Appomattox Court House

Indiana Gazette Sunday, March 25, 2001, Indiana, Pennsylvania

...the Civil War ended at Appomattox Court House in Vir ginia plan to spend more than an hour... ...touring the site Appomattox Court House is not just one buMing where Confederate Gen Robert E... stop The village of Appomattox Court House began as a stagecoach stop in the early 1800s along... Read More

Battle of Antietam

News Tuesday, September 15, 1987, Frederick, Maryland

...the 125th Commemoration of the Battle of Antietam These talks tours and demonstrations will be held through September... ...American Civil War at the Battle of Antietam That disaster will be discussed by William E Potter in... ...The Union Army during the Battle of Antietam was beset by errors and bad judgment but few mistakes... Read More

Battle of Athens

Burlington Evening Gazette Saturday, February 15, 1902, Burlington, Iowa

...of Union Torc*** at tin* Battle of Athens. alike that you could not have got up much of... ...the profound historian. So Hie battle of Athens was not counted of sufficient importance to hold the attention... ...some fancy shooting at the battle of Athens. He remained on the Croton side of the river and... Read More

Battle of Atlanta

Atlanta Constitution Wednesday, July 21, 1909, Atlanta, Georgia

TflK ATLANTA, MAYOR TODAY ADDRESSES VETERANS WHO FOLLOWED FATHER IN BATTLE Sensational Developments in Bainbridge Trial. Sentiment Is Changing in Fa- vor of tie Ex-Climax Banker. Naw Thought to Have Secu- rities in New York, as He Claimi.. Bainbridge. Qa July In the A 0. h Read More

Battle of Bull Run

Olean Times Herald Thursday, December 16, 1948, Olean, New York

...which stood firm through both Battles of Bull Run. At the beginning1 of the first Battle of Bull Run... ...PIOPLE AND PLACES: Days Of Battle Of Bull Run Recalled As Stone House Is Added To U. S. Parli... ...States the first and second Battles of Bull Run Latest addition to the acre memorial to the Confeder- ate... Read More

Battle of Carthage

Joplin Globe Monday, February 07, 2005, Joplin, Missouri

...devoting my page to The Battle of Carthage, along with some other historical tidbits you ’re sure to... week, Percy Katz "Battle of Carthage" painting by Andy ThomasSoldiers clash at Carthage Part 1... ...-Confederate troops dashed in the Battle of Carthage. If you look at the map, you’ll see which... Read More

Battle of Chancellorsville

Norwalk Daily Reflector Wednesday, January 24, 1912, Norwalk, Ohio

..., wounded May 2, 1863, in battle of Chancellorsville, Va., killed June 22, 1864, in battle of Kenesaw Mountain... ..., captured May 2, 1863, at battle of Chancellorsville. dead; Clarence L. Keeler, killed June 7, 1862, by ac... ...i May 2, 1863, at battle of Chancellorsville, dead; Abner D. Twaddle killed May 15, 186b in battle... Read More

Battle of Charleston

Gazette Mail Sunday, September 06, 1959, Charleston, West Virginia

...Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne Dill Battle of Charleston, W. Va. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and... ...Dr. and Mrs. Henry Wilson Battle of Charleston. His father is a member of the law firm of... Read More

Battle of Chattanooga

Goshen Democrat Wednesday, June 26, 1895, Goshen, Indiana

...and battery reports of the battle of Chattanooga. i)r Missionary liidge, missing. Tliat commission says: "A... ...and battery reports of the battle of Chattanooga."" They then proced to give a list of... appears that of the battle of Chattanooga (Missionary Ridge) alone, the reports of 313 commanding officers of... Read More

Battle of Chickamauga

Oxford Gazette Friday, September 12, 1913, Oxford, Indiana

...the dates covering the sanguinary battle of Chickamauga, fought fifty years ago between the Confederates under Gen. Braxton... ...reunion of survivors of the battle of Chickamauga will be held ; on Snoograss Hill during the reunion, i... ...Northern state had In the battle of Chickamauga as a basis of calculation, few states have greater interest... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions