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Frederick News Post Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 1

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Frederick News-Post (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Frederick, Maryland Weather today partly sunny. High in the Low to mid-40s. Western Maryland weather and National map on Page.a-2 Good morning by a Dike even a rat May drown a nation. Edmund Burke 1991, the great Southern printing and manufacturing company vol. Run Post 1 44 95a 1c to Fol t Kuwait City in our hands Republican guards nailed Dhahran saudi Arabia a under american and Allied fire Iraq s beaten army streamed North tuesday i a headlong flight homeward abandoning Kuwait City to its Day of liberation after a Long dreadful bloody night of occupation and War. The fight raged on As marines tangled with iraqis fighting a rear guard action at Kuwait City Airport and As a vast armoured Force collided with Iraq s vaunted Republican guard. In one Battle tank Crews of the . Vii corps battered a guard division in the iraqi desert West of Kuwait a senior Pentagon official said. A news Pool report meanwhile said Republican guard units were thousands run give up setting up new defensive lines West of the Southern iraqi City of Basra. The Campaign appeared to be coming Down to a deadly race through the desert Between iraqi troops retreating North toward Iraq s heartland and the Vii corps Armor rumbling i from the West to Cut them off. The iraqis reportedly had kuwaiti hostages in Tow. No one in authority was saying How deep into Iraq the Allied forces might pursue the withdrawing army. Iraq s president Saddam Hussein sought to Label the withdrawal a president Bush called it an outrage and said Hussein was trying to cling to continued on Page a-4 associated press a Marine keeps an Eye on a saudi military Convoy that came under iraqi artillery fire in Southern Kuwait. The Convoy was not harmed by the shelling. Special forces probe capital Kuwait City a kuwaiti resistance leaders declared late tuesday they were in control of their smoke filled and ravaged capital following nearly seven months of iraqi occupation. They said fleeing iraqi troops had taken thousands of kuwaiti captives with them and left behind an armory of tanks and loaded weapons. . Army and saudi special forces probed the City tuesday the Vanguard of an Allied Force of thousands poised to enter the coastal City. Some of the . Commandos wore Arab headdresses along with their uniforms and carried Small easily concealed automatic weapons. Later troops of the 1st Marine division entered Kuwait City after a Daylong Advance from Central Kuwait according to a Pool report. They then took part i a Battle continued on Page a-4 associated press a column of iraqi prisoners of War captured by task Force Ripper of the 1st Marine division marches to a processing area in Kuwait. . Tanks defeat iraqi division Washington a under the cover of darkness and in a driving rainstorm hundreds of m-1a1 tanks and infantry from the army s vhf corps have attacked and Defeated a Republican guard division i Iraq a senior Pentagon source said tuesday. The attack was led by the 3rd armoured division and the 1st infantry division and the units were blowing Forward and engaging a second Republican guard division in Iraq said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity. The attacks from the West were being conducted on a front dozens of Miles wide West of Kuwait the senior military officer said adding that guard units were offering stiff officials said earlier tuesday the . And Allied troops intended to draw a noose around Saddam Hussein s vaunted guard preventing a Retreat and destroying them in place unless they surrender. The source said Apache helicopters were flying Over the Vii corps attack into Western Kuwait to Challenge a regular iraqi army division. Also 50 Republican guard top of the line soviet made t-72 tanks were captured As they attempted to flee northward along a Road near the euphrates River the source said. Elements of the 24th infantry division intercepted the Convoy and captured the tanks the source said. The officer cautioned that difficult fighting still Lay ahead particularly involving any future clash with the remaining guard forces. We Don t want to be too optimistic. What s ahead could be very very he said the senior officer s report was the first detail of How the attack on the guard was being carried out. Continued on Page a-4 wart hog pilots kill record 23 tanks a . Air base in Eastern saudi Arabia a two american pilots who Fly As a team reported destroying a record 23 iraqi tanks in one Day As Saddam Hussein s Armor started moving to meet the Allied ground assault. Capt. Eric Salomonson 28, of Berthoud colo., and 1st it. John Marks 26, of Kansas City kan., said each hit four tanks of the elite Republican guard monday deep inside Southern Iraq. On two More missions near Kuwait City later that Day it. Marks destroyed eight tanks and capt. Salomonson seven. They Fly a-10 Thunderbolt h tank killer aircraft nicknamed warthogs. We be been looking for tanks since the War capt. Salomonson said. Yesterday we found a it. Marks added it was exactly what we had hoped that the army Advance would do exactly what it did that is Force the Republican guards out of their prepared positions out in the open and onto the it. Col. Gene Renuart 41, of Miami commander of the 76th tactical fighter Squadron said the had an extraordinary Day and their performance was quite he and other officers at the air base said they had not been keeping a tally of which Pilot team had the most tank kills but that 23 was so High it easily was a single Day record for the persian Gulf War. Capt. Salomonson and it. Marks were on standby monday morning to provide close air support for advancing Allied ground forces. We had a report from a night Squadron that they had discovered a lot of iraqi tanks on the said capt. Salomonson the flight Lead. We launched out of Here did t quite know what we were going to see so we got up there about sunup and sure enough there s tanks All Over. We found them and had tanks burning i five it. Marks said the night team trapped the tanks As they moved South toward the allies attacking the first and last vehicle so those in the Middle left the Road for temporary shelters. The tanks were hot and could be picked up easily by the infrared sensors of Maverick missiles carried continued on Page a la associated press flight Leader capt. Eric Salomonson of Colorado and his Wingman it. John Marks of Kansas Fly Thunderbolt ii tank killer aircraft nicknamed warthogs. Family awaits Sailor s return by Nancy Luse news Post staff Walkersville . Navy Petty officer 3rd class Brian Thompson s Stepmother has plans for him when he returns Home from the persian Gulf. Barbara Thompson a Secretary at East Frederick elementary said she wants him to visit the school and meet with the fifth graders who have written to him during his tour of duty. The letters from the students were so special so mrs. Thompson said. They were letters straight from their hearts. I cried when i read some of them. No one can express what s close to the heart like a continued on Page a-4 photo Courtesy of . Navy . Navy Petty officer 3rd class Brian Thompson a Walkersville resident is serving aboard the Wisconsin in the persian Gulf. Mid Campus won t close by Robert c. Reid Annapolis Bureau chief Annapolis key members of the House appropriations committee said tuesday that the panel will not allow the Columbia Campus of the Maryland school for the deaf to be closed. They also said the vote to approve the school s new fiscal year budget would be approved probably on thursday. Members said the legislature s fiscal advisers have never considered closing the Columbia Campus and that the Only testimony favouring that came from state auditors who View the consolidation of the Fred Erick and Columbia campuses As a Columbia will remain open Money saving move. Closing the Columbia Campus would be said Del. Charles j. Ryan a Price Georges the chairman of the House appropriations committee which approves the mid budget in the House. There is no Way Well do however committee members said the Overall operations and management of the school would be further explored during the summer interim session to explore Cost containment measures. On feb. 19, mid superintendent David Denton made a passionate plea to save the Columbia Campus adding that he was willing to exer Cise the utmost in fiscal restraint to attempt to contain costs at the school s Frederick and Columbia campuses. The institution s new budget would be about million less that the current year s million reflecting a smaller enrolment and about two dozen fewer staff positions Del. Nancy Kopp a Montgomery county a member of the education and human resources subcommittee of the appropriations committee continued on Page a-4 Drivers might face higher fees by Robert c. Reid Annapolis Bureau chief Annapolis state transportation officials tuesday made a Strong pitch for a massive boost in state transportation taxes to rejuvenate a Highway fund that has become almost bankrupt. The transportation Revenue increase Bill would raise billion dollars Over five years by increasing virtually every Highway user fee from a 5 percent tax on each gallon of gasoline to major increases in All motor vehicle administration fees. James 0. Lighthizer Maryland s Secretary of transportation told the House ways and Means committee that without the new funding almost All new Road construction would halt for at least 18 months and maintenance of existing roads would be imperilled. If passed the Bill would impose a 6.5-cent tax on gasoline july 1, and in january 1992 would revert to a 5 percent tax based on the average Price Over the past Quarter of each year. We Are clearly facing a financial or. Lighthizer said adding that system renovation is most referring to the Upkeep of existing highways. Under questioning from the com Mittee or. Lighthizer and former transportation Secretary William Hellman said that More than half of the new Money would go directly continued on Page a-4 business.c-9-11 classifieds.e-2-8 comics.c-6 editorials letters.a-8 family.b-l-5 food.d-l-8 obituaries.a-5 opinion.a-9 sports.c-l-2 to listings.c-3 for the latest update on the Gulf War Call the news Post s sound source 695-2633, and enter code 6009. Bill would broaden Hrc Powers by san Hankin news Post staff the human relations commission voted tuesday night to ask Frederick county commissioners to consider which enforcement Powers it would authorize As part of proposed state legislation that would broaden the Hrc s Powers. Hrc chairman Matthew Campbell said the legislation would enable commissioners to lengthen the Hrc s reach in discrimination cases. We re asking the commissioners to consider the whole canopy of equitable and remedial Powers that other human relations commissions have and to consider which if any would be appropriate he said. The proposed legislation introduced by the local delegation would authorize the commissioners to Grant subpoena Power to both the Hrc and the human relations department. Additionally it would give both agencies enforcement Powers including award of Back pay rein statement or rehire of employees continued on Page a-4 i

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