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Agnes Martin

Taos News Thursday, March 21, 2002, Taos, New Mexico

Center of Attentii Taos pays homage to one of the most renowned and legendary artists of our Agnes Martin Page 20  Read More

Claes Oldenburg

Des Moines Register Friday, September 22, 1972, Des Moines, Iowa

...CLAES OLDENBURG He Blends Fantasy By Nick Baldwin ALTHOUGH Claes Olden burg... ...tor Indigent Giant 1369 By Claes Oldenburg AS EVERYONE who has viewed his show at the Art... ...of what Clothespin Monument EH Claes Oldenburg Oldenburg describes as the importance to me of thinking Drums... Read More

Claude Monet

Syracuse Post Standard Sunday, October 04, 2009, Syracuse, New York

CLAUDE MONET "WMllles" (1906) Oil on canvas, 32'/$ x 36Vi inches, IMatlonal Museum Wales; Miss Gwendoline E. Davies Bequest, (NMWA2487). '"-'^ 1951  Read More

Donald Judd

Marfa Big Bend Sentinel Thursday, August 05, 1993, Marfa, Texas

...mention the modern art of Donald Judd, John Chamberlain, Claes Oldenburg and Richard Long. One would expect... ..., the New York bagpiper that Donald Judd brings to his October open*house, and more recently to... ...the October event hosted by Donald Judd at the arena, where people from around the world mixed... Read More

Edgar Degas

Tucson Daily Citizen Saturday, November 16, 1968, Tucson, Arizona

Auguste Rodin's "Daiiaide" 12 Inches High "Seated Jacques Lipchitz, Inches High "Dancer Edgar Degas, 17V2 Inches High ,16, J 968 ..TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN PAGE  Read More

Edouard Manet

Roswell Daily Record Monday, September 26, 1983, Roswell, New Mexico

...News CD VegaS O 3D Edouard Manet Painter of Modern The work and life of painter Edouard... ...FROM TME SEAS O CD Edouard Manet Painter of Modern The work and life of painter Edouard... Read More

Fernando Botero

Santa Fe New Mexican Monday, November 12, 2007, Santa Fe, New Mexico EL NUEVO MEXICANO Fernando Botero saca su rabia en su obra dedicada a Abu Ghraib... ...EFE Fernando Botero, gigantc de las artcs plasticas colombiano, ha afirmado que realizo... ...Abu Grahib, del pintor colombiano Fernando Botero, expuestas en el museo de la American University en Washington... Read More

Frank Frazetta

Indiana Gazette Friday, December 11, 2009, Indiana, Pennsylvania

...DONE by renowned fantasy artist Frank Frazetta are shown on display at the Frank Frazetta Museum in... ...Marshalls Creek. Police say Alfonso Frank Frazetta used a backhoe to break into the museum owned by... ...father — the pioneering fantasy artist Frank Frazetta — in an attempt to steal 90 paintings valued at $ 20... Read More

Gerhard Richter

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Friday, October 08, 1982, Arlington Heights, Illinois

...! “See the astounding train manager, Gerhard Richter, move that tram, which is nearly a mile long. "... ...starts to roll, train master Gerhard Richter is in charge. “From the time the train is loaded... ...; Bailey Circus. Train master Gerhard Richter, above, will be responsible for getting the mile-long circus... Read More

Henri Matisse

Oakland Tribune Sunday, March 11, 1962, Oakland, California

THE LAST WORKS OF HENRI MATISSE ELDORADO BOOKS ART MUSIC STAGE SCREEN PHOTOGRAPHY SUNDAY, MAR. 11, 1962 EL Oakland's Treasure SEE PAGE 7  Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions