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Franklin News Herald Newspaper Archives Feb 2 1983, Page 4

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Franklin News Herald (Newspaper) - February 2, 1983, Franklin, Pennsylvania News Herald wed., feb. 2, �?T83 editorial for better or worse in a curious bit of reasoning the Wall Street journal editorially criticizes the critics of the Reagan administrations certification to Congress of human rights Progress in Al Salvador. The editorialist magnanimously allows that most of the critics a who include a very Large chunk of Congress and much of the Media beyond the jurisdiction of the Wasj a Are not motivated by enthusiasm for soviet imperialism. No theirs is another heresy entirely. A they Are people who think the United states lost in Vietnam because its political objectives were evil a source of needless bloodshed. As vindication of their position on Vietnam they hold that . Hegemony Over any part of the world even close to the . Border is there is of course a Vietnam connection a but not the one the Wasj makes. It is the alarming propensity of the United states to allow itself to be sucked into a wingless situation. The Issue concerning most of us is More fundamental. It is not a question of whether the administrations objectives in Al Salvador and Central America in general Are evil but whether they Are in the real interests of the United states. They Are not. The maintenance of Hegemony even should that have its Short term political advantages is not Worth the Long term alienation of populations that is the inevitable consequence of identifying american interests with repressive regimes that Deservin Gly earn the hatred of their own Peoples. The greatest american Handicap in advancing our real interests in latin America is the american record there. Administration after administration has lined up with rapacious thugs pretending to be Strong leaders in the mistaken belief that they represent stability. The result is that when a despot finally gets the Boot a a Batista in Cuba a Somoza in Nicaragua a the popular rage is also directed at the United states and it can virtually be guaranteed that the new regime will be hostile. In the world according to Wasj and others who prefer myth to truth it is always someone or something else that bears responsibility for the american setback a malevolent outside Force S.C. As soviet imperialism. Or the Liberal american press. We have some degree of Choice elsewhere in the world in selecting the Peoples with whom we Are closely associated. Not in the americas. Geography has preselected them. We cannot afford to be the agents of their alienation. Jillions of Odd of weeds and Nei amp is ape lnw6 in the Bleak Elwess of Wplf it of i rear 4 mr1 a it the Washington merry go round libyan bribe traced by Jack Anderson Clinger discusses issues by Carolee Michener a variety of issues facing the 98th Congress came to the front during congressman William lingers comments and responses to the Media Friday afternoon. He has continued with his High percentage of votes on issues before the Congress consistently casting a vote on nearly every piece of legislation. He was asked about his vote to raise salaries in this time of recession and High unemployment and he explained. A i did not vote for a pay raise a he noted. According to the typical wording of the legislation the Congress was to get a 27% pay raise . 17 if some action was not taken to Stop it. A the first Bill presented was to Cut the 27% increase to 15%. Clinger explained that he Felt he had to vote on the Bill so he voted for the Cut believing the next Bill would a put the Cap Back however the legislation which would have curbed the increase ended in a 208-208 deadlock. Clinger pointed out that he voted with the 208 who were against the increase but the tie permitted the pay hike to become Law. A but if we Hadnot voted for the 15% it would have been a 27% sensitive to the term a a junkets tagged to Many of the trips made by elected officials Clinger noted that some of a committee on which he serves had gone to several places including the Virgin islands to study Public works. A i would t addresses a postscript to a letter to the editor from Vincent j. Caccavo vice president pen Bank was inadvertently deleted in saturdays edition. It gave addresses of legislators to Contact about repeal of the Law providing for withholding of taxes from income and dividend payments. The addresses the honorable John Heinz room 443, Russell Senate office building Washington . 20510. The honorable William f. Clinger 1221 Longworth office building Washington . 20515. Touch that with a 10-foot pole a he added. However he pointed out that he was selected to be a member of a bipartisan delegation which meets with representatives of the european parliaments. They had a meeting in Athens in january and in june another session will be held in Washington . Clinger said he Felt it was an Honor to be chosen for that group which has been in existence for several years alternating its meetings Between Europe and the United states. A we try to talk out obvious areas of disagreement before they become important conflicts a Clinger said noting the european delegation includes representatives of governments of Many political persuasions. The main topic at the recent meeting was Trade which is a burning Issue particularly in this period of a tight Economy. Members of the delegation meet with simultaneous translations going on and Clinger said when the ideas Are talked through Many Points of agreement Are found. The delegation has just held its 21st meeting and he emphasized the United states participation will continue a whether i am on it or but he pointed out his continuing interest in this important vehicle of communication which can help answer Many questions before they become hot issues. Regarding Trade Clinger discussed the Domestic Content legislation which is a blatantly protectionism a he told the group in Clarion. A but the Long Range implications would be disastrous. It would bring immediate retaliation not just from Japan but from the european he pointed out that Bill will probably pass the House but without his vote but that it will not become Law because of Senate and presidential opposition. Clinger pointed out that the Bill would frustrate opportunities to come out of the recession. Basically the Bill would require in Porta its to include a certain percentage of domestically made goods. But it would be self defeating As other governments would impose More restrictions on imports from this country. Regarding a proposed tax on Domestic crude Oil Clinger said it has Only been cited As a possibility if the deficit continues High but he would not favor S.C. a tax which could be a possible deterrent to production in this country however he said he might support a tax on imported Oil. Clinger continued by stating he supports incentives and Competition As a Means of getting the most out of the defense dollars. The use of an inspector general for the defense spending has also been a Money Saver in that program he added. And in another major Issue of putting people Back to work he supports projects to provide retraining for an evolving Economy and not Public works measures which Are Only temporary Steps with no Long Range results. Washington the Justice department is conducting an extremely sensitive investigation of sen. Strom Thurmond r-s.c., the venerable 80-year-old chairman of the Senate judiciary committee. The investigation centers on statements by a Man who claims he saw Thurmond accept at least $20,000 in bribes for unknown services. The Money was handed Over by a middleman acting for renegade Cia agent and convicted arms smuggler Edwin p. Wilson. In a personal meeting with me the senator vehemently denied the allegation. He acknowledged that he knew the purported middleman. But he said no bribe Otter was Ever so much As discussed. Wilson also denied through his lawyer that he Ever bribed any member of Congress. He is now in Federal custody. He was brought to trial and convicted on charges of conspiring to ship 20 tons of plastic explosives to Libya. I first Learned in september 1981, that Justice was looking into a related allegation that one Man had offered Thurmond a services for a Price to Frank Terpil a Wilson associate who is still a fugitive. That investigation hinged on testimony of Kevin Mulcahy a government witness who died last october. Before he died Mulcahy told my associate Dale Van Atta that he had been with the middleman and Terpil in 1976 when the possibility of a bribe to Thurmond was discussed. The purpose of the meetings Mulcahy strictly personal melodrama by Sydney j. Harris the news Herald uses 386-6 20 contestation of Franklin evening news Etta Blitha fab. Ii ib7i and the Venango daily Herald Liebl nihed sept i. Hoo control doted May 5 ii Franklin and Oil City Pennsylvania published doily except sunday by the news Herald printing company 431 twelfth Street. Franklin. A. 14323 Harriet r Robert c dam quote of Carole k. Michener managing editor James w. editor by Corner Ond motor route $6 of per month by Moil in Venango. Clarion. Forett Crawford Warren Jefferson counties Ond Grove City. Porker Sandy Lake Stoneboro red to i month $6 00 3 months $15 00 6 months $28 00 12 months $53.00. Elsewhere in the United 5 otes $72 of a year mail subscriptions Are payable in Advance and Are not accepted where Carrier delivery is maintained. News Telephone Franklin 432-3141 second clots postage paid it Franklin. A. 14323 at the performance i attended about Halfway through the stage production of a Nicholas Nickleby a the sophisticated audience began applauding the heroes Noble posturing and booing the villains vile machinations much As if they were a rustic audience of a Century ago caught up in the melodrama of a East Dickens of course wrote melodrama As Well As Gross sentimentalism and High comedy and Low farce the difference being that he was a Genius of creation and could carry off his effects while lesser writers wallowed in trite Ness or bombast. He dealt with the same Stock stage characters but breathed new imaginative life into them. What struck me most forcibly about the production apart from its intrinsic vitality was the emotional release it provided for the spectators in giving vent to their moral judgments. For Dickens was at Bottom a great moral propagandist of his time As Well As a comic artist of the first water. Indeed some of his More knowledgeable commentators S.C. As Chesterton insisted that he was in Large part responsible for the Basic reforms that England underwent in the latter part of use 19th Century in the schools in the Law courts in the abolition of debtors prisons and the formulation of child labor Laws. It is complained of him that he a exaggerated a but his exaggeration was always of character not of conditions. At any rate he did see his world in terms of Black and White Good and evil wrong and right without the indeterminate shades of Gray we have become conditioned to accepting and discriminating among. And while we May be the better for it a primitive part of us continues to Long for the Sharp distinctions he delineated Between nobility and villainy. Only a part of us grows up or pretends to. The rest of us remains encapsulated in our youth watching the Western movies where the unmistakable symbolism of White hats and Black hats reveals without doubt who Are the Good Guys and who the bad and impeccably Good just As irredeemably bad with no moral admixture at All. We have lost this naivete of course along the Road toward greater psychological sophistication and social awareness but a portion of our nature deeply regrets this and yearns for the simple equations of yesteryear. We can see How quickly this returns in any War when a your boys Are faultlessly heroic while the enemy s troops Are cowardly and duplicitous. A Nicholas Nickleby a As one of Dickens earlier books lacks the scope and insight of a David Copperfield and a great expectations a or any of his later works. But it does touch the More archaic parts of our moral Structure and reawaken our childhood visions of virtue triumphant Over vice. The plays True title might More aptly be Milton a Paradise said was to figure out a Way to get libyan dictator Muammar Al Qaddafi the eight c-130 transport planes Libya had purchased. But they were embargoed by the state department because of the dictators support of International terrorists. Terpil had been offered a $1 million commission for each plane delivered. Mulcahy said the middleman suggested getting Thurmond a help at which Terpil offered the a commission of $250,000 per plane and an equal sum for the senator if he cooperated. When we asked about these charges in september 1981, the middleman denied taking part in any S.C. discussion. A even if something like that occurred a he said a i would no More go to somebody like sen. Thurmond i go to anybody. Number one i know How to and number two id be out of business in a in the Semi related Case now under investigation the new witness in a sworn statement says a middleman a would regularly come to the Arlington a office at Deles International inca Wilson sponsored he has told government officials that on at least two occasions this middleman took $10,-000 Cash in an envelope to a meeting with Thurmond and that the envelope was turned Over to the senator a whom i know by the witness added that he did not know what the payment was for. Swine fever and mitigated Gall by Russell Baker question you spent super sunday glued to your television set answer almost but not entirely. Because of the length of the game i twice had to take time out to shave. Q. You thought the game was too Long a. Watching a Fleet of automobiles take off Iran the deck of an aircraft Carrier is interesting once. I was particularly anxious to sue if they would bomb the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which seemed to lie on the Borison. Watching the cars take off a second time was a bit much Ainee the Bridge was still intact. When they showed the third Takeoff a the Bridge still undamaged a it began to fool longer than world War ii. Q. Those were just commercials. Did no to you realize you were supposed to go get a Beer while the commercials were running a. There were so Many commercials for so Many different Beers that i decide which Brand to go get. Also i was afraid if i got one of each pretty soon id get the idea my car could Fly. This started me brooding. Q. About what a. About who goes to jail. Q. What does jail have to do with super sunday a. Super sunday is when Beer and Auto companies spend millions to persuade people to get drunk and Fly their cars off aircraft Carrier decks and then if you try it and they catch you you go to jail. Why done to they jail the Beer and Auto executives who put people up to this kind of foolishness q. Lets drop the philosophy and stick to football. What did you think of a the hogs a. You mean Abc q. What makes you think a the hogs Are no a. The rate at which they butted in with commercials. It looked like they were trying to make All the Money in the world in one Day. I was astonished that everybody talked so freely about hogs. Q. A the hogs have nothing to do with Abc. A. You could have fooled me q. A the hogs Are the proud members of the Washington redskins offensive line. Did you Admire their play a. In a not a connoisseur of line play but As one who has always thought Swine were unfairly abused by the american Public in a delighted to learn that football heroes Are proud to be called hogs nowadays. A few years ago people cringed when they were called a pigs Quot and now hogs Are heroes. It shows How fast the country changes. Q. What other changes in american life did you note during super sunday a. Nobody runs the Post pattern any More. Q. I beg your Pardon a. The Post pattern Man. The Post pattern. When i last watched football five years ago people were always running the Post pattern. A the receiver just ran a Little Post pattern a the television football analyst would say. Last sunday i did no to hear of a single Post pattern being run. Q. What in the world is a Post pattern a. How should i know for years i watched football chiefly to learn what a Post pattern was but nobody Ever explained. It was disappointing to discover that the Post pattern is gone. Unmitigated Gall. Q. Unmitigated Gall a. Yes in the old Days when Abc had stunned the nation with its 150th commercial that a what somebody would have cried out a unmitigated Gall a q. And All Day sunday despite the incessant bombardment of commercials you did not hear a single cry of a unmitigated Gall a a. Though i we in a room Crawdad with persons responding to the network persuasion to become insensate on alcohol not a soul thought Tbs Gall was unmitigated. A of course Abc by Gall e viewer told me. A but it is mitigated by the desire to make All the Money in Tho world while it by us by the eyeballs q. You think that is a significant change a. A country that will put up with mitigated Gall is a country that will put up with anything we have lost our Power to a come dangerously disgruntled do we demand that they bring Back the Post pattern no. We sit there perfectly grunted. Q. You i take it Are not entirely grunted a. My condition might be described As mitigated Gruntler ment which is socially acceptable i believe since it sounds like the noise a hog makes

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