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Alexander Von Humboldt

London Hour Tuesday, April 15, 1873, London, Middlesex

...liLILuid, 310 tow, of all ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT* . [FIRST NOTICE.] treated with a conscientious carefulness which nothing seems... ...years have passed since Herr Alexander von Humboldt rested from his labours, at the patriarchal age of ninety... ...intimate friends and associates of Alexander von Humboldt during his life, and when the Humboldt centenary had arrived... Read More

Ancient Egyptian Medicine

Charleston Daily Mail Thursday, June 22, 1961, Charleston, West Virginia

anything that seemed to work. But surprisingly enough medicine among primitive people included application of heat and cold, bloodletting, massage, the use of herbs. Ancient Egyptian medicine which was the best known medi cine before the scientific, depend cd chiefly on magic. It used al kinds of ointment Read More

Ancient Greek Medicine

Oak Park Oak Leaves Thursday, March 01, 1951, Oak Park, Illinois

February 19 the society met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Q. Grant, 106 Gale. The president, Dr. Charles Ferguson Ball, presided. The program was as follows: "Ancient Greek Medicine" by Mrs. F. J. Thielbar; "The Splendor of the Sky" by Dr. C. F. Ball and "Edinburgh&quo Read More

Ancient Greek Philosophy

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Saturday, October 08, 1988, Arlington Heights, Illinois

...from his beloved pursuit of ancient Greek philosophy. That led authorities to cut off his $114 weekly welfare... ...,” he said. Did he feel ancient Greek philosophy had relevance today? “Good heavens, yes. Truth always has relevance... Read More

Cell Theory

Elyria Chronicle Telegram Wednesday, May 03, 1939, Elyria, Ohio

..._ Science Marks Centenary Of Cell Theory Discovery By CLAUD NORTH CBRISMAN, M.D. IF YOU were... ...asked what is the cell theory, you would probably give the usual flippant answer, "I don... ...really do not know. The cell theory is so important that we are recognizing 1939 I AS... Read More

Central Dogma

Florence Morning News Friday, October 17, 1975, Florence, South Carolina

...YORK An idea thatchallcnged a central dogma of molecular blologyafewyears, ago is an idea whose time has... ...olher form of life. The central dogma of recent molecular biology was based on the famoiig work... ...for heredity to work. The central dogma of the time held that the information could only go... Read More

Chinese Alchemy

North China Herald Saturday, August 30, 1856, Shanghai, Shanghai

...with this Ihe practice of Chinese alchemy to the is highly Moham medan ambassadors visited China about... ...them to arrive at this Chinese alchemy was probably very beneficial to UKdicini and the arts us... Read More

Classical Chinese Medicine

Port Charlotte Daily Herald News Monday, May 07, 1973, Port Charlotte, Florida

...acupuncture and other forms of “classical Chinese medicine.” Hodes said the trip was organized for several reasons, including... ...include an overall study of Classical Chinese medicine, which involves considerably more than just acupuncture. Munach said the... Read More

Claudius Galen

Syracuse Herald Sunday, September 01, 1912, Syracuse, New York

...ii'-iwEses of life was Claudius Galen. Claudius Galen was born in the sec- ond century after... ..., 1912, The Prws Ptiblisiunj Co. CLAUDIUS GALEN. First Experimental Physiologist. !T IS largely conceded that experimentation upon... ...and labor in modern times. Claudius Galen died about 200 A. O. me of OIL- greatest physicians... Read More

Edwin Smith Papyrus

San Antonio Light Sunday, March 20, 1949, San Antonio, Texas

...lith papyrus. Of these, the" Edwin Smith papyrus is-the lest. Then come the Hearst and Ebers papers... ...most remarkable facts about ther Edwin Smith papyrus is the conclusion of James Henry Breasted, a professor in... ...survived until modern times. The Edwin Smith papyrus turns out to bel an outline of material from three... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions