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Frederick News Post (Newspaper) - May 2, 2015, Frederick, MarylandSaturday May 2, 2015 the Frederick news Post nation a3 across the nation from wire reports shelter directors slaying fuels debate on homeless in nyc new York it was bad enough that Ana Charle was killed after leaving her Job for the Day As director at a homeless shelter for men. But How it happened shocked even seasoned investigators. They said her killer was an sex con and former shelter resident who forced her to strip and sexually assaulted her Early monday evening then gunned her Down on the sidewalk As she tried to flee with her clothes still off. Since then the slaying in the Bronx called As bad a homicide As Ive seen by Robert Boyce the Cit yes chief of detectives has fuelled a debate Over whether shelter workers and neighbors need More Protection from a homeless population that includes men with histories of violent crime and mental illness. State assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and other politicians have called for the City department of homeless services to shut Down the Bronx Boulevard menus shelter. Dinowitz claimed that City officials ignored earlier pleas for More Security at the facility. The City has since added three Security guards there. Bruce Jenner sued for wrongful death in car crash los Angeles the stepchildren of a woman killed in an automobile crash involving Bruce Jenner sued the olympic Gold medallist Friday for wrongful death claiming they have suffered enormous damages. The lawsuit provides no new details about the february crash which authorities said occurred when Jenners sport Utility vehicle collided with the to mans car pushing it into oncoming traffic. Kim Howe 69, died at the scene. Feds drop charges in Yosemite wildfire Case Fresno Calif. Criminal charges were dropped against a Bow Hunter accused of starting one of californians largest wildfires a Blaze that burned parts of Yosemite National Park Federal prosecutors said Friday. The decision came after two key witnesses unexpectedly died within months of an indictment that was returned last year against Matthew Emerald prosecutors said. The 33 year old California Man was accused of starting the 2013 Blaze called the rim fire that burned for two months scorching 400 Square Miles destroying 11 Homes and costing $ 125 million to fight. Prosecutors said that without testimony from the two witnesses they did not believe they could prove the allegations to jurors beyond a reasonable doubt. Previous statements made by the two witnesses cant be used in court prosecutors said. By Lolita c. Baldor associated press Washington its not against the Law or military regulations to choose not to sit with someone in the dining Hall or to unfried them on Facebook but in the traumatic aftermath of a sexual assault a victim could interpret those moves As retaliation. In these Days when a tweet or inst Gram photo can be wielded As a weapon the Pentagon is struggling to define retaliation and rein in bullying or other behaviour that victims perceive As vengeful. At the same time military leaders Are expanding efforts to better train their lower and mid level commanders to detect and Deal with retaliation while also ensuring that other More innocent actions Are not misinterpreted by alleged assault victims. On Friday the Pentagon released a deeper analysis of the sexual assault Survey data made Public in december. That report acknowledges the difficulties in gathering data about retaliation including problems with How some of the Survey questions May have been misinterpreted and that incidents of retaliation May have been Over counted. Its a thorny problem for the military in the aftermath of a Rand study that concluded that about 60 percent of sexual assault victims believe they have faced retaliation from commanders or Peers. Members of Congress Are demanding Swift Steps to protect whistle blowers including sexual assault victims who have been wronged As a result of their reports or complaints. Pentagon leaders said the Survey questions need to reflect what legally constitutes retaliation which includes taking action to discourage someone from going Forward with an assault complaint. But they also acknowledged that victims often believe they Are being retaliated against if Peers no longer invite them to parties or if they Are disciplined for illegal drug or alcohol use in connection with the assault. Defense Secretary Ash Carter unveiled four new initiatives to focus training More directly on the differences in assaults on men and women and increased efforts to prevent retaliation. Pentagon struggles to define retaliation in sex assault cases associated press David Wildstein left listens on Friday As his attorney Alan Zegas reads a statement to the Media after his first appearance at the Martin Luther King or. Federal courthouse in Newark. By David Porter and Jill Colvin associated press Newark n. J. Federal prosecutors brought charges Friday against three former allies of gov. Chris Christie but not Christie himself in the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal apparently easing the Legal threat that has Hung Over his 2016 White House ambitions for More than a year. One of those charged David Wildstein a former High ranking official at the transportation Agency that operates the Bridge pleaded guilty in a Deal with prosecutors saying he and the other defendants engineered huge traffic jams to get even with a local politician. Christie was not implicated in court or in the indictments. Based on the evidence currently available to us were not going to charge anyone else in this scheme u. S. Attorney Paul Fishman said at a news conference. The Republican governor claimed vindication. To Days charges make Clear that what Ive said from Day one is True i had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act Christie said in a statement. While Christie May be out of any immediate Legal danger politically it could be More complicated. The juror has already damaged his standing in the polls and the charges put the scandal Back in the news just As the presidential Cycle is getting underway and candidates Are jumping into the race. Wildstein a former official at the port authority of new York and new Jersey pleaded guilty to conspiracy saying he and the other Christie loyalists closed lanes and created gridlock in september 2013 As political payback against a democratic mayor. He said the three of them also concocted a cover Story it was a traffic study. The two people he implicated former Christie Deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni who was the governors top appointee at the port authority were charged with fraud conspiracy and other offences in an indictment unsealed later in the Day. Wildstein 53, has been cooperating with prosecutors for months. He could face about two years in prison at sentencing aug. 6. The charges against Kelly and Baroni carry much heavier penalties if they Are convicted. Essentially the three defendants were accused of misusing Public resources for political gain. They callously victimized people who were just trying to get to school or go to work Fishman said. Wildstein gave no indication in court that Christie had any role in the scheme. But after the hearing his lawyer Alan Zegas reiterated a claim he made last year that theress evidence that Christie knew about it As it happened. He did not go into detail. Brigid Harrison a political science professor at new jerseys Montclair state University said the charges Are bad news for Christie. I would go so far As to say that this really signals a death Knell to his presidential aspirations she said. You have key staffers who have been indicted and one of the things that primary voters look to is How would a prospective president manage their staff but Fergus Cullen former chairman of the new Hampshire Republican party said he does not expect a major effect people have already made up their minds As to whether they think its a Deal or not. Some Christie foes have suggested that even if he had no direct role in the plot his bruising political style created a culture that led members of his administration to think they could get away with such tactics. Asked about that Fishman said i wont comment on culture. State assemblyman John Wisniewski a Democrat who is co chairman of a committee investigating the scandal said that with wild steins guilty plea the people of new Jersey have More reason to be sceptical of gov. Chris ties leadership style built upon bullying and retaliation. Baronies lawyer Michael Baldassare said that Baroni will be fully exonerated and that Wildstein is a habitual liar. Kelly emphatically denied any wrongdoing and said she will work relentlessly to Clear her name. I never ordered or conspired with David Wildstein to close or realign lanes of the Bridge for any reason much less for retribution she said. She also said that she texted and emailed things that she meant to be funny but now sees that they were not. The scandal broke wide open More than a year ago when an email from Kelly to Wildstein was revealed. It read time for some traffic problems in fort Lee. Wild steins reply got it. That Exchange was key in the indictment. Three former Christie allies charged in Bridge scandal new Jersey governor claims vindication by Lisa Lerer and Emily Swanson associated press Washington americans appear to be suspicious of Hillary Rodham cd intones honesty and even Many democrats Are Only lukewarm about her presidential candidacy according to a new associated press Guk poll. Is she Strong and decisive yes say a majority of people. But inspiring and likable Only a minority think so. Cd intones struggles to explain her email practices while in government along with questions about the Clinton foundation and Republican criticism of her openness wealth and trustworthiness seem to have struck a nerve in the Public cos perception of the dominant democratic figure in the 2016 Campaign. In the Survey 61 percent said honest describes her Only slightly Well or not at All. Nearly four in 10 democrats and More than six in 10 independents agreed that honest was not the Best word for her. Even so she is viewed More favourably than her potential Republican rivals none of whom Are As Well known As the former Secretary of state senator and first lady. With Clinton facing Little Competition on the democratic Side republicans Are trying to make questions about her integrity Central to the Early 2016 Campaign. They paint her As a creature of Washington who flouts the rules to get ahead. Her use of a private email account run from a server kept at her new York Home while serving As Secretary of state has fed perceptions that she had things to hide. And questions Are swirling about foreign donations to the family is charitable foundation and whether that Money influenced her work at the state department. James Robins an Independent voter from North Carolina says his generally positive opinion of Clinton has shifted Over the past few months As More details have emerged about her email usage and foundation fundraising practices. She and her family think they re above everything he said. She intentionally destroyed All the evidence on that server. And when you look at some of her other stuff recently its equally As bad. Clinton said last month that she used a personal account out of convenience. She deleted about 30,000 emails that she has described As personal and has declined requests from congressional republicans to turn Over her server for an Independent review. The Survey suggests that Many americans Arentt buying cd intones explanation a majority said they believe she used a private address to shield her emails from transparency Laws and they think she should turn her server Over to a third party for further investigation. Poll doubts arise about cd intones honesty

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