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Abu Hureyra

Kokomo Tribune Friday, September 09, 1994, Kokomo, Indiana

...the bones of people from Abu Hureyra a neolithic settlement in Syria and has found that quite... ...162 individuals who lived at Abu Hureyra from about to years ago and found injuries indicative of... Read More

Agricultural Revolution

Winona Daily News Sunday, October 31, 1976, Winona, Minnesota

...this planet. It is our Agricultural revolution, and the magnitude of its impact is yet to be... ...the major significance of our Agricultural revolution is that it freed most of our nation's resources... ...real lesson of the American Agricultural revolution is that until people can feed themselves efficiently and economically... Read More

Agriculture In India

Winnipeg Free Press Monday, October 24, 1927, Winnipeg, Manitoba

...identified with tho. advancement of agriculture in India, for more than twenty-two years when he retired nearly... to the aid of agriculture in India, ami when, through the generous assist- ance of the United... ...the Hoyal commis- sion on Agriculture, in India, to com- plete investigations. Roman Catholics and Perjury precaution is... Read More

Andrew Moore

Hays Daily News Sunday, May 20, 2007, Hays, Kansas

...Andrew Moore FiveStar Ben Faber Andrew Moore Physics Ben Faber Andrew Moore... ...GENERAL ACADEMIC Oovwnoft Scholar Awtrdt Andrew Moore Audrey Polifka National Merit Benjamin Faber Andrew Moore National Merit... ...High FFA Chapter Scholarship I Andrew Moore National Merit Otto J KU 1 Engineering Deans KU Chemical... Read More


Tyrone Daily Herald Saturday, January 11, 2003, Tyrone, Pennsylvania supposed to be one Biodiversity Snapshot 2002 Biodiversity encompasses all including and our hcallh as... ...status of our promote voluntary biodiversity conserva and develop a scientifically based biodiversity According to board... ...Pennsylvania Biodiversity Conservation Biodiversity in Pennsylvania Snapshot 2002 is an impressive document... Read More


Cedar Rapids Gazette Sunday, February 09, 2014, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

...and less infrastructure-compatible than biofuels. Some critics of biofuels are calling for an overthrow of... ...BROWN Why we are producing biofuels In the face of criticism about ethanol, delays in the... ...commercialization of advanced biofuels and the recent development of domestic supplies of t racked... Read More

Carl Sauer

Atchison Daily Globe Saturday, August 02, 1913, Atchison, Kansas

... ...... ... S< ott Hoblnsi n... ...... Carl Sauer... ...... ..... Carl Sauer ... ...... .... Lydia K. Draper... ..... Edwin It Nance... ..... Carl Sauer... .... ... .... nrl Sauer.  ... ..... Carl Sauer  ... .... Carl Sauer... ...... .... K K. L. A I* Co... .... Carl... Read More

Charles Townshend

London Morning Post Thursday, February 19, 1835, London, Middlesex to say that Lord Charles Townshend refuses either to teiract or to make any apology for... inform vou that ' Lord Charles Townshend refuses to retract cr to apologize to Sir Jacob Astley... ...,' Lord Charles Townshend not conceiving he has anything to retract or apologize for... Read More

Crop Rotation

Portales News Tribune Saturday, June 11, 2011, Portales, New Mexico

Summer 2011 Dairies Holding Their Own Helping Hand within Dairy Industry In the Kitchen Understanding Crop Rotation D C ©  Read More

Daniel Quinn

New Castle Daily Courier Thursday, February 24, 1916, New Castle, Indiana

...friend and rolalivos lioro. MRS. DANIEL QUINN. MIDDLETOWN, Ind., Feb. 22.— Mrs. .lane Dean Quinn, wife of... ...Daniel Quinn, one of the most prominent citizens of the place, died... ..., 1862, and was married to Daniel Quinn, September 26, 1S80. She has five children living. ¦Mrs. Raymond... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions