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Franklin News Herald Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 1

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Franklin News Herald (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Franklin, Pennsylvania County scat newspaper que Usu s. A a it a news Herald fair forecast on Page 2 109th year no. 32,97ft Franklin a. Saturday May to 198ft 30 newsstand Ullin Iii ii i Quot Nasa closed books 7 on shuttle boosters a a re a Quot Washington apr transcript released today by the closed session held by the com More than maximum anticipate five Days before the ill fated presidential challenger commis Mission on May 2, when it Edo ring erosion you waived challenger launch the Nasa Sion show that officials at heard witnesses from Marshall the flight constraints and said a problem assessment system nasal a Marshall space flight and from Morton Thi Okol a Well its possible to tolerate decided to worry no longer Center in Alabama accepted which makes the Booster Rock that we still have a margin about serious leaks in shuttle proven leaks in the boosters ets. A leak in the right Booster left a commissioner Robert Booster seals and issued a re primary of ring seals because is blamed for the explosion that Hotz asked Lawrence b. Mul port that said a this problem is they thought a backup Seal destroyed challenger and its Loy head of Marshall a Booster considered would hold. Crew of seven on Jan. 28. Rocket team. Documents and 300 pages of the transcript came from a a when you experienced Mulloy answered yes but a that he Felt the Seal would firm selected Shes Annulli huh j with the solid rocket Booster in in a a a said. A we Are getting thing for housing project assess a until we be fixed it or have a for the second time in six however that bid and two the turnkey project. Han Nonino months the Venango county others by Erie and new Castle the county housing authority persisted a a Jim housing authority has selected firms were eventually rejected held a 90-minute special meet said Tull no a we Normal Franklin building contractor and the basis of a complicated ing Friday afternoon to hear k Nve James Van Tassel As Developer Federal housing and Urban de recommendations from its con Toa. C w r. For a $1.1 million townhouse a elopement Point system. Suiting architect examine the Ltd in hag n Rankin hic Complex in Cornplanter town Van tassels second entry in proposals and choose a devel a. I a a t s ship second round of bidding open during thai session he a Van Tassel general contract was $1,105,910, for a virtual tie Clarion firm was rejected As a g a ing was the first of three in Price with newcomer Donald non conforming bid when Sev a Nasa document released developers to be chosen for the d. Lewis a Clarion contracting eral key documents were found by the commission showed that project after bids were first term. Three other bidders from to be missing from the packet. The of ring erosion problem a opened last december. The first go round again sought at that Point members be indications that hot gases were Gan comparing the Van Tassel slipping by the Seal and eating i i _ i a a project to previous bidder Van it away a had occurred on a i Iii Fin Dusen construction of new seven flights and posted a Viii i i a i i v4 i i w i in Vav Castle but on Overall Points a launch this a m Van Tassel was shown As the meant the problem had to be Raitar 1 it eader looked at after each Hight and new York High wire artist Phillipe i in Vii Levi Vii to county commissioner Oscar recommendations made Tor the Peti prac ices has Rou Jne in Side it. # we dam a a Denue mri0n next g Cathedral of St. John the divine in new de Scurry of the american dispute to direct resident care to select the Franklin firm fhe worst erosion on a Seal nil York Fri Ria will Nurmi it it int it it in Tho federation of state county staff when there is a continual followed by a unanimous vote 171-thousandths of an Inch Church r participate in me and municipal employees mandatory overtime when Reg of authority members. Was seen after a challenger anniversary Celebration of the Al Cio issued statements to ular overtime is a constant and the developers packet is due liftoff on april 29, 1985. For Wuu Cathedral june 4 by performing a was Day regarding the recent an when direct resident care staff in Pittsburgh monday where a four subsequent flights the cent a a concert for grand piano announcement that 85 additional cannot schedule earned time Hud review will take the time record shows the assessment High wire with pianist five line Crochet positions will be eliminated at due to staff shortages a he table Tor final approval to May system said the problem posed a Polk Center. Stated. 28. Edwin a. Evans executive a no constraints a wire photo of some has filed unfair he noted the department of director noted a a in a Happy we. Labor practice changes against welfare has said it intends to found a Developer that meets a Sis i my my _ a i a a i the state because bargaining eliminate 536 positions in the he Hud requirements. We Knitl a Alpo full to of unit positions Are to be Eli i office of mental retardation selected Van Kassel because i i i i i 11 w i i i i a i i i o i i a rated and bargaining unit work through the next fiscal year. He their proposal was the Best. A is being transferred to other challenged the Dpi assertion without a decision Friday Moscow apr the specialists were getting it under heard nothing about a person employees not in bargaining that the positions can be Eli i the county Agency ran the risk Kremlin reported sharply de control. Dying of radiation sickness. The units according to Scurry. Rated through attrition when 2.f losing the project entirely. Creased radioactive emissions. A doctor who has been in mos he also pointed out a there were Only 280 positions the 20-unit Brick and yen Al from the chernobyl nuclear in of so rom. C Len cow for a week said he was of some is handling Legal As Attri ted during the last fiscal Ltd townhouse units will be reactor but trains arriving Here Lii a enc. Sly pc continuing to care for victims distance to those employees built at the Developer s expense from Kiev were packed today Small amounts or radiation of the chernobyl disaster who have filed appeals through Scurry also notes attempts to and upon completion sold to As uneasy parents brought their Len Dufak civil service. A grievances con get legislative support for Polk a housing authority a feeler children farther away from the re a a j it .000 re Denis living testing the utilization of com Center. Resolutions of support Al Grant believed to be the last disaster site. My to priv Khu he ii a Volt Man a Milc radius of the Unity work experience pro were submitted and passed by a is Type in the country will in jts test statement on the t a. J. V i an were a Acua beginning Gram participants have also the Oil City Council and Ven pay for the building. Large atomic Power Plant Accident fit. C i a Dent. Been filed a he added. Ango county commissioners. Families with Low to moderate issued Friday the soviet gov Acac a a 1 about children Are also noting the statement by Cen offices of each of the state incomes will occupy the Cluster eminent said work continued v a. C us ten Ting let out of school Early so Ter director David Kucherawy senators from Venango county buildings adjacent Rock t0 eliminate the Conse a they can leave Kiev. That As the resident population were contacted he stated Avenue. Van tassels quenches a of the april 26 non the soviets will a men Tomb in the past four Days women decreases so will total employ adding there was Little support. Building site the largest parcel nuclear explosion and fire at the reactor in Concrete for a with Young children have rent Scurry Points to the rep. Ronald Black has been proposed will be purchased the Pant go Mijes North of years Long Cooling process the floured off special train com Thornburgh administration challenged by of some Tor his from the congregation of Christ Kiev atomic Energy Agency officials my to the cum. From Kiev record of closing a number of vote against Senate Bill 293 lutheran Church. An intensive Cooling of the told a news conference in vies the soviet unions third largest facilities including Western res which would have required june groundbreaking had reactor has been under Way in cow. City with 2.4 million people oration Dixmont state tres staffing Levels to remain con be Ani a Lea Ana May Sun order to lower the temperature. Son and Retreat state Hospital Stant. Be a viable target Evans noted. 0f the Active zone and has soviet officials have said two Moscow s Kievsky railway with Penhurst due to be closed helped sharply to reduce the people were killed m the Saeei station was thronged again this and Connellsville and Hazelton emission of radioactive sub Dent and -04 hospitalized in morning with arriving Ukrain closed and divested. F if is Sklom pc j stances a said the statement curious condition. However ians Many of them mothers Scurry previously challenged distributed by the official Tass East european journalists said and Young children. One Wom the elimination of 37 positions re my s a i. In news Agency. A thm3 an in her 50s who had just on May 2 for fiscal constraints f la 1/Iii officials of the International Zuj l0,d him a , person arrived said Many Kievan were when the state reportedly has a a a i i j we Ull i atomic Energy Agency on Fri had ded from radiation expo trying to leave with their Chil $200 million surplus. . With their it this ,1ashinu Day said the Accident at the sure Drep a no one disputes the pm we a a lurked roads to the evacuated four reactor Plant was by far however . Bone marrow Rcv s3y in 1 iad a .1at ploy ment figures or the resident a to families were. Outsiders but allowed be worst no a history of specialist or. Robert Gale told eved1s Fine but people figures but there is certainly a warned to Hee some for the areas to outsiders but Ai wed nuclear a it but said soviet the associated press he had with children still want to get second time in five Days from residents to go to Meir Nomes. Them out she said. Travellers a 2-mile-wide fire that Contin a it the fire is going where reported no signs of alarm in n a in used its March along the coast it Jolly Well pleases Forest i Ati a a i p w p in now he ukrainian capital located Al i i it i 41 s today after charring 25,550 service spokesman Tom Hegele in Vulio of Wilf 450 Miles Southwest of mos. Acres of Forest officials said. Said Friday. A i have no idea on Inara Ica in d a a a i a a i Quot of cow hut Many were visible i the fire which has burned the size of this thing. It s got a Iii i Law Vilf cell in uneasy. V since monday has been blamed 2-mile-wide head. . . For at least one death and one a at one Point this after by Maud s. Bellman barely detectable on Der Labo Ketchikan Alaska apr. Official said noon we clocked the rate of associated press writer oratory equipment a said Thorn inh a for 12 years he Ketchikan injury officials a. Spread Al Aboul 2 Miles an t As Gerusky director of Der s Una ports feline Mascot has won weather forecasts held no hours traces of radioactive iodine Bureau of radiation Protection. Church news 7 friends with a soft ouch and a Hope of Relief before tuesday a there Are erratic winds so believed to be from the soviet . I2 quiet purr. Now she a getting the for Crews fighting the fire really hard to Tell what its Union s chernobyl nuclear a the Levels found do not editorial.4 Boot for another cat habit a which Mary Ann George pen coins to do next a said Rebec cadent have been detected by pose any immediate or Long using Airport planters As litter Der county dispatch supervisor Richards also with the for state environmental officials term threat to people or the tlospital.8 boxes said was Miles Northwest of it ervice a and University nuclear Scien environment. A spurts 9 to . Short for Airport cat Hampstead Early today. The fire has already de its. But Hose by fhe no radioactivity was detected i Elev Sion i Quot Quot a moved last week to the Home of the evacuation of families stroked 25,550 acres of Forest radiation poses no health threat in a Sampe taken from women a Bob Potter an air cargo super i most from the Hampstead area in coastal North Carolina and 10 he Sale the Harrisburg area Der said Sor for Alaska airlines. In Southeastern North Carolina has been blamed for the death an air Sammie Aken in har a a you could say she a a very was urged Friday night but the 0f one Man apparently of a Risburg on thursday and Friday workers at Penn states us qts Well loved cat a a Potter said. Blaze abruptly switched course heart attack while battling the found 005 Nairn Fri it it a of Low level radiation Monitor ., who has her own Alaska and he evacuees some of Blaze monday and injuries to 3 per Cuc meter an a Laboratory Berean to see he hr., Thach a Rimes employee id tag used to whom had fled once before another. Or Sample found 17 Pic in Normal Levels of in % Jagt of Are a hang out with ticket counter were allowed to return. A we plan another major curies Der liter the state Dine-131 in a dust Sample col 0 j employees by Day and Wanh cargo a it Wasny to mandatory so ifs push starting this morning department of environmental elected during a 24-hour period . ,1a workers by night. She also was hard 10 say to inane graded said buddy Gates regional rescues said Friday Fundin wednesday. A do popular with travellers and visit and How Many did leave a said Ranger with the North Carolina Ham Jester technical director routes in Agim ing schoolchildren. Is. George. She estimated that Forest service. A a we re going to the acceptable level for con of the lab. I he Reading was cat tales of .�?Ts adventures 3,000 families live in the affect hit the. West tenuous Public exposure to to 0.003 Pic curies per cubic me even ill thought abound. She was kidnapped de areas. The National weather serv Dine-131 is too Pic curies per Ter. Once but was returned to Ketch sheriffs cars with Public and ice said no rain was forecast cubic meter lab officials said. God could not be every Kan aboard an air taxi Potter dress systems blaring drove for the weekend while the. Reading of 0.017 Pic curies where and therefore he made said. A few years ago she through the area Friday urging Long Range forecast Friday he tracs 01 radioactivity was detected Tor a 24-hour proverb boarded an Airliner heading to people to leave. In Hampstead called Only for isolated Thun which were found in our Sam period ending thursday tester Juneau. Rescue squad vehicles and police de storms in the state tuesday. Pes a a and rain water a said dial a Praytor 432-5615

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