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Alaska Earthquake

Fairbanks Daily News Miner Monday, April 20, 1964, Fairbanks, Alaska

...Enclosed Find fnpios Of The "Alaska Earthquake Edition." (Please Print Or Type) Enclosed Find Of "Alaska Earthquake... ...AID THE VICTIMS OF THE ALASKA EARTHQUAKE Many Fellow Alaskans Need Your Help ORDER YOUR COPIES NOW... ...) Enclosed Find fnpifx; Of Thp "Alaska Earthquake Edition." (Please Print Or Type) Enclosed Find S For "Alaska... Read More

Aleppo Earthquake

Manitowoc Herald News Tuesday, September 21, 1926, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

in-China in 1911 with 100,000 dead; the Italian earthquako of 1903 with 164,000; another in 1915 with 33,000; the eruption in "Martinique In 1902 with 40,000, the Aleppo earthquake in 1822 with 20,000. Other great storms and floods taking heavy tolls ot life In America have been: 1874-144 dea Read More

Bam Earthquake

Kerrville Daily Times Wednesday, February 23, 2005, Kerrville, Texas

with sniffer dogs and mountain rescue teams fanned out with tents and tarps to the affected villages Officials said Tuesdays quake was not a replay of the devastating Bam earthquake in December 2003 because the epicenter was near lightly populated remote villages Tues days quake was also muc Read More

Cascadia Earthquake

Stonewall Interlake Spectator Friday, September 16, 2005, Stonewall, Manitoba

...occurred on our West Coast Cascadia earthquake of The Cascadia region from southern south to north ern... ...ring patterns and placed the Cascadia earthquake in the year 1700 Yamaguchi et Treering dating the 1700... Read More

Chile Earthquake

Syracuse Herald Journal Sunday, April 28, 1985, Syracuse, New York

Central New York's Leisure Magazine MUSEUMS VEEKEN1 SPECIAL New Pompeion Players production 3 BOOKS Nixon rewrites history in 'No More Vietnams' 11 TRAVEL Chile earthquake jolts vacation Read More

Great Kanto Earthquake

Naples Daily News Thursday, October 28, 1971, Naples, Florida

...counting from 1923 when the great Kanto earthquake destroyed much of Tokyo. Granting an error of 13 years... ...of an intensity of the great Kanto earthquake strikes the same area again. But even Ogiwara is not... ...of the intensity of the great Kanto earthquake of 1923 hits Tokyo, the crowded Koto Ward of eastern... Read More

Guatemala Earthquake

European Stars and Stripes Monday, February 09, 1976, Darmstadt, Hesse

Residents of the town of San Pedro, one of the hardest-hit by the Guatemala earthquake, carry coffins of their neighbors up a hill to the town cemetery. _ UPI  Read More

Gujarat Earthquake

Tribune Democrat Tuesday, March 06, 2001, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

was fine, all my relatives living on the West Coast were safe.” Patel, who lives in a 10-story apartment building in Ahmadabad, spent four weeks with friends after the Gujarat earthquake because of cracks in his building. He said it may take years to refit Gujarat buildings to make them quak Read More

Haiti Earthquake

Winnipeg Free Press Friday, January 22, 2010, Winnipeg, Manitoba

...News Wheel Fort. Hope for Haiti " Earthquake Relief" ( N) Medium 4News David Letterman ( N) LateLate ( N) .. 5... ...News Ent. Tonight Hope for Haiti " Earthquake Relief" ( N) The Jay Leno Show News Tonight Show LateNite... ...News Ent. Tonight Hope for Haiti " Earthquake Relief" ( N) 20/ 20 ( N) WDAZ News Nightline The Insider... Read More

Indian Ocean Earthquake

Brownsville Herald Monday, August 26, 2013, Brownsville, Texas 2005 and the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in 2004. Rodriguez’s research emphasis focuses on... ...the immediate aftermath of the Indian Ocean earthquake, for example, impoverished fishing villages in Sri Lanka suffered disproportionately... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions