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Agustin De Iturbide

San Antonio Express Sunday, May 12, 1940, San Antonio, Texas

...ibe host j departure of Agustin de Iturbide j of the San Antonio Boys Club" w t'he... ...the WPA and the city Agustin de Iturbide is hereby j health department, granted for life the annual... ...So- _____ _ ______ _ "Agustin de Iturbide shall be ciety of First Baptist Church. Howard, Akim Tamiroff... Read More

Attila The Hun

Santa Fe New Mexican Sunday, May 20, 1990, Santa Fe, New Mexico

...interest in the he said Attila the Hun said it best He said Attila the Hun interrupted the... ...Berkow Steinbrenner A Student of Attila the Hun George Steinbrenner was making a point about running the New... ...It was Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun published last year by Warner Books Its an excellent book... Read More

Colin Powell

Madison Wisconsin State Journal Sunday, July 05, 2009, Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Journal JULY 2009 I I I I by Derek Jeter Arnold Schwarzenegger Rachael Ray Colin Powell and more Plus Celebrating Our Brave Volunteer Firefighters  Read More

Constantine The Great

Ashtabula Star Beacon Friday, January 12, 2001, Ashtabula, Ohio

...traced to the reign of Constantine the Great, one of the most unscrupulous yet influential individuals ever. "... ...coin from the reign of Constantine the Great George ll ii hhurd than any man since Jesus Christ... ...;When you consider the impact Constantine the Great had on the history of the world, you can see... Read More

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Gettysburg Times Friday, June 15, 1990, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

..., FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 1990 THE DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER SOCIETY founded October 14, 1969 Why It Was Formed What... ...months after the death of Dwight D. Eisenhower on March 28, 1969, Founders of the Society, Charles W... ...marble or bronze statue. The Dwight D. Eisenhower Society was structured accordingly. Our Purpose "To promote knowledge and... Read More

Emilio Aguinaldo

Burlington Evening Gazette Thursday, March 28, 1901, Burlington, Iowa

...of Kull-tilood Malay Ancestor*. Emilio Aguinaldo, known simply by that name until the war, when he... ...imposing title of Senor Don Emilio Aguinaldo y Faury, was born in a nlpa hut in the... ..., had inordinate fondness for both, Emilio Aguinaldo was taught there was something more in store for him... Read More

Cyrus The Great

Oakland Tribune Sunday, September 11, 1960, Oakland, California

...fact that the Russians were CYRUS THE GREAT by liar- old Lamb. Doubloday Cyrus the Great. Kins; of... of Ihe utter in- CYRUS THE GREAT, KING OF PERSIA the subject of Harold Lamb's latest... ...'s Version of Life of Cyrus the Great capacity of thc British army duction and Ihe first two... Read More

Fidel Castro

Syracuse Herald American Sunday, April 01, 1984, Syracuse, New York

APRIL 1, 1984 Why Fidel Castro Says Friendship With The U.S. Could Occur An Interview ByTadSzulc INSIDE: How Women Invest Today  Read More

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Boston Post Tuesday, July 20, 1915, Boston, Massachusetts

...Ra-gusa, the Italian cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi. The cruiser foundered within 15 minutes.” The Giuseppe Garibaldi w... ...the Vares, Francesco Fer-rucio, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Vettor Pisani, proceeded early Sunday morning to Cattaro, an... the official* report, the Giuseppe Garibaldi was able to avoid the first attack, but a few... Read More

John Paul Jones

Princeton Bureau County Tribune Friday, April 28, 1905, Princeton, Illinois

...probable that the remains of John Paul Jones would be received in America with the acclaim of admiration... ...there are those things in John Paul Jones’ life which make it seem that he may have fought... claim the soul of John Paul Jones craved. He did his work well. There was ! no turning... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions