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Franklin News Herald Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 4

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Franklin News Herald (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Franklin, Pennsylvania The so news Herald ave 9fw� in Friday May 9, 86 commentary More wind than work the leaders of the Industrial world earned Only some of the congratulations they showered on themselves As they ended their meeting in Tokyo. Their communique overflowed with pledges to mesh economic policies. But it did no to even hint that right now the United states Japan and West Germany disagree Over what each should do next. That a hardly a promising Start. President Reagan called it the most successful of the six summits he has attended. Maybe so but the climate for Harmony was already present what with inflation and interest rates Down and All seven countries economies expanding. Moreover Reagan and Frances president Mitterrand who be been the most contentious at past meetings were models of congeniality this time. Back in the real world trouble endures and the most ominous problem is International Trade. On this Tokyo was More words than action. America has a huge Trade deficit in Large part because the Reagan budget deficits drove the value of the Dollar sky High. Japan and West Germany have huge surpluses because their products became More competitive As Dollar Price tags Rose. Governments finally collaborated last fall to Knock the Dollar Down so far that Japan a exporters Are hurting. They want a reverse Effort now to keep it from going lower. Washington wants no such braking for the present at least the lower the better. The administration argues that Japan and West Germany should help themselves and the world by stimulating their economies. But they resist being told what to do just As stubbornly As Reagan has walked for years at foreign advice to Cut the immense american budget deficit. The Tokyo meeting was disappointing on another aspect of the Trade problem As Well a new round of global negotiations to reduce Trade barriers. The seven leaders Are committed to negotiate but Reagan failed for the second year in a Row to get them to say when. Further the commitment does not include farm products though Washington and the european Community Are even now on the verge of economic warfare Over the Issue. No one imagined that in three Days the seven leaders would devise a new world order any More than they have in previous summits. This years pledge to a work together More closely and More frequently is not the historic breakthrough the administration claims its been pledged before. The True value of these meetings is to focus the attention of the Industrial worlds policy makers on their economic interdependence. Summit meetings May be More wind than work but that a far better than not meeting. The promises of their harmonious manifesto will now be tested by their actions. A not a accidents will happen the a the Washington merry go round riots in Iran by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta letters to the editor. Concerned about drugs i am concerned about teenagers using drugs. On a bus i have Ridden the kids were smoking drugs and the bus Driver did t do anything about it. I think its the bus Drivers responsibility not to let them smoke it on the bus. The parents done to know their kids Are smoking it. I think these kids should be kicked off the bus before someone gets Hurt. Susan Green Franklin dancing is enjoyed i faithfully go to one or two dances a weekend. I think there is a lot of misunderstanding among adults about what happens at the dances. We dance. We done to do drugs we done to get drunk and we done to cause a lot of trouble. We just have a Good time All the dances have been taking a rap lately for things they done to control. If parents disapprove of our ideas and our music Why done to they look at the other choices we have for entertainment. For to censers Frankin is a Boring town. On a Friday and saturday night we Are Given two choices dances or parties. Just be thankful we choose the right one. Benches in Park i recently read in your newspaper about the bandstand roof in West Park. I feel this Type of roof was not necessary. this roof have been a simple slanted roof instead of the expensive arched one that was recently built i feel the Money could have been used in a better Way such As building rows of benches n front of the bandstand of Money was used for this people have to bring chairs to Public activities. Jeff Readd re i Polk need Arcade i think Franklin should have a Small Arcade. They should put it some where near the empty lot where country fair used to be. The Arcade does no to have to be big just so it has some Good games. The Arcade they had last time would have made a lot of Money if it had chosen Good games. Scott Cochran Franklin need solution to help Hill i am writing to you about the tragic Accident which took the lives of two elderly persons on april 28. Since 1980 this is the sixth time an Accident has occurred on the 15th Street Hill. I wonder How Many More lives will be taken before something is done. The Best Long term suggestion i have is to reroute route 8 to bypass Franklin. This would be very expensive and would take much time to Complete. My other alternative is to put a second truck ramp where the 15th Street playground is now. Although i am not in favor of my second alternative i would sacrifice the use of the playground for lives. Jamie Malone Franklin role playing this letter is about fantasy role playing games. They Are not evil nor do they corrupt minds. Any person that does something Odd will not have done this because of the game. It will be because the person will have had something else wrong. As a matter of fact i myself have been and still am playing one of these games. I am not doing evil things. In fact i am doing better than i Ever have. For people who say that there is violence yes there is violence but the emphasis is Rhonda Smith although i do not play Golf not on violence but on original Franklin it a Cvar a acc i first thinking and fun. What is your picked up a Tennis Racquet As a opinion on this subject boy i have never held a Golf Navis a lies learning club there is no other game i i. Enjoy watching More on Televik Franklin i a Jef Sion than Golf Hui in Usu a a watching a May be the second Romo 1 we did hic in thank a11 of wrong word �?oiistcn�n8�?� we did the groups who participated in be More accurate. The pleasure i would like to express my saturdays cleanup. The groups i might get from other games i concern on the proposal of a who participated All did this like better is invariably marred second runaway ramp on 15th voluntarily. This i think will or ruined by the frantic or Street. The thought of losing teach them a lesson. The lesson fatuous or ignorant a sports the playground to some might is to teach them not to litter casters a who Are inexplicably be upsetting but i feel it could when they get older. Hired to report them on the air. Save lives and prevent serious i know last year i participate for reasons i Tail to under injuries. Maybe it might save de in the cleanup. I did no to mind stand Only Golf has recruited your life some Day. And it taught me that lesson. Announcers who Are quiet Low keyed knowledgeable and Marlene Felix Michelle Adams courteously non partisan. More re i Polk Polk of them seem to be British than. American which May help explain it. V t ii 11 american sportscasters Al j he news Hurh g most whatever the 8ame� feel i i in Iwuh to i no by 3 i Vic Iva Tucy must act like entertainers uses3�4j0 More than observers and re conto Fotion of Franklin divining news of a ii Lari end the porters. They talk too much Venango of airy Herald ett�kifth�4 set t i too con,0i.<.ud May s i9i� too loudly and often exhibit an Franklin Ano Oil Cliv Pennsylvania ugly partisanship. , i.e.,. Sunday local bouncers brazenly the news Kraid company Root for their Home teams. In Esi twelfth Street. Franklin. Be. 14323 International tournaments we crudely favor the american Uro Leek. Mic participants. And All this jingoism editor Isno expressed either with the polysyllabic Malaprop isms of a a a Carrier per month Howard Cosell or the show Biz news Telephone Franklin 432 Kiel superlatives of a Bud Collins. Second clan Pottete Reid at Franklin be 14323 the trouble with most Televik. Sion sportscast at least in Washington a will next tuesday Mark the beginning of the end for the Ayatollah Khomeini a moslem fundamentalist regime state department intelligence analysts believe there sat least a Chance that widespread riots throughout Iran on May 13 could shake the foundation of Khomeini a Power and eventually Lead to his fall. What s so special about the Date is that it is just 40 Days after the agonizing death from cancer of Khomeini a revered rival the 85-year-old grand Ayatollah Shariatmadar. Shiite moslem tradition dictates that 40 Days after a loved one Dies the death be commemorated with suitable displays of grief. In Shariat Madariz Scase there is a special reason for honouring him on the 40th Day Khomeini not Only ensured his rivals death by refusing to let him seek cancer treatment abroad but would not Grant permission for a funeral of proper dignity. Whether the dead ayatollahs followers can pull off the demonstrations they Are planning is of course a question . Experts can to answer. When Shariatmadar died on april 3, thousands of moslem clergymen and other iranians swarmed into the streets of the holy City of qom. Khomeini responded to this a a Mutiny by the supposed Backbone of his islamic revolution with the same ferocity he has shown toward less exalted opposition groups. Police arrested the mullahs by the dozen and it is believed that As Many As 600 clerics Are now behind bars in various iranian cities. Its not Clear whether these arrests deprived Khomeini a opponents of potential leaders to rally around As he obviously strictly personal sports talk by Sydney j. Harris this country is that it is More an adjunct of the entertainment and advertising industries than an athletic event in itself. The aim is not merely to report and comment but to gain As Large an audience As possible by whatever Means can be contrived. Thus a a hyper becomes the operative word and the object is to sound As exciting and excitable As possible to provide a co lord and a a background and personal profiles that obscure More than they illuminate what is happening on the Field or the court or the ring. Golf reporting on the other hand is mostly a Model of what such commentary should be. It allows the shots to speak for themselves when they can it does not Over dramatize or babble away when there is action on the links it is in Mcluhan a distinction a a cools rather than a hot a and allows the viewer to make his own judgments. Why this reportorial style has evolved in one sport and not in the others i cannot say. But i am sure that watching athletic contests would be far More pleasurable and infinitely less irritating if the co Sells and Collinss and their verbose ilk would take a few lessons in compression and composure from the golfing self Effacer. Hoped or will on the contrary add the incitement of martyrdom to the widespread Public outrage Over Shariatmadar. The Day after the old Ayatollah died another group a potentially As dangerous As the clergy a demonstrated their grief and anger. Roughly half the bazaars in Tehran shut Down in protest. A combined opposition of mullahs and merchants could be a powerful engine of destruction a As Khomeini has every reason to know. It was precisely this Alliance that brought Down the Shah and opened the Way for Khomeini to seize Power. Another crucial question for foggy Bottoms Iran watchers is whether Shariatmadar beloved As he apparently was can become the kind of Martyr who will galvanize both the fanatic shiites and other discontented elements of the iranian populace. State department sources told our associate Lucette lag Nado it has never been All that Clear that Khomeini had a firm grip on the clergy a loyalty. Many of them like Shariatmadar believe that exercise of temporal Power by a holy Man violates moslem teachings. When he was alive Shariatmadar courageously spoke out against Khomeini a Only to be implicated by the regime in a coup attempt and forced to make a humiliating apology on television. It May Well be expecting too much for a dead hero to succeed where he failed in life. But stranger things have happened in the land of a the thousand and one letting holding hands by Ellen Goodman Boston we Are crossing the intersection together. My hand reflexively reaches out to her As if she were about to dash mindlessly in front of the next car. The girl by my Side recognizes this familiar gesture. Mocking and hum Oring me she takes my hand As we Cross the Street. I have been a Mother now for almost 17 mothers Days. The daughter i am walking with is just Short of being a woman a voting consenting certifiable adult. She crosses oceans without my hand on her shoulder. It is time for me to outgrow this habit of protectiveness. Time to outgrow the superstition that mothers have the Power to shield their children. I have the sense that i am going through a stage. I Tell this to my own Mother who has been through it before me. I wish there were a name for this time of Mother life. We Divide childhood into stages but in some false Economy of language we have Only one word for the Mother of babies and teen agers and adults. We treat All mothers As a mass Market rather like the cards that now fill the shelves addressed simply interchangeably to mom. In our vocabulary we Harbor the out of Date notion that a child grows up while a Mother stays the same a permanent fixture of certified adulthood performing the same skills in the same Way year after year for infant and adolescent. But it does no to work that Way. The stage i am in requires skill at letting go. It does not come altogether naturally to All of us. Women Are after All wrenched into motherhood abruptly with that awesome birth Day gift of a dependent. We Are expected to come equipped with emotional superglue to insure our children a survival. With difficulty sometimes we begin motherhood by bonding our own life to those of our children. Then year by year we Are told to let the Bond grow More and More elastic. In an earlier stage of motherhood when my deepest desire was to have a single uninterrupted Bath i had no How Tricky How delicate this letting go would be. Lining one shelf in my office is a Batch of new books All devoted to the subject of raising teen agers. If there were a single subtitle for them it would read a How to control your in the Tough love vernacular of the times the Mother of Young people is told to keep the lid on hold tight the reins of authority ride them through this threatening terrain. The books read As if teen age was a variation on the terrible twos As if 18 could be postponed indefinitely. I done to see mothering quite like that never did. These Are the years when we slowly carefully Transfer Power Over our children to our children. At Best when it works the controls Arentt wrested from us in some primal struggle Between the generations but Are shifted. At Best each right is traded fairly for a growing proof of responsibility. But i know it does no to happen easily or gleefully. Growing up is no easier the second time around. Mother and child both trip Over the ambivalence that litters the passageway. There is both Pride and a palpable sense of loss for mothers who watch their children take charge. For i the Young a Heady sense of i Independence is often dotted with nostalgia for childhood. Even at the Cusp of adult a Hood it is never entirely Clear j that our children Are really j ready to go or that we Are j really ready to let go. Of Little is said about children at the Cusp of adulthood even less is said a about the 17th, 20th, 30th j mothers Day in a woman Quot i life. I cannot fully Chart the terrain of this mothering time. My sentiments will not fit on a i card. But i do know that at the other end of the stage i am going through most Mother Hope they will have enabled rather than prevented this growing up. We want to be like the mothers we want to have trusted resources in our children a lives. A 0� we want to be the Home the can come to the base they can touch the love they can count on the place where they feel Good about themselves. What is left at the end of this stage is after All a relationship. Even a Friendship. We cannot get there without letting go. But sometimes if see Are Good enough friends with our children we can still hold hands crossing the Street

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