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Abstract Art

Doylestown Intelligencer Sunday, September 08, 1985, Doylestown, Pennsylvania


African Folk Art

Ada Evening News Thursday, April 19, 1973, Ada, Oklahoma«    w African Folk Art Inspires Rich. Color And Wild Motif By CAROLYN S. MURRAY... ..., Paige nevertheless reaches back to African folk art for his design inspirations. He translates the floral and geometric... ...back to the source of African folk art when he developed this line called Dakkabar. It's being... Read More

Ancient Art

Santa Fe New Mexican Friday, July 20, 1973, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Fn" 20, 1973 THE NEW MEXICAN 3 an ancient art flares to life IICl ft 231 Washington Avenue 983-7326 Artifacts courtesy of the Museum of New Mexico  Read More

Art Of Ancient Egypt

Joplin Globe Sunday, January 31, 2010, Joplin, Missouri

...images and stories celebrating the art of ancient Egypt. Details: 417-673-4326. WEBB CITY: TOPS meeting, 5:30... ...images and stories celebrating the art of ancient Egypt. Details: 417-6734326. Wednesday JOPLIN: Tales for 2s and 3s... ...images and stories celebrating the art of ancient Egypt. Details: 417-6734326. Thursday CARTHAGE: TOPS meeting, 10 to 11... Read More

Art Of Oceania

Appleton Post Crescent Sunday, May 25, 1969, Appleton, Wisconsin

...of Art. The attraction is "Art of Oceania, Africa and the Americas from the Museum of Primitive on... ...', rollec- primitiye collection of the art of Oceania, Afri- ca and the Americas will become the Michael C... Read More

Baroque Art

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Thursday, November 28, 1985, Arlington Heights, Illinois

...., for her question: What is baroque art? Baroque art is the extravagantly ornamented art that was produced... ...lead: 4 K Ask Andy Baroque art known for its extravagance Andy sends a book about space... ...number of the characteristics of baroque art continued through the first half of the 18th century, although... Read More

Bauhaus Art

Cedar Rapids Gazette Friday, September 20, 1996, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Wildehain (1896-1985) donated a major portion of her works to Luther when she died, but some of the works never have been on display. The potter was trained at the Bauhaus art school in Germany before escaping the Nazi persecution of the Jews. She is one of pottery’s most distinctive artist Read More

Byzantine Art

Kittanning Simpson Leader Times Wednesday, December 23, 1970, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

...the style artistic expression known Byzantine art Oppressed and suppressed in some eras Byzantine religious art has... ...QUICKIES by Ken Reynoli conquests Byzantine art flourished till the middle of the 15th century Over the... remained virtually unchanged In Byzantine art highly stylized figures appear with lit tle or no three... Read More

Contemporary Art

Santa Fe New Mexican Friday, February 22, 2008, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Elizabeth CookRomero I The New Mexican calories Jonathan Morse Viandes digital print Viandes digital print Images courtesy Underground Gallery of Contemporary Art 36 February 22 2008  Read More

Cubism Art

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Sunday, October 25, 1992, Arlington Heights, Illinois

..., Vienna secessionist, Jugendstil, Wiener Werkstatte, cubism, Art Deco, art moderne, Bauhaus and other 20th century design movements... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions