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Frederick News Post (Newspaper) - May 2, 2015, Frederick, MarylandA4 world the Frederick news Post saturday May 2, 2015 around the world from wire reports Border clash kills saudi troops yemeni rebels Riyadh saudi Arabia yemenis shiite rebels attacked saudi Border posts sparking fierce fighting overnight that killed three saudi troops and dozens of rebels the kingdom said. Saudi led airstrikes continued to bomb rebel positions inside Yemen on Friday including a strike in the capital Sanaa that killed at least 20 civilians. The attack late thursday by the rebels known As Louthis was the most dramatic Border incident since saudi Arabia launched an intense Campaign of airstrikes against the rebels just Over a month ago. It also brought to 11 the number of saudi soldiers killed so far in Border skirmishes during the air Campaign. The assault underscored How the Iran backed Louthis Are still capable of launching major operations despite the airstrikes that have relentlessly targeted their positions and those of their allies. Thai police find Graves of suspected trafficking victims hat Yai Thailand police found dozens of shallow Graves a Corpse and an ailing survivor Friday at an abandoned Jungle Camp in an area of Southern Thailand that is regularly used to smuggle Rohin Gya muslims bangladeshis and other migrants to third countries. The grim discovery was a Sharp reminder of the brutal human trafficking networks that operate in Thailand despite repeated assurances by authorities they Are addressing the Root causes. Acting on a tip from villagers teams of police and rescuers were dispatched into the mountains of Padang Cesar a sub District in Sungkhla province. Reaching the Camp on foot they found a shelter with at least one Corpse said police col. Weera Sant thar Piem adding there appeared to be several other bodies As Well. Nigerian military releases photos of some rescued females Lagos Nigeria they look Calm subdued. One Young woman with a purple traditional Hijab covering her head and upper body holds a baby. Few know what horrors they May have been through or witnessed. The military has released the first photos of what it says Are some of the hundreds of women and children that troops freed in recent Days in the Sambila Forest amid heavy combat with Boko Haram. President Goodluck Jonathan whose term ends this month said thursday that the Sambila Forest is the last Refuge for the islamic militants and he pledged to hand Over a Nigeria completely free of terrorist strongholds. By Binal guru Acharya and Foster Klug associated press Kathmandu Nepal nearly a week after a massive earthquake killed More than 6,200 people and collapsed buildings temples and Homes Nepal still urgently needs Basic Aid like shelter and food while Remote villages remain Cut off from help. Aid workers still face immense logistical challenges u. N. Humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said Friday noting that the scale of the devastation in Nepal would be an obstacle for any government. The u. N. Has estimated the magnitude 7.8 quake that struck april 25 affected 8.1 million people More than a fourth of nepalis population of 27.8 million. In Kathmandu Rescue workers in Orange jumpsuits continued to search through collapsed buildings but fewer tents were standing in a Central part of the capital that had been packed with people in the first few Days. Some residents who had been fearful of aftershocks have left the City or moved elsewhere. The government announced it was giving the equivalent of $ 1,000 to families of each person killed and $ 400 More for funeral costs state run Nepal radio said Friday. More than 130,000 houses were destroyed in the quake according to the u. N. Humanitarian office. Near the epicentre North of Kathmandu whole villages were in ruins and residents were in desperate need of temporary shelters against the rain and cold. Isolated hamlets Are still Cut off because scarce helicopters cant land in some mountainous areas and roads have often been destroyed said Amos who flew Over some of those places during a three Day visit. Of course we Are worried that it is taking so Long to get to people who desperately need Aid. Some of those villages Are virtually flattened. But its very very hard to see How were going to get to them she said. Some villagers might be Able to walk to a place where the Aid helicopters could land but that would be of Little help to those who Are injured she added. Tents and tarpaulins Are the most urgent need but theress also a demand for water food health care and better sanitation. Debris must be removed and bodies recovered and officials need to determine which buildings Are too dangerous to enter Amos said. In the past 48 hours the u. N. Childrens fund or Unicof has delivered nearly 30 metric tons of supplies including tents water purification tablets and first Aid and Hygiene kits. Nepalese information minister mined a Risal said 400,000 tents Are needed immediately but that the country has been Able to provide Only 29,000 thus far. In addition to tents and tarpaulins the government appealed to International donors to Send foodstuffs like Grain Salt and sugar. Nearly a week after quake Nepal still needs Aid by Zeina Karam and Mohammed Rasool associated press Surucu Turkey the Battle for the syrian Border town of Kobani was a watershed in the War against the islamic state group syrian kurdish forces fought the militants in rubble strewn streets for months As u. S. Aircraft pounded the extremists from the skies until ultimately expelling them from the town earlier this year. It was the islamic states bloodiest defeat to Date in Syria. But now three months since Kobani was liberated tens of thousands of its residents Are still stranded in Turkey reluctant to return to a wasteland of collapsed buildings and at a loss As to How and where to rebuild their lives. The kurdish town on the turkish syrian Border is still a haunting apocalyptic Vista of hollowed out facades and streets littered with unexploded ordnance a testimony to the massive Price that came with the Victory Over is. There is no electricity or clean water nor any immediate plans to restore Basic services and Start rebuilding. While grateful for the u. S. Airstrikes that helped turn the tide in favor of the Kobani fighters and drive out is militants residents say their wretched situation underscores the Lack of any serious follow up by the International Community in its War against is. First islamic state fighters were holed up in our Home and then the american planes bombed it said Sabah Khalil pointing from across the Border in Surucu Turkey to where her family House in Kobani is now a pile of crumpled Concrete. Who is going to help us rebuild thatus what everyone is asking she added sitting on a Stone outside her tent soaking in the Spring Sun As children in tattered shoes played nearby. For four ferocious months Kobani was the focus of the International Media after is militants barrelled into the town and surrounding villages triggering an exodus of some 300,000 residents who poured across the Border into Turkey. The Battle for Kobani became the Centrepiece of the Campaign against is. Dozens of to Crews flocked to the turkish Side of the Border and from a Hill trained their cameras on the besieged town recording plumes of smoke rising from explosions As the u. S. Led coalition pounded is hideouts inside the town. In late january the kurdish fighters finally ousted the islamic state from the town a significant Victory for both the kurd and the u. S. Led coalition. For is which by some estimates lost around 2,000 fighters in Kobani it was a defeat that punctured the groups image and sapped morale. But the Price was daunting. Today More than 70 percent of Kobani lies in ruins. More than 560 kurdish fighters died in the Battles. About 70,000 of the refugees have returned to the town and surrounding areas some Only to pitch tents outside their destroyed Homes according to Aisha Afandi co chair of the kurdish democratic Union party or pad. With no outside help the kurdish fighters use primitive tools to dismantle mines and Booby traps left behind by is militants. The rotting bodies of dead fighters Are still trapped under the rubble and As the weather gets warmer there Are concerns of spreading disease. Afandi said an Appeal for International donors and kurdish communities everywhere will be launched at a kurdish conference on Kobani due today in the mainly kurdish populated City of Diyarbakir in Turkey. There Are also plans to transform parts of the town Center into a museum she added. It is important for future generations to remember the history that was made Here she said Over the Telephone from Kobani. Three times a week when turkish officials open the Gate at the Murski Spinar Border crossing for a few hours refugees trickle Back into Kobani. On a recent Day a few dozen people carrying suitcases and bags were at the Gate waiting to Cross. Vans loaded with mattresses and other belongings were lined up on a dirt Road. At the nearby Arin Marxan Camp in Surucu named after a female kurdish fighter in Kobani who is said to have carried out a suicide bombing against is militants in october the hopelessness is on full display. In nearby tent number 3, Shahin Tamo 21, takes care of his 7 year old brother Sarwan a skeletal child with Large eyes who suffers from a serious neurological condition. They Are Here with their parents two Brothers and two Sisters. Their Kobani Home was looted and burned. Associated press a kurdish boy Center background walks recently Between buildings that were destroyed in the Battle Between u. S. Backed kurdish forces and islamic state fighters in Kobani Syria. Months after liberation from islamic state Kobani remains a ghost town by Elizabeth Rivera and Christopher Sherman associated press Guadalajara Mexico at least seven people died As flames and gunfire erupted around the Western Mexico state of Jalisco on Friday when a military operation targeting a violent drug Cartel was launched at the Start of a three Day Holiday weekend. Suspected Cartel members stopped buses and trucks to Block key highways in the state capital of Guadalajara and other cities snarling traffic on a Day mexicans took to the Road in droves. Gunmen fired on a military helicopter killing three soldiers and forcing it to make an emergency Landing about 150 Miles Southwest of Guadalajara. Ten soldiers and two Federal police officers were injured and three soldiers remained missing a defense ministry statement said. The statement said the helicopter was participating in the anti Cartel offensive known As operation Jalisco. Jalisco gov. Aristotele Sandoval said at an afternoon news conference that the violence around the state was a reaction to the operation which he said was designed to get to the Bottom of and to be Able to arrest All the leaders of this Cartel of this organization. Sandoval did not name the Cartel but authorities have been locked in an increasingly bloody Battle with the Jalisco new generation Cartel. Last month Cartel gunmen killed 15 state police officers in an ambush that was the bloodiest single attack on mexican authorities in recent memory. One week earlier Cartel gunmen attempted to assassinate the state Security commissioner and on March 19 they killed five Federal police officers. Authorities have said those attacks were revenge for state forces killing a Cartel Leader. On Friday Sandoval said operation Jalisco which had been announced by Federal authorities earlier in the Day had the goal of arresting All members of the Cartel. Sandoval said there were a total of seven deaths Friday but did not specify the circumstances or the victims. Later state spokesman Gonzalo Sanchez said through his twitter account that the dead included three soldiers one state police officer two suspected criminals and one civilian. The governor counted 29 Road blockades around the state affecting 19 municipalities. He said 11 Banks and five Gas stations had been attacked and the state remained under a code red protocol. Seven dead amid violence during anti Cartel operation May Day demonstrations staged around the world Havana left Wing groups governments and Trade unions were staging rallies around the world Friday to Mark International workers Day. Most events were peaceful protests for workers rights and world peace. But May 1 regularly sees clashes Between police and militant groups in some cities. International workers Day originates in the United states. American unions first called for the introduction of an eight hour working Day in the second half of the 19th Century. A general strike was declared to press these demands starting May 1, 1886. The idea spread to other countries and since then workers around the world have held protests on May 1 every year although the u. S. Celebrates labor Day on the first monday in september. Residents reluctant to return to wasteland of collapsed buildings

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