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Frederick News Post (Newspaper) - August 22, 2015, Frederick, MarylandA2 10th anniversary of katrina the Frederick news Post saturday August 22, 2015 daily poll today we ask yesterday we asked heres How you responded whats your reaction to the Dow dropping More than 500 Points Friday amid concerns of a slowdown in China very concerned somewhat concerned not concerned at All whats your opinion of councilman Kirby de Lauters decision to Stop donating to local charities while he is in office a decision he said he made because of the new Law that prohibits the county from contracting with companies owned by elected officials Good for him 23 percent sounds like sour grapes to me 61 percent dont care 16 percent vote comment and View them All at Frederickse Spost. Com daily poll sunday real life preview of Mason and Dixon Day at the Mary Penn a bed and breakfast near Emmitsburg with a bedroom that straddles the Maryland Pennsylvania line. Monday last weeks top Selling House went for $ 890,000. Find out where. Fridays lottery winners Maryland Friday evening pick 3 1 5 1 pick 4 0 5 6 9 Bonus match 5 1 12 18 34 35 Bonus Ball 26 Mega millions 13 15 21 41 72 Mega Ball 1 Mega plier 5 Friday afternoon pick 3 1 8 7 pick 4 6 2 9 0 Virginia Day drawing pick 3 3 2 9 pick 4 1 7 4 0 Cash 5 8 13 20 31 33 West Virginia daily 3 3 0 5 daily 4 6 2 6 8 Cash 25 2 3 12 15 18 20 Pennsylvania pick 2 0 1 pick 3 3 4 8 pick 4 3 9 0 1 pick 5 1 4 1 1 1 Cash 5 8 11 25 35 36 Friday afternoon pick 2 1 8 pick 3 9 3 3 pick 4 6 7 2 8 pick 5 0 5 2 6 0 treasure Hunt 11 13 15 17 19 District of Columbia Friday evening d. C. Three 8 6 4 d. C. Four 4 7 2 8 d. C. Five 3 6 1 8 2 Friday afternoon d. C. Three 4 7 4 d. C. Four 6 6 4 0 d. C. Five 0 0 4 7 3 established 1883 published seven Days a week by Randall family Lac 351 Ballenger Center drive Frederick my 21703 Myron w. Randall or. President Randall family Lac William b. Randall vice president chief operating officer Geordie Wilson publisher Patrick Pexton editor Edmond b. Gregory chief financial officer treasurer departments main number 301 662 1177 out of county 800 486 1177 newsroom 301 662 1178 Patrick Pexton editor advertising 301 662 1162 Brent Renken director circulation 301 662 1177 publishing 240 215 8678 Hal Koontz general manager memberships Fez pay monthly $ 15.99 billed monthly with online Access seven Day Home delivery online 13 weeks $ 59.00 26 weeks $ 119.00 52 weeks $ 209.00 prices include subscription delivery fees and tax. More membership choices 301 662 1177 circulation news Post. Com prices subject to terms & conditions to place an and classified 301 662 1162 classified fax 301 620 1590 classifieds news Post. Com display advertising 301 662 1163 display advertising fax 301 698 5206 display news Post. Com online advertising 301 662 1163 announcements and news news tips 301 662 1178 fax 301 662 8299 Cit desk news Post. Com engagements 301 662 1162 weddings 301 662 1162 obituaries 301 662 1162 obituaries news Post. Com letters letters news Post. Com photos photos news Post. Com 301 662 1178 sports sports news Post. Com 301 662 1179 uses 209 000 periodicals postage paid at Frederick my postmaster Send address changes to 351 Ballenger Center drive Frederick my 21703 the Frederick news Post wants to Correct mistakes promptly. If you believe we have made a mistake please Call Patrick Pexton at 240 215 8630, or email him at Plexton news Post. Com. Correction policy by Rebecca Santana associated press new Orleans talking about new Orleans a decade after Hurricane katrina people Here often reach for the biblical describing an economic and cultural resurrection. Helped by billions in recovery Money buoyed by volunteers and driven by the grit of its own residents the City is enjoying a resurgence. Reforms from schools to policing to Community engagement and water management Are in Progress buttressing people against the next monster storm. But in the same breath people also Point to the Many left behind. This new new Orleans is whiter and More expensive and Blacks still suffer society yes ills disproportionately especially in the chronically neglected lower 9th Ward a bastion of Black Home ownership before the flood Walls failed. A lot of folks say things Are so much better the Economy is so improved and other people Are going to say it is so much worse said Allison Plyer at the data Center a think tank in the City. And both those realities Are True. Katrina swamped 80 percent of new Orleans with polluted water up to 20 feet deep. More than 1,500 from Louisiana died the National Hurricane Center reported a year later. Hospitals and police were overwhelmed. The Economy shut Down. Survivors Felt abandoned. Many evacuees did not return. It seemed like a death blow for a City already suffering from crime racism poverty corruption and neglect. New Orleans is a National treasure where african american French Spanish and Caribbean traditions had mixed for nearly three centuries. Could the people who create its unique forms of music food and fun survive such devastation could they thrive were still standing said Jannis Moody a Young Black woman enjoying a free concert featuring the rebirth brass band. Whats Clear is that the people of new Orleans Are a resilient people she said. Signs of Renaissance abound the City has recovered nearly 80 percent of its pre storm population. Most Public schools Are being run As private Charters and the graduation rate has jumped although criticism abounds. The old Charity Hospital a first and last resort for the uninsured has been replaced by a gleaming new University medical Center. Louis Armstrong Airport where thousands tried to flee in August 2005, now handles More passengers than before katrina. There Are More restaurants. New businesses open 64 percent faster than the National average. Sales Revenue this year is up. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought a French Quarter mansion and built new housing part of a wave of up to 40,000 new residents Tulane professor Richard Campanella estimates. Countless burps Young Urban renewal professionals and millennial followed the recovery and insurance Money to what seemed like a kind of undiscovered Bohemia he said. At launch pad a co working space meant to Foster Community co founder Chris Schultz said the storm catalysed people who stuck around to really care about the City. The City has changed and ultimately we needed to change said new Orleans native Brooke Boudreaux operating manager at the iconic Circle food grocery near Treme a neighbourhood that Calls itself the Birthplace of jazz. Once catering almost exclusively to Black customers the flooded grocery finally reopened last year responding to an influx of hispanics and Whites by adding tamales and organic produce to new Orleans Staples like camellia red Beans. The Industrial canal Cleaves the lower 9th Ward apart from All this. Eight year old Oralee Fields Calls it the wilderness As she looks out from her porch in frustration at the vegetation overtaking her Street. I had Nice neighbors. We All grew up together children walking Home together from school. Massive piles of garbage and Homes ruined by toxic Mold Are gone. What remains in the lower 9th is an emptiness. Brad Pitts make it right houses Community gardens and a new $ 20.5 million Community Center attest to hard fought Progress. But Only one school has reopened and few stores. Generations of Home ownership worked against the lower 9th, because Many lacked the flood insurance mortgage lenders require said Sierra club activist Darryl Malek Wiley. Reconstruction Money matched pre katrina Market values that did not cover rebuilding. A protracted debate Over whether to abandon the lower 9th As liable space slowed recovery. The Cit yes Black population is Down from two thirds before katrina to about 60 percent. Those who remain earn half the income of White households. Thirty nine percent of children remain in poverty. When katrina hit you got to see the real new Orleans people who were trapped at the super dome and the convention Center 99 percent poor Black. We dont have anyone who seems to know How to fix that problem said Wayne Baquet who owns lil dizzy is cafe in Treme. With cheap rentals largely destroyed rents skyrocketed by 43 percent. Public housing projects were demolished and replaced with lower density housing. Thousands of families remain on a waiting list for subsidized housing. Many workers face longer commutes. The Quality of the housing is definitely not Worth the Price that they re charging now said Adrian Brown a chef in the French Quarter who moved outside the City Center. New Orleans capitalized on the Power and the spirit of the comeback said Michael Hecht of greater new Orleans inc., but most of the disaster Relief and philanthropy has come and gone. He says the next 10 years will Likely be harder than the first. At the rebirth concert an upbeat crowd enjoyed a Lush summer evening with kids playing and couples swaying As the Mississippi lapped at the levee. You re not going to recover from the Impact of katrina and be the same concertgoers Torrie Jakes said. Do i mourn the loss of that new Orleans yes but do i like the new parts of new Orleans yes i do. New new Orleans leaves Many behind associated press file photo empty lots and mostly new buildings Are shown july 29 in the lower 9th Ward Section of new Orleans. Lake Pontchartrain lower 9th Ward Lakeview West Lake Forest Little Woods 10 610 510 2 pm 2 i Lake Pontchartrain lower 9th Ward Lakeview West Lake Forest Little Woods 10 610 510 2 pm 2 i system breach or failure levee flood Wall network system breach or failure levee flood Wall network new Orleans new Orleans 40% and More decrease 20% and less decrease increase 30% to 40% 20% to 30% population percent change 2000 2010 1 to 2,000 2,000 to 4,000 4,000 to 7,597 housing losses following Hurricane katrina 2005 2008 St. Charles ave. Bourbon St. Bourbon St. St. Charles ave. The new new Orleans 10 years after katrina helped by billions in recovery Money the new new Orleans is whiter and More expensive to live in. African american neighbourhoods across the City still struggle especially the neglected lower 9th Ward a bastion of Black Home ownership before the flood Walls failed. Sources uses army corps of engineers census Bureau sri a

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