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Anders Celsius

Medicine Hat News Tuesday, April 01, 1975, Medicine Hat, Alberta

.... We owe it all to Anders Celsius, a 17th-Century Swedish astronomer who designed a scale of... ...projects investigating the changeover problems. ANDERS CELSIUS . . . we owe it to him It’s a huge conversion... ...below weather, remember you have Anders Celsius to thank. It’s no joke. MMTDISNEF PRPDucanoNs’ TECHNICOLOR® FAMILY... Read More


London Miner and Workman Advocate Saturday, May 06, 1865, London, Middlesex

...words in defeuoo of the anemometer, which he bo liberally abuses. I tbfak, belbre he had... ...I wiH say, that an anemometer made according to the principle laid down by my late... .... Aokroyd to ~prove that an anemometer ao constructed ever registered more than waa correot. If any... Read More

Atmospheric Circulation

Elyria Chronicle Telegram Monday, July 14, 1930, Elyria, Ohio

THE CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM J. CLAJUI OBOROB. City Editor M aec- taaday. Cnt M of IITJ.___________ jlf copy. 87 In city. 11 M.N ID By mall dally ef Elyria. Ml jMoad Street ty PrUttac ___ wltaia Lera'lii adjoUilcs; State Pf Ohio, THE CHKONICLE-TELEGRAM ELTBIA, 0. MONDAY, JULY 14 Read More

Atmospheric Layers

Winnipeg Free Press Tuesday, November 19, 1968, Winnipeg, Manitoba

...and heat friction from dense atmospheric layers. Moscow said the speed of Zond 6 dropped from 6... ...skipping in and out of atmospheric layers as well as the "aerodynamic lifting" characteristics of the craft... Read More

Atmospheric Pressure

London Standard Wednesday, July 11, 1827, London, Middlesex

...OF TRAVELLING BY MEANS OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. Mr. Ricardo has pubUshed a letter on the subject of... another, by means of atmospheric pressure. Mr. Ricardo clearly exposes the absurdity and ntter impracticability of... ...this delusion. Motions produced by atmospheric pressure in exhaustion, are regulated by laws as defined and certain... Read More

Blaise Pascal

British Herald Saturday, March 01, 1862, London, Middlesex the present day, was Blaise Pascal,* author of the celebrated "Provincial Letters" and the " Thoughts on... ...distinguished savans of the capital. Blaise Pascal was a singularly precocious child, and possessed of a philosophic... the age of sixteen, Blaise Pascal produced a treatise on Conic Sections, which astounded the men... Read More

Christopher Wren

British Workman Monday, October 01, 1866, London, Middlesex

r No. 148. October 1st, 1806 Price Oae Pemmy THE BRITISH WORKMAN. Registered for Transmission Abroad. NO BWBAEIN* ALLOWBDI" OR, SIB CHRISTOPHER WREN AND ST. PAUL'S.  Read More

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

Gettysburg Times Wednesday, November 28, 2012, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

SCIENTISTS CREATE PORTRAIT – The undated picture provided on Tuesday, Nov. 27, by the Gdansk University of Technology Press Of fi ce shows a computer- generated portrait of physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, of whom no reliable likenesses exist. AP P HOTO / G DANSK U NIVERSITY OF T ECHNOLOGY P RES Read More

Edmund Halley

Titusville Herald Saturday, March 09, 1985, Titusville, Pennsylvania

...chance was more than Sir Edmund Halley got In fact in a way Halley himself never saw... ...refused For a sailor to EDMUND HALLEY recon longitude with accuracy he would first have to know... ...graduate student in astronomy named Edmund Halley The timing of the project could not have been better... Read More

Environmental Monitoring

Kingston Gleaner Friday, July 14, 2006, Kingston, Kingston

...individuals for the position of Environmental Monitoring Consultant Northern Coastal Highway improvement Project (NCHIP) segment 2A The... ...assist in strengthening post- permit environmental monitoring by the National Environment and Planning Agency The specific objectives... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions