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Frederick News Post (Newspaper) - August 14, 2015, Frederick, MarylandA4 world the Frederick news Post Friday August 14, 2015 around the world from wire reports Mexico finds subterranean River under chichen itza Pyramid Mexico City mexican experts have discovered that the main Pyramid at Mexico is mayan ruins of chichen itza was at least partially built atop a subterranean River. Experts from Mexico is National autonomous University say they found a subterranean cavity about 20 Yards deep below the Pyramid of Kukulka also known Asel Castillo. Geophysics expert Rene Chavez said thursday the underground River chamber is naturally covered by Rock. Fidel Castro turns 89, says u. S. Has hefty debt to Cuba Havana Fidel Castro marked his 89th birthday with a newspaper column thursday repeating assertions that the u. S. Owes socialist Cuba numerous millions of dollars for damages caused by its decades Long embargo. The Brief essay came a Day before an historic moment in u. S. Cuba relations Secretary of state John Kerry is to raise the stars and stripes Over a restored u. S. Embassy in Havana though the economic embargo legally remains in effect. The rapprochement after 54 years of formal diplomatic estrangement was engineered by Fidelus brother Raul who took Over cubans presidency after the elder Castro had a health crisis in 2006. By Vivian Salama and Sinan Salaheddin associated press Baghdad in one of the deadliest single attacks in postwar Baghdad a truck bomb shattered a popular fruit and vegetable Market in a teeming shiite neighbourhood thursday killing 67 people and wounding More than 150 others. Militants from the self described islamic state claimed responsibility for the bombing that incinerated much of the Jameela Market in the District of Sadr City. The dead and wounded were carried away in blood soaked blankets and garbage bags amid the charred and twisted stalls and spilled produce. The sunni extremist group which holds about a third of Iraq and neighbouring Syria said it targeted a gathering place for shiites and vowed More attacks. It often attacks military checkpoints or predominantly shiite areas with the goal of undermining Confidence in the governments Security efforts. When it launched its major onslaught across Northern Iraq last year the islamic state group vowed to continue on to Baghdad but a mobilization of Volunteer shiite fighters deterred any significant attacks on the capital at that time. For the past two weeks thousands of iraqis have staged protests calling on the government to take a firm stance against corruption and reckless spending. Many see the corruption in the Security forces As a major cause for its failures. This week the government approved a Reform plan by prime minister Haider Al Abadi that includes taking some Money that was to go to individual officials and redirecting it to strengthening the Interior and defense ministries. While attacks Are common in Baghdad thursdays was the deadliest single bombing in the capital since the height of iraqis sectarian bloodletting in 2006 2007. More than 200 people were killed in a 2006 attack by a series of car bombs and mortar rounds that struck Sadr City. That prompted the government to implement a 24 hour curfew in Baghdad that remained in effect on Andoff until earlier this year when Al Abadi lifted it to try to return some semblance of Normal life in the capital. In another major attack in Sadr City in 2013, two suicide bombers hit a Cluster of funeral tents packed with mourning families killing 72 people. Twenty other people were killed elsewhere in Iraq that Day. In thursdays attack police said the attackers put the explosives in a refrigeration truck so that it fit in with other vehicles delivering supplies to the Market the main Center for produce and food sales in Baghdad. The bomb was detonated shortly after Dawn. Hassan Hamid said he was driving his minibus near the area when the Force of the blast threw his vehicle about 30 feet away and onto the sidewalk. This is the strongest explosion Ive Ever seen in my life said the 37 year old father of three speaking from his Hospital bed where he was treated for shrapnel wounds. I saw some cars were thrown into the sky and a fire erupted All Over the place. Ambulances and private cars ferried the wounded to hospitals. Long after the explosion emergency vehicles remained at the scene where firefighters doused the soldering ruins. Two police officers and four Hospital officials confirmed the casualty figures of 67 dead and 152 wounded. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the Media. The Market is especially crowded on thursdays because shoppers from other provinces Stock up on food for the weekend one of the officers said. In a message posted on an is affiliated twitter account the islamic state said it detonated the truck bomb in order to have the rejection lists shiites experience the same harm As their bombardments cause to our Muslim people. The sunni militant group which seeks to establish a caliphate in Iraq and Syria views shiite muslims As Well As other religious minorities As apostates. Parliaments Security committee denounced the bombing saying it shows the ugliness and brutality of the attackers. Shiite lawmaker Hakim Al Yamili who Heads the committee reiterated demands for a Security review and for improving iraqis intelligence services. Al Yamili also urged forming neighbourhood groups that would keep iraqi forces updated on the local situation and he called for the firing of Security officials whose failures May have led to the Sadr City attack saying this was their last warning. Gyorgy bus tin the acting chief of the u. N. Mission in Iraq called thursdays attack heinous and cowardly. French president Francois Hollande also condemned the attack and said he spoke with Al Abadi by Telephone to express his support. Sadr City previously known As Saddam City before the 2003 u. S. Led invasion is Home to some 3 million with most of them shiite muslims. The District saw some of the worst fighting in the Early Days of the War. In 2004, coalition troops engaged in bloody Battles in Sadr City and elsewhere with members of the Mahdi army fighters Loyal to Radical shiite cleric Muntada Al Sadr. Bomb targeting shiites kills 67 in Baghdad associated press people gather at the scene of a truck bomb attack thursday morning in Jameela in the predominantly shiite neighbourhood of Sadr City Baghdad. The truck bomb ripped through the food Market in the iraqi capitals crowded neighbourhood. Islamic state group claims responsibility for deadly attack at produce Market by Christopher Bodeen associated press Tianjin China the death toll from the fiery explosions at a warehouse of hazardous chemicals climbed thursday to 50, and the chinese government sent experts to the shattered and soldering port to assess any environmental dangers from the spectacular blasts. More than 700 people were injured and dozens were reported missing in the explosions shortly before Midnight wednesday that demolished a workers dormitory tossed shipping containers As if they were toy blocks and turned a Fleet of 1,000 new cars into scorched Metal husks. Windows were shattered for Miles around by the shockwave. There was no indication of what caused the disaster in one of Chin ass busiest ports and authorities tried to keep a tight rein Over information by keeping reporters Well away from the site. Social Media users complained their posts about it were deleted. More than 1,000 firefighters were sent to the mostly Industrial zone in Tianjin a petrochemical processing Hub about 75 Miles East of Beijing. Tianjin is the 10th largest port in the world by Container volume according to the world shipping Council and the seventh biggest in China. It handles vast amounts of Metal Ore Coal steel cars and crude Oil. Ships carrying Oil and hazardous products were barred from the port thursday the Tianjin maritime safety administration said on its official Micro blog. It also said vessels were not allowed to enter the Central port zone which is near the blast site. The municipal government which gave the death toll of at least 50, said 701 people were injured including 71 in serious condition. The Tianjin port group co. Said dozens of its employees were unaccounted for and a search is under Way. Some migrant workers at the port May not be documented. Death toll rises to 50 in blasts at chinese port associated press charred remains of a warehouse and new cars Are left burned after an explosion at a warehouse in northeastern Chin ass Tianjin municipality. By Aida Cerkez associated press Sarajevo Bosnia Herzegovina the alleged beheading of a croatian hostage in Egypt took a sinister new turn thursday with the revelation that a criminal gang kidnapped him then demanded a Ransom from his employer before turning him Over to the islamic state group. The French Geo science company that the 30 year old Oil and Gas Surveyor worked for said it tried in vain to Contact his abductors after receiving their emailed demand for Cash. The kidnapping and apparent beheading of Tomislav Salopek who was snatched in Broad Daylight on the outskirts of Cairo is the first of its kind involving a foreigner in Egypt. It is sure to Deal a blow to the governments efforts to project stability and buttress an economic turnaround that followed years of unrest in the Wake of Egypt tvs Arab Spring. It will also Likely rattle companies with expatriate workers in Egypt and cast a Cloud Over Hopes of boosting International investment in the country. Christophe Barnini the chief spokesman for slope Kos employer egg Ardi Seis said the company received an email with a Ransom demand eight Days after his july 22 kidnapping but it included no Contact number and responses to the address it came from went unanswered. The company is emails asked for proof of life and included a Telephone number for the kidnappers to Contact Barnini said adding that egg was acting on directives from croatian and egyptian authorities. At no moment did we enter negotiations with the kidnappers about a Ransom Barnini said. He refused to say How much Money the kidnappers were demanding. On aug. 5, a video emerged showing Salopek shackled and Clad in a beige jumpsuit As a hostage of the islamic state groups egyptian affiliate the Sinai province of the islamic state. Croatia 2 groups were involved in Egypt abduction

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