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Ford Motor Strike

Murphysboro Daily Independent Thursday, April 10, 1941, Murphysboro, Illinois

...only alternative today in the Ford Motor strike which has delayed production on worth of government orders nine... ...April fortsto end the ninedayotd Ford motor strike have snagged on Henry Fordsfirm insistence that he will not... Read More

General Motors Strike

Sandusky Star Journal Saturday, February 13, 1937, Sandusky, Ohio

..., violence center of the recent General Motors strike. The prisoners were booked tentatively on vagrancy charges while officers... ...United Automobile Workers, whose recent General Motors strike caused shutdown of two Anderson subsidiaries, the Guide Lamp Company... Read More

Green Corn Rebellion

Athens Messenger Tuesday, February 17, 1970, Athens, Ohio

..., 1970 T ake I lie Green Corn Rebellion For Example T he Draft Never Has Been Popular :om... be known as the Green Corn Rebellion is an unpublished master’s thesis, done in 1932 by... .... Tishomingo and other towns. The Green Corn Rebellion began Friday, Aug. 3, 1917, when “Old Man Spears ran... Read More

International Harvester Strike

Madison Daily Herald Monday, May 08, 1916, Madison, Indiana

...WORKERS REWORK IN NEW YORK International Harvester Strike Chicago Partially Settled at Washington, May 8.—The Republican minority... ...returned to v%()rk. The International Harvester strike at Chica.go is partially settled. Four thousand five hundred... Read More

Machinists Strike

New York Times Sunday, May 26, 1901, New York, New York

...of the strikers. M E; MACHINISTS' STRIKE OUTLOOK. Secretary Dtivens Now Says the Em- ployers' Association Does... relation to the present machinists' strike seem to clearly define the issues created by the demands... dressed to the local machinists on strike. The document is somewhat interrogatory. In it Mr. Prentiss says... Read More

Michigan Copper Strike

Escanaba Daily Press Tuesday, March 31, 1914, Escanaba, Michigan

.... Washington, March 31.—With tlie Michigan copper strike still unsettled and the contending forces still appar rently as... ...committee will undoubtedly view the Michigan copper strike as the climax of a situation which has been years... ...ment of labor on the Michigan copper | strike witlch was printed as a senate document has now been... Read More

National Cash Register Strike

Austin Daily Herald Thursday, June 06, 1901, Austin, Minnesota

Wllllts. miles north of here, is on fire. With thn exception of two stores the cntli-o town has been destroyed. The fire Is still raging. Is a fjwn of about 800 Inhabitants. National Cash Register Strike Over. Dayton, 0., June: unions here In Joiul session have voted to ac- cept terms for the settlement ot th Read More

New Orleans General Strike

Galveston Daily News Monday, October 10, 1977, Galveston, Texas

foremen said no one had shown up for work The longshoremen defying the wishes of local and national unions voted Saturday to continue a general strike against the Port of New Orleans General strike supporters said the selective strike strategy was unworkable in New Orleans because container ships account fo Read More

New York City Bus Strike

Syracuse Post Standard Sunday, March 18, 1962, Syracuse, New York signed to solve the New York City bus strike crisis which has left New Yorkers Rockefeller's staff worked... ...many political overtones to the New York City bus strike and the legislative jockeying to bring it to an end... ...Senate public hearing in the New York City bus strike situation. The memorable week was capped when Hughes last night... Read More

New York City Transit Strike

Charleston Daily Mail Wednesday, April 06, 1966, Charleston, West Virginia

sentatives i n Congress pass a law punish- ing the mem- bers of any la- bor union for participating in an illegal strike or for refusing to cross picket lines? The New York City transit strike was an example of seri- ous damage done to the pub- lic by an illegal strike. But an even more flagrant strik Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions