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Ancient Egyptian Architecture

Nevada State Journal Wednesday, January 14, 1970, Reno, Nevada

in charge of arrangements. Harold VanZee will of-i Lciate. j Burial will be in the Lone Mountain Cemetery, Carson City. The Great Sphinx, one of the wonders of ancient Egyptian architecture, adjoins the pjra- mids of Gizeh. flfiTISTS CO-OP Oallcry Open Sundays W.d. thru Sat. 627 MILL STREET, RENO Stor Read More

Architecture Of Ancient Greece

Harrisonburg Daily News Record Friday, September 29, 1989, Harrisonburg, Virginia

...West ern First up the architecture of ancient Greece and Part 1 of 9 g 1 National Geographic Alex... ...West ern First up the architecture of ancient Greece and Part 1 of 9 g 1 Shortstories A teena... Read More

Art Deco Architecture

Hanover Evening Sun Monday, December 08, 1975, Hanover, Pennsylvania

...In ‘Nutcracker’    Art Deco Architecture IN ‘THE NUTCRACKER’—Principal roles in the Maryland Ballet performance... ...Art on Monday. Dec. 8. Art Deco architecture florushed and matured in the 1920’s and 1930's... ...itself a superb example of Art Deco architecture, will be supplemented with a number of paintings and objects... Read More

Art Nouveau Architecture

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago Thursday, August 12, 1993, Arlington Heights, Illinois

...Belgium celebrates IOO years of art nouveau architecture, conservationists say monuments to the movement are still under threat... ...the city the capital of art nouveau architecture in Europe. They hope the exhibitions will convince the public... Read More

Baroque Architecture

Annapolis Capital Friday, June 23, 2000, Annapolis, Maryland

...exhibition is Hie first of baroque architecture to be mounted in America and the NGA is its... ...and sculpture that represent outstanding baroque architecture Aug. "Monet at Giverny presented by Frances Feldman Aug. "John... ...installed in "The Triumph of Baroque Architecture exhibition, ages 8-12 and accompanying adults will leahr -about... Read More

Beaux Arts Architecture

Medicine Hat News Saturday, January 12, 2013, Medicine Hat, Alberta

...of the finest examples of Beaux Arts architecture in America, turns 100 on Feb, 1. Its centennial comes... ...of the finest examples of Beaux Arts architecture in America turns 100 Feb. 1. Its centennial comes 15... ...“grand and elevating with the Beaux Arts architecture representing the height of high culture,” said Roberta Lane, senior... Read More

Buddhist Architecture

Washington Stars and Stripes Thursday, April 08, 1948, Washington, District Of Columbia

...of the best examples of Buddhist architecture. Tickets Available For St. Rennyo Anniversary On the occasion of... ...’s outstanding examples of native Buddhist architecture. Rennyo, who lived from 1415 to 1499, was' one of... Read More

Byzantine Architecture

Oak Park Oak Leaves Saturday, March 11, 1905, Oak Park, Illinois

...upon the distinctive characteristics of Byzantine architecture, plan of construction, materials used in building, decoration and ornamentation... ...was the prevailing motif of Byzantine architecture, and was a Wanted In Oak Park and Seven, eight... ...considered the greatest achievement of Byzantine architecture. - , . Miss Brinkerhoff in part said thai it is... Read More

Chinese Architecture

Kingston Gleaner Thursday, July 29, 2004, Kingston, Kingston

1 CHINESE 150TH ANNIVERSARY SUPPLEMENT THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2004 13 CHINESE ARCHITECTURE EXPOSED The breathtaking ambience of a beautiful country captured in frames for the world to see.  Read More

Contemporary Architecture

Petersburg Progress Index Sunday, March 17, 1968, Petersburg, Virginia

...Galusha has a preference for contemporary architecture but is quick to admit he is not un sympathetic... ...Virginia School of Architecture where contemporary architecture is the only mode studied He went to the school... ...six months he realized that contemporary architecture has meaning He believes it is one of the great... Read More Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions