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Frederick News-Post (Newspaper) - August 3, 1989, Frederick, Maryland B-2 the Frederick Frederick. August 1989 sometimes in the gardening you have to cheat. This is not to say that you have to stoop so Low As to wire Green peppers from the Safeway onto your droopy backyard plants. When i talk about fudging a bit. I mean rounding out your Harvest with stops at local produce stands. I did t have room in my backyard for Sweet for so these Days i m scouting out Roadside and Farmer s looking for the Best ears. In my i be also fallen under the spell of fresh blackberries and other crops that can t be found in my tiny Yard. But aside from fruits and visits to these outlets also provide a Chance to visit the slowing Down your fast paced life and giving you time to collect your thoughts As you get stuck behind a tractor pulling a manure spreader and the Road has a solid yellow line on your Side. At some of these places you can pick your own produce not exactly a Novelty when you have your own Garden but it s kind of a kick to be in the Middle of a Large Field of vegetables knowing that you Don t have to do the weeding or worry about the amount of rain that has fallen. The Woodsboro held every is a Good place to go for although a recent visit was a disappointment comparison table for landscape savings As the earthworm turns Nancy Luse the gardening game with Only one Vendor on hand. He had All the things that were in but at a Market like it s More fun if you can com Parison shop. Making the rounds of the stands and markets can be educational. I Learned from a Farmer this week that even though we be turned the Corner into it s still not too late to Plant Green Beans. He drawled. It s a Gamble. We could have an Early Frost. But if we those Are the Best Beans of the year. We also Plant Squash and cucumbers aside from the fun and it s hard to say if you make out better financially doing the Roadside stand routine rather than paying supermarket but costs for the former May be hidden. There s the gasoline needed to get you and also the value of your time As you get lost for half an hour travelling Down the wrong winding Only to end up at the same Gas station with the rusted pumps out front where you initially asked for directions. The proprietor even though you re the Only visitor he has had All morning. With the pick your own places i generally get carried away and buy More than if. I was purchasing the stuff already wrapped in cellophane. I guess i just get into the rhythm of unmindful that it has to be paid for at the end of the Row. In the Garden this it s great having fellow gardeners As office mates. Such Wheeling and dealing probably has t been seen outside of Wall Street As i unloaded my excess Green peppers and tomatoes for enough cucumbers to can seven pints of bread and butter pickles. I spied a Beautiful purple Blossom on my sole surviving eggplant and have been keeping a watchful Eye on the Bug situation. From past attempts at growing i be found that insects just adore the leaves of this stick ing around even when the crop has been dusted. But if the worst i know a vegetable stand where there s plenty of eggplant. To handle m Small batches break up area with contrast color and tenure with nearby or Wood use Asphalt paints for color Asphalt Cement combination is Light and per Square foot than Brick or Concrete hot mix about 17 to 23 cents per Square foot by a contractor cold mix about half the above Cost if you do it of the cheapest of savings fairly easy to apply to Glare or reflected heat can be the base it is liable to have and cracks gets soft and quite hot m full some Metal Lawn furniture leaves soil with Weed killer very important that base is Well prepared use forms around Edge to prevent crumbling year round warm colors to Tat Den combines Well with other paving materials easy to easy to 25 and 32 cents per Square depending on Quantity and Quality of the bricks and base materials not to install in Sand has warm very Little Glare variety of and joint materials and heave in freezing weather absorbs food stains. Weeds grow through joints not recommended for game tools needed Laid most easily m Sand mortar mortar Concrete slab bed Are Oiher possibilities 20 to 30 cents per Square 4 inches contractor if -5011 do grading otherwise 40 to so cents foot special cuke if tie be applied quickly to Large m Small batches outdoor games and dancing in. Shows commercial looking cracks and hard to Laid of stable but gravel sub base is better use headers and dividers to keep areas Small and workable and colors to eliminate commercial look dividers to break up Large areas combines Well with other paving materials and High Quality Type of paving blends Well with Garden but requires Ripen to get Good color combinations and of Stone affects ranges from to 4 inches thick in Lansing 1 Inch starts at 55 cents per Square foot some of the thicker harder Grade flags go up to s3 00 per Square foot Range of Mellow colors permanent. Withstands Winter freeing Cost of material irregular shapes and colors hard and cold looking Slippery when be set on stable 1 to 2 Inch Sand or on a Concrete base with mortar joints precast Concrete flags Are very popular Loose for temporary effect or to supplement Mam Pat de areas Ofier a variety of color and textures at Low 12 to 20 cents per Square foot in h Inch deep Cost varies with size Tan bark costs about 10 to 12 cents per Square Cost easy to put in place adds color to the Garden plan variety of textures kicked into Flower Beds and onto lawns tracks on shoes to walk on m High heeled and open toed shoes. Requires constant Upkeep because of stable soil or Rock base for Best results Limestone and crushed Buck should be up to 2 inches thirty 2 to 3 inches thick sawdust thin layer for color Garden finished look combines Wem Buck and Concrete has warm Range of tile costs about 90 cents per Square foot material Only if Patio tile is half that Cost exacting craftsmanship labor costs rub blend Well with Garden plantings does not absorb Good for dancing and not Good for natural setting expensive requires careful in soil or 1-Mch Sand with Winch joint for a permanent use 1 Inch mortar bed on 3 Inch Concrete stub with h to joints natural effect of All savings soft Wood colors and textures blend Well with rounds up to is do per Square foot Wood blocks from Railroad ties about is 25 per Square foot in and texture of Wood form a natural background for rest of Garden plan lasts several years if treated Wuh preservative or Cypress paving subject to and splitting Slippery when on level soil or on 1 Inch of with grass joints can be set in mortar but not recommended rather than actual vary with locality landscape paving for Home Extension bulletin e-c91 paving the landscape from Page material can last several years. If not Wood becomes a target for splitting from weather conditions and insect invasion. Wood should be considered a temporary it will have to be replaced every so often. Different forms of Wood can be used the paving Block or Brick shape Are the most followed by round pieces. I 1 1 1 running Bond weave herringbone Amway among leaders thousands of Amway employees and Independent distributors across the country Are planting Trees As part of a massive reforestation project aimed at helping curb global warming. Amway was one of the first corporations to join the american forestry association s global re Leaf project and the first global re Leaf member to give seedlings to its employees and leaders within its Independent sales network. Global re Leaf has set a goal of having americans Plant 100 million Trees by 1992. Amway has been working with the Afa and nurseries in the United states and Canada to deliver seed Lings to All american and Canadian employees and top distributors. As a first nearly Blue and Black Faser eucalyptus and other species of Trees selected for each Region were distributed. In addition to supplying seedlings to employees and top Amway is encouraging All its distributors in 40 countries and territories to Plant Trees. Amway has employees and one million Independent distributors worldwide. Amway s cooperative project with global Eleaf is designed to tap the network marketing expertise of Independent distributors whose Success requires individual initiative and the ability to Lead others in achieving goals. Top distributors who receive seedlings from Amway Are being encouraged to launch their own Independent tree planting campaigns among distributors they organize. Many distributors already have informed Amway of their plans to organize tree plan tag events in cooperation with their schools and communities. The global re Leaf project for Amway is an outgrowth of its sponsorship earlier this year of the successful ice walk International expedition to the North pole. The expedition demonstrated individual initiative and International cooperation i focusing the world s attention on the environment. At a press conference prior to ice walk s expedition Leader Robert Swan a tree wherever you Are. Every acre of Forest has the ability to process 10 tons of Carbon dioxide the ice walk team walked to the North pole to show its concern for the environment. Amway has told its employees and distributors that can make a difference in protecting the environment by simply planting a tree. Along with global re Leaf was a major reason Why the United nations environment pro Gram gave Amway achievement award during ceremonies with Secretary general Javier Perez de Cuellar at the United nations on june which was world environment Day Effort is not Only but of utmost or. Noel Snep said of Amway s global re Leaf project. Urban culture Bryan Butler Extension faculty Urban agriculture protect Trees during construction staff photo by Becky Brashear a full Basket Charles and Tom both judges of the Flower and vegetable Garden displays at this week s Carroll county look Over a Basket display of vegetables. Entered by 4-h or Emily the display was named grand Champion in the vegetable display category. Over 25 vegetable varieties Are featured in the Basket. Displays like this can be viewed at the fair until this saturday in Westminster. Eucalyptus Trees stir anger in Portugal Portugal ecologists and Farmers in Portugal and Spain Are at War against spreading eucalyptus Trees. The enemy is a paper pulp Industry that encourages planting More and More of them. Eucalyptus plantations Are sprouting up rapidly in the two countries As the Industry seeks a secure Supply of the raw material it will need to meet the demand for paper As the european economic Community Lowers Trade barriers i 1992. But Farmers and ecologists claim eucalyptus Trees drink up too much water from the endangering traditional Olive Chestnut Trees and other nut bearing Trees. They also maintain the Trees cause land erosion that kills off undergrowth vital to the survival of Brown bears and other wildlife. Cellulose producers dispute claims the Trees Are harmful. They say eucalyptus Trees grow fast and Are ideally suited to iberian soil and climate and that plantations will provide More Export Revenue and create jobs. The arguments Are passionate and tempers run High. In protestors in the portuguese town of Val Pacos clashed with police when Farmers tried to rip up eucalyptus seedlings from a 396-acre private Plantation. The Region is Portugal s poorest. Stopped them planting More eucalyptus at said Olive grower Joao Silva. They try anywhere else Well do the same but worse. They want to Plant they should Plant where there s plenty water. Here we Don t even have enough to environmentalists claim the first brought from Australia in the late can turn Fer tile land into desert. Eucalyptus consumes More water than almost any other tree and impedes other plants from growing said Santiago Martin vice president of the federation of Spanish wildlife Protection groups. Already is being turned into a giant eucalyptus Plantation and More people Are moving toward the leaving villages said Serafim a spokesman for portuguese ecology group Quircus. The european economic comm which faces a paper imports billion Worth of Wood annually. Timber and pulp command High and this encourages land owners to Plant which can be 12 about half the time of More traditional Trees. For us is Green crude said Luis Mira Industry and Energy minister for where Wood paper and cellulose account for 8 percent of yearly Export earnings. Spanish environmentalists fear the dec will subsidize massive eucalyptus plantings in Northern where the mix of Atlantic and Mediterranean climates favors growth. Portuguese landowners already tap dec funds via the government s forestry action program while assistance to traditional tree planters is Paf pays up to 30 percent of project costs for Small scale eucalyptus plantations. Has no other said Eliseu forestry director at one of Portugal s big four cellulose producers. Landowners want to restore their they re going to do it with a profitable or. Baena added that Portugal does t make full use of it s 10.4 million acres of High Grade farm so there s no reason not to use lower Quality land for Cash crops like eucalyptus. Once the process of evaluating Trees on a building lot is you May decide to save Only a few of them. It will require a lot of work and consideration to save and sometimes it s More work and Money than it s Worth. Prior to the Start of All the undesirable Trees should be removed. Care should be taken to prevent damage to the desirable Trees. It May be a Good idea to have a professional do the Job if the Trees to be removed Are Large. The Trees that Are left on the lot need to be protected from construct Ion Grade excavations for sewer and water and clean up that will be done after the House is finished. To prevent mechanical injury to Trees from construction a simple Fence should be constructed around the Trees. The Fence should enclose an area around the tree at least 10 Square feet with the tree in the Middle. Any exposed roots also should be included inside the Fence for Protection. This Fence will help protect Low hanging the and roots from physical injury by the heavy equipment. Sometimes it is necessary to change the Grade on a lot to accommodate the driveway or landscape. If at All this should be avoided around Trees. The reason for this is that the tree will have difficulty getting its Normal amount of water and minerals when the Grade is changed. When a Grade change is consult a professional. The Grade can be raised by laying out Drain tile i a Wagon wheel con figuration around the tree. Then a dry Well should be constructed around the trunk of the tree out of stones or Brick. The area under the drip line of the tree should be covered with gravel and then brought up to Grade with High Quality top soil. The Grade can be lowered by building retaining Walls around the tree. The Walls should be out around the drip line of the tree and have Drain holes. This is less complicated but can cause As Many problems As raising the Grade. Everlasting Fence off on your Beautiful Fence Quality fencing at an affordable Price financing available visa Mastercard our workmanship is our Best feature. Make your Fence everlasting. All types of Fence available division of Energy consultants 831-1043 or 694-5609 Mic 31227 summer lecture series featuring British author Philip swindles August 12-13 11 a.m.-5p.m. Lily Pons water gardens up to 3300 on selected fibreglass x t x Reg. X 8 x Reg. 9 x x Reg. 6860 Lily Pons my 21717 662-2230 428-0686 Frederick Montogomery daily 10-5 from Frederick take 85 South to 3 Miles South of Buckeystown. Left on Lily Pons 1 mile on left. Up orders Only through not in combination with any other discount

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