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Barry Sanders

Santa Ana Orange County Register Sunday, September 22, 2013, Santa Ana, California

Z'j1 LU UK Jj J ll av BARRY SANDERS STILL » RUNNING STRONG jjji/Uijy ur U3 i’ylj\UUrj'J JjUiJj. iiuv; ju uuímíÍ  Read More

Brett Favre

New Castle News Weekend Saturday, January 25, 1997, New Castle, Pennsylvania

...Southern Mississippi coach who recruited Brett Favre, on the Green Bay quarterback as a high school player... ...been a tough place for Brett Favre to grow up, you know, with all the reporters hanging... ..., reporters interview reporters. A young Brett Favre must have had to sidestep ESPN every time he wanted... Read More

Dan Marino

Paris News Sunday, January 20, 1985, Paris, Texas

...and keeps coming back to Dan Marino versus Joe Montana Weve got the teams with the two... ...X DOLPHIN SCRAMBLER Miami quarterback Dan Marino scampers with the ball as he looks for a receiver... ...what were up against with Dan Marino and that 49ers Coach Bill Walsh said Weve seen film... Read More

Deion Sanders

Gettysburg Times Friday, May 04, 2012, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

...’s never about anybody but Deion Sanders,” Friedman said. Rick Robertson, Deion Sanders’ attorney, said Pilar Sanders... ...a new criminal charge against Deion Sanders in the case related to a scuf fl e last... ...was released the next day. Deion Sanders, meanwhile, posted on Twitter that he was fi ling charges... Read More

dick butkus

San Antonio Express Friday, November 26, 1971, San Antonio, Texas

COWBOY Vol. 4, No. 19 SAN ANTONIO NEWSLETTER Weekly by Sports Undcrwrilcrs, Inc., Dallas, Tex. TWO OF THE Linebacker Dick Butkus Helps Bring Down Detroit Running Star Steve Wirephoto  Read More

Emmitt Smith

Santa Ana Orange County Register Sunday, January 24, 1993, Santa Ana, California

...-olds were no match for Emmitt Smith. The next year, when eighth-grader Emmitt Smith could no... ...Register C9 COWBOYS: At home, Emmitt Smith III Is just Scoey to folks FROM 1 Mama see... ..., you must first understand the Emmitt Smith family of Pensacola, Fla. It is a family that Dwight... Read More

Eric Dickerson

Santa Ana Orange County Register Sunday, September 08, 1991, Santa Ana, California

...tape recorder throughout the interview. Eric Dickerson has gotten to the point where he doesn't trust... ...have been through all that Eric Dickerson has been through, you can find pain anywhere. Even when... ...make many running backs like Eric Dickerson. He is speed and power blended finely together inside a... Read More

Earl Campbell

Hutchinson News Sunday, December 05, 1982, Hutchinson, Kansas

...opening enough I holes for Earl Campbell this season. 1 But in other years. Earl Campbell I... ...the I formation has cramped Earl 1 Campbell's style; he also believes that ] Earl Campbell's body... ..., Rob Carpenter was displaced by Earl Campbell at running back on the Houston Oilers' depth chart. But... Read More

Fran Tarkenton

Roswell Daily Record Sunday, March 13, 1983, Roswell, New Mexico

Sally Field Doesnt Kiss and the Stars Salaries Made in Fran Tarkenton an Incredible ASK THEM YOURSELF vrp V S t THE PACKAGING OF CHRISTIE BRINKLEY BY MARK GOODMAN  Read More

Gale Sayers

Lawrence Journal World Sunday, February 17, 2008, Lawrence, Kansas

Tshirts f I I M fcs Charles Schuiz sale price list price Harry Houdini sale price list price Gale Sayers sale price list price  Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions