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Hurricane Allen

Alvin Sun Friday, August 08, 1980, Alvin, Texas

...through the northern Yucatan Peninsula, Hurricane Allen has continued its west*northest march towards the Mexico and... .... At 8 a.m. Friday Hurricane Allen was centered at 23.5 degrees north latitude and 90... ...:32 a.m. Friday shows Hurricane Allen about IOO miles north of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico... Read More

Hurricane Andrew

Kokomo Tribune Sunday, October 24, 1993, Kokomo, Indiana

OCTOBER 1993 Two weeks after they heard reports of the Midwestern survivors of Hurricane Andrew had A Report By David Lawrence INSIDE You Can Be a Part of the Olympic Games  Read More

Hurricane Audrey

Corpus Christi Times Saturday, June 29, 1957, Corpus Christi, Texas

...sick and injured victims of Hurricane Audrey the first tropical storm of the year AP Wirephoto The... ...CHARLESLa AP A partial listofthe Hurricane Audrey identified dead as pro vided by sheriffs offices civil defense... ...done to Tex ascities by Hurricane Audrey subject houses S50 massshelters nodeaths juries Port Major injuries to... Read More

Hurricane Betsy

Biloxi Daily Herald Saturday, September 11, 1965, Biloxi, Mississippi

...Gimma Buildings . . . The waters of hurricane Betsy shimmed through the rear walls of these service buildings at... ...marina at Broadwater caused by Hurricane Betsy this morning was estimaited at less than $10,000. T... ...lie on the beach after Hurricane Betsy washed out a number of stores along the Mississippi Co... Read More

Hurricane Camille

Biloxi Daily Herald Sunday, August 16, 1970, Biloxi, Mississippi

- - A y ear since Hurricane CamilleINDUSTRY on the Mississippi Gulf Coast * . - ÏT fell - - ^'ifx-.-  Read More

Hurricane Carla

Lubbock Avalanche Journal Monday, September 11, 1961, Lubbock, Texas

...the floods and winds of hurricane Carla. Storm Poses Economic nri . nn i7 H * Threat To Valley... ...Freeport, Tex., "threatened by Hurricane Carla—was the toughest assignment he has had in more than... ...HOUSTON (UPI) - Nine!skirts of hurricane Carla. airlines cancelled flights into Houston Sunday as high winds and... Read More

Hurricane Carmen

Biloxi Daily Herald Sunday, September 08, 1974, Biloxi, Mississippi

...Single Copy 25' Fury of Hurricane Carmen causes Coast 'exodus'Flying flags Hurricane flags fly over the... ...Port of Gulfport Saturday as Hurricane Carmen neared the Gulf Coast. Low lying areas were evacuated and... ...residents in the face of Hurricane Carmen Saturday was "exodus". Thousands boarded up windows and... Read More

Hurricane Charley

Lima News Saturday, August 14, 2004, Lima, Ohio

...made from garbage bags as Hurricane Charley made landfall further south Friday. People fleeing Hurricane Charley fill... ...home was blown off by Hurricane Charley Friday. Donald Stellwagen (left) and his sister, Jessica, trudge down... ...from the outer bands of Hurricane Charley. Emily Svendsen (front) and her daughter, Ha Svendsen who are... Read More

Hurricane Charlie

Kingston Gleaner Saturday, August 17, 2002, Kingston, Kingston

...this season. 51 years since Hurricane Charlie TODAY MARKS the 51st anniversary of Hurricane Charlie, one of... ...hurricanes which developed in 1951, Hurricane Charlie was the worst, claiming 154 lives. It struck Jamaica's... Read More

Hurricane David

Hutchinson News Tuesday, September 04, 1979, Hutchinson, Kansas

...-3311 32 Pages 15' Today Hurricane David heads for sea Baby gorilla LONDON (UPI) - She's an... ...the pounding surf produced by Hurricane David hit the (Hutchinson NtwtUPI Tctopfcoto) area. The hurricane is moving... ...wake CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (UPI) - Hurricane David, its death toll in the Caribbean near 700, raked Florida... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions