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Frederick News Post (Newspaper) - May 2, 2015, Frederick, MarylandA2 from Page one & state the Frederick news Post saturday May 2, 2015 established 1883 published seven Days a week by Randall family Lac 351 Ballenger Center drive Frederick my 21703 Myron w. Randall or. President Randall family Lac William b. Randall vice president chief operating officer Geordie Wilson publisher Terry Headlee managing editor Edmond b. Gregory chief financial officer treasurer departments main number 301 662 1177 out of county 800 486 1177 newsroom 301 662 1178 Terry Headlee managing editor advertising 301 662 1162 Brent Renken director circulation 301 662 1177 Kerry Turner director publishing 240 215 8678 Hal Koontz general manager memberships Fez pay monthly $ 15.99 billed monthly with online Access seven Day Home delivery online 13 weeks $ 59.00 26 weeks $ 119.00 52 weeks $ 209.00 prices include subscription delivery fees and tax. More membership choices 301 662 1177 circulation news Post. 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Com Frederick police and sheriffs deputies will Send More officers to Baltimore to help with the ongoing Security details Over the weekend. A group of 31 Frederick police officers went to Baltimore on Friday afternoon and the Frederick county sheriffs office will Send about 60 deputies in two Back to Back deployments beginning at noon today according to acting capt. Jason Keckler of Frederick police and Deputy 1st class Amanda Hatcher of the sheriffs office. Both agencies sent officers to Baltimore earlier this week but concerns about further unrest in the Wake of the death of a 25 year old Black Man in police custody from earlier this month prompted another Call up. We were advised wednesday that we could stand Down but that they would keep us updated through the week and then by thursday through our contacts with the emergency operations Center we were advised that there would be a need to have us there from noon until Midnight Friday Keckler said. Frederick police sent 32 officers to Baltimore late tuesday into wednesday. The second group of 31 officers will again be led by capt. Richard Hetherington Keckler said. A group of about 30 sheriffs deputies most of them members of a special civil disturbance team arrived Early tuesday at Mondamin mall where widespread looting took place monday night after the funeral of Freddie Gray the Baltimore resident whose death is at the Center of the unrest. Baltimore states attorney Marilyn j. Mosby on Friday announced criminal charges against six Baltimore City police officers in Grays death according to the associated press. The charges include murder and manslaughter and come just one Day after most yes office received Grays autopsy results from the state medical examiner and the police departments internal report on Grays death the a reported. Capt. Ron Hibbard and maj. Tim Clarke both of whom were part of the sheriffs offices first deployment will Lead the second and third groups of deputies returning to Baltimore Hatcher said. Hib bards group of roughly 30 deputies will arrive in Baltimore by noon today and Clarke will Lead another group of about 30 deputies to replace hib bards contingent at Midnight saturday Hatcher said. Both Hatcher and Keckler said that the Normal shifts in their respective agencies would stay fully staffed despite the deployments to Baltimore meaning Frederick county residents will not suffer a Lack of service or delay in response during potential emergencies. More than 400 state troopers from All Over Maryland were stationed in Baltimore by tuesday afternoon and that number has not changed since said sgt. Marc Black a state police spokesman. Black provide a specific number of troopers stationed in the City from the Frederick Barrack but said that Given the scale of the deployment it was a Good possibility that Frederick based troopers were there. I Tell you specifically what Barracks troopers were called from but there was a statewide Call for members of our Mobile Field Force to attend to the incident at hand Black said. Maj. John Mcdaniel of the Maryland National guard confirmed that Frederick based company a was on Active duty in Baltimore As of Friday afternoon but he was not Able to provide the exact number of troops deployed from that unit. Company a was first deployed As part of the More than 2,000 National guard members sent to Baltimore Early tuesday morning after gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency. Guardsmen from company a helped state police and other agencies secure Baltimore City Hall the inner Harbor and Johns Hopkins medical Center on tuesday. Three fire marshals from the Frederick county division of fire and Rescue services have been assisting Baltimore units investigating the cause and origin of countless fires that broke out across the City this week. They Are expected to continue to provide help through the weekend according to a news release. Follow Jeremy Arias on twitter @ Arias prime. Frederick authorities head Back to Baltimore fridays lottery winners Maryland Friday evening pick 3 9 2 8 pick 4 4 1 9 3 Bonus match 5 4 9 17 18 29 Bonus Ball 32 Mega millions 17 18 61 66 74 Mega Ball 3 Mega plier 3 Friday afternoon pick 3 9 5 6 pick 4 8 2 8 5 Virginia Day drawing pick 3 9 1 5 pick 4 5 9 1 8 Cash 5 1 8 9 17 28 West Virginia daily 3 7 5 1 daily 4 4 3 1 7 Cash 25 11 14 15 17 22 23 Pennsylvania Friday evening pick 2 1 5 pick 3 8 4 4 pick 4 2 5 6 2 pick 5 1 6 4 4 3 Cash 5 3 21 24 30 32 Friday afternoon pick 2 6 0 pick 3 9 7 7 pick 4 3 9 9 5 pick 5 7 0 9 2 0 treasure Hunt 10 11 16 17 29 District of Columbia Friday evening d. C. Three 1 2 1 d. C. Four 4 8 5 7 d. C. Five 3 3 1 9 0 Friday afternoon d. C. Three 0 4 8 d. C. Four 4 0 1 1 d. C. Five 8 6 6 3 9 you cant take off for leave unless its been specially approved Dudley said. Theress Only a handful of officers who have been cleared for leave. Even the Midnight squad that works the night before the half Marathon Are supposed to be out checking the route so they re not allowed to take off either. Even students in the police Academy will lend a hand Frederick police recruits As Well As students from the sheriffs office Brunswick police and one from Washington county Dudley said. Covering the running festival will Cost City police $ 35,000 this year Dudley said. All of that Cost will be reimbursed by Corrigan sports the company that hosts the race the lieutenant added. About 25 Volunteer and career members of the Frederick county division of fire and Rescue services were assigned to the half Marathon said battalion chief Doug Wallick. Four ambulances will be on standby and two All terrain vehicles will be in place at the Halfway Point and near the end Wallick added. An emergency medical professional trained in advanced life support and another trained in Basic life support will ride bicycles along the route keeping Pace with groups of runners and checking on stragglers. They can basically provide that coverage and that care in Case someone needs attention where it might not be As easy to get an ambulance through Wallick said. Along with hydrating stations first Aid stops Are spaced evenly along the route and Are staffed by ski patrol employees from nearby resorts who Are trained in Basic first Aid Wallick said. handle All the issues where its basically band aids bumps bruises sprains but if its anything beyond that if they have the patient then Call for whatever resources Are needed Wallick said. Aside from one runner who died after going into cardiac arrest last year most of the injuries during the Marathon Are Well within the abilities of the first Aid stations to handle the chief added. Police and Rescue personnel will also staff saturdays 5k. An ambulance and an at will be on hand for that event which is a much Shorter course that Only about 1,500 runners were expected to run Wallick said. Sometimes we actually get a few More minor injuries with the 5k than we get on the full Marathon because unfortunately a lot of times the folks who show up to the 5k a vent properly prepared themselves for the run Wallick said with a laugh. Follow Jeremy Arias on twitter @ Arias prime. Police continued from a1 the swiftness of her announcement less than a Day after receiving the police departments criminal investigation and official autopsy results took the City by Surprise. So too did her detailed description based in part on her offices Independent investigation of the evidence supporting probable cause to charge All six officers with felonies. The police had no reason to Stop or Chase Gray Mosby said. They falsely accused him of having an illegal switchblade when in fact it was a Legal pocketknife. The Van Driver and the other officers failed to strap him Down with a seat Belt a direct violation of department policy and they ignored Grays repeated pleas for medical attention even rerouting the Van to pick up another passenger. Mosby did not say whether there was any indication the Driver deliberately drove erratically causing Grays body to strike the vans Interior. In 2005, a Man died of a fractured spine after he was driven in a Baltimore police Van in Handcuffs and without a seat Belt. At a civil trial an attorney for his family successfully argued police had Given him a rough ride. The officers missed five opportunities to help an injured and falsely imprisoned Detainee before he arrived at the police station no longer breathing she said. Along the Way or. Gray suffered a severe and critical neck injury As a result of being handcuffed shackled by his feet and unrestrained inside of the bad Wagon she said. Her announcement triggered celebrations across the same West Baltimore streets that were soldering just four Days earlier when Grays funeral led to riots and looting. We Are satisfied with to Days charges Grays Stepfather Richard Shipley told a news conference. These charges Are an important step in getting Justice for Freddie. But a lawyer hired by the police Union insisted the officers did nothing wrong. Attorney Michael Davey said Friday that Mosby has committed an egregious Rush to judgment. We have grave concerns about the fairness and integrity of the prosecution of our officers Davey said. Mosby rejected a police Union request to step aside and appoint a special prosecutor to handle the Case and said honorable police officers should have no problem working with prosecutors in Baltimore. The six officers turned themselves in at the City jail Friday afternoon after the charges were announced. All were later released on bails of Between $ 250,000 and $ 350,000. Some Law enforcement veterans worried that the charges could have a chilling effect. Robert Leight a former detective in Pennsylvania who has worked for the Fri and As a Federal prosecutor and defense attorney said that the biggest danger is that the police officer will not properly perform his duties. It puts him at risk it puts the other officers around him at risk and it puts the Public at risk Leight said. A police officer must react instinctively As he has been trained. If a police officer first thinks about what liabilities he will be facing its too late. Baltimore continued from a1 associated press rabbi Yerachmiel Shapiro left and Meach Johnson celebrate Friday after states attorney Marilyn j. Mosby announced criminal charges against All six officers suspended after Freddie Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody in Baltimore

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