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  • 2,160,292 Results in 1970
  • 2,031,253 Results in 1950
  • 1,923,195 Results in 1960
  • 1,810,729 Results in 1930
  • 1,712,813 Results in 1940
  • 1,673,253 Results in 1920
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Abu Hureyra
Port Arthur News Friday, August 12, 1994, Port Arthur, Texas

...the bones of people from Abu Hureyra, a neolithic settlement in Syria, and has found that, quite... ...162 individuals who lived at Abu Hureyra from about 11,500 to 7,500 years ago and... Read More

Agricultural Revolution
Canandaigua Daily Messenger Wednesday, June 14, 1972, Canandaigua, New York

...of thousands of years the agricultural revolution which ultimately enabled mankind to dominate the earth and, in... ..., and thus brought on the agricultural revolution, has been outlined in Science maga- zine by A. Carl... ...until about years ago. The agricultural revolution began about years ago with the domestication of food- producing... Read More

Agriculture In India
Local Government Gazette Thursday, April 30, 1891, London, Middlesex

enterprise under certain conditions with the Government. These had been hanging fire somewhat, but probably an impulse will be given to them by recent events." INDIAN AGRICULTURE. In the course of his report to the Secretary of State for India on the agriculture of India, Mr. J. Augustu Read More

Andrew Moore
Boston Daily Globe Thursday, July 03, 1902, Boston, Massachusetts

.... Grade Keller was second and Andrew Moore rourth when they turned into the stretch. Andrew Moore soon... ...eight of the entries started. Andrew Moore was the opening favorite, but many of the wise ones... ...Ralpn Wick, The Montana and Andrew Moore fighting hard for second place. Fifty yards from the wire... Read More

Kingston Gleaner Thursday, May 22, 2008, Kingston, Kingston

...BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY 22 BIODIVERSITY AND AGRICULTURE What is biodiversity? Biodiversity is the... ...chicken coops. Farming and Biodiversity Agriculture directly impacts on biodiversity, since farming occupies more... ...part. Jamaica is rich in biodiversity with the Cockpit Country Area which straddles four parishes in... Read More

Austin Daily Texan Tuesday, November 10, 2015, Austin, Texas

...biofuels, climate change is ever more imminent. Biofuels are scien- tifically... ...quality. It subsidized corn-based biofuels to help achieve these goals, but unin- tended consequences surfaced... ...diversion of food crops for biofuels contributed to an 83 percent increase in global food price... Read More

Carl Sauer
Ukiah Daily Journal Thursday, May 13, 1954, Ukiah, California mother in charge. MRS. CARL SAUER BETTER FORT BRAGG. - Mrs. Carl Sauer is reported better and... ...'s Anniversary Party FORT BRAGG.-Carl Sauer of the local- Bank of America attended the 50th statewide... Read More

Charles Townshend
London Morning Post Thursday, February 19, 1835, London, Middlesex to say that Lord Charles Townshend refuses either to teiract or to make any apology for... inform vou that ' Lord Charles Townshend refuses to retract cr to apologize to Sir Jacob Astley... ...,' Lord Charles Townshend not conceiving he has anything to retract or apologize for... Read More

Crop Rotation
Portales News Tribune Saturday, June 11, 2011, Portales, New Mexico well.What Is Crop Rotation? Crop rotation is a practice farmers employ to help... ...previous cn^.Why Employ Crop Rotation? Crop rotation has many benefits, arguably the most important... a result. But crop rotation isn't only beneficial to crops. Crop rotation can also... Read More

Daniel Quinn
New Castle Daily Courier Thursday, February 24, 1916, New Castle, Indiana

...and rolalivos lioro. MRS. DANIEL QUINN. MIDDLETOWN, Ind., Feb. 22.— Mrs. .lane Dean Quinn... ..., wife of Daniel Quinn, one of the most prominent citizens of the place, died... ..., 1862, and was married to Daniel Quinn, September 26, 1S80. She has five children living. â– Mrs... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions