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Arnold Toynbee

Auburn Citizen Advertiser Saturday, November 18, 1972, Auburn, New York

...Stone,” Temptations “Convention ’72,” Delegates Arnold Toynbee guests on 'Directions' series Author and historian Arnold Toynbee, world... ...” series presentation, “A Conversation with Arnold Toynbee,” focuses on the 83-year-old historians opinion about the... ...’ve come.” On the program, Arnold Toynbee offers his personal advice to the young: “You’ve been... Read More

Ben Bernanke

Santa Barbara News Press Tuesday, July 30, 2013, Santa Barbara, California

...widespread expectations that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will not seek a third term, Mr. Obama this weekend... ...Mr. Bernanke in the interview. “Ben Bernanke, by the way, has done a fine job as Fed... .... “And when you look' at Ben Bernanke’s testimony, not just last week but over the last... Read More

Brad Delong

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Saturday, May 05, 2012, Arlington Heights, Illinois

surveyed by The Associated Press expect the economy to grow 2.5 percent this year. That is consistent with monthly job growth of only about 135,000, according to calculations by Brad DeLong, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley. That is barely enough to keep up with populatio Read More

Christina Romer

Odessa American Monday, March 16, 2009, Odessa, Texas

...message came from economic adviser Christina Romer. When asked during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the... ...SMIALOWSKI/MEET THE PRESS|AP Christina Romer, Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, appears... ...the American workers are sound CHRISTINA ROMER White House Economic adviser Cheney: Obama detainee policies make U... Read More

Claudia Goldin

Odessa American Friday, June 15, 2012, Odessa, Texas

female annual earnings are comparisons of apples and oranges, as various female economists have pointed out. Read Diana Furchtgott-Roth of the Hudson Institute or Professor Claudia Goldin of Harvard, for example. When you compare women and men in the same occupations with the same skills Read More

Deirdre Mccloskey

Cedar Rapids Gazette Thursday, October 15, 1998, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

...preface of "Crossing," it appears Deirdre McCloskey has found her home. "I visited womanhood, and came to... ...from Man to Woman," by Deirdre McCloskey. professor of economics at the University of Iowa, 11 a... Read More

Douglass North

Daily Kennebec Journal Monday, October 05, 1908, Augusta, Maine

...Whitefleld 1st Cows. F W. Douglass. North Whitetield 1st and 1 year, F W North Whitefleld, 1st... ...and 2d Calves, F W Douglass, North Whitefleld, 1st. Dairy J Mosher, AV Ind- snrvjHe, 1st. Milk... ...Howe, Coopers 2d F W Douglass, North Whitefleld, 3d E C Jewett, Whitefleld, cows 1st, _d ani... Read More

Eric Hobsbawm

Casa Grande Dispatch Wednesday, October 03, 2012, Casa Grande, Arizona

to the local market. AAA Siding - Improving Arizona homes for 23 years. For an appointment please call: 1-800-510-0577    Az Lic#64899 British historian Eric Hobsbawm dies at 95 LONDON (AP) — Eric Hobsbawm, a lifelong socialist and one of Britain's most eminent historian Read More

David Gordon

Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel Wednesday, July 13, 1910, Fort Wayne, Indiana

...L1 X A 11 A David Gordon Free Agent Crossed It He Never Wavered but Went Relentlessly... ...the north And even as David Gordon made preparations for an In the open leaped from the... ...nn almost vital flaw that David Gordon could by a trie turn mto a fatality That was... ...tub a Sunday school But David Gordon hesitated Elder thought that the grocer Was turning he question... Read More

Fernand Braudel

Santa Ana Orange County Register Sunday, April 23, 1989, Santa Ana, California

.... I. HIstoty and Environment. Author: Fernand Braudel. Translated by Sian Reynolds. Info: 432 pages. Harper & Row... ...;The Identity of France," Fernand Braudel affirms that he loves France "with the same demanding... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions